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Monday, January 31, 2011

random randoman= 310111

if i am about to commit a sin—-i will scrub the toilet bowl and the entire floor till its squeaky clean…with the lingering smell of chlorox cum surf combined smelling all over me.

when i am lonely i eat chocolates to melt down the bitterness i am feeling, now i turn to squid balls, (p2) bola bola or fishballs (25cents each), this is what downgrading is all about..from bittersweet to spicy sweet=)) iloveat.

when i am angry and is about to explode i curse and curse the person till he/she dies in my dream apparently eaten alive by a zombie or a hungry shark..just die please.

if i am about to upgrade my cp..this is what i am preferring..i know i have to shell out the money. no one would care enough i know. everybody is working their asses off to fend for themselves.

when was the last time you make someone happy?? i dont know because i have never been told or the other person is just plain paranoid..or i am just one plain blah to deal with..this is what my happiness look like..

i am tired and looking for a lovely week, i have just paid a large amount of money on a tuition fee, meralco, skycable and that effin Pldt bill..i know i just got duped again by Pldt..that liar of a customer service rep named Michael, and after paying all the balance, i have just discovered recently that the effin mega bundle service fee is still reflected in my January statement of account. May you all be eaten alive by a truck of zombies, slowly the better,  that way i would get my retribution. Right now i am thinking of these..


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