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Monday, June 24, 2024

Big Bad Wolf continues the fun at Glorietta for one more day

Attention, Manila Wolfies! Big Bad Wolf continues the fun at Glorietta for one more day! Don’t miss the world’s biggest book sale at the Glorietta Activity Center, extended until June 27, during mall hours. Hurry! It’s your last chance to fill your totes with your next great reads.

Exclusive deals and promos still await! Metrobank credit cardholders can still avail a special 0% 3-month installment promo for single-receipt purchases worth at least P3,000. But that’s not all! Zing members get a 5% discount on their first purchase, with no minimum spend required. Plus, customers can indulge in delights from Swedish furnishing brand IKEA! Every purchase worth P3,000 earns customers one raffle coupon for a chance to win P50,000 worth of furnishings! 

On the hunt for the perfect gift for any occasion? Look no further! The Big Bad Wolf Glorietta Book Sale has something for everyone, from children’s literature and adult fiction, to inspiring self-help books and worldwide bestsellers. With over two million books to choose from, the world’s biggest book sale is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. 

Worried you might have missed out on some great titles? No need to fear! A fresh shipment of books has just arrived. Big Bad Wolf has restocked all the shelves with amazing selections for its last few days at Glorietta.

There’s more time to be part of the wolf pack as Big Bad Wolf made sure the Glorietta book sale is packed with fun and engaging activities for everyone! Get a free table for one day and join the excitement while promoting your organization’s cause with “Book Boss.” Are you friendly and always ready for a little chit-chat? Lead the pack as an “Alpha Wolfie,” and earn exclusive bragging rights! Want to keep the little ones busy? Big Bad Wolf is giving young wolfies plenty of opportunities for fun and learning with “Little Wolfies Crew.” 

Only a few days left for the Big Bad Wolf Glorietta book sale, but there is more excitement in store! Keep your eyes peeled on Big Bad Wolf Philippines’ social media pages for more thrilling updates.

Catch the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, now extended until June 27 at Ayala Malls, Glorietta Activity Center. Doors open during mall hours. Grab your totes and dive into the adventure—you definitely won’t want to miss it! See you there!

For more information regarding Big Bad Wolf’s current and upcoming Book Sales, you can visit their website or check out their social media accounts (Facebook | Instagram)  

AirAsia Philippines Highlights the Importance of Innovative and Sustainable Aviation in Tourism

AirAsia believes that the Philippines, being a premier destination for nature and experiential tourism has the opportunity to grow more in terms of tourist arrivals, as the recent pandemic allowed destinations to rest, recover, and flourish.  

However, responsibility for environmental protection and sustainability lies on all stakeholders, including airline companies who contribute over 2% of the global CO2 emission.  It is for this reason that AirAsia Philippines acknowledges the importance of doubling efforts to lessen carbon emission and fast track the use of SAF among other measures to lessen carbon footprint.

Speaking before other stakeholders in the 2024 Philippine Tourism and Hotel Investment Summit, AirAsia Philippine CEO Ricky Isla pointed out that technological infrastructure development, policies, regulations, investment opportunities, and technical capabilities for SAF are still in their early stages here in the Philippines. 

Zero program which aims to use SAF throughout the whole group to include the Philippines, from a low of 2% or 40.62 tonnes next year (2025) to a maximum of 70% (1.90 million tonnes) by 2050.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to raising the sustainability bar. Among others, we will be pursuing regulatory approvals for CORSIA offset management, regional expansion of our aviation sustainability campaign, and incorporating renewable energy at ADE's maintenance facilities. At AirAsia Foundation, we look forward to expanding our partnerships for sustainable travel”, Mr. Isla stressed.

In the meantime, AirAsia Philippines has taken up several measures to ensure its proactive actions towards sustainability such as Fleet Management or the utilization of more efficient aircraft such as the A321neo, optimization of aircraft operation or Green Flight Operations. AirAsia has also ventured on small steps to promote sustainability in all of its flights. Mr. Isla said they encourage guests to bring reusable flasks, coffee cups, and even utensils onboard. 

The AirAsia chief also noted that collaboration between airline operators and other stakeholders is a very important key especially in creating awareness among travelers. 

Meanwhile, AirAsia Philippines welcomes the Civil Aeronautics Board’s (CAB) decision to lower the Fuel Surcharge from Level 6 to a notch down at Level 5 for the month of July.

Over the past five months, Fuel Surcharge remained at a high of Level 6. The reduction to Level 5 next month means that guests can now anticipate lower fees ranging from PHP 151.00 to PHP 542.00 for domestic flights and between PHP498.03 to PHP3,703.11 for international flights, depending on the destination.

AirAsia Philippines, being the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for an uninterrupted 14 years, remains committed to cushion the impact of the Fuel Surcharge by offering our guests with the lowest fares such as our monthly Double Digit Sale and Flash Sale.  These and other exciting offerings via the AirAsia MOVE App and are designed to entice more guests to fulfill their travel goals towards the end of 2024.

Discover the New Himbing-Bango for Your Little Ones with White Dove Sweet Lullaby

Moms want the best for their babies, which is why Personal Collection, a proudly Filipino-owned direct selling company, recently unveiled Sweet Lullaby, a sweet and comforting new scent of White Dove. Infused with DreamScentzTMTechnology, White Dove Sweet Lullaby offers bagong himbing-bango for babies now available in powder, lotion, wash, and shampoo.

White Dove Sweet Lullaby brings a sweet, gentle breeze, cradling your little ones in a dreamy haze of comfort and peace. It's reminiscent of a lullaby sung with notes of fresh apples and citrus fruits, blended with the scent of sweet roses and peonies, providing a soothing and comforting experience. Plus, it's gentle and safe for your baby's skin as it is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

As we continue to experience changing weather conditions, keeping babies fresh and ensuring they sleep well at night or during nap time becomes extremely challenging. White Dove products infused with DreamScentz™ Technology, is clinically proven to help improve sleep quality, enabling a deeper, longer, and more restful sleep—a perfect partner for moms all year round to envelop babies in a sweet embrace.

Provide your baby with lasting comfort beyond bath time with White Dove Sweet Lullaby Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo, made with natural milk protein extract to keep their hair soft and skin moisturized. It's tear-free and gentle on the eyes, giving moms and babies a relaxing and joyful bath experience. 

A baby's delicate skin requires extra care. Strengthen their natural skin barrier after a refreshing bath with White Dove Sweet Lullaby Lotion. Its Triple Moisture Formula, Pentavitin™, and natural milk protein extract deeply hydrate the skin, providing up to 48-hour hydration for your little ones.

Complete this nurturing care with protection using White Dove Sweet Lullaby Powder enriched with natural milk protein extract, giving gentle and hypoallergenic care for babies. Its sterilized talc absorbs moisture and features a wetness barrier to repel dampness, while its sun-protective formula shields the skin from harmful rays of the sun.

Enjoy each baby care routine with peace of mind and soothe your little ones with the gentle embrace of White Dove Sweet Lullaby powder, lotion, wash, and shampoo—all infused with DreamScentzTM Technology.

Shop White Dove Sweet Lullaby products now on Shopee and Lazada

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Friday, June 21, 2024

John Woo returns with a gritty revenge tale of a tormented father in Silent Night


Acclaimed action director John Woo returns with a gritty revenge tale of a tormented father in Silent Night, now streaming on Lionsgate Play. Full of Woo’s signature “bullet ballet” style, the movie redefines the action genre with visceral, thrill-a-minute storytelling sans dialogues. 

Silent Night is a quiet tale that unfolds from tragedy: on the night before Christmas, a young boy dies after being struck by a stray bullet amidst a gang gunfight. Brian Godlock (Joel Kinnaman), the child’s father, immediately hunts down and successfully locates a handful of the culprits. However, his confrontation with the gang leader, Playa (Harold Torres), leaves him severely wounded and on the brink of death. 


Brian survives, but he loses the ability to speak, along with his will to live. This burdens his wife, Saya (Catalina Sandino), who struggles to tend to her husband’s despair while also grieving the loss of her son on her own terms. When she finally gives up and decides to leave their home, Brian finds the motivation he needs to keep going: vengeance. 


On how he approached storytelling without dialogue, Woo explains: “Making a film without dialogue is more difficult. It’s not an easy job to do. You have to think more than usual. You need to find new ways, new styles, and a very unique language to tell the story. Unique visual language to tell the story. The sound, the vision. Using the vision instead of the language. It’s not easy work. It needs a lot of thought.” 


On what it was like working with Woo, lead actor Joel Kinnaman shared: John is not just an iconic film director. He is the master of the camera. I’ve never worked with a film director that can tell so much of the story just in the way that he moves the camera. And I can also tell and understand why he wanted to do this film that doesn't have dialogue because it just opens up so many opportunities to design these beautiful shots, and instead of just shooting this scene where you have the coverage, closeups, mediums shots, wide shot and then you cut it all together, here we’re very sparse with the coverage. A lot of the scenes are just one or two setups. And you tell the whole scene in how we stage it and how the camera moves. It’s gonna be a very artistic film.”


Discover how a tormented father deals with grief in Silent Night, now streaming on Lionsgate Play. 


Jollibee’s Cheesy Yumburger Takes the Fast-Food Scene by Storm, Championing P-Pop Group BINI


It’s official! Jollibee’s Cheesy Yumburger has once again taken the fast-food scene by storm, now championed by the rising P-Pop group, BINI. 


Dubbed as the cheesiest, beefiest, and best-tasting cheeseburger by the trending OPM sensation, it's not just about flavor; it’s about a lifestyle choice that keeps up with today's generation, one that never settles for less than the best. It's about being at the top of their game, something that Jollibee and BINI always strive to be.

Double the Patty, Double the Joy


The Cheesy Yumburger isn't your average cheeseburger. Its secret? A perfectly seasoned beef patty paired with a creamyslice of cheese, hugged by soft and fresh buns


It’s this simple yet timeless combination that makes theCheesy Yumburger a standout—a cheeseburger that’s all about hitting the right notes of taste and satisfaction.


Best of all, Jollibee is now introducing the Double CheesyYumburger, the same Cheesy Yumburger you know and love, but double the patties, double the cheese and of course, double its signature dressing.

BINI’s Beat: Singing Praises for the Best


"Wala talagang tatalo sa Cheesy Yumburger, ever since bata pa kami, special talaga ito para sa’min," shares BINI Maloi, one of the electrifying voices of BINI. "It’s like finding the perfect beat to our song—it just clicks. As performers, sa mga recording, live performances or even during the song-writing process, nakakatulong talaga kung may masarap na meal to fuel the creative process. The Cheesy Yumburger is just the perfect meal for that. This isn’t just any cheeseburger; it’s a taste of what being young and joyful is all about."


“And ngayon, may Double Cheesy Yumburger na! For sure, dahil diyan, mas magiging ganado kami gumawa ng bagong songs and dance moves para sa mga Blooms!” added BINISheena.

Join the Cheesy Yumburger Movement


This is not just about enjoying a meal; it's about being part of a movement that celebrates top-tier quality and the joy of living in the moment. The Cheesy Yumburger invites everyone to be part of this delicious revolution, where every bite is a statement of choosing only the best.


"So tara na, mga Blooms! Enjoy natin yung Cheesy Yumburger, the best cheeseburger out there," invites BINI Mikha. "It’s more than just eating; it’s about the full experience, it's about celebrating what tastes right and feels right."


Available nationwide, the Cheesy Yumburger is ready to cater to your cravings whether you’re dining in, taking out, or ordering from your favorite delivery app. You can enjoy the Cheesy Yumburger Solo for only P65 and the Double Cheesy Yumburger Solo for only P124 Don't miss out on the cheesiest, beefiest, best-tasting burger in town—find out why it's still undeniably the food sensation everyone is talking about!


Join the conversation and keep up with the latest from Jollibee on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Get ready to be part of something big—taste the burger that’s still the #1 standard in flavor!

LG launches “Life’s Good” to create and share moments of everyday optimism

LG Electronics (LG) has launched a global social media challenge to amplify its brand promise of ‘Life’s Good’ by encouraging customers worldwide to create and share moments of everyday optimism on their social media feeds. Running across TikTok and Instagram, the challenge encourages participants to foster a more positive environment on their social media feeds by posting optimistic moments and selfies featuring the “finger heart” gesture – a popular symbol among K-pop idols created by forming a mini heart with the index finger and thumb – using the hashtags #Lifesgood and #Optimismyourfeed.

“LG is committed to delivering on its promise of ‘Life’s Good. This social media challenge aims to uncover and share what ‘Life’s Good’ means to our customers,” said Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division. “We believe there is real power in approaching life with an optimistic attitude, and our Optimism your feed campaign’s social media challenge is all about embracing the opportunity to inspire more positive activities in the virtual and real world.”

The social media challenge is part of LG’s ‘Optimism your feed’ campaign and follows the launch last month of LG’s Optimism your feed playlist – a collection of original content that, when interacted with, will pull more optimistic content into your feed. Created in collaboration with global influencers known for their positive impact, the playlist offers users the opportunity to experience more uplifting and encouraging posts. Within just three weeks of its release on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms, the playlist has garnered over 1.2 billion views. It has resonated with viewers worldwide, prompting comments about their eagerness to participate and positively influence their algorithms.  

The social media challenge invites users around the world to join influencers including Tina Choi, Victoria Browne, Josh Harmon, Team1llusion, Lenna Vivas and Samuel Weidenhofer in spreading optimism across social media feeds. In just four days, around 21,000 users have already joined the movement to share their optimistic moments.

Meanwhile, LG has also launched an offline campaign event called ‘Optimism your day,’ which will run till early July. Continuing from last year, a truck adorned with the company’s ‘Life’s Good’ brand slogan is scheduled to tour the 11 business sites in Korea. The truck features a large LED display that plays ‘Life’s Good’ campaign videos and showcases positivity slogans shared by LG employees worldwide. LG believes in spreading the campaign’s message of optimism to employees as well as the outside world.


“We are all brand ambassadors of LG,” said CEO William Cho. “If each of us starts brightening our surroundings one step at a time, I believe LG will one day become a company that truly radiates positivity, helping to create better lives and a better world.”


More details about Life’s Good campaign can be found on the campaign page at

Home Credit Wais Tips to help moms get a head start on back-to-school preparations

As the back-to-school season approaches, moms everywhere are gearing up to ensure their children have everything they need for a successful school year. With the Department of Education (DepEd) mandating the start of the next academic year for preschool through senior high school on July 29, and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) yet to announce the opening of classes for college, it's crucial to begin preparations early. From purchasing school supplies and uniforms to updating gadgets and creating an organized study space, there’s a lot to be done to prepare for the opening of the school year. So, where do you start planning? 

Here are some wais tips, as listed by Home Credit Philippines, the country’s leading consumer finance company, to help moms get a head start on back-to-school preparations: 

Create a back-to-school checklist. Before diving into shopping, make a comprehensive list of everything your child will need. This includes school supplies, uniforms, gadgets, and even snacks. A well-organized checklist will ensure you don't miss out on any essentials and can help you budget effectively. 

Prepare a budget. Now that you have your checklist, it's crucial to set a budget to manage your expenses this back-to-school season. This will help you prioritize the most important items and avoid overspending so you won't strain your finances. 
Upgrade student’s study space. Since the pandemic and the changing weather conditions, schools have implemented remote learning arrangements where students can study at home. With these arrangements, a dedicated study area becomes vital for their learning. To upgrade this study space, choose a quiet, well-lit corner of your home and equip it with necessary supplies such as a comfortable chair, desk, and adequate lighting. Personalized touches like motivational posters or a calendar can also boost a student’s enthusiasm for learning. 

Update Gadgets and Tech. In today’s digital age, having the right gadgets is crucial for a seamless learning experience. While you may have purchased devices to meet your kids’ remote learning needs a few years ago, it's now time to consider upgrading these gadgets to keep up with advancing technology and ensure that they have the best tools for their education. 

Fortunately, Home Credit Philippines is here to support moms with its Back-to-School (BTS) promo! Running from June 17 to September 30, 2024, this promo is designed to help families, especially moms, manage the financial demands of the back-to-school season. The company offers a range of installment plans to make purchasing school gadgets more manageable, whether you need a new laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

The application process is easy and hassle-free, ensuring you can get the support you need quickly. With flexible and zero-percent installment deals, Home Credit makes it easier to budget for back-to-school necessities, helping Filipino households manage their cash flow better.  

With the recent shift in school opening schedules this year and evolving educational needs, Home Credit’s financing solutions are here to help you meet the needs of every student in your household—be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Keep an eye out for Home Credit’s Sulit-Skwela offers this back-to-school season so you can provide the best education for your young ones without breaking the bank. 

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website,
You may also follow its official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTokaccounts.
Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit Appon Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Marketplace.  

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).  


Big Bad Wolf continues the fun at Glorietta for one more day

Attention, Manila Wolfies! Big Bad Wolf continues the fun at Glorietta for one more day! Don’t miss the world’s biggest book sale at the Glo...