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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Stay Cool and Hydrated this Summer with Shopee

Summer is here! And while going to the beach or going for a swim isn’t as easy to choose to do as before, you can still make the most out of the season in the comforts of your own home where you are most safe and sound. 


Grab your favorite milk tea beverage

What’s summer without iced drinks? ShopeePay now offers customers a safer and more convenient way to pay for their favorite summertime beverages!


Thirst your summer quench with drinks from Gong Cha, Dakasi, Black Scoop Cafe, Yi Fang Tea, Serenitea, Macao Imperial Tea, Moonleaf, Infinitea, and What the Tea while enjoying 20% coins cashback.

Have an ice cream party

As social gatherings are still prohibited, it’s safer to bond with your family at home - and what better way to do that than with food! If you’re looking for the perfect snack this summer, why not create your own delicious ice cream from scratch with a little help from Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. 



Indulge in a ‘Netflix and chill’ session.

Living in a tropical country, one great way to enjoy your weekends is feeling cool comfort as you watch your favorite series on Netflix. With the mini air cooler from Dowell, stay cool and refreshed anywhere, anytime. 


Stay healthy with some cardio

Get the exercise that you need without having to venture out of your home by investing in your own workout equipment such as a treadmill, weights, or a stationary bike. And with the summer heat helping you sweat out even more, now is the perfect time to set up your own fitness corner. 


Take a refreshing dip in your own pool

Just because going out of town is a bit more difficult now, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun dip in the pool. If you’re planning to enjoy the waters without having to go out, why not opt for an inflatable pool? This pool set from Intex is sturdy and spacious which’s perfect for families big or small. 



Thinking of using ShopeePay for your online and offline payments? There are two easy ways to Scan and Pay using ShopeePay: 

  1. Partner merchant scans user’s QR code:

1.     Open your Shopee app and tap the “Scan” icon. 

2.     Click ‘Generate QR Code’

3.     Enter your ShopeePay PIN

4.     Show the generated QR code for the cashier to scan and you will receive confirmation of payment.

  1. The user scans the partner merchant’s QR code:  

1.    Open your Shopee app and tap the “Scan” icon.

2.    Scan the QR code displayed on the milk tea shop’s tabletop card.

3.    Input the amount you wish to pay and tap “Confirm.”

4.    Enter your 6-digit ShopeePay PIN and then you will receive a confirmation of your payment. 

For more information, visit

Eden Cheese launches 'Unconditional' directed by Antoinette Jadaone

Motherhood today is embraced by eyes that hold various forms, shapes and sizes. Understanding that each motherhood journey is distinctly unique from others pose an essential role in helping them thrive in each path they are on. As a brand that advocates for the universal love and acceptance for mothers, this Mother’s Day campaign by Eden cheese breaks boundaries as the Mondelez Philippines brand launched their bold new film entitled, ‘Unconditional,’ directed by Carlos Palanca-Awardee, Antoinette Jadaone, during their Facebook event: Eden Speaks – A Mother’s Day Forum. 


“Eden cheese is a brand that has been celebrating moms from all walks of life, and their role in bringing families together for the last 36 years. This Mother’s Day, we wanted to shed light on a silent reality in the Philippines, and how important unconditional love and parental support plays in fostering acceptance and empathy for each unique motherhood experience. We want to empower and unite moms to share their personal stories about their own journey, and to showcase how we are one with them in embracing all flavors of motherhood, even in the most difficult of situations,” said Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager. “We believe that by uniting moms from different walks of life, all flavors of mothers can be inspired by the different savor worthy ways to bring the family together.”


The event, hosted by Issa Litton, was graced by special guest speakers such as Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo, a Mompreneur, content creator, and author; Techie Dy, Consultant of RMT-Cefam, Ateneo, and is a PhD Candidate of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Philippines; and Kristine Enriquez, Eden Cheese Marketing Manager. For the past four decades, Eden has been a trusted ally of moms for providing delicious meals for her and her family. The event cements the brand’s commitment to being their ally in all aspects and facets of her life. For Eden, this translates to empowering the diverse Filipino motherhood journeys, not just single moms, through celebrating their unique and evolving roles amidst today’s ever-changing world.


During the event, Bettinna Carlos-Eduardo shared, “There were times when Gummy was growing up, that I felt it was all just me. I am to work and I am to watch after her, which is the life mindset of a typical single mom. The load lightened when I found my source of personal salvation and started to have a community of other parents. Of course I still had my mom and grandmother who would look after Gummy when I had to work. But inevitably there were several overwhelming situations that would make me ask myself – ‘how am I going to do all these things alone?’ There’s only 24hrs in a day and yet a gazillion things to so! Life didn’t come with a manual for parenting, especially for solo parents. And 11years ago there were no videos on YouTube or much resources available online to help navigate through this. That would have made the road an easier one to travel."


Bettina was a single mom for a decade, but recently ‘graduated’ from the status and is married for five months now. “Motherhood did not really change when I married. It still has its set of challenges that evolve as Gummy matures. My faith as seen me through all those years and it is just a blessing to have a physical partner now to share the load and the journey. This Mother‘s Day, I celebrate both my current season and former shaping years. I look back at 10 years of the most gratifying years of my life I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I appreciate how Eden is so courageous to speak up about and open this conversation acknowledging the many challenges of solo parents that people don’t often talk about. Just as there are many savor worthy ways to bond with your family by cooking in the kitchen with Eden, there are also many ways to showcase support for different kinds of moms in the simplest way we know how,” she added.


The event culminated with an exclusive preview of the Eden Mother’s Day film by multi-award winning director, Antoinette Jadaone. The film sheds light on the plight of this group of moms that may lack support, which is a topic often not discussed, but is quite familiar to us all and is important as it plays an integral role in nurturing the light of our homes. The film emboldens how unconditional love and acceptance empowers single moms, and moms from all walks of life. This Mother’s Day and beyond, the brand aims to unite moms and support them, so they can create many savor-worthy moments to nurture stronger family connections.  


To know more, visit and check out #EdenSpeaksPH.


Villarica Pawnshop: Maintains one of the highest appraisal rates for those in need of spot cash in this time of pandemic

Villarica Pawnshop, one of the country’s leading pawnshops have called on Filipinos to rethink the way they see pawnshop services especially in this time of pandemic. 


In the past years, especially in 2020 at the height of the lockdown and the pandemic, the purpose of the pawnshop industry has transformed in the eyes of the Filipino public. Pawnshops have become quick access locations for cash in areas that have remained unserved by banks and traditional institutions, and some, like Villarica, have been partnered with by the banks for more convenient financial access by Filipinos wherever they may be, even for quick capital for their business as well as local and international cash remittances from their loved ones abroad.


Villarica has also become an access point for bills payment, point-of-sale withdrawal, auctioned jewelry selling and even mobile phone and internet service loading on top of the traditional services of jewelry and item pawning in exchange for convenient and honest appraisal for cash.


“We want the Filipino people to know that we are here to serve and be a partner in hard times that they can even come to us for funding, kahit na pang gamit sa maliit na negosyo, be an entrepreneur like an on-line seller,” said Lester Villarica, Vice President for Operations. “And we can guarantee fair appraisal, in fact the highest appraisal rates in the country today.” 


He further mentioned that he has been exposed to stories of people losing their jobs and now find themselves in search for opportunities, and this he said is where there is a need for people to start investing on themselves, and in their dreams to start their own small business and Villarica, can help them with that, among other things.


Lester Villarica further added that the company has been providing Filipinos in need of instant cash since 1954, offering higher appraisal rate versus other pawnshops. This of course translates to more cash that may be taken home and used for whatever purpose. Their more than 600 branches nationwide accept an array of items, from jewelry to gadgets, as collateral.


The company has always adopted a customer-first mindset.


While pawnshops are allowed to collect service charge from its clients, they have refrained from doing so. And on top of the high appraisal rate, they have also adopted the standard one-month term for all loans in addition to the 90-day reglementary grace period within which to pay the loan and redeem the pawned items. 


“By and large, we have provided our clients with the most liberal terms and conditions such as the highest appraisal on all our loans and an interest rate lower than the prevailing interest being charged by majority of pawnshops in any given area of competition,” ended Mr. Villarica.


To learn more about Villarica Pawnshop and most especially how Villarica can help you especially in the time of the pandemic, visit for more information.  

Getting Intimate: Our Shopee picks for the best products to keep you feeling fresh and clean

Get great deals on feminine hygiene products at Official Sanofi Store on Shopee. 

All of us women are very particular with taking care of our body, especially the one down there. Keeping our vajayjay clean and healthy is one of our top priority. If it smells good and feels clean without itchiness then were good.

A regular visit to your OB Gyne is also a must for a check-up routine. As they say, prevention is better than cure. 

My OB Gyne says that the the external part of our genitals, which includes the labia — needs to be washed everyday, because bacteria and a buildup of oils and dead skin can hide in the folds of your vulva. You’ll want to clear it out from time to time. 

When washing, just use your hands and some mild feminine wash like Lactacyd. You don't need to vigorously scrub down there with a loofah or washcloth to get it clean, a plain water and a dropful of your favorite Lactacyd variant will do the job. 

Good thing is you can now shop your favorite Lactacyd feminine wash at discounted prices at the Sanofi Official Store on Shopee. 

 My Top Picks!


Lactacyd All Day Care- The feminine wash with natural milk extracts provides clean feeling after every wash.

This is my favorite variant that I have been using everyday. It smells good and perfect during menstrual period. 

This is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and its safe to use everyday. 


Lactacyd Odor Fresh is the feminine wash made with milk and natural plant extracts that provide 24-hour odor protection where it matters most. 


This is  dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use. 

Lactacyd Pearl Intimate is the feminine wash made with milk and natural marine extracts that gently whitens the bikini area with regular use. 


This is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, and its safe for everyday use. 


Lactacyd Pro-Sensitive - The feminine wash with natural milk extracts, Lactic Acid, and Lactoserum that protect and soothe sensitive skin. 


This is dermatologically tested, hypoallegenic and safe for everyday use. 

For more amazing deals and discounts, download Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Tagaytay Highlands’ Garden Suites brings the mountain resort experience to a whole new level

If youre looking for a dream house (or vacation house)  for you or your family. You should consider Tagaytay Highlands, it has the most beautiful view of the  sunrise and sunset.Not to mention,the Taal Lake and volcano.

Through the years, Tagaytay Highlands has been renowned as an exclusive mountain resort complex that is approximately 90 minutes’ drive from the metropolis. This prime residential and recreational haven boasts dwellings amid verdant greenery, enabling discerning Filipinos seeking safe alternative primary homes to recharge their flagging spirits. 



With the unveiling of Horizon Terraces’ latest residential condominium, what used to be a dream for leading upscale property developer Highlands Prime, Inc. has now coalesced into reality. The latest in its Garden Suites series now completes Tagaytay Highlands’ first integrated development of Asian-contemporary low-rise Garden Suites and Garden Villas. The addition of this last and final gem of Horizon Terraces’ exclusive Garden Suites brings the mountain resort experience to a whole new level and is now made truly holistic by this project milestone.


Horizon Terraces’ Garden Suites are five-storey, low-density residential condominiums sitting on 3.2 hectares of land set amid stunning nature vistas. Close by is the Midlands Golf Course for the ultimate in work-life balance. One- and two-bedroom units of 43 to 68 square meters are thoughtfully laid out to adapt to growing families’ needs. Living spaces feature sliding doors that let natural light and ventilation in, reducing one’s carbon footprint. Residents can look forward to waking up to such soul-soothing scenes each morning.



Dedicating over 70% of its land area to recreational and open garden space, Horizon Terraces’ very own expansive, almost one-hectare lush Central Garden is where families can spend worthwhile moments and create lasting memories amidst nature’s bounties. Designed to blend beautifully with the natural landscape, the Central Garden inspires leisurely pursuits with its Garden Courtyard with Sundial; a Sensory Garden for young children to play in; Pocket Gardens for laid-back moments; and resort-inspired swimming pools as well as open spaces that allow for a dynamic, well-rounded lifestyle. These amenities allow residents to follow life’s rhythm and thrive in unique discoveries right in the comfort of their own community.




Balconies on the higher floors of the Garden Suites offer the best vantage points for viewing Taal Lake & Volcano. Ground floor units, on the other hand, have terraces ideal for mindful communing with nature. 


Residents can expect every corner of their alternative primary home to reflect their fine tastes. All Garden Suites units provide carefully chosen fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, and other high-function areas. Such thoughtful details hold Horizon Terraces’ Garden Suites up to Tagaytay Highlands’ premium standard. 


As in Tagaytay Highlands’ other themed residential enclaves, homeownership at Horizon Terraces’ Garden Suites comes with the prestige of membership to The Country Club, plus access to cable cars, a variety of sports facilities, and a cluster of specialty restaurants offering various cuisines and gourmet delights.


Like the rest of the leisure estate, Horizon Terraces is kept safe for all residents and their guests by the community’s strict adherence to sanitation procedures and safety protocols that include disinfection, proper hand washing, wearing of face masks and face shields, and social distancing. Property Management has likewise proven to be efficient in delivering quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.


Horizon Terraces is offering flexible payment terms to help investors protect their wealth and turn these into real assets through sound property investment. 



About Tagaytay Highlands


Tagaytay Highlands is a private resort/network of themed residential communities where access to top-notch sports facilities and recreation amenities is part of the privilege and exclusive benefits of a Tagaytay Highlands member/homeowner, their families, and their guests.


For more information on how to own a Highlands home, please call +632 75052422 and +63917 5150158, or visit Follow us on Facebook, Tagaytay Highlands, and Instagram @tagaytayhighlandsofficial.


From Dream to Meme: Minute Burger’s resilience through the decades

Gen Xers and early millennials may remember Minute Burger as a quaint homegrown fast food brand in the 90s. It grew to have a few brick-and-mortar stores during that decade. Late into the 2010s, Minute Burger has become an Internet hero and is especially known to Gen Z because of its “Meme Lord” status.


Naturally, the memes were just part of what gave Minute Burger its fame in the age of the Internet. Even before they became social media darlings, Minute Burger has been relevant due to a combination of having a good value-for-money product and picking the right partners to grow with.


Minute Burger is owned by the Leslie Corporation, best known for being the makers of Clover Chips. It is one of the longest standing Buy 1, Take 1 burger brands in the market and has been operating since 1982. Throughout its history, it has been keen on being more accessible to its market, and it found that partnering with the first and only Super Minimart in the Philippines was a good way to achieve that.

Alfamart Philippines first caught Minute Burger’s attention in 2018, as the Super Minimart had been aggressively expanding through the CALABARZON via partner tie-ups. Minute Burger Site Development Manager Ricardo Santos saw an opportunity and started a partnership with Alfamart to make location hunting easier for their franchisees. “Part of our strategy is to provide local opportunities for franchisees,” he said. “Minute Burgers [franchise] guidelines and procedures are easy to follow and especially adaptable to the needs of the franchisee and the lessors like Alfamart,” he added.


The business model of Alfamart Philippines hinges on cultivating strong partnerships, and this has been a driving force for the company since they started operations in 2014. “Partnerships have always been one of the key factors to our growth,” said Alfamart Philippines COO Harvey Ong. “By working with partners who are just as passionate as we are in giving value to the communities we serve, we were able to open more than a thousand stores in just six years,” Ong continued.


Ong further explained that partnerships with Alfamart are more than just an exchange of services or goods. “It’s an exchange of ideas and concepts on how we can give the best service to our customers and their respective communities. In the case of Minute Burger, we took lessons from them when it came to adapting to their market’s needs, while we gave them a few pointers on their logistics,” Ong explained. “This sort of collaborative ecosystem, where all the partners add something to each other, ensures constant improvement, which results in better ways to serve customers. Everybody wins.” Ong concluded.


Currently Minute Burger has over 600 branches nationwide; all franchise-owned. Four of those are in Alfamart stores, each in Sumulong, Marikina; Mayondon, Laguna; Tanza Cavite; and Maragondon, Cavite. “Our partnership with Alfamart has allowed us to channel opportunities, and strengthen our position, enabling us to tap the residential market,” Santos said.

For more information about partnership opportunities with Alfamart Philippines, please visit

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Abbott and Shopee support families in choosing the right nutrition products for their needs

Abbott, a global healthcare company and Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and the Philippines, are coming together to help improve nutrition at every stage of life for people in the country. Nutrition for the Whole Family, a regional initiative across six countries including the Philippines, will be held on Shopee Super Brand Day in May.  


The Nutrition For The Whole Family campaign aims to nurture families to live fuller lives through good nutrition, and through this program, families will receive nutrition tips, engage with a nutritionist and get to select a range of Abbott’s science-based nutrition products for children and adults. 


Today, consumers are prioritizing their health by being more mindful of their diets[[1]]. Eating is no longer just about taste and sustenance – nutrition has become a key element in living better and healthier. According to Abbott’s annual brand health study, Filipino consumers are engaging in outdoor activities like gardening, as well as taking vitamins and minerals to supplement their health and wellness habits. 

More people are shopping for health-related products such as nutritional supplements online, with the Health category on Shopee growing year-on-year. To meet the growing demand online, Abbott and Shopee want to support families in choosing the right nutrition products for their needs. Abbott brands participating in the campaign include Similac GainSchool, Similac TummiCare, PediaSure Plus, Ensure Gold, and Glucerna. Through Shopee's suite of engagement tools, consumers can look forward to fun ways to improve their nutrition. 


Dr. Jose Dimaano, Medical Affairs Director Asia-Pacific at Abbott, says, “Proper nutrition is the foundation for living your best life. That’s why Abbott strives to strengthen communities around the region through the power of science-based nutrition as we believe that with good nutrition, every stage of life can be a healthy one. Through our partnership with Shopee, we can empower more families to choose nutritious food by providing valuable information and tips as well as a range of specialized nutrition products to eat healthy.”

Ian Ho, Regional Managing Director at Shopee, says, "It is crucial for consumers to get access to reliable information when shopping for health-related products. As such, we’re happy to work with Abbott, a globally trusted brand, to launch this campaign that educates consumers on nutrition in a fun and interactive way. We invite consumers to join us and learn about science-based nutrition tips, as well as shop for Abbott’s high-quality nutritional products through this Super Brand Day.” 


Starting May 12 until May 14, shoppers can access special content features, including: 

     Nutrition Tips: A healthy immune system is supported through good nutrition. Consumers can receive nutrition tips on the Alagang Abbott Facebook page to discover the different nutrients and how they help fight against illnesses and infections.

 Shopping Guide: Good nutrition starts with making smart choices in the store. Abbott product listings on the Shopee platform will feature the nutrition benefits of the products to help consumers select the right specialized nutrition supplement according to their needs.


Find out more about Abbott’s Nutrition for the Whole Family at Click here to purchase on Shopee.


[[1]] FMCG Gurus (2020). How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behaviour.

#FightWorldGermination with Hygienix

What's in your bag that you cant live without? If youre going to peek in mine nowadays, I always bring 2 bottles of alcohol. The Hand spray and the hand gel. I have to disinfect everything before I touch them, because COVID you know. 

COVID-19 sowed disaster around the globe in 2020. To date, this pandemic still poses a threat as vaccines are just being made available globally. Hygienix is serious in providing germicidal protection not just to Filipinos, but even consumers around the world! 


The unbeatable attributes of this homegrown brand were readily embraced in the global arena. And for good reason! Hygienix Germ-kill Soap, Germ Kill Alcohol, Hand Spray and Hand Gel does not only kill 99.99% germs and common disease- causing bacteria, it also has a moisturizing formula and a refreshing scent that’s easy on the pocket. This makes sanitizing safe even if done frequently. 

In this time of COVID, Hygienix was able to fill two needs with one deed: shield people from germs AND protect their skin from needlessly going dry. Kudos Hygienix! 


Backed by its parent company, Asian Personal Care giant Wipro Consumer Care, Hygienix has become a trusted brand, not only in the Philippines but in various parts of the globe. As word spread of its germ-killing and skin-loving qualities, Hygienix found itself swamped with orders for their various sanitizing products! Soon enough, and in the thick of the pandemic, Hygienix also needed to step up production to fulfill demands from new markets: Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan! Eventually other countries like Malaysia, China, and India began to locally manufacture Hygienix to serve their consumers’ rising demand for anti-bacterial essentials. Hygienix products are now available in leading supermarkets and pharmacies of these countries. 

As the fight rages on against COVID-19, Hygienix has also started expanding its product line to include the Germ-Kill Body Wash; the Germ-Kill Hand Wash; and, Germ-Kill Wipes. By offering these other germicidal formats, Hygienix says they hope to cater to a broader market whose lifestyles may be different but the needs are the same: to be clean, safe and protected. So don’t let the viral pandemic get the better of you, your health and your skin! #FightWorldGermination and stock up on Hygienix, NOW! 


Stay Cool and Hydrated this Summer with Shopee

Summer is here! And while going to the beach or going for a swim isn’t as easy to choose to do as before, you can still make the most out of...