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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Donny is the newest face of Belo’s ADVAYouth laser

The process of aging is gradual and varies from person to person. It is generally believed that the signs of aging begin to appear in our mid to late twenties. At this point, the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic, begins to decrease. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles may start to appear, and the skin may become less firm and elastic.

There’s always a point in our twenties when we ask the million-dollar question: “When exactly do I start aging?” Many sources will give you mixed answers, but Dr. Vicki Belo has a hard and fast answer: “Aging starts at 25, because that’s when your hormones decline.”

It’s not a secret that everybody ages. But how to delay aging is also no longer a mystery. This is where prejuvenation comes in: the practice of starting anti-aging treatments and skincare at a younger age to prevent signs of aging that tend to catch up on us later in life. So what’s the best way to kickstart your era of prejuvenation? Well, Donny Pangilinan just might have the answer to that. 


From the face to the name, Donny needs no further introduction, other than him being the newest face of Belo’s ADVAYouth laser. Successfully reviving classic matinee idol charms and unapologetic sweetness with his longtime leading lady, Donny is the poster boy of living your best life in your ‘20s. But those who lead the same life know that being constantly screen-strapped, beach-bound and matted with makeup leaves us exposed to UV damage, acne, acne scars, sun spots and skin texture. 


Belo ADVALight is a skin treatment that’s literally a treat for your skin, thanks to the world’s first and only solid-state yellow laser, made up of two wavelengths: one that heals your scars and hyperpigmentation, as well as zaps the bacteria that causes acne, and another that calms down the oiliness and boosts the collagen that keeps wrinkles and fine lines absent. “Prior to ADVALight, we could only treat acne through medicine and topical solutions,” Dr. Belo shares. “Now, because of this laser machine that shrinks pores, inflammation and redness, you can have clear and refined skin by using ADVALight every two weeks, for four to six sessions.” Clearly, ADVALight has all the perks of prejuvenation wrapped up in an easy, hassle-free, and virtually painless 30-minute session you don’t even need to recover from. Suffering from scars that’s not on your face? ADVALight can target those on the body, too.


With the help of Donny Pangilinan, Belo invites 20 and 30-something go-getters to keep their eyes on the prize and practice the science of delayed gratification: in a few years, consistent sessions of ADVALight will make you look—and—feel like you’re not a day over 25. 


To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here.



Erceflora Kiddie created the Batang Matatag Bus, a touring bus across the metro meaning to make education on gut health for kids fun and simple

Summer is approaching and kids are getting excited to spend more time out and playing in the sun. It’s not always easy for parents to think of fun and productive ways to keep kids entertained, but the Batang Matag Bus rolled in just in time to give kids a day of play with a lot of cool learning experiences tucked in.

With pandemic blues mostly out of the way, parents are on even higher alert to make sure kids stay healthy and protected as they continue to explore the world around them. However, more than sanitizing hands and keeping surroundings clean, the most crucial first step is making sure kids are healthy on the inside because 70% of the body’s immunity comes from the gut.

“The gut affects so much of a child’s body: their mood, their reasoning, their behavior, and of course their overall health,” said J Ann Mirasol, from the makers of Erceflora Kiddie. “Erceflora Kiddie is created to help balance the good bacteria in the gut, allowing it to absorb nutrients, resist harmful microbes, and prevent upset stomachs.”

To help parents understand the importance of gut health and make building healthy habits easier and more fun for their kids, Erceflora Kiddie created the Batang Matatag Bus, a touring bus across the metro meaning to make education on gut health for kids fun and simple. “Kids with a healthy gut are healthier, happier, and more energetic, and that’s what we call ‘Batang Matatag’,” said Mirasol.

The Batang Matatag Bus was parked at the BGC Amphitheater from March 11-12 to set up the Todo Tatag Playground that had activities for the whole family:

·       The Todo Tatag Playground

The Todo Tatag Playground featured different play areas that highlighted key information on how a healthy gut supports the overall development of children. Playground equipment were turned into exciting learning opportunities for all kids to be strong, healthy, and become Batang Matatag.

·       The Todo Tatag Bus

Hopping onto the Todo Tatag Bus, kids learned the Todo Tatag Technique to make washing hands a fun and effective activity. There were also interactive games and photo walls to take fun photos and make cool memories.

·       A Fun-filled Program

Starting at 2:00 PM on March 11 there will be an interactive program for the family to enjoy together. Families can expect fun games, playful mascots, and entertaining hosts that will give a fun filled family day to all who attend. The program will not only involve energetic activities to keep the audience engaged but also learn more about Erceflora Kiddie and why kids should be encouraged to use it.

·       Bonding with Tatag Mommies

Erceflora Kiddie brought in the Todo Tatag Mommies Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Cheska Kramer, and Andi Manzano with host Riza Diaz to talk about creative ways to encourage the whole family to start more healthy habits and learn more about how to raise stronger, healthier kids starting with gut health. With the help of Erceflora Kiddie, kids can absorb more nutrients, activating better immunity against harmful microbes for todo tatag na tiyan para sa todo tatag na katawan.

With much excitement generated by the Todo Tatag Bus and Playground, BGC is just the first in several other stops for the Batang Matatag Bus throughout the year. In the meantime, parents can help even more kids maintain a healthy gut. When you buy Erceflora Kiddie, a portion of the sale will support Batang Matatag—a movement initiated by Save the Children Philippines and Erceflora Kiddie to improve the overall health and nutrition of children in school.  [PdJ(1] 

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Crosswinds offers a serene environment for rest and reflection this lenten season

Tagaytay offers a unique experience that is perfect for bonding with family and friends. With its beautiful landscapes, cool climate, and numerous attractions, Tagaytay truly is a home away from home.


For its relaxing weather, lush greens, pine trees, beautiful landscapes, and pineapple fields, Tagaytay is more than a place for vacation. Tagaytay is your home away from home, a place for bonding with family and friends.


Due to its closeness to nature which also rejuvenates the soul, Tagaytay has also been a place for retreats and recollections among young students, working professionals, and religious groups.


The yearlong cold breeze that revitalizes energy propels us to take not just one but another look at Crosswinds Resorts Suites and its ever-evolving massive commercial development that continues to awe local and foreign tourists.

Locals will surely troop to Tagaytay in the run-up to the five-day Lenten holiday—either to have that much-needed vacation, complete the traditional Visita Iglesia, attend the Holy Week retreat, or probably, observe the traditional customs.


Crosswinds, a Villar-owned property development, has prepared for the influx of families and groups who will book for the long Lenten holidays.    


When all you do is hole up in your room or trek around Crosswinds, as you immerse yourself in the scent of 35,000 trees and the lovely surroundings in this exclusive enclave, make sure to also satisfy your stomach – even during the Holy Week.


Apart from meatless food options that can be ordered from its sleek cafes and restaurants, Crosswinds also offers the young and the young-at-heart egg-citing surprises on Easter Sunday (April 9).


Andersen’s Bakery 


Wake up to the aroma of freshly-baked bread, and enjoy your favorite Walnut Cranberry or Double Chocolate Croissant with that coffee brew—just a stone’s throw away from your hotel room.


Named after famous literary fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, Andersen’s Bakery has a story to tell for its bread.   You’ll love a comfy ambiance while you spend some time in this bread cafe—probably, reading a book, with fewer gadgets and all.


Many remain fascinated as they find quaint stores inside the Crosswinds’ exclusive enclaves.


Ruined Project


Surrounded by towering pine trees,  Ruined Project is another picturesque coffee brand under the Villar Group.  It’s the 50th branch of Coffee Project—the only difference is that it has fresh plants amid a rustic interior, situated in the Swiss-inspired Crosswinds.


Apart from its regular menu, it offers shrimp and crabstick salad this Lenten season for those who observe a no-meat policy or for those who prefer healthier food options.


Ruined Project got its name because the construction was halted when Taal Volcano erupted in 2020, further prolonged by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Built at a time of disaster and the pandemic,  the interiors were done to also provide us with a wonderful view of nature inside Crosswinds.    Feel free to roam around, take pictures and enjoy the good food and sip the expresso-based concoctions at Ruined Project—to soothe not just your senses but your weary soul.

Windmill Lausanne


Inspired by Swiss architecture,  this cafe rose in the midst of a busy pandemic that affected the entire world.  It bears similarity to the Windmill in Solvang, California, which is, in turn, inspired by Switzerland.  Thus, one is built at Crosswinds—but situated in the resort’s rolling terrain and lush greens.


Constructed amid a backdrop of blue skies and a beautiful sunset, Windmill Laussane provides another breathtaking experience to its customers.  


The windmill and its balcony evoke scenes from a Shakespeare novel—making it very good for taking snaps of memories.


For the observance of the Holy Week, Windmill Lausanne offers seared salmon with pesto. 


There is also absolutely mouthwatering food such as chicken cordon blu, French toast with bacon, mushroom soup, spaghetti meatballs, and drinks such as Blue Citrus Creamy Frappe and Brown Sugar Choco Frappe.   Take a bite also of Blueberry Danish and Raspberry Danish.


Start your day with a hearty meal by ordering Napa’s Sausage Duo for the ultimate breakfast.  But for those who opt for healthier meals, Napa has Founder Provencale added to its menu.


Another must-visit cafe in Tagaytay, Napa’s cabin-themed interiors, is inspired by Napa Valley in California.   Its rustic interiors and relaxing ambiance add to the feeling of happiness once you dine at Napa—also situated within Crosswinds.


The mountain air in this part of the city makes the visit more worthwhile both for dine-in and alfresco dining.   Kids can also enjoy running around the open area with teepee huts and wooden tables.  


Go for a hearty breakfast at Napa, which also concocts hot and cold drinks according to your tastes.  Napa’s specials include Black Smoked Pasta, Chicken Alfredo, Margherita pizza, and beef onion pizza.


Cafe Yama


Experience a guilt-free food trip this Lenten season by ordering meatless choices from its menu of Cafe Yama, which is seated at an uphill portion of Crosswinds overlooking a vast land of green fields and trees.


For this Lenten season, indulge yourself in the authentic flavor of Chicken Fried Rice and Shrimp Teppanyaki, along with tempura, sashimi, sushi, stir-fried food, rice bowls, and noodles.   Quench your thirst with Matcha Cheese Latte, Shinzu Grape Juice, other fruit juices, and coffee brews from this place.


The traditional Japanese ornaments such as lanterns, parasols, and murals complement the menu of Cafe Yama, which name means “mountain.”   

For more information on Crosswinds and other Brittany properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


Friday, March 24, 2023

PAL’s all-female flight crew participated in the Global Women’s forum held at the Guam Airport

Philippine Airlines (PAL) flew an all-female flight crew for its March 22 PR110 Manila-Guam and March 24 PR111 Guam - Manila flights to participate in the celebration of International Women’s Month. In command of the flight to Guam was Capt. Emmie Inciong-Ragasa, assisted by First Officer Lilybeth Tan - Ng. 


The all-women cabin crew team - led by Flight Purser Edrose Mae Tang - had FA Gladys Lim, FA Frances Anne  Alindogan, FA Verona Rae Salangsang, FA Ana Beatriz Alvarez, and FA Pamela Jaine Sta. Ana in its roster. Capt. Hidelina Patrimonio and FO Lilybeth Tan Ng will be in command of the flight to Manila via PR111 tomorrow March 24. 


A water salute – organized by PAL Guam and the Guam Airport Authority - greeted flight PR110 upon its arrival at Guam International Airport. 

Buong Pusong Alaga and warm smiles ready for the flight

To inspire more women around the globe, PAL’s all-female flight crew participated in the Global Women’s forum held at the Guam Airport, where FO Tan – Ng,  who is also PAL'S AVP on Pilot Affairs, said in her speech, "Philippine Airlines is an equal opportunity company. PAL's culture of inclusivity has empowered the female members of the workforce to lend their voices, talent and creativity for the good of the Organization."

“What a great way to celebrate women empowerment. Our all-female flight is an inspiring and exhilarating experience,” she quipped when asked to describe the milestone flight journey. 


Flight Purser Edrose Tang leading our all-female flight attendants

As part of her inspirational message, she quipped, “We – as women – do not exist in a box. We evolve amid the challenges of the times. We are strong and resilient. We support fellow women and we co-exist with all of humanity. We embrace inclusively.”

What will happen if you fail to register your SIM before the April 26 deadline

Since the announcement of mandatory SIM registration last year, many have been confused about what is it for and why is it important for us Filipinos.

Surely, you have read some articles, heard radio commercials, and even seen TV ads encouraging you to go to your telco’s website or app and register your SIM. Still, you and your friends refuse to comply with the government mandate thinking how something as simple as an unregistered SIM can disrupt our lives. 

In this article, we will tell you why it is relevant and what will happen if you fail to register your SIM before the April 26 deadline.

Your SIM will get deactivated

Yes, the very SIM you use to text and call your loved ones when times are tough, the SIM that contains the number you use to send and receive money, pay bills or make other transactions through mobile apps will get deactivated. As mobile phones become more valuable and intertwined with everyday life, so do SIM cards. 

But what does it mean to have your SIM deactivated? This means you’ll entirely lose your prepaid load balance and receiving OTPs for e-wallet and bank transactions would be impossible. 

Receiving updates from the government on your benefits, loans, etc. is another problem. You might need to contact each agency and undergo a long process to update your contact details. Also, following up and hearing back from your employment application can be more than tricky. Just imagine applying to your dream job only to lose your slot because your future employer cannot reach you.

Having your SIM deactivated means you will become unreachable not only to your bank but to your contacts list as well. Colleagues, friends, and family who contact you using that SIM number won’t be able to do so once that SIM gets deactivated. 

So no incoming nor outgoing calls. You won’t be able to send or receive messages either.  

Your broadband and prepaid SIM-powered mobile internet will not work

If you have been using or recently bought prepaid internet, you might wonder why it’s not working even after powering it up several times, loading the SIM, and reading and rereading the manual, even doing a little troubleshooting to make sure you started it correctly. The answer is this: your new SIM is not yet activated. 

As existing SIMs need to be registered, so do the ones you’re going to buy. Likewise, existing SIMs used for internet have to be registered or you risk rendering it useless. 

You will have problem accessing your online accounts

Most of us use our contact numbers as login details on our social media accounts. In any case you logged out of your account or need to log in to a separate device, it will be troublesome for you to receive OTPs for two-way verification authentication.

Yes, you’re sure to come up with a workaround for these. However, it will require you to go through a long process to resolve this issue.

You can try contacting the applications’ help center and prove to them your identity through a series of authentication documents. You could also try personally going to the offices of these platforms. Or you can just register your SIM to avoid these hassles altogether.

Fighting security and data breach

Security and data breach are the top concerns of Filipinos about SIM registration, especially with the rising incidence of text and other mobile-related scams. 


Interestingly, these – security and data breach -- are the very same issues the SIM Registration Law wishes to address. It aims to minimize the risk of users falling victim to scams perpetrated through calls, texts, and online messages. It hopes to make device owners more accountable and responsible users of technology. The law likewise hopes to lessen the occurrence of crimes and make it easier to track down perpetrators of cybercrimes and fraud. 

#SIMguradoAko, Register now!

When you’re ready to register, simply go to your telco’s registration website, input your info, upload government ID and selfie, wait for the SMS confirmation and that’s it! You have now registered your SIM.  


Reaffirming its commitment to be every Filipino’s partner Para Sa LifeHome Credit Philippines is urging everyone to register their SIM cards to comply with the SIM Registration Act through the #SIMguradoAko campaign, to help protect Filipinos against text and other phone-related scams.


Through its Wais sa Home initiative, the country’s leading consumer finance company has been actively campaigning against cyber fraud such as phishing, pharming, and spoofing to protect its customers. 

In line with its goal of promoting financial literacy and education, Home Credit aims to raise awareness on the basics of saving and budgeting and wise financial management. Amid the widening adoption of e-commerce, it encourages Filipinos to be digitally wise in investing and using the right money apps and to protect themselves against online risks and scams.

Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in the Marketplace.


#ResetYourRegimen This Summer with the Cult Favorite Skin care Neutrogena

As we ring in the summer season, it’s time to reset our skincare regimens! This means adopting lightweight, yet potent and hydrating products to protect your skin from dryness, aging, and sun damage. As the #1 dermatologist-recommended skin care brand in the US, Neutrogena can help us achieve great skin this summer! Embrace healthy glass skin this season and confidently sport a glowing bare face at the beach with Neutrogena’s new and improved Hydro Boost range! 

Tested by dermatologists, Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost product range is a cult favorite all over the world. The full range is formulated with hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin to combat the dryness brought by external aggressors like summer heat. “Just as it is essential to drink water throughout the day to help our bodies function properly, it is also important to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent the dryness caused by summer heat,” says Macy Agoncillo, Neutrogena’s brand manager.

This year, the classic beauty brand is introducing its new generation of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, a lightweight moisturizer packed with hyaluronic acid. It’s the perfect product to complete your summer skincare routine. Suitable for daily use, this lightweight moisturizer boosts the skin’s hydration and helps retain moisture. Easily combat dry skin and achieve healthy glass skin with a formulation that is packed with 20% more hyaluronic acid (vs. previous formulation) that gives 5x more hydration. Tested on several users, visible results were seen immediately with 97% saying their skin felt instantly hydrated, 86% of users reporting smoother skin, 81% mentioning that their skin felt softer, and 73% felt their skin had become more supple. 

The new Hydro Boost Water Gel comes in two sizes – 15 ml and 50 ml that retails for Php 356 and Php 1,012 respectively. So, this summer, whether you’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach, out on adventures, or even lounging around at home, make sure to switch up your products and #ResetYourRegimen for a season of healthy, hydrated, and protected skin with Neutrogena’s new Hydro Boost Water Gel. Before you head out in the sun, apply Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry Touch SPF50 after Hydro Boost Water Gel for UVA and UVB protection. It is a non-greasy sunscreen that offers broad protection from the sun.  So, what are you waiting for? Grab healthy glass skin in a jar and check out your nearest Watson’s store, or shop online in our official Shopee or Lazada stores!

Ed Sheeran has released his new single ‘Eyes Closed’ alongside the official video


Ed Sheeran has released his new single ‘Eyes Closed’ alongside the official video.

Ed originally wrote ‘Eyes Closed’ a few years back. Starting out as a break-up song, the lyrics took on a whole new meaning after Ed suffered heartbreaking loss, which led him to revisit and reimagine the original version of the track for ‘-ʼ. One of the most pop-leaning sonics on his highly anticipated new record, ‘Eyes Closed’ captures the essence of love and loss, which is also reflected in the official video. Directed by Mia Barnes, we see Ed on a night out being followed by a blue monster - serving as a metaphor for grief, Ed is unable to shake it, wherever he goes, reminding him of the void that’s left in his life.

Speaking of the new song and the video, Ed says – “This song is about losing someone, feeling like every time you go out and you expect to just bump into them, and everything just reminds you of them and the things you did together. You sorta have to take yourself out of reality sometimes to numb the pain of loss, but certain things just bring you right back into it. 


When I was thinking of concepts for the Eyes Closed music video, I wanted to make a video inspired by movies like Harvey, where the main character has an imaginary friend who’s a giant rabbit that no one can see. There’s also a book I read my daughters where sadness is encapsulated by an imaginary creature. Often sadness is something that follows you around, engulfing the rooms you’re in, and you can feel and see it, but no one else around you can. So I decided to create my own big blue monster for the video. He gets bigger and bigger as the video goes on, til he takes up whole rooms, and is all I can see, just like sadness.”

Ed’s soul-baring new album ‘-‘ will be released on 5 May through Asylum/Atlantic. Written against a backdrop of grief and hope, Ed wrote and recorded the fourteen-track record with Aaron Dessner (The National) in February last year after a series of hard-hitting events impacted his life.

Announced earlier this week, his all-new, four-part documentary ‘Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All’ will air on Disney+ from 3 May 2023. Blending never-before-seen personal archive, interviews and performances, the intimate documentary explores how his personal experiences have shaped him to become the artist he is today.

TaskUs officially opened the glass doors of “Greenhouse” situated at Molino in Cavite

TaskUs,  a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, officially opened the glass doors of “Greenhouse” situated at Molino in Cavite, Philippines on March 23. The newest site is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing a world-class, refreshing workspace aimed at promoting a healthier and greener lifestyle for its employees. The launch comes two days before Earth Hour, the perfect time to kickstart the site’s operations. 

Through the Looking Glass: TaskUs Greenhouse

Aptly named Greenhouse, the new site features a distinct architectural design that sports a “daytime-bright” lighting and uses non-harmful, environment-friendly finishes and materials for its interior decorations, fixtures, and wall paints. 


The site is also designed with large open spaces, allowing for natural sunlight to permeate through and conserve energy. Meeting rooms like the boardroom and interview rooms are built with motion-sensor lights that turn off automatically when unoccupied. The site also has heat emission films that lessen the heat inside the building, making the use of air conditioning units more efficient.


Just as importantly, the supplies that were used to build Greenhouse—carpets, vinyl floors, office chairs, and workstations—are sourced from suppliers who share the same commitment to lessening carbon footprint.


“We aim to continuously reimagine workplace culture and the employee experience. From building functional and inspiring spaces to providing benefits that are beyond the norm, TaskUs is committed to building an environment that empowers people to thrive and create a positive impact in and outside of work,” shared Dean Van Ormer, TaskUs Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast Asia.


Arjay Angodung, TaskUs Division Vice President of Operations, believes that Greenhouse will not only be a bastion of sustainability but also of boundless growth for TaskUs. “This is truly an inspiring workspace for teammates to learn how to achieve wellness through nature and start embracing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with both their families and colleagues,” he added. 


The newly minted site in Molino sits in more than 34,000-square-feet of commercial space, occupying two whole floors. Similar to other TaskUs sites, Greenhouse is fitted with dynamic color themes, vibrant walls, well-designed production and lounge areas, and incredible amenities for its teammates to enjoy. 


Why Molino?

The site in Molino is TaskUs’ 10th site in the Philippines and was chosen for its strategic access to talents from Cavite and nearby provinces such as Laguna and Batangas. This also furthers the company’s goal of extending meaningful jobs to locals in non-metro areas.


Moreover, Molino has access to over four major universities within the Bacoor City vicinity and is surrounded by villages and residential areas that house more than 650,000 residents. Molino also has access to a diverse talent pool from industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, and IT due to its proximity to Metro Manila. 

From left to right: Arjay Angodung, TaskUs Division Vice President of Operations; Dean Van Ormer, TaskUs Senior Vice President of Operations for Southeast Asia; Lana Delos Reyes, Vice President of Operations - TaskUs Greenhouse; Victoria Alcachupas, TaskUs Division Vice President of Integrated Marketing; Marlon de Mesa, TaskUs Vice President of Talent Acquisition for Southeast Asia unveil TaskUs’ 10th site located in Molino called “Greenhouse”


“The launch of Greenhouse becomes a full-circle moment for TaskUs as we go back to the same city, in Bacoor, where we started our operations atop a vulcanizing shop in 2008. But this time, with a bigger and greener site,” shares Lana Delos Reyes, Vice President of Operations - TaskUs Greenhouse. “We also want to bring jobs closer to Filipinos, allowing them to spend more quality time for themselves and with their loved ones.”


To kick off the launch of the new site, TaskUs hosted a variety of events such as a concert, a site blessing, and logo unveiling. 


TaskUs’ Ridiculously Good Culture

As a key player in the outsourcing space for over a decade, TaskUs has established itself as a company that provides positive experiences, outstanding benefits, learning and career development opportunities, and people-first programs to its employees. 


TaskUs boasts of its extensive Wellness + Resiliency (W+R) programs that are supported by a well-trained W&R team solely focused on caring for employees’ well-being. More so, the company also upholds diversity, equity and inclusion by working towards a healthy gender ratio across all of its sites and providing gender-inclusive facilities and benefits, among others. 


Because of its investment in its employees, TaskUs has accumulated a number of accolades under its belt in the past year, including receiving a Great Place to Work Certification, being named as the Fastest Growing Service Provider in the 2022 Everest Group Business Process Services Top 50 Report, as well as earning a Gold Stevie for Most Exemplary EmployerComparably’s Best CEO for Women and Best CEO for Diversity, and Best Place to Work from Business Intelligence (2022), among others. 


Those interested in exploring the Ridiculously Good life with TaskUs may apply via these channels:

  1. Onsite Recruitment Hub - Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 4pm
  2. Virtual Recruitment Hub ( - Join us via Zoom via link or ID 574-707-2784, Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm
  3. FB Messenger Chatbot ( - You may chat anytime and accomplish a self-paced application.

They may also create a candidate profile through to jumpstart their application journey. Everyone may also refer prospective applicants via TaskUs’ Xperience External Referral Program receive rewards.

To learn more about TaskUs, visit or the following social media accounts:



Donny is the newest face of Belo’s ADVAYouth laser

The process of aging is gradual and varies from person to person. It is generally believed that the signs of aging begin to appear in our mi...