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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Belkin introduces new line up of in-car and charging solutions through Belkin Academy

Belkin, the leader in tablet and smartphone accessories, launches the first Belkin Academy in the Philippines and introduces a new line up of in-car and charging solutions available in last October 27 at F1 Hotel.  The Academy offers four courses: the Third Party Products (3PP) Research and Development, Autobahn Safety, Type “C” Certification and the study of Herpetology.

"Belkin’s mobile solutions meet the highest standards in the industry, and are certified to safely charge a variety of devices," said Melody Tescon, Director of Product Management. "Whether you are at home or on-the-go, our solutions are designed to aesthetically fit your personal style. At Belkin, we make people-inspired products and solutions. For nearly 30 years it has been our passion and our mission to create products that make people’s lives better, easier and more fulfilling."

Belkin introduce the new metallic colorways for the MIXIT↑ collection which includes auxiliary and charging cables, and a range of car chargers. One of the best-selling MIXIT↑ cable is the Black mamba, with its matte metallic finish and braided cable jacket, this cable sports a sleek and modern look. It is available in metallic black, pearl white, gold, silver, and gray, so you'll be able to choose a cable that matches your personal style. Belkin’s online distributor, Macpower Marketing Corporation is offering a replacement policy if you accidentally break it.

Belkin has also unveiled their new line up of in-car solutions. It includes different kinds of car mounts specially designed to be compatible to some of the biggest smartphones on the market. Belkin has also unveiled a new line of car chargers that powers up your devices with ease while on the go.

TYPE C Cables
With new technology comes new challenges and USB-C, also known as USB Type-C, is no exception. The capability of the USB-C Cable and why it is the most reliable, highest grade and safest cables on the market were also explained in the academy.

The USB-C port offers users the ability to rapidly charge, take advantage of USB 3 data transfer speeds for connecting to external devices and peripherals, and connect video output such as HDMI, VGA, and Mini DisplayPort.

One of the most notable features is the reversible design, which eliminates the annoyance of trying to figure out which way to plug the cable into your peripheral.

Earn GetGo points and redeem flights to #BuyMoreFlyMore

Who would like to travel for free? The great news is P&G, Robinsons Supermarket and Cebu Pacific partner for the "Buy More, Fly More" campaign, the more participating P&G products you buy, the more chance of you flying to your dream destination.

This is good news for shopaholics, housewives, and travelers who love to shop. For every p500 worth of groceries, for the following P&G brands: Safeguard, Olay, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Downy and Joy the shopper is entitled to one travel sticker. Collect 12 stickers to be able to get a GetGo Card worth P150 for free. The card upon activation will be loaded with 2,600 GetGo points. The promo runs from November 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016 while the
redemption period runs up to June 30, 2016. The "Buy More, Fly More" is exclusive to Robinsons Supermarket.

The "Buy More Fly More" campaign was launched last October 26 at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The exclusive press conference was hosted by DJ Schneider and graced by Jody Gadia, General Manager for Robinsons Supermarket, Cebu Pacific executives and media.

P&G takes its purpose of touching and improving consumers’ lives to new heights—now, shoppers have a chance to fly with their P&G purchases!

BUY MORE, FLY MORE! Promo Mechanics

1.) In a single transaction, every P500 worth of at least 4 different P&G participating brands in Robinsons Supermarket is equivalent to 1 sticker
2.) Collect 12 stickers and get a Cebu Pacific GetGo card with 2,600 points (GetGo card P150 membership fee waived) *2600 points is usually equivalent to a one way-trip to Cebu
3.) Open to all Robinsons Supermarket shoppers
4.) Maximum of 12 sticker redemptions per day per shopper
5.) Sticker card, stickers, and GetGo cards are redeemable at the customer service of any Robinsons Supermarket branch where purchase was made upon presentation of valid receipt
6.) Sticker card, stickers, and GetGo card are non-convertible to cash
7.) To claim their GetGo card customers must surrender the sticker card with 12 stickers to the Robinsons Supermarket customer service.
8.) Participating brands: Safeguard, Olay, H&S, Pantene, Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Downy, Joy
9.) Promotion period: November 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016
10.) Redemption period: November 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016
11.) Promotion excludes wholesale transactions

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Know the secret behind the seamstress in "The Dressmaker"

Its been two weeks since a movie this good. I swear it was worth all the late night snacks and milkteas. This is a movie about mother-daughter bonding, and the love they had for each other. They have been on the hatred since day 1, but they fought together as a family. Watch out and discover for yourself what is with the dresses.

                Tilly Dunnage (Kate Winslet) can create, transform people and can bring to life every body’s assets hidden beneath the wrong sheets of fabrics and patterns.  In “The Dressmaker” Academy Award winner Kate Winslet and Academy Award nominee Judy Davis star alongside as mother and daughter in a story about revenge clothed in exquisitely surprising creations.

                Tilly/Myrtle was then ten years old when she was sent away and separated from her mother Molly (Judy Davis), accused of a crime she herself couldn’t understand. Twenty years after, armed with a Singer sewing machine and courage to come back to care for her mother and uncover the truth behind the accusations thrown at her.  Tilly reconnects with the townsfolk one stich at a time as she finds herself closer to the truth behind her past, eventually falling for the town’s
local football hero, Teddy McSwiney (Liam Hemsworth) whose family has also looked after Molly in her absence. Most importantly, she forms an initially volatile but finally tender reconciliation with her mother Molly.

                Based on the highly-acclaimed book by Rosalie Ham, the character of Tilly seems drawn, at least in part, from Rosalie’s mother. “My mother was one of the dressmakers in Jerilderie. She happened to be divorced, and so there was a certain amount of scandal that was attached to that. She had to make a living as a seamstress. And I saw the difference in her role as the seamstress as opposed to the other ladies who were in the hierarchy of the town that wanted beautiful frocks made by her.

                The casting of Tilly’s mother Molly Dunnage was crucial, but it had secretly been decided from the outset.  Director Jocelyn Moorhouse says: “Judy Davis is a brilliant actress, one of the world’s best. In Woody Allen’s Husbands And Wives, she was so funny and I thought she will nail Molly, but she won’t just be funny, she’ll be really beautiful as this woman who’s had to put up with so much pain in her life but still has a great sense of humour.”

Judy Davis’ range, gravitas, wit and edge would be the perfect counterpoint to Kate Winslet. Sue says: “From Jocelyn and my perspective, you could not ask for anything more than to work with two of the greatest actresses working in the world today, Judy Davis and Kate Winslet and to put them together in a movie and see the magic.”

Molly Dunnage, or ‘Mad Molly’ as she’s casually known, is Tilly’s acerbic, unpredictable, and not-as-mad-as-she-seems mother. Molly says things, hurtful things, particularly to her daughter, which she may or may not mean. Like her daughter, Molly is sharp and forthright, she tells the residents of Dungatar how she sees it.

Sue Maslin says of the importance of Molly to the fabric of the film: “The thing that really helped right from the beginning was that Jocelyn said, ‘You know, all these things happen to Tilly, and yes there is a love story (with Teddy McSwiney) but the real love story is a mother-daughter relationship.’ And I thought, she’s so right - the relationship between Tilly and Molly is actually the emotional heartbeat that anchors everything else that happens in the film.”

Liam Hemsworth points to the special bond that Teddy McSwiney and Molly share.   “A lot of people in Dungatar will talk behind people’s backs, Molly doesn’t do that, she’s upfront, she’ll call people out when it’s deserved and Teddy likes that. She’s got a lot of spirit.”

The film is replete with beautiful creations – sumptuous, elegant, even startling ones, depending on who’s wearing them and what the intended effect is on the part of the creator, as well as the wearer. Of the end results, and of her own character, who avoids transformation, Judy Davis says: “I think the costumes are absolutely wonderful. Given the size of the film, and limited time, Marion Boyce did a tremendous job. Molly didn’t have much of a wardrobe thank God, so that was pretty simple!”

“The Dressmaker” opens in theaters this November 4 from Axinite Digicinema.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The 'Pinaka-Panalong' delicacies at Bella Vita Lipa, Batangas

Lomi is one of my comfort food that I could have anytime of the day,  the sight and aroma with thick egg noodles,  scrambled egg  pork small cubes, sliced kikiam and shredded vegetables is one lomi that I grew up with in the table. When I feel like a cold is coming, a steaming bowl of lomi is all I need to take the sickness away. When I learned that Batangas is home for lomi, I wonder what makes it different from the one we have here in Manila. I want the Batangas Lomi!

Seafood Lomi

That was when I had a chance to visit Lipa's Bella Vita Land Corp last October 25 at Lipa City, Batangas. They featured  the best restaurants and stores of Lipa City, Batangas, in a fun and friendly cook-off called “Pinaka-panalong Lipa Delicacies” such as lomi, crispy pata, and suman.

The cook-off was held at BellaVita Compound in the city, the festive event was conceptualized to boost Lipa City’s tourism by highlighting its well-loved delicacies, Even as Batangas continues to lure fun seekers and trekkers to its beaches and mountains, respectively, BellaVita Land seeks to showcase Lipa City as a must-see destination for foodies and gourmands, as well.

“BellaVita believes in Lipa City’s huge potential as a tourist draw and we intend to support it in every way possible. We decided on holding this food-centric event because Filipinos are hearty eaters and Lipa’s delicacies are truly delicious—and are deemed as the best in the country,” said Barry Trinidad, BellaVita’s marketing manager.

While the cook-off was on-going, I checked out the units of the property development and had my selfies to their model houses. I inquired for each unit and asked for flyers,

The event affirmed the brand’s commitment to enrich the lives of hardworking Filipinos who dream to have a home they can call their own.

“BellaVita exists to help Filipino people achieve their aspirations in life. We believe that owning a home is every Filipino’s dream so we will earnestly support this goal by offering affordable and quality houses to them,” Trinidad said.

At the “Pinaka-panalong Lipa Delicacies” cook-off, which started at 8 in the morning and ended at 12 noon, all food preparations and the final presentation were done on site.

Attendees and guests had the chance to try all the entries for best lomi, suman, and crispy pata since each contestant provided food for free tasting.

Hailed as the pinaka-panalong lomi by the judges was the lomi of Hanzel Special Lomi House, which happens to be one of the oldest lomi houses in the city. Coming in close were Filian Goto and Lomi House and Benok’s Lomi House, which also served lomi that are to die for.

Meanwhile, it was Filian Goto House who bagged the grand prize for pinaka-panalong crispy pata, while Hanzel Special Lomi House and 3G’s Fat Crackles took home second and third place, respectively.

For pinaka-panalong suman, long-time suman-maker Nida Apenado proved that she already mastered her recipe after taking home the first prize in the category. Making it tough for Apenado were veteran Filipino delicacy vendors Aida Barcelos and the Filian Goto and Lomi House who bagged the second and third prize, respectively.

“The delicacies served today were the best. It was so hard judging because each of the entry has something different to offer. We chose some winners but everyone should be proud because Lipa’s delicacies, in general, are the best out there,” said Bulet Liwag, Sales Operations Officer (South).

The first-ever food competition organized by Amaia was judged by Amaia executives, officials, and some friends from the media, including Liwag, Burt Aurelio, Project Development Team Leader (South); Alain Sazon, Project Development Manager (South); Ruthlea Bijis and Lorna Silava of Lipa BellaVita In-House Sales; and bloggers Jeman Villanueva and Josephine Bonsol.
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Fujifilm launches the "party camera" the new Instax Mini 70

The generation of today are the luckiest, they have all the access to the modern technology (gadgets) and almost everyone owns an Ipad, smartphones, tablets and Instax cameras.  Dont you now that the new Instax Mini 70 has a new selfie mode to to tote with? The instax mini 70 boasts of the Auto Exposure Control Function that captures both the main subject and background in natural brightness. Just press the shutter button, and the camera can automatically detect the surrounding brightness then adjust the shutter speed and flash amount.

FUJIFILM launches Instax mini 70 last October 22 at the Fujifilm PH, Joy- Nostalg Center, Pasig, the halloween event was hosted by Ms. Janeena Chan and graced by Fujifilm execs and media. The (instax mini 70) is the latest instant camera that delivers improved image quality, a new Selfie mode, and other exciting features that make it a party must-have.

 Party season is here, starting with Halloween, which will be followed by the many Christmas and New Year parties, and other occasions to gather and celebrate with family and friends—all filled with moments you can immortalize through instant photo prints that last.

FUJIFILM instax mini cameras have become extremely popular, not just among the younger set, but anyone who loves to take photos of important life events, loved ones, and travels, and see these instantly in credit-card-size prints they can keep. And now FUJIFILM is set to introduce the newest model to join the ‘instax mini’ series of instant cameras: the instax mini 70.

The instax mini 70 is also equipped with the new “Selfie” mode intended for, well, just that: taking “selfies.” Choose the Selfie mode so the camera can automatically adjust the brightness and shooting distance to the level optimized for selfie shots. There’s even a selfie mirror beside the lens so you can check the framing to achieve the best angle. Features such as the self-timer function and tripod mount are useful for all your family and barkada group shots.

Other convenient shooting modes that allow you to enjoy photography in a variety of situations include the “Macro” mode for close-up shots at a minimum of 30cm from the subject (food, perhaps?) and the “Landscape” mode for far away landscape pictures of your holiday getaways.
All these cool features and more are packed into a modern and stylish body that comes in three colors to suit a variety of styles: Canary Yellow, Island Blue, and Moon White. The new instax mini 70 makes for a trendy fashion accessory you can bring around anywhere, anytime, whether you’re young or young-at-heart, male or female, a student or a yuppie, a partyphile or a travel junkie.

While digital photographs have been preferred, with the proliferation of digital cameras and smartphones, the analog approach of instantly producing real photos has sparked interest and inspiration, with sales growing quickly not only in Japan, but also in over 100 countries and regions around the world including Europe, the United States, and East Asia, including the Philippines.

FUJIFILM is committed to the constant innovation of instax cameras that offer enjoyable instant photography and printing, while communicating the true essence of photography, which is to take, preserve, decorate, and share memories.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Nothing Like You" from Bamboo's "Bless This Mess"

Bamboo was at his element when he performed "Firepower" and selected songs from his "Bless This Mess" sophomore album launch last October 26 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall at Century Mall Makati.  The song reminds me of the 80s with its bluesy appeal and beat, this along with my personal favorite "Nothing Like You".

Bamboo clad in white crisp shirt, denim pants, and trainer shoes sang and danced to the delight of his fans who were present during the album launch. He was effortlessly sexy.

PolyEast Records and one of the country’s most prominent names of OPM, Bamboo Mañalac announced the release of the sophomore album “Bless This Mess.”

Nearly four years after beginning a solo career with the brilliant  2011 “No Water, No Moon,” Bamboo ease into his second phase with the new album “Bless This Mess” released by PolyEast Records.

Taking subtle risks such as the bluesy but energy-boost kick-off single “Firepower”, Bamboo said the song was written at the time of his 2011 “No water, No Moon” but didn't think it matched the tone of the other songs in his first solo album.

He added, “So it was shelved and developed and was ready for this new album. I think listeners have to figure out for themselves what the songs means. I wanted folks to feel the music, the kick, then they'll get the lyric”.

Firepower” was officially heard on digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezr, Spinnr, Amazon, Guvera Music as well as local radios all over the country on October 15. PolyEast Records’ YouTube channel also premiered a prelude song “Nothing Like You” which connects to Firepower music video directed by Paolo Valenciano. “In the video, both songs are together because they are meant to be the same thing. If you see the video, you’ll get to interpret how both connect to each other,” Bamboo added.

The album was recorded in Grand Street Recording Studio in Brooklyn, New York and features ten brand new well-crafted compositions. “After the whole experience, I think it was the only place on the planet I could have recorded this album-- with all the elements needed and the different characters for each track. It’s the songs that dictate the direction of the album where all just fit. It wasn't easy but that's the fun part”.

In a five-month process during his TV stints as coach of The Voice, Bamboo produced and wrote most of the songs winding up a renewed energy pushing different styles as he said, “There's definitely a shake up-- from the quiet feeling of the last album, I wanted this one to be a punch in the face”.
As the album title “Bless This Mess” signifies more than it seems, he explained, “I'll let folks figure that out but it’s something I've whispered to myself before sessions or gigs in past years”.
“I could be wrong with how long the break was and that's the challenge of why it took so long. There was just so much swimming in my head and this album is part moving forward as well as just fitting another piece to the puzzle -- in regards to how my current sets will sound and look like”.

Bamboo Mañalac’s new offering “Bless This Mess” CD will be available on October 30 at all records bars nationwide. Digital tracks can also be downloaded on iTunes, Amazon and Guvera Music. You may also listen to the full album on Spotify.

Bamboo Mañalac says “Bless This Mess” to sophomore album, New album in stores October 30 via PolyEast Records PolyEast Records and one of the country’s most prominent names of OPM,

For more information, follow PolyEast Records’ official social media accounts at, and

Official Hashtag: #BlessThisMess

Twitter: @BambooMuzakLive

Facebook: Bamboo Music Live
PolyEast Records

Instagram: @BambooMuzakLive

Official “Firepower”
Music Video:





Xiaomi introduces Xiaomi TV A Pro line!

  Xiaomi, a global leader in technology and innovation, revolutionizes home entertainment with their Xiaomi TV  A  Pro line! Look no further...