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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Why you should never drive hungry

What do you store in your car aside from bottled water? We keep food that isn’t too messy, we have it in our plastic containers, like granola bars, crackers, nuts, seeds, cereal, and dried fruit. We keep food handy in case hunger strikes. We avoid junk food as much as possible.

Shell recently held an event "What Drives You" at White Space Manila on Feb 27  about Shell Driving Experiment study. The event was attended by Cleary Ahern, a Doctoral Researcher from Goldsmiths, University of London. Ahern was then joined by other panelists composed of subject matter experts including motoring enthusiast and actor Jericho Rosales, champion racer Michele Bumagarner, and health and diet guru Nadine Tengco. 

Hunger pangs are common for most of us, especially after toiling all day over a computer stuck behind a desk job. That moment when your stomach suddenly feels hollow and starts to gurgle tends to strike right when you’re in middle of the infamous Manila traffic on the way home. And when we’re hungry and craving, we do things we don’t normally and rationally do – like getting ‘hangry,’ for example. Considering the amount of time we spend on the road, it’s not too farfetched to say driving hungry is one of the reasons why we experience terrible and exhausting trips.

This is one of the things that Shell found out in the Shell Driving Experiment, a groundbreaking worldwide study that uses cutting-edge emotional intelligence technology, ChatBots, mobile apps, and weather and traffic information to uncover drivers’ food and drink preferences and driving performance during everyday rides. Shell worked with experts from Goldsmiths, University of London, to monitor the data points from over 2,000 participants worldwide in order to measure the driver performance score of each country and learn about the different factors that affect their performance.

The results of the study were revealed during the ‘What Drives You’ launch event on February 27, which featured interactive installations and a panel of specialists discussing the research findings.

Hunger drops driving performance and concentration
After Philippine participants across three key areas – Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao – logged in more than 1,700 journeys and 26,592 responses to the ChatBot about their physiological state of hunger, the Shell Driving Experiment uncovered several interesting findings about Filipino drivers.

The experiment showed that feeling hungry or thirsty can impact your driving performance, showing that drivers who crave food or hydration don’t perform as well on the road. This decreases the smoothness of a driver’s journey, negatively correlating to a smoother trip score.
Tengco, a famous health guru, shared her two cents on the results. She said, “Just like how you need to fuel up your car before going on a drive, our body needs our own fill as well. Driving while you’re hungry, especially in this heavy traffic, can really affect your mood and focus, which can have detrimental effects to your driving.”

Food for driving
Of course, the type and the amount of food that one consumes play an important role on one’s daily energy levels. In fact, did you know that turkey actually makes you sleepy?

 “Food rich in Omega-3 can enhance mood, relieve stress, and increase alertness. But many other nutrients and flavors are associated with increased wakefulness and alertness such as nuts, citruses, and dark chocolates. More than that, staying hydrated is important.” Tengco said.

The other factors that come into play
Family has always played a big part in the lives of Filipinos, and this was also apparent in the Shell Driving Experiment. Evidence linking the presence of children and additional passengers in the car to better driving performance was consistent throughout the study.

The Shell Driving Experiment also confirmed that stress is a constant emotion felt by Filipinos on the road. Destination is also another factor, with findings showing that drivers who are on their way to work are more stressed than those who are on the road for other purposes.

The study even busted the myth that driving performance is dictated by gender. The biggest indicator of how well a person performs behind the wheel is, in fact, their personality type – which was revealed as the two personality archetypes of the Modern Man and the Gamma Woman.

Giving importance to every ride
For over a hundred years, Pilipinas Shell has gone the extra mile for Filipino motorists – from taking care of their vehicles with the help of Shell quality fuels and services, to fueling drivers with delicious and convenient meals and beverages at Shell Select and Deli2Go. Shell’s constant pursuit of excellence for the sake of their customers continues through the Shell Driving Experiment.

“The Shell Driving Experiment is part of Shell’s efforts to understand the changing needs of our customers,” shares Anthony Lawrence Yam, Vice President for Retail at PIlipinas Shell. “This helps us create better products and services, such as developing new fuels like Shell V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology and the expansion of our non-fuel offers at Shell Select, which are relevant in improving the driving experience of Filipinos. At the end of the day, our goal is making life’s journeys better for every Filipino on the road.”

By providing quality fuel products and services to motorists around the world, Shell gained its foothold as a global leader in power and energy. It pioneers next generation technology in developing new sources for a reliable energy mix, producing smarter products as well as promoting smarter use. Shell strives to build smarter infrastructure and provide energy efficient engineering solutions that promote clean and efficient transport and sustainable mobility.

Through finding out and understanding how Filipinos feel and what really matters most for Filipinos, Shell continues its mission to allow men and women to go well on the road, wherever they want to go.

Open your world to new experiences with special rates from Emirates

Emirates is inviting customers to go on an adventure and open their world to something new as the airline is offering special rates for flights from Manila, Cebu, and Clark, to destinations in Europe, the US, Africa, and the UAE from February 26 to March 07, 2018.

Book your flight online from February 26 to March 07 and enjoy rates for as low as $629 for Economy Class and $2149 for Business Class. 

Experience the rich history of the Western world through flights to France, Rome, Spain, Portugal, the UK, and the US. For adventure-seekers, the dynamic culture and golden scenery of Africa await. If you’re aiming for a wonderful experience that will last a lifetime, then Dubai is the place to be.

Travel period for Business Class is from March 05 to November 30, 2018, while travel period for Economy Class is from March 01 to November 30, 2018.

Business Class Fares
From Destination Fares from 
Clark Barcelona US$ 2,499
        Dubai         US$ 2,149
        Lisbon         US$ 2,599
        London         US$ 2,459
        Madrid         US$ 2,449
        New York         US$ 3,159
        Paris         US$ 2,279
        Rome         US$ 2,219
        Cape Town US$ 3,345
        Dubrovnik (flydubai) US$ 3,118

Economy Class Fares
From Destination Fares from
Clark Barcelona US$ 809
        Dubai         US$ 629
        Lisbon         US$ 849
        London         US$ 749
        Madrid         US$ 859
        New York         US$ 859
        Paris         US$ 709
        Rome         US$ 699
        Cape Town US$ 850
        Dubrovnik (flydubai) US$1,061

These rates are for flights from Clark. To view the special rates for flights from Manila and Cebu, please visit the Emirates website at

Emirates offers the flexibility for customers to book flights to one city, and return from another city, allowing Filipino travellers to make the most of their holiday in Europe, for example. Furthermore, Emirates’ codeshare partnership with flydubai, removes the barriers to experience more cultures and go to more destinations.

Get the most out of your trips—and your money—with Emirates’ top-notch services and on-board offers. Discover new flavors with the airline’s exquisite in-flight meals, and be entertained with the airline’s award-winning inflight entertainment system ice Digital Widescreen, where you can access more than 3,000 channels, including Filipino content, for high-quality on-demand entertainment. Stay connected and in the loop with the free onboard Wi-FI.

With Emirates, every Mile counts with Skywards, the carrier’s award-winning frequent flyer program. Earn Miles each time you fly Emirates and spend them with Emirates and its wide network of partners.

Named the Best Airline in the World in the inaugural TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for Airlines, Emirates provides a seamless, smooth and comfortable travel experience.

Emirates currently operates 18 weekly flights from Manila to Dubai, as well as a daily service from Cebu and Clark to Dubai, connecting passengers to a wide number of destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. For more information about Emirates or to book tickets, please visit the website. Terms and conditions apply.

Go on a sweet escape to Cebu Pacific’s beautiful destinations

It’s always exciting to see and discover new places with your partner. This love month, there’s nothing more memorable than bringing your relationship to the next level as Cebu Pacific flies you both to some local romantic places to create beautiful experiences.

For adventure seeking couples: Siargao and Cagayan de Oro 
Some couples like to keep the element of fun and surprise in their relationship – the feeling of excitement and adrenaline pumping makes them do things they have never tried before. Are you and your partner looking for a new kind of adventure?

Surigao del Norte’s Siargao is a breath-taking destination that leaves people in awe of its crystal clear waters and active surfing scene. Start your romantic getaway with an island hopping tour around Siargao’s wonderful neighboring isles. Naked Island is a bare island with white sands and pristine waters that reflects the blue sky, making for a picture perfect moment. Lounge around the coconut tree-lined Guyam and Daku Islands and enjoy each other’s company while marveling at the beautiful sunset. You can also experience the barreling waves of the popular Cloud 9 surf beach or try skimboarding by riding the smaller waves of Pacifico in San Isidro town.

The adventure capital of the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro offers a plethora of exciting water activities. Have fun in the sun at the inviting sands and waters of Opol Beach. You can try whitewater rafting along the active rapids of Cagayan de Oro River. For a calmer yet still unforgettable experience, you can go canoeing or tubing and spend a relaxing time enjoying nature’s spectacular views. If you and your partner are up for a hike, you can go to Macahumbus Adventure Park and experience the fresh breeze of the local forests. You can even include a land trip to Bukidnon for more exciting escapades. 

For couples looking for a quiet retreat: Dumaguete, Coron, and Masbate 
How about taking a brief escape from reality to bask in seconds of serenity with your partner? Fortunately, Cebu Pacific can take you to Dumaguete, Tablas, and Masbate for a romantic retreat.


Dumaguete is home to numerous beach resorts, garden sanctuaries, and historic sites. Plan a day trip to Manjuyod White Sandbar which is often referred to as ‘The Maldives of the Philippines” because of its strikingly clear waters and cottages. Walk along the 400-hectare Talabong Mangrove Park and enjoy the sight of native birds flying around the canopy while hearing the delightful symphonies of their whistles and chirps. Head out to Tañon Strait in Bais and see the stunning sight of dolphins. Experience Dumaguete’s everyday life at Quezon Park where you can see the Belfry Tower and the Cathedral Church.

Located in one of the world’s best islands, Coron is the pride of Palawan with its tranquil and inviting environment. Reenergize when you soak in the therapeutic hot water pools of Maquinit Springs. You can also take a dip together in the hidden pond at Twin Lagoon and look at its rich wall of corals and marine life. If your partner is a history buff, you can explore the waters of Coron for World War II ruins of the Japanese ship Skeleton Wreck.

A small city in the Bicol region, Masbate is popular for its beaches, mountains, and natural parks. You can enjoy swimming in the pristine waters of Porta Vega Beach and Palani Beach. The two waterfronts also offer a stunning view of the sunset where you and your loved one can take picture perfect memories. Have a taste of tropical paradise at Halea Natural Park where you and your partner can go diving and immerse in Masbate’s rich underwater scene.

For nature loving partners: Tablas, Tagbilaran, and Batanes
Are you looking for a getaway to some of the country’s nature spots? If you are up for a trip to become one with nature, then you should check out Tablas, Tagbilaran, and Batanes.


Romblon’s Tablas Island is the perfect place for you and your partner to reconnect with nature. Explore the 48-hectare Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary that is home to various fish, turtles, corals, and giant clams. Travel up Odiongan hill and discover Mainit Falls where you can swim in warm water and relax in the calming surrounding nature. You can also sign up for island hopping tours to see more undiscovered gems like rock formations in Paksi Cove, salt lake hidden in Tinagong Dagat, and secluded scenic white sand beach in Lapus-Lapus.

Bohol’s capital city, Tagbilaran is popular for its serene natural sights and historical landmarks. Schedule a day trip to The Botanical Garden and enjoy an environment surrounded by plants, flowers, and butterflies. You can also see Bohol’s famous tarsiers at the Tarsier Sanctuary or snap a photo of one of the wonders of the world, Chocolate Hills. Before leaving, be sure to have a glimpse of Bohol’s rich culture at Bohol Museum and Baclayon Museum.

Another majestic place that is perfect for nature loving couples is Batanes. Make your way down to Vayang Rolling Hills, sit on the green grass, and imagine a peaceful life in nature. You can also visit Chamantad Cove and Tiñan Viewpoint which is considered to be one of the most scenic spots in the province because of its stunning view of the ocean from up the hills. Explore the hills and dark caves of Torongan and enjoy amazing views of cliffs, coastlines, and stone boat-shaped burial markers. You can also climb antique lighthouses by the beaches where you and your partner can take beautiful pictures overlooking the sea. 

How to get there
Book your romantic getaway to any of these destinations with Cebu Pacific Air’s upcoming seat sale! Don’t miss it for a chance to spend a romantic vacation to the best local destinations in the country. And starting in March, Cebu Pacific can finally fly everyone to Batanes with new flights in and out of the province.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

King Sue shares tips on your summer staycation and road trip

Whether it’s a beach outing, hiking, picnic, a road trip or a staycation, people look forward to doing something fun during summer. So plan ahead for a memorable time. After booking the hotel or resort, there are a lot more to consider: packing your luggage, purchasing your essentials, keeping your home safe and secured while you’re away, researching about must-do and must-try, the list goes on. But aside from all these, there’s one more important thing to consider: food.

King Sue shares these tips so you can do all of the wonderful things you hope to do this summer.

Beach-camping with your friends? What’s an overnight camping without a bonfire? Bring out your pre-marinated pork and chicken (wrapped in King Sue bacon for that delicious salty-smokey taste) then get the grill going! Don’t forget the sausages— Hungarian Sausage and Old English Pork Sausage- which, when skewered with onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes, will be a sure hit.

 Going on a road trip with the kids? Make sure you have water and juice and of course, packed food. While on the road, ask them to sing your favorite songs or you may keep them active with word games. Point out some important landmarks along the way—such as an old church, a famous park, or the school you went to years back—they would be especially glad to hear stories about some of your precious childhood memories. Dig into your snack box for some crackers, or offer them their favorite homemade salad (with potatoes and greens and diced King Sue Hawaiian or sliced Pina ham; then drizzled with King Sue Bacon Bits and Bacon cubes) and sandwiches (like ham and cheese and sausage rolls).

Day hikes are interesting and on-trend. Be prepared and bring energy food, lots of liquids, and packed meals. Wrap some sandwiches made with King Sue Deli Burger Beef or sliced sweet ham with loads of cheese for that extra protein kick.
 Having a hotel staycation with the family. Look for local dining spots that are just a few steps away from you’re staying. When your hotel room has a fridge, teapot, or microwave, and a mini-kitchen, your family is in luck. Good thing you thought of packing some of those King Sue Filipino favorites: Chicken and Pork Tocino, Sisig, Chicken Relleno, Garlic longaniza and Beef teriyaki. 

Most of all, don’t forget your camera so you can take instagram photos of your summer food and document unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

ABA makes its way to the PH market

The Filipino economic market is in for a spin as a new player in the crypto-currency business has been formally launched.

ALL BY ALL (ABA) Philippines, a cryptocurrency company, a monetary exchange platform was officially launched to the media at Cities Events Place on Feb 24. It was graced by ALL BY ALL (ABA) Philippines President You Won II, investors,  stakeholders and  celebrity singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose. 

You Won Il enthused: “ABA is the perfect solution for people who are looking for a seamless approach in using cryptocurrencies for their numerous online transactions”.

To start enjoying the convenience provided by ABA, one has to simply visit their website or app, then sign up.  Once the form is completed, the user will receive an electronic wallet or account which they can ‘load’ with Philippine pesos. The electronic wallet can, then, be used for cryptocurrency transactions like online trading and commercial purchases, in lieu of credit cards and traditional currencies.

Some of the advantages of using ABA is that it is faster, ensures more secure transactions globally, and has lower fees.

ABA is also now preparing for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and is also eyeing brisk expansion in other Asian hubs like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.

Aside from cryptocurrency, ABA will be getting into other businesses like travel and online gaming.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

"Reflections" for Filipino craftsmanship and design at #PIFS on March 8-10

The first thing that comes to mind if you are a fan of wood furniture is the work of Wood artist  Osmundo Esguerra who unfortunately passed away last year. When I saw his creation (the aparador and bowls) in one of the exhibits I attended 2 years ago.  I became a fan and wanted to own one of those intricately design pieces.  Now that PIFS (Philippines International Furniture Show) has an incoming event on March. PIFS will give a tribute to the late Osmundo Esguerra and will showcase his crafts during the trade fair.

The Philippines International Furniture Show recently held a pre-furniture/decor peek event last Feb 21 at Ronac Magallanes. There are some interesting and cute masterpieces which has caught my eye.  I have my personal favorites from exhibitors Venzon Lighting,  the Chandelier made with capiz and the Behalf clock,  the simple Anne Chair from Pacific Traders and the puppies decor/display from Feliix . They are so beautiful.

If you are looking for some hard to find pieces, then its time to block your calendar on March 8-10 at the SMX Convention Center, MOA.

The Philippines International Furniture Show (known to some simply as PIFS) is one of Southeast Asia’s premier trade fairs, offering an extensive range of furniture products, accessories, and decor. It is jointly organized by the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFlF), the Chamber of Furniture industries of the Philippines (CFIP), and the Pampanga Furniture Industries Foundation (PFlF) and will be held on March 8 to 10 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex. Visitors are encouraged to register online at to get a free 1-day pass.

“We see PIFS as the ultimate collaboration of Filipino Collection. It is where we show the world the ingenuity of our local manufacturers and designers, how we interpret the latest industry trends, and in many cases, take the lead in design innovation,” said Eduardo Zuluaga, overall event chairman of PIFS and President of Chamber of Furniture lndustries of the Philippines. 

Keeping true to its form as the “Milan of Asia”, the Philippines has a strong reputation for originality and new, often ground breaking, interpretation. That’s why PIFS continues to attract buyers who want to see first-hand what Filipino design and craftsmanship has to offer. They come from countries as far as the United States of America, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, and India.

This year, we decided on portraying different kinds of lifestyles with our featured furniture pieces, furnishings, and fixtures,” says lna Gaston, Event Chair for the Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation lnc. “And that‘s how we came up with this year‘s theme of Reflections. Every day, each person we interact with, every place we go to, the pieces define the lifestyle and way of living,” Gaston adds.

PIFS proves to be the ultimate furniture lifestyle event fit for all design and furniture enthusiasts.

As a show feature, PIFS will bring light to one of the most respected hardwood artists and furniture designer in the country. Osmundo Esguerra, a self-made furniture maker, has made a name for himself by having a distinct style and approach in handling indigenous wood. His crafts reflect his natural creativity and ingenuity, celebrating the true Filipino craftsmanship. ln commemoration of his artistry, PIFS will be doing a special tribute to showcase a number of pieces by Esguerra during the show.

Some of the returning exhibitors who will feature their latest creations at the show include Aerostone lnc., Azcor, Betis Crafts lnc., Calfurn Manufacturing Phils., lnc., Cancio Contract Furniture, Carpetworld Manufacturing Corporation, Cmc Lighting De Arte lnc., Coast Pacihc Mfg. Corp., E. Murio lnc.. Fashion Interiors Furniture Philippines lnc., Feliix, Inc., Filipino Creazione De Mano, lnc., Furniture Doctor Trading. Hacienda Crafts Company, lnc., Home Mavericks, lnc., Jb Woodcraft, Inc., Spring Artisanal Furnishings (Trading As Liza Tazewell Designs), Mehitabel lnc., Muitiflex RNC Philippines lnc., Natures Legacy Eximport, lnc., Obra Cebuana, lnc., Ohmm Furniture Mfg. lnc., Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation, Philiana Design, South Sea Veneer Corporation, Stonesets international, Testex Swiss Textile Ltd., Tumandok Crafts Industries, Venzon Lighting Manufacturing, Vito Selma, Weave Manila, lnc., and Wood Classics Enterprise.

Branded as the ultimate design event, PIFS will once again be held alongside the Interior & Design Manila, the most sought-after event for architects, interior designers and design enthusiasts. Stimulating and interactive activities are conducted for young professionals namely Interior Design Plus, Interior Design Excellence Award Pavilion and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Conference where known personalities in the industry, local and international, are invited to share knowledge on their field of expertise.

Last year, PIFS reached another record breaking 11,453 in visitor count and 40% of which were trade buyers from 32 different countries across the world.

For more information about the show, visit website and pre-register at and follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @PIFS_Manila.

SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc., welcomes Olympian Filipino Figure Skater Michael Martinez

Fresh from his figure skating stint in PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc., welcomes Olympian Filipino Figure Skater Michael Martinez in Olympic size SM Skating rink at SM MOA on Feb 22,2018.

Figure Skater Michael Martinez told the audience the he is thankful for all the support that SMLEI has been extended to him since he started his career as a figure skater. 

He was awarded with a certificate of recognition for his efforts in representing the country.

SM Skating, a major patron in the country’s ice sports program, has vowed to continue developing the talents and skills of young, aspiring athletes, to keep alive dreams of qualifying and making a strong finish in future winter Olympics games and other tournaments.

SM Skating executives reiterated their commitment to provide training and offer world-class ice skating facilities to Filipino ice athletes after welcoming home figure skater Michael Christian Martinez at the Olympic-size rink inside the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

“We are grateful for the sacrifices made and dedication shown by Michael Martinez in the just concluded winter Olympics. He has become not only a source of pride but also an inspiration especially for the budding ice athletes who, I believe, will carry our country’s colors in future international competitions,” said Herman Emiliano Medina-Cue, SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. chief operating officer.

Martinez represented the country in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea where he came up short in his bid to advance in the men's single figure skating event. Despite the setback, the winter Olympian is honoured to be given the chance to compete once more in the global ice tournament.

“Competing at that level of the winter Olympics, in the company of world-class figure skating talents, and performing in front of the world, is already a reward. I am honoured to have represented the country in that tournament and hope I have become an inspiration to the next generation of ice athletes,” said Martinez.

Martinez was welcomed home by his family, supporters and fans. He was also presented with a certificate of recognition for his efforts in representing the country and heralding ice skating in the Philippines to new heights.

Martinez had a relatively short time to prepare as the Philippines was only advised and allowed to compete as a first alternate after Olympic qualifier Sweden withdrew in January. Prior to his return to the winter Olympics, Martinez won the silver medal in the 2017 Southeast Asian Games.

Home of the country’s ice athletes

SM Lifestyle Entertainment Inc. has been supporting the development of Filipino ice athletes, including the Southeast Asian Games gold medal-winning Philippine Ice Hockey team, and various ice sports in the country by implementing the SM ice skating sports program and maintaining Olympic-size ice skating rinks in Metro Manila and Cebu City.

Some of the young athletes who train at SM Skating are figure skaters Jules Alpe, Alisson Perticheto, Samantha Cabiles, and Sofia Guidote.

The ice skating rink at the SM Mall of Asia can host not only recreational and competitive figure skating and speed skating events but also ice hockey games.

Located at the main mall’s third level, the 1,800-square meter rink boasts of complete facilities for hockey games such as a digital scoreboard, players’ boxes, scorekeeper and penalty boxes as well as two locker rooms with hot and cold shower.

Visitors can conveniently watch practices, training, exhibitions, shows, games and tournaments at the 200-seater stands located around the rink. Those wanting to take a quick bite can head to the snack booth for hotdogs, burgers, nachos, popcorn, coffee cakes, pastries and ice-cold beverages.

The ice skating rink also has a spacious lobby and multi-purpose rooms for sports training, meetings, and social functions while a clinic provides immediate first-aid assistance for any minor sports-related injuries.

Enjoy the Huawei Mate 10 for all your video streaming needs with Smart GigaX

New Smart GigaX plans offer double data, free smartphones

When it comes to data, size definitely matters. The new Smart GigaX Plans doubles open access data allocation plus 10GB dedicated to video streaming to go with the latest LTE-capable handsets for free.

Under Giga Plan 2399, you now get the following inclusions: Huawei Mate 10 handset, 10GB of data exclusive to video streaming, unli all-net texts, 60 minutes all-net calls, and 10GB of open access data (doubled from previous 5GB open access allocation).

“We know how much our customers love to stream videos and play games on their smartphones. This is why we are offering the new Smart GigaX Plans that doubles the monthly data from 5GB to 10GB. On top of that they will also get 10GB additional allocation for YouTube, iflix, iWantTV, Fox, and other streaming apps,” said Oscar Reyes, Jr., SVP of Consumer Business Market Development for PLDT-Smart.

He added, “As the trusted digital partner of our customers, we don’t want them to keep holding back from enjoying mobile Internet. GigaX provides them the latest smartphones, incredible data allowance, and the country’s fastest LTE.”

Incidentally, Smart topped OpenSignal’s recent report on fastest LTE in the country.

Binge-watch on-the-go

The 10GB video streaming allocation is also part of other GigaX Plans, namely Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Plan 799 (includes 2.5GB x 2 = 5GB open access data on top of the 10GB for video streaming plus 150 Unli all-net texts and 20 minutes of all-net calls) and Oppo F5 Plan 1299 (includes 4.5GB x 2= 9GB open access data on top of the 10GB for video streaming plus Unli all-net texts and 50 minutes of all-net calls).

Like the Huawei Mate Plan 2399, both the J2 Pro and Oppo F5 smartphones are free under the mentioned postpaid plans.

So what can you do with 10GB dedicated to streaming? Typically, an hour of standard streaming consumes about 1GB. So 10GB is just about an entire season of about 12 or 13 episodes assuming each runs about 40 to 45 minutes. The usual movie has a running time of less than two hours so you have monthly film streaming allocation for about six or seven movies.

Apart from the portion dedicated to streaming, you still have another 10GB (open access) when you get the Huawei Mate 10 Plan 2399.  The fact that this particular handset sports a 5.9” full display screen adds to the overall entertainment experience.

For more about Smart GigaX Plans, follow Smart’s official Instagram (@livesmart), Twitter (@livesmart) and Facebook (Smart Communications, Inc.) accounts or visit

Friday, February 23, 2018

"Tomb Raider" star Alicia Vikander greets Philippines

Warner Bros. Pictures has a special video of “Tomb Raider” star Alicia Vikander greeting the people of the Philippines as she opens up about her fascination with Lara Croft, the female-empowering hero of the beloved game, and now, the film reboot.

Check out the video at the following links and watch “Tomb Raider” in Philippine cinemas Thursday, March 8.

Facebook :

Lara Croft is the fiercely independent daughter of an eccentric adventurer who vanished when she was scarcely a teen. Now a young woman of 21 without any real focus or purpose, Lara navigates the chaotic streets of trendy East London as a bike courier, barely making the rent.  Determined to forge her own path, she refuses to take the reins of her father’s global empire just as staunchly as she rejects the idea that he’s truly gone. Advised to face the facts and move forward after seven years without him, even Lara can’t understand what drives her to finally solve the puzzle of his mysterious death.

Leaving everything she knows behind, Lara goes in search of her dad’s last-known destination: a fabled tomb on a mythical island that might be somewhere off the coast of Japan.  But her mission will not be an easy one; just reaching the island will be extremely treacherous.  Suddenly, the stakes couldn’t be higher for Lara, who—against the odds and armed with only her sharp mind, blind faith and inherently stubborn spirit—must learn to push herself beyond her limits as she journeys into the unknown. If she survives this perilous adventure, it could be the making of her, earning her the name tomb raider.

The film stars Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (“Ex Machina,” “The Danish Girl”) in the lead role, under the direction of Roar Uthaug (“The Wave”), with Oscar-winner Graham King (“The Departed”) producing under his GK Films banner. The executive producers are Patrick McCormick, Denis O’Sullivan and Noah Hughes.

“Tomb Raider” also stars Dominic West (“Money Monster,” “300”), Walton Goggins (“The Hateful Eight,” “Django Unchained”), Daniel Wu (AMC’s “Into the Badlands”) and Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas (“The English Patient”).

Uthaug directed from a script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastair Siddons, story by Evan Daugherty and Robertson-Dworet.

Tomb Raider is distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Eastern Communications x Marriott Manila

What's the first thing you checked after booking in a hotel? I always asked if there's a wifi connection and how strong it is. It is a must for everyone if you are active in social media.  For me as a mom, since I checked on my kids and grandkids every now and then, when I am away. Wifi connection is life.

Eastern Communications and Marriott Manila recently celebrated their Strong Connection and partnership at an afternoon tea hosted at Marriott Manila’s Still Tea & Whisky Bar. 

Eastern Communications is one of the country’s top premier telecommunications companies, trailblazing paths for business connectivity in strategic locations in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Baguio.

Powered by Eastern Communications, Marriott Manila is a testimony to Easterns’ continued vision of providing the hospitality industry with innovative data services and faster, more reliable internet connection.

Creating Stronger Connections 

Marriott Manila General Manager Bruce Winton lauded Eastern Communications as a connectivity partner, providing fast and reliable internet connections for their guests, restaurants, and events.
And the partnership can only grow stronger as Winton also detailed Marriott Manila’s latest projects and delicious dining offers for 2018 like Marriott Café’s Barrels of the Sea Seafood Buffet. Available on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Barrels of the Sea treats guests to the freshest catch from huge barrels that they can have cooked to their taste. From tiger prawns, salmon, yellowfin tuna, live crabs, clams and more, seafood lovers will find this feast irresistible!

Sundays have also become even more delicious at Marriott Manila with delectable brunch and lunch offers. Available from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Marriott Café adds a tasty twist to their already hefty brunch menu as each diner is entitled to an add-on ala carte plate with an option to get 1, more or all of the 4 special dishes – a beef, fish, goose liver dish or dessert.

Meanwhile, Cru Steakhouse is calling all meat lovers to a steak fete to add salt and pepper to their Sunday! From 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Cru Sreakhouse is offering an unlimited serving of U.S. Certified Angus Roast Beef paired with a serving of salad or soup, 2 side dishes and a slice of the classic apple pie? Guests would be crazy not to book a table for this great Sunday Steak-day!

Providing fast and reliable internet for the hospitality industry 
Catherine Muynila, Eastern Communications’ Head of Marketing, also shared details about Eastern Communications latest products and services for hotels and restaurants, highlighting the company’s edge in providing better services for the hospitality industry.

These products include their Internet Direct Service or IDS, a premium and dedicated internet service with a 1:1 contention ratio. It runs through Eastern Communications’ fully redundant fiber optic network, capable of providing gigabit per second connection between the Philippines and peering partners in the Asia Pacific Region, as well as the US and Europe. IDS has high-speed, high quality and redundant links that are ideal for companies with round-the-clock, mission critical transactions.

Meanwhile the ISDN PRI is a voice service that allows customers to utilize multiple voice channels through a single phone line. ISDN PRI service is suited for companies with high voice traffic, such as contact centres, which allow clients to experience better value for money without sacrificing voice quality.

The launch of customized packages for different industries is part of Eastern Communications’ vision of providing customers with its unique brand of “high tech and high touch” service.

High tech, Muynila described, means delivering products and services that are at par with other telecommunication companies while high touch means offering personalized customer service and solutions to their clients, helping them to arrive at solution suited to their company or industry’s needs.

As Marriott Manila and Eastern Communications kicks off 2018, they look forward to leveraging their Strong Connection to help hotel guests discover and enjoy everything the digital world has to offer during their stay in Marriott Manila – from sharing unique dining and vacation experiences for those on vacation, to making doing business smoother and faster.

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