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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Sandwich celebrates 20th anniversary with "Under the Glow of the Satellite" concert on April 13!

When Sandwich got together in 1998 the plan was that there was no plan. The group was simply a bunch of like-minded music fans who wanted to make songs and play them live. They were already in other bands, and working on radio and in record labels (well except for Marc who was in school). This was just an excuse to make other kinds of music with other people, a fun thing to do on the side. They wrote a few songs because they thought that was cool (and also, they
couldn’t cover for shit so that worked out). And to be able to play live they got a monthly Sunday prod at Mayric’s (because nobody wanted that night). The record label released the first album on a lark. The album’s kick off single took off and the rest as they say, is history.

Since then the band has released eight albums. A generation of Pinoy music fans have grown up on “Butterfly Carnival” and “Sugod”. They’ve picked up every award a rock band can possibly have in Manila. They’ve played the width and breadth of the Philippines. They’ve also played in bars and festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, London, New York, and LA including The Hollywood Bowl. You could say they’ve come a long way from that high school
classroom in Ateneo where they almost didn’t play their first gig because of an irate Math teacher.

Sandwich is turning 20 this year. To celebrate, they will be holding UNDER THE GLOW OF THE SATELLITE, an anniversary concert on April 13 at the Metrotent Convention Center, Metrowalk Commercial Complex. The band is also putting out a limited 7” vinyl with two new songs - “Time Lapse” and “Parang Walang Nangyari”.

Are they done? Hell no. Not when it’s getting easier to be themselves and to pluck ideas out of their heads and get them down on tape. There’s still so much fun to be had. The world is moving forward, the future is exciting and unexpected, and there’s always more music to hear and make and play. Those old punks are still in there, carrying their heroes with them as they go in search for new musical adventures together.

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