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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Enjoy the Huawei Mate 10 for all your video streaming needs with Smart GigaX

New Smart GigaX plans offer double data, free smartphones

When it comes to data, size definitely matters. The new Smart GigaX Plans doubles open access data allocation plus 10GB dedicated to video streaming to go with the latest LTE-capable handsets for free.

Under Giga Plan 2399, you now get the following inclusions: Huawei Mate 10 handset, 10GB of data exclusive to video streaming, unli all-net texts, 60 minutes all-net calls, and 10GB of open access data (doubled from previous 5GB open access allocation).

“We know how much our customers love to stream videos and play games on their smartphones. This is why we are offering the new Smart GigaX Plans that doubles the monthly data from 5GB to 10GB. On top of that they will also get 10GB additional allocation for YouTube, iflix, iWantTV, Fox, and other streaming apps,” said Oscar Reyes, Jr., SVP of Consumer Business Market Development for PLDT-Smart.

He added, “As the trusted digital partner of our customers, we don’t want them to keep holding back from enjoying mobile Internet. GigaX provides them the latest smartphones, incredible data allowance, and the country’s fastest LTE.”

Incidentally, Smart topped OpenSignal’s recent report on fastest LTE in the country.

Binge-watch on-the-go

The 10GB video streaming allocation is also part of other GigaX Plans, namely Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Plan 799 (includes 2.5GB x 2 = 5GB open access data on top of the 10GB for video streaming plus 150 Unli all-net texts and 20 minutes of all-net calls) and Oppo F5 Plan 1299 (includes 4.5GB x 2= 9GB open access data on top of the 10GB for video streaming plus Unli all-net texts and 50 minutes of all-net calls).

Like the Huawei Mate Plan 2399, both the J2 Pro and Oppo F5 smartphones are free under the mentioned postpaid plans.

So what can you do with 10GB dedicated to streaming? Typically, an hour of standard streaming consumes about 1GB. So 10GB is just about an entire season of about 12 or 13 episodes assuming each runs about 40 to 45 minutes. The usual movie has a running time of less than two hours so you have monthly film streaming allocation for about six or seven movies.

Apart from the portion dedicated to streaming, you still have another 10GB (open access) when you get the Huawei Mate 10 Plan 2399.  The fact that this particular handset sports a 5.9” full display screen adds to the overall entertainment experience.

For more about Smart GigaX Plans, follow Smart’s official Instagram (@livesmart), Twitter (@livesmart) and Facebook (Smart Communications, Inc.) accounts or visit

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