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Friday, April 29, 2016

Celebrate your weekends at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

If you are looking for a nice homey vibe with delicious and sumptuous buffet and an 80s band to party your night away with friends on a friday night.  Try to visit Richmonde Cafe at Richmonde Hotel.  Richmonde Cafe offers colorful and delicious food, mind-blowingly great flavor combinations, and a light, sweet ending. You'll never have the "suya" moment once you savor each dishes prepared by their resident Chef. You'll get the most value out of your money with a wide variety of menu and drinks.

Richmonde Café, the all-day dining restaurant of Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, is located right in the heart of Ortigas Center’s business district.

I have been to a lot of restaurants offering dinner buffet (eat-all-you-can)  but Richmonde Hotel's Richmonde Cafe, stand out among the rest because you'll get quality food prepared the same day and they never stick to the same menu, they change it every 2 weeks or so. so that if you come back again, you'll be introduced to new dishes, soups, drinks, pastas, and fresh salads.

Indulge in a mouthwatering array of international dishes, action stations for a la minute cooking, and refreshing drinks at the FEAST ON FRIDAY DINNER BUFFET, served from 6pm to 9pm, for only PhP 750nett per person. From soup and appetizer to carving, main course and desserts, have your fill of unlimited gastronomic pleasures which now come with bottomless iced tea and select juices, plus even 50 % discount on wine bottle orders!

As a special treat for you reader, Richmonde is offering 25% discount on Friday Dinner Buffet Rates for a minimum of 4 persons. Use my promo code "LGTPxRHO" upon reservation.

“Thank God, it’s Friday!” signals the end of another tiring or stressful work week and the start of a weekend of rest, relaxation, and even adventure for some. Richmonde Café, the all-day dining restaurant of Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, joins the T.G.I.F. celebration by offering the dwellers of the metro’s concrete jungle a convenient and relaxing venue, away from the maddening crowd, where they can kick-off the weekend with friends and colleagues, over a scrumptious buffet, wine, and drinks, right in the heart of Ortigas Center’s business district.

And because Friday coupled with another happy occasion means double the merriment, Richmonde Café gives you even more reasons to hold them Within its cozy and inviting space with first-rate service. Treating your “bestie” to a birthday dinner with the gang? For a minimum of four diners paying the regular rate, the birthday boy/ girl eats for free! And they’ll even get a special cake so they can blow the candle and make a wish. How about rewarding your team for reaching the targets for the month? Well, if you’re one Of the lucky companies featured for the month, you can treat them to dinner and get 30° 0 off on the buffet rate for a minimum of 6 persons.

Or maybe you can just invite your officemates for some well-deserved unwinding and go Dutch, especially if it’s “Payday Friday”. Plus, there’s no need to end the night early because just a few steps away is Richmonde Hotel’s The Exchange where you can continue to drink up and party while the bar’s talented resident band, Big Bash, performs your favorite tunes from the 70’s and 80’s.

For inquiries and table reservations, call 638-7777 local 3409.
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Show your true colors and vote for your favorite M&Ms Characters

We are just a couple of weeks away from determining who will lead the Philippines in the next six years.

Every candidate have detailed their platforms with a few tirades against their opponents along the way. and so far its shaping out to be the most exciting one we've had in history thanks to social media.

You might have your choices, even prepared a list but have you shown your true colors yet?

Putting some fun and color in an otherwise very serious election season M&M shakes up the campaign trail with the  Vote M&M’S 2016 campaign.

From catchy campaign slogans to snazzy jingles, the Vote M&M’S 2016 Campaign heated up at the exciting Miting de Avance, held at the Makati Coliseum last April 22, 2016.  

Guests cheered the arrival of Red, Yellow and Green as they made their grand entrance from the M&M’S Motorcade and the three M&M’S® Characters went on to wow the crowd as they danced, debated and posed with fans.

 I Vote for Yellow! #mmsyellow

The event was a fun way to get to know the three M&M’S candydates vying to win the M&M’S Character of the Year Award.  At the Q&A, the three characters revealed their fun personalities as they answered all-important questions like Why should I vote for you?  and showcased their talent at a dance-off supported by their respective cheer squad.

Guests were also able to play games like the ring toss, swim in the ball pit and win colorful M&M’S merchandise. Of course, they all stopped by the ballot box to support their candydate and took home souvenir photos decked in the paraphernalia of their favorite M&M’S®character.

“Last year, the M&M’S® Characters had a fantastic time visiting the Philippines’ most popular tourist sites. Red, Yellow and Green loved it here so much that they couldn’t resist coming back and bringing their own brand of spontaneous fun to the elections,” said Henry Azcarraga, Mars Chocolate, Philippines Country Director.

Fans of the M&M’S characters can still join the Vote M&M’S 2016 campaign and get the chance to win a P5,000 in cash or M&M’S merchandise at the weekly raffle. Will you vote Matapang and Magaling Red? A powerful and a fearless leader, Red is the candydate who will see you through tough times.

Or will you support Kabarkada ng Bayan Yellow? The friendliest candydate, Yellow is always seeing the sunny side of things. If you’re looking for someone sweet and reliable, then he’s your choice.

And last but definitely not least is Ang Confidently Smart Bae-yani Green. The epitome of Girl Power, Green is one magnetic candydate and with her charm and wit, voters are sure to find her irresistible.

To vote, simply post a caption on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on your chosen candidate with the corresponding hashtags: I vote Red!  #mmsred, I vote Yellow! #mmsyellow or I vote Green! #mmsgreen, and get the chance to win prizes weekly!

Voting period is from 15th April till 15th May 2016.Then watch out as we announce the winner of the Vote M&M’S® 2016 Campaign on 20th May 2016 online.

So will it be “Mr Know-It-All” Red, optimist Yellow or confident Green?The race is on between these three colorful candy-dates at the Vote M&M’S 2016 Campaign!

For more information on the campaign, visit the M&M’S Philippines Facebook page

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Leo Consul: From broken slippers to accomplished dreams

“There is more to a boy than what his mother sees. There is more to a boy than what his father dreams. Inside every boy lies a heart that beats. And sometimes it screams, refusing to take defeat. And sometimes his father's dreams aren't big enough, and sometimes his mother's vision isn't long enough. And sometimes the boy has to dream his own dreams and break through the clouds with his own sunbeams.” 
― Ben Behunin, Remembering Isaac: The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niederbipp

As Leo Consul joined us on our table to share his story, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride for his “nanay” who was sitting quietly beside him.

Mabait talaga yang anak kong yan,”  she tells us. “Matalino at Masikap.”

To say that Leo lived a hard life would be an understatement and a great injustice to what he has overcome.

When he was a child, instead of playing on the streets, he was roaming it in search of something to sell and something to eat. His introduction to Jollibee was not via a drive through or the take out counter but the back alley garbage bin where he would look for half eaten food to reheat and share with his family.

Yet as he sat proudly beside his mom, you couldn’t feel the slightest trace of resentment, anger, or even disappointment, instead there is only love, and gratefulness for bringing him into this world.

“A man of perseverance and dedication; a man who is willing to walk a thousand miles just to reach his destination.”

This is how actor and host Leo Consul says he would describe himself to people meeting him for the first time.

 A former host of Eat Bulaga Indonesia, Leo—who has been living abroad for almost four years—recently returned to the Philippines for a short visit.

 “The show catapulted my career in Indonesia and made me a household name. It was a fun and exciting experience because I was recognized not only in Indonesia but in the Philippines as well. It was difficult for a newbie like me in so many levels but I managed to get thru it all,” he says.
He ended up leaving the show after a year in search of greener pastures. Also, getting by day-to-day was a struggle.

Living alone, away from his family, friends and his comfort zone was no joke, he says.
“It’s not a walk in the park. The struggle is real. I started there as a teacher in an international school but my passion wasn't there. I quit the profession and pursued my career in the entertainment industry,” he says.

But Leo’s Eat Bulaga Indonesia experience did lead to positive things. He became known and got other work. “The show paved the way and opened doors for me. I was trusted by different networks to host my own show up until now. Leo hosts the morning TV show, Celeb On News in Indonesia and will soon star in his own teleserye. He is also dubbing a cartoon series in Indonesia titled "Kiko " which will be aired internationally.

Throughout his four years in Indonesia, Leo kept alive his dream of breaking into show business in the Philippines.

“It has been my dream to break into the entertainment industry here in the Philippines,” he explains. “While I am doing great back in Indonesia as a TV host, commercial model and an actor, I still have this yearning to be seen here and entertain our kababayan, most specially my father who has been dreaming of seeing me on local TV, doing things I am passionate about, instead of watching me on DVD/CD copies of my shows back in Indonesia.”

That dream came true when he met TV host and talent manager Boy Abunda.  “I asked for Direk Eric Quizon's help for my movie and he said Boy Abunda might be of great help. He sent an email to Boy to introduce me and cc-ed me and from there, we started talking about this whole thing. Boy Abunda and I officially met when he visited Jakarta last year.” Boy will be managing his career in the Philippines and in other Asian countries except Indonesia.

Leo considers that a lucky break. “I am blessed and fortunate enough to be given this once in a lifetime opportunity by Boy Abunda to introduce me and explore the possibilities here in the Philippines,” says Leo. “At times, I would see myself while on the set of my shows, daydreaming and asking myself what would it be like doing the same thing that I do back there but in a different setting, audience and country, which is my home. I would still love to host shows, do commercials and act or anything that the industry could offer. I am not going to leave Indonesia, for I owe a huge chunk of my success to my fans and colleagues back there. We're planning to do this in both countries.”

The good-looking actor and TV host has detailed his inspiring life journey in a book, A Thousand Miles in Broken Slippers. 

The book contains his life story from when he was a baby up to this point.
“In this book, people will get to know my bittersweet past back in our small town in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It tells about my struggles, pains, survival, painful memories, happy moments with my childhood friends, tears and of course my journey as an artist in Indonesia. It is a hodgepodge of everything.”

Leo thought of publishing this book not just as a means to promote himself or to boost his career as an artist but mainly to inspire people who may share the same dream and hope or those people who have different dreams but with same passion and determination to pursue in life. Among the most interesting parts of the book is how Leo worked himself up from his humble background growing up in Pangasinan.

To hear Leo tell his story borders on the unbelievable. “Just hearing the word Bolinao could bring thousand folds of happy and painful memories. It's traumatizing, in a way. It was the sanctuary of my childhood years and the niche of my struggles at the same time. I wasn't born with a silver spoon. At a very young age, I learned to stretch my bones just to earn cold coins to fill up our stomachs. I was introduced to Jollibee not in a conventional way but in a very demeaning and painful way and that's thru the trash bin. I would eat leftovers from the buses I cleaned in the middle of the night back then just to get thru the night. To be honest, every time I look back, it never fails to bring me to tears and sadness. I was one of those kids who was dressed in shabby clothes, worn-out slippers, exhausted and famished only with great determination and perseverance. I used to collect and sell junk (bottles, metal, broken glass, newspapers, etc.) dressed in a yellowish school uniform, carrying a hanging-by-a-thread-bag, and flimsy slippers.”

Leo walked to school every day, under the scorching heat of the sun. He was the kind of kid who would never be given any attention had he not excelled at school.“I have been to Baguio City since I studied there in UP for four years before I moved to Diliman for my final year. That's where I also landed a job as TV host in ABS-CBN Regional Network Group, which brought me to many places as we shoot for our travelogue show which was called "NC Atin To" which later renamed, "MagTV Na Atin To".”

Of all the places he has been to, his favorite would have to be the Banaue Rice Terraces.
“I consider myself a traveler, not a tourist,” he says. “Every time I visit a place, I make sure I immerse myself into its culture, values and traditions. I am not a cosmo kinda guy. I enjoy the outskirts/suburbs more than the city. There, I find peace and the perfect opportunity to reflect and enjoy serenity at its finest before I get myself back to the city’s hurly-burly.”

At this point, having spent his life in both the Philippines and Indonesia, Leo says he still identifies as Filipino.

Explains Leo: “I'm still a Filipino, of course. For me, what makes a certain country appealing and more interesting is not just its beautiful spots and scenery. I think what sets each country apart is its people. We, Filipinos, are known for our warm hospitality. We are friendly and loving people and that for me, makes our country great and fun to pay visit to."
He is excited over all the possibilities opening up to him. He is also eager for people to get to know him and discover what he has to offer.

 “I am a man of many interests. I love traveling. I make sure I visit different countries each year. I also love cooking. In fact, my first show after Eat Bulaga Indonesia was a cooking show. I also play sports like Badminton and Tennis. I love singing. I actually released a single in Indonesia while I was hosting Eat Bulaga Indonesia but it didn't work out. I am also a hiphop dancer. I was a member of UP Baguio Shadows (dance troupe). My favorite artists would be Gina Pareño as an actress, Joel Torre (Actor), Toni Gonzaga (Host), Eugene Domingo (Comedienne) and Luis Manzano.

Being in show business wasn't really my dream when I was a kid, probably because I didn't have the looks to back it all up. I was an ugly duckling. But I have always wanted to become a news anchor,” he says.

 His battlecry is simple. “(I have always believed that) Poverty is not a hindrance to success. It was ABS-CBN Baguio which sparked my interest in show business because they gave me the confidence and made me believe that I have a spot in this industry.”

Hotel Jen Manila is all set to make your Mother’s Day celebration special!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May 2016, you may book your mom in a Deluxe Room for only PHP 4,320 ++per night. This exclusive offer comes with a buffet breakfast good for
two (2) at Latitude, one (1) complimentary lunch at Kitsho or Latitude, a voucher which entitles mom a free cocktail or mocktail plus a Mother’s Day Platter at Windows By The Bay and Jen’s special gift for mom.

On May 8, 2016, expect our Latitude buffet spread to be extraordinary as we highlight Filipino heirloom dishes. These specialties are known to be local recipes from different families in the country and it is believed to perfected and passed on throughout different generations. For those moms who crave some Japanese delights, Kitsho’s Ala Carte Buffet is just one chopstick away. Whatever mom has chosen, we can definitely guarantee you a pleased tummy for only PHP 988 nett per head.

Let Jen be your mom’s best friend on her special day and book now!

For inquiries and advance reservations, please call (632) 795 8888 or email food&

Visit Hotel Jen Manila’s website at and facebook at for updates and promotions.

Hotel Jen is a diverse collection of hotels in the best locations across Asia Pacific, with a unique brand of style and service delivery designed to appeal to a ‘New Jeneration’ of travellers.

The brand is the brainchild of virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel and discovery.

To guests, Hotel Jen delivers quality, comfort, convenience and value with a twist. Jen cares about what really matters to guests – the important things done well; comfortable rooms and honest authentic service; respect, privacy and efficiency served without fuss or intrusion; cultural insights; interesting experiences; and fast, free WiFi everywhere, always.

"Bayanihan" the new approach at BSM’s service learning

The British School Manila is justifiably proud of its commitment to service learning.  The idea of developing students as global citizens is central to our vision and mission. We are looking for our students to leave us with skills that allow them to make sense of a rapidly changing world whilst also being able to contribute to making their world more peaceful, fair and sustainable.  

The Creativity Activity Service (CAS) programme is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate core programme and is in many ways the perfect realisation of the work we do with our older students. Our International Baccalaureate team recently completed the end of course CAS interviews with the current Year 13 cohort and it was clear to us that it was the service learning experiences that had the most resonance and impact upon the students’: personal, social, emotional and even moral development. The Year 13 students spoke eloquently and thoughtfully about their work with local schools, orphanages and hospitals.  They talked about the work they had done, the relationships they had formed and ethical implications of the work that they were undertaking. The depth of reflection in evidence was confirmed by how often the discussions centred on poverty, inequality and individual responsibility.

This year we have had the opportunity to remodel the CAS programme to create more of these moments of epiphany.  Our new approach, led expertly by Mr. Owen, is called “Bayanihan” from the Filipino word ‘bayan,’ which captures the spirit of community we see in Filipino culture and which we seek to mirror. The students have been encouraged to develop projects in line with their own passions and interests within broad categories such as ‘Health’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Education’.

The strategic developments this year were framed following a successful and insightful pilot last year led by Mr. Owen in Tagaytay. This venture presented a group of IB Business Management students with a problem - ‘How can they use their business acumen to help develop a sustainable income for a group of 16 mothers’? It was a privilege to observe how the students worked together to empower a group of local women with great ideas to become successful entrepreneurs.

The projects this year are incredibly diverse. We have groups preparing “baby boxes” for maternity hospitals, building chicken coops, certifying language skills for adult learners, developing hydroponics systems and fixing computers to improve education in a community.  The projects have many layers, with strong educational themes and all the projects focus on sustainability and the fostering of partnerships which we hope will be nurtured and maintained beyond CAS week in May.

One distinctive feature of the Bayanihan projects this year is the emphasis on independence; the projects will have staff mentors available but our students will be encouraged to take ownership, make decisions, assess risks and manage uncertainty as groups.  This takes us back to our BSM vision and mission; these experiences will equip our IB students with the ability to reflect, to be resilient in adversity and to thrive with challenge.  We look forward to sharing the outcomes with you later in the year. Written by Chris Jones, Secondary Deputy Head

Grammy Award-winning Superstar Kenny Rogers to perform in Manila on August 11!

The long wait is over. Grammy Award-winning superstar Kenny Rogers is finally performing in Manila on August 11, 2016  at the Smart Araneta Coliseum presented by Ovation Productions.
Kenny Rogers has enjoyed great success during his storied career of nearly six decades, which will be celebrated during Rogers’ final world tour: The Gambler’s Last Deal. 

The enduring Country Music Hall of Fame member and pop superstar has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances, distinctive voice, gift for storytelling and universal appeal. Rogers has played to millions of fans around the world, performing songs from his catalog of 24 Number One hits including “The Gambler,” “Lucille,” “Coward of the County,” “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town,” “Lady,” “Islands in the Stream,” “She Believes In Me,” “We’ve Got Tonight,” “Daytime Friends,” “Through The Years,” “You Decorated My Life,” and “Buy Me A Rose.” His other hits include Someone Who Cares, You and I, Love Song, Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer, among others.

Incredibly, Rogers has charted a record within each of the last seven decades (’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, 2000’s, 2010’s). He has sold more than 120 million albums worldwide, making him one of the Top Ten Best Selling Male Solo Artists of All Time, according to the RIAA. Rogers has won many awards for his music and charity work, including three GRAMMY Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 11 People’s Choice Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards and six Country Music Association Awards, including the CMA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Rogers was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013 and in 2015, Rogers was awarded the CMT Artist of a Lifetime Award.

(“Kenny Rogers Final World In Manila” is presented by Ovation Productions. Tickets available at regular ticketnet outlets and online at starting Tuesday, April 19. For more  info, call  532-8883)

Bring your dessert enjoyment to the next level with Jollibee Banana Langka Sundae and Pie!

    Jollibee offers Pinoy’s all-time favorite banana and langka flavors to their sundaes and pies!

Enjoy summer with the new Jollibee Banana Langka Sundae and Pie. These new desserts give fresh and fun twists to Pinoys’ favorite classic flavors of the season to bring your dessert enjoyment to the next level.

Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head, Francis Flores said, “Summer, especially for today’s millennials, is tantamount to trying and sharing new and thrilling experiences with friends and loved ones. Through our latest dessert innovations that combine two of Pinoys’ well-loved tropical fruits, we wish to contribute to making this season really exciting for everyone.”

Summer will be more enjoyable indeed for you and your friends as you dig into the Banana Langka Sundae, made with creamy vanilla sundae with sweet banana and langka toppings. Available as a Regular Sundae for P29 and Mini Sundae value meal add-on for P20.

You and your barkada will be delighted as well to taste the Banana Langka Pie’s golden brown, flaky, slightly sweet crust with a fruity blend of diced banana and langka filling in thick sauce. Available as a solo pie for P27 and 3 Pies-to-Go for P79.

Don’t miss this chance to make your summer extra light and fun. Be among the first to make Jollibee Banana Langka Sundae and Pie part of your fun experiences this season. This dynamic duo is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for a limited time only this summer!

Enjoy up to 80% off at the Great Brazilian Madness Sale in SM Megamall


Beat the summer heat in style and enjoy 80% off on your favorite footwear brands at the Great Brazilian Madness Sale happening at the SM Megamall B, Megatrade Hall 3. From April 29 to May 1, 2016.

Enjoy a wide range of footwear style and selection with Ipanema’s colorful and trendy flip flops, Grendha’s sophisticated yet playful sandals and wedges or Rider’s after-sport and adventure footwear. So be chic and fashionable this summer season and swing by the Great Brazilian Madness Sale!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Jolly Crispy Fries get a tasty update!

Jolly Crispy Fries get a tasty update: introducing the new Super Cheese and Sour Cream flavors! Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries are available in Jollibee stores nationwide for P40.00 for regular size, P65.00 for large, and for those who can’t get enough, jumbo size for P80.00. You can also beat the heat with summer-ready Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries + Jollibee Float combo, starting at P65.00

Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries will be available on April 25 in Visayas and Mindanao

“For years, friends have enjoyed memorable bonding moments over their favorite Jolly Crispy Fries. Today, we add flavor to your barkada experience with the new Jolly Crispy Flavored Fries. Coming in two exciting flavors—in zesty Super Cheese and delicious Sour Cream,” said Jollibee Senior Marketing Manager Kay Segismundo.“These new exciting twists to your favorite Jolly Crispy Fries are now available in Luzon and will be available in Visayas and Mindanao by April 25.”

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Gringo Honasan would make a good Vice President

When I first met Senator Gringo Honasan at his very first blog con last January, I admit to being quite starstruck. He was after all, the EDSA hero/heartthrob of that time, and he certainly hasn’t lost his “rugged charm.”

But we all know that charisma alone won’t guarantee a victory at the election polls, and I’d like to think (and hope) that our voting public has become mature enough to look past those song and dance numbers that politicians usually do to get votes.

Our first meeting was all about getting to know the real Gringo Honasan-- beyond the headlines that depicted him as a power grabber and destabilizer during his numerous coup attempts. He would answer all our questions and no topic was off limits. He also talked about his impressive list of accomplishments and his transition from being a soldier-turned-rebel-turned-senator.

This time we got to talk about the platform of UNA and what he and VP Jojo Binay plan on doing should they get elected to office.

“I think, if I were to be asked, I would also volunteer to craft a pro-active and responsive national security policy and strategy in whatever capacity that will address our problems at home so that we can give our 100 percent focus on our problems abroad like Western Philippine (Sea) issue.”

Honasan adds he will also prioritize going against kidnappers, rapists, drug pushers, and terrorists to ensure a safer environment for families.

With regards to the issue of lowering income taxes which is also part of the platform of other presidential candidates, Honasan agrees that it should definitely be reduced.

“Taxing our people, especially those who are already having a difficult time should be the last option. They say there are two sure things in life: debt and taxes. Taxes are meant to accelerate debt or accumulate debt to inflict more taxes on our people. So, I am for reducing it at all cost and considering it as a last option, especially when it hits the middle class and the lower class,” he pointed out.

All of these he stressed is part of his Patas ang Laban crusade.

Sen. Honasan stand out from the other Vice Presidential candidates is his experience and his character.

A character that has been molded in the battlefield, strengthened during his days as a rebel and refined in his years in the Senate. That’s why he chose to focus on issues instead of resorting to mudslinging tactics throughout the campaign and why he was praised for his calm demeanor during the televised debates.

But what struck me the most, besides his commitment to spread the platform of UNA was his love for his family.

Here was a battle-tested warrior who was not afraid to admit to us that he has only loved one woman in his life-- Jane whom he met at a New Year’s Party when he was just starting his military career.

“It was love at first sight then--and until now I keep falling in love with her.”

“All my life I have lived by my principle of God, country and family. I may not have spent as much time with my children as much as I would have wanted to, but they know that everything I have done is all for them--for them to have better lives and live in a much better country. 

People may judge me for all the things they think I’ve done, but I think the best way to know me is through my children. They may not be geniuses, or super talented, but they are good people, and that makes me truly proud.

And, what does the Senator want to be remembered by?

“One of the best advice my father gave me was ‘When you are in the trenches, or when faced with difficult situations, only two things will keep your head above the water. One is integrity--be true to yourself so you can be true to others; and the other is competence. It does not matter whether you want to become a cigarette vendor, a soldier, or a senator, the only thing that matters is that you become good at what you do and be kind.’

“I have been called a lot of names and received a lot of labels, soldier, rebel, revolutionary, reformist, coup plotter, power grabber, but there is one thing that no one can question about me—My consistency—I have given my life to my country, even more than my family, and my track record will speak for it.”

“I want to be remembered as just an ordinary soldier thrust into extraordinary circumstances and during those moments I’ve responded by showing through actions my love for God country and family--that is my legacy.”


In 1995, Honasan ended his 17 years as a soldier to run for theSenate and became the first truly independent candidate in Philippine political history to win a national election.  He was re-elected in 2001, 2007 and recently in 2013.

As part of the Philippine Senate, he championed the causes of national security, public safety and the environment, becoming one of the most active legislators of the upper house. Among the most important laws Senator Honasan served as principal author or co-author include:

Republic Act No. 10121 – Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction And Management Act

Republic Act No. 9700 – Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law Extension With Reforms (Carper Law)

Republic Act No. 8749 - Philippine Clean Air Act Of 1999

Republic Act No. 9003 – Ecological Solid Waste Management Act Of 2000

Republic Act No. 10586 - Anti-Drunk And Drugged Driving Act Of 2013

Republic Act No. 10666 – Children’s Safety On Motorcycles Act Of 2015

Republic Act No. 10591 - Comprehensive Firearms And Ammunition Regulation Act

Republic Act No. 9516 – An Act Providing Stiffer Penalties For The Illegal Possession Of Explosives

Republic Act No. 9514 – Revised Fire Code Of 2008

Republic Act No. 8371 - Indigenous Peoples Rights Act Of 1997

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10640 – Otherwise known as the comprehensive dangerous drugs act of 2002 that seeks to further strengthen the anti-drug campaign of the government.

He is also one of the staunchest advocates of the the Freedom of Information Act which he now refers to as the POGI Bill – People’s Ownership of Government Information Act; as well as Senate Bill No. 63 or the NATIONAL LAND USE POLICY ACT (NALUPA ) OF 2013 and Senate Bill No. 67 or the Act Authorizing The Wiretapping And Recording Of Communications Of Pushers, Manufacturers, Cultivators, Importers & Financiers Of Dangerous Drugs.

As for the situation in Mindanao, Senator Honasan has proposed a Mini-Marshall Plan for Mindanao to help jumpstart economic development, peace and order, and political unity. The proposal will also help end centuries of armed conflict and terrorism.

Currently, Senator Honasan is the Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Agrarian Reform and the Congressional Oversight Committee on Agrarian Reform (COCAR). He is the Vice-Chairperson of the Committees on Environment and Natural Resources and Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, and also a member of 23 Senate Permanent Committees and 14 Congressional Oversight/ Ad Hoc Committees.

Honasan is also an advocate of the environment, social reforms, national security, good governance, education and public health, youth and sports development recognizing that as a proud sovereign nation our most strategic and precious resource are our children.

“They say the youth are our future, but that is wrong, the Youth are THEIR OWN FUTURE, and it is our duty to entrust them with a better future.”

AirAsia Philippines Highlights the Importance of Innovative and Sustainable Aviation in Tourism

AirAsia believes that the Philippines, being a premier destination for nature and experiential tourism has the opportunity to grow more in ...