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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Experience the longest zipline at "Camp N" Nuvali

If you are a fan of outdoor adventure, you will surely love what Camp Nuvali N offers. It boasts of Adventure Tower which houses the longest rollercoaster zipline in Asia, which of course I tried  to simultaneously with the short zipline, I should say that the short zipline has the steepest slope ever. I have been ziplining since the last 3 years, I have tried it 5x already, so I conquered my fears altogether.  Camp Nuvali N has the longest zipline I have been through, and it was fun flying through the trees with its slope and fast speed. There are of course questions in your mind while reading this, and I would provide them for the curious and thrill seeker in you. There are 5 things to consider before ziplining.

1. Make sure you are physically up for the ride. You must be able to climb the stairs leading to the ziplines. There are ropes that you would be gripping on for your dear life, make use of your muscles you never knew you had.  Eat your meal before proceeding to the course and make sure to have a bottled water alongside your mini messenger bag. 

2. What should I wear? You should wear light and comfortable clothing that isnt too loose, the one that would never snug on your harness. Wear shoes that are close-toed, flipflops or sandals are definitely a no-no. Tie your hair up, so as to not get tangled in equipment. 

3. Is ziplining safe? At Camp Nuvali, safety is their top priority. They use the best equipment in outdoor sports imported from Germany.  Their harnesses and carabiners are made of extremely durable materials. Their staff is highly trained and would double check your harness before you climb the stairs. They make sure you understand safety procedures before you begin your ziplining tour and provides special helmets as well. 

4.  Can I bring my kids on a zipline tour?  If you're the kind of mom who wants to experience this with your kids, go but take extra precaution. If safety is your priority, then you and  hubby should leave the children at home. But if they are grown ups and would like to try this out, why not. 

5.  Know your limits. Most zip lines have a weight limit. Ask yourself if youre healthy enough to try.  If you're pregnant or if you have a heart condition, if you think the stress just might be too uncomfortable, if you are afraid of heights, take a pass. Try the aerial walk first or go biking. 

Within the heart of Nuvali lies “Camp N”, touted to be the eco-city’s premier outdoor  adventure and team-building facility that serves as an incubation for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one’s physical limits, mental abilities, and even character and values. Located just south of Manila, Camp N is convenient for bonding among coworkers, families, and friends looking for active fun this summer season.

 “We designed Camp N in such a way that outdoor play and self-discovery are integrated seamlessly so people can enjoy bonding while being surrounded by nature. Camp N’s philosophy— expressed through providing people outdoor amenities where one can commune, learn, grow, and interact socially— jive perfectly with the sustainable philosophy of Nuvali being an eco-community,” said John Estacio, Nuvali general manager.
John Estacio, Nuvali general manager.

Camp N’s thrills-based and skills-based facilities include the Adventure Tower, which has the biggest roller coaster zipline in Asia, as well as free fall, wall climbing, and rappelling facilities. The Obstacle Course has three challenge levels from basic to advanced, encompassing a broad spectrum of skill levels. The Aerial Walk is a series of rope-based challenges set high in the air. The High and Low Rope Initiatives is a series of balancing platforms and tightropes set just a little above ground and requires the participation of small groups.

Right beside Camp N is Greens & Patches which serves as a tree nursery, a demo organic farm, as well as an art and meditation center for those seeking an introspective approach in self-development. Guided tours and programs will soon be offered here so guests can learn about nature’s processes and gifts.

Camp N’s lush and scenic trails include paths for trail running beginners and mountain biking for kids and adults.

“Camp N is for everyone and anyone who is not only looking for some outdoor adventure fun but also a place where they can recharge and connect with other people or even themselves, while being surrounded by nature,” said Estacio.

“The presence of Camp N provides the community a convenient outdoor adventure stop. For Nuvali’s existing communities, it’s a fun learning camp within the neighborhood where they can take their kids out to play and learn. As Camp N evolves further, there will be more activities that will develop their physical and creative skills all within the comfort of nature,” added Estacio.

On April 16, Camp N will be the venue for the first leg of the “AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016”, a multi-stage adventure race similar to The Amazing Race, also popularized by the AXN network. Adventurers will go through intense obstacle challenges in Camp N and the first 20 finishers will head to Boracay for the final round. Only 200 teams from Manila may join the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016. Registration is through the AXN website.

To get to Nuvali, one can take any of the five South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) exits at Mamplasan, Sta. Rosa, Eton-Greenfield, Silangan, and Canlubang. Nuvali is also easily accessible via public vehicles from major centers like Makati, Bonifacio Global City, and Balibago.

Nuvali is a 2,290-hectare mixed-use development of Ayala Land that straddles the cities of Sta. Rosa, Cabuyao and Calamba in Laguna. It is a integrated self-supporting eco-city that is home to 12,000 residential units, two business process outsourcing (BPO) buildings, two prestigious schools, and the 150-room Seda Hotel, which can provide accommodations for stay-cations and teambuilding activities.

 As a veritable stomping ground for outdoor adventure enthusiasts, Nuvali offers nature amenities such as its 35-kilometer mountain bike trail, a multi-functional lake, hiking paths, and a wildlife and bird sanctuary. Ayala Malls Solenad has over 400 shopping, dining, and entertainment options, making it the primary go-to leisure destination for residents in Laguna, Tagaytay, Batangas, and Muntinlupa.

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  1. Great post! Camp N Nuvali was truly a fun place for outings and a getaway for families. It is also a good spot for company team buildings. Nice share :)


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