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Friday, September 30, 2022

Portofino has become a picture of a thriving community with sophisticated Italian-inspired residences

Convenience is a real estate trend that never goes out of style. It has increasingly become a critical decision factor among affluent homebuyers. 


For many people, a perfect location means being close to infrastructure that can provide quick access to metropolitan areas. Meanwhile, regarding property investment, factors such as location, local neighborhood, transportation network, environmental quality, and potential for future development often determine one’s value. 

Spacious and lavish gardens with beautifully landscaped walkways surround Portofino’s luxury homes with grace and charm

Providing the perfect blend of Italian lifestyle and urban excitement in a prestigious location is Portofino, Brittany Corporation’s 300-hectare exclusive development set in the heart of what is dubbed as the New Alabang. 


Portofino allows residents to enjoy modern comforts without sacrificing the opportunities of city life. Conveniently located just minutes from the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX), Portofino provides a luxury living experience and convenient access to some of the most exciting destinations in the South of Manila. 


Living in Portofino will unlock many lifestyle opportunities for work-life balance with countless benefits.

Craftsmanship and Elegance at Exceptional Value

Elegance and sophistication embrace you as you enter Portofino. With its meticulous architectural detail, bespoke homes of inspired designs, enduring beauty, value, and custom-tailored experiences, Brittany elevates one’s home into a work of art.

Inspired by a coastal town in the heart of the Italian Riviera, characterized by a tranquil crescent harbor with a hill of olive groves and small vineyards in its background, Portofino is a beautiful development that is rimmed by luxury houses and spacious lots clustered around an exclusive community with a distinct old-world charm that meets modern amenities. 

At the heart of these classic Italian-inspired homes are distinctive courtyards complemented by Italian architectural details such as elaborate windows and doorways, cupolas, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens. Spacious and lavish gardens with beautifully landscaped walkways surround Portofino’s luxury homes with grace and charm. 

Lush Greenery and Italian Touches at its Finest

With a compelling combination of lush plants and trees, Italian design, and beautiful landscapes, Portofino offers a luxurious breathing space right in the center of Vista Alabang. It also features luxuriant courtyards—beautiful gardens that contrast elegantly with verdant greenery and create a glamorous yet intimate vibe.

At the helm of Portofino’s exclusive community are the abundance of green, open spaces and modern amenities that provide sustainable and elegant touches for residents to enjoy. 

Proximity to the Best Lifestyle Center in the South

Portofino has become a picture of a thriving community with sophisticated Italian-inspired residences in proximity to Evia Lifestyle Center that offers the ultimate shopping and lifestyle experience with expertly curated retail and dining options. 

It is also just a few minutes from concept coffee shops such as The Crossing Cafe, which offers a relaxed atmosphere with good food and great coffee, and Joe Drive, the drive-thru version of the country’s first letter-writing cafe, Dear Joe. 

Portofino is situated within a live-work-play environment with high accessibility and lush open spaces fittingly interwoven within a safe and secure neighborhood. Its strategic location gives the residents the utmost exclusivity and privacy while still allowing them to enjoy access to all modern conveniences. 

It elevates one’s lifestyle in a modern, urban area and creates communities with Brittany’s distinct stamp, style, and character that many have come to know and aspire for.

Positive Impact on Property Value

Further advantages that make Portofino stand out are how accessible and convenient it is for private and public transportation, as it is located near the MCX Exit as well as premium shopping and leisure hubs. 


With this strategic location, everything is within arm’s reach, custom-made for individuals and families who aim to thrive in a setting that is sustainable and conducive to work productivity.


Beyond elevated lifestyle, Portofino’s improved connectivity and access to key infrastructure projects and lifestyle establishments help boost its property value, making it an attractive investment option for investors wanting to benefit from real estate properties. 

Brittany is the premium standard in luxury residential development that offers a beautiful and sophisticated collection of homes, condominiums, and lot-only properties in the country’s finest locations. 

Portofino has become a picture of a thriving community with sophisticated Italian-inspired residences in proximity to Evia Lifestyle Center that offers the ultimate shopping and lifestyle experience with expertly curated retail and dining options

As the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., Brittany creates masterpieces that provide unprecedented space, comfort, absolute attention to detail, and exclusive finishes that are perfect for those with a devotion to perfection and a taste for artful living. 

In Brittany, expect nothing less than sophistication, quality, and elegance in the best lifestyle locations: Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, Georgia Club, and Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Crosswinds in Tagaytay. 

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

HBO Asia Original Series On The Job has been nominated for Best TV Movie/Mini-Series at the 50th International EmmyAwards


HBO Asia Original Series On The Job has been nominated for Best TV Movie/Mini-Series at the 50th International Emmy® Awards which will take place on November 21, 2022 in New York City. The series is available on HBO GO. 


On The Job centres around crime syndicates that temporarily release contracted prison inmates to carry out political assassinations for those in power, except that the crime syndicates are run by politicians. The series also puts a spotlight on the real-world predicament concerning fake news and how easily truth can be manufactured and disseminated to the public in today's age of information.

Conceived and directed by Erik Matti, the series in English and Filipino is filmed in the Philippines starring Joel Torre, John Arcilla, Piolo Pascual, Dennis Trillo, Gerald Anderson, Joey Marquez, Dante Rivero, Christopher De Leon and Lotlot De Leon. The six-part hour-long crime thriller series also saw John Arcilla win Best Actor for his performance as ‘Sisoy Salas’ at the 78th Venice Film Festival in 2021 – making him the first Filipino actor to take home the prestigious Volpi Cup. 


Produced by Reality MM Studios and Globe Studios, On The Job is written by Michiko Yamamoto and Erik Matti and executive produced by Ronald “Dondon” Monteverde, Erik Matti, Joe Caliro and Quark Henares. Following the success of the HBO Asia Original series On The Job season 1, Warner Bros. Discovery are working with Reality MM Studios on season 2.

Stream or download On The Job on HBO GOSubscribe to HBO GO online at or the mobile app via the App Store or Play StoreOr access HBO GO via CignalGlobe and SkycableHBO GO is also available on Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV – and comes with AirPlay and Google Cast functionality.

Sharing with you some of the most searched items that happen during your red days

When that “time” of the month arrives, [almost] anything and everything can happen. Your period will let you experience symptoms that are uncomfortable, painful, and unexplainable! 


You’re not alone: Other women also experience these period blues. It’s important that you prepare for them, and we’re sharing with you some of the most searched items that happen during your red days and how you can hack the blues away.


Mood Swings: Blame It (Partly) on the Hormones. 

Have you ever felt like making sungit, crying, or lashing out for no reason?


There’s an explanation for that. A week before a girl’s period begins, the body starts to go through certain changes, especially on our hormones that have an effect on our mood-regulating brain cells. This hormonal rollercoaster is responsible for the emotional and physical highs and lows that girls experience. 


When you’re feeling that mood swing, experts advise us, among others, to consider working out. This helps regulate your emotions as it increases your body’s endorphins, aka the “happy hormones,” which help boost your mood.


Menstrual Cramps: It really hurts. This is why.

As girls, we have learned (or are in the process) to accept that pain is part of our menstrual cycle. 

Before menstruation, studies show that the uterus starts to shed its lining, which causes pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, are the usual areas where you feel the pain. Once your period comes in, the menstrual blood leaves the uterus, triggering even more uterine contractions, and making menstrual cramps hurt more. Hugs!


To ease the pain, drinking hot water may help, as tipped by several professionals. Doing this increases your body’s blood flow, helping relax your muscles and lessens cramps.


Menstrual Munchies: Compulsive eating

Can’t stop eating before and during your period? That’s fine! “But how about the extra calories ruining my diet?” you may ask? Cravings during your period are normal. 


Due to several changes during a menstrual cycle, your body craves for certain nutrients. This is the reason why your period cravings can be “weirdly specific”. 


Think about all the times you’ve craved chocolates while you were on your period in the past. It isn’t just you. Chocolate is actually one of the most reported PMS cravings among women. But according to nutritionists, what your body is really craving is not the chocolate; rather, the sugar and magnesium found in chocolates. This is because sugar gives you a quick boost of energy for the times when your period makes you feel tired and lethargic. While magnesium helps relax your muscles and soothe your menstrual cramps.


To keep your cravings under control, you can satisfy them in moderation and replenish the nutrients lost during pre-menstruation. Experts also suggest sticking to small meals every three to four hours. This practice ensures your blood sugar level is stabilized. For healthier alternatives to chocolates, there are fiber-rich carbs you can depend on, such as chicken breast, oatmeal, nuts and spinach.


So the next time you find yourself munching over your comfort food, listen to the craving. Don’t worry. 


Whisper Presko Period Hacks 

But among all period worries, tagos is one of the most common for girls. The horror that creeps in at the thought of period leaks ruining our bedsheets and our favorite pair of pants while outdoors can affect our confidence level.


But any girl equipped with the right period hygiene management can brave through red days and make those heavy period flows still feel presko


The hack to staying comfy and stain-free largely depends on your sanitary napkin. When choosing pads, a few of the features gynecologists consider are absorbency, protection from leakage, length, and friendliness on sensitive skin.


Many girls have found these features in Whisper.


Whisper Cottony Soft is a huge favorite for its breathability. For Presko Squad girls Andrea Brillantes and Belle Mariano, Whisper allows them to stay fresh and airy even during their red days. Its new top sheets have thousands of airflow vents that let air pass through freely while locking fluids in, so their sensitive skin stays dry and clean.


At night, Whisper’s longest pad, Cottony Nights XXL, is their go-to pad. It’s 36cm long and has 88% wider back than day pads with deep anti-tagos channels that keep girls protected from “tagos” throughout the night. No more worrying about stains in their sheets and waking up just to change pads!


Share the Confidence

At the end of the day, these “weird” period blues are natural body experiences. 


But the stigma around menstruation is preventing most girls from speaking about their period woes. By talking about period matters more openly, we can help other girls be more confident as they face their period blues just like Andrea Brillantes, Fracine Diaz, and Belle Mariano . For precisely this reason, Whisper, together with World Vision and the Presko Squad community, launched the #ShareTheConfidence campaign which sought to make menstrual hygiene more accessible to girls. With over 25,000 girls already helped, the movement is only just beginning.



Share the confidence with Whisper. Buy Whisper packs available in all leading stores nationwide and online.

It’s time to treasure and make more memories using the new Samsung Galaxy A04s


Nothing beats living carefree and experiencing life's most precious moments: having fun, finding oneself, and getting the most out of life. Now that this generation is slowly returning to the outside world to explore and enjoy, whether with friends or family, everything is worth capturing down to the last detail, especially during this coming holiday season. 

It’s time to treasure and make more memories using the new Samsung Galaxy A04s. The Galaxy’s latest A Series smartphone is packed with awesome features designed to help users make the most of awesome moments at an awesome value. 

With a Triple Camera setup consisting of the 50MP Main Camera, along with 2MP Depth and Macro Cameras, any occasion can be captured and made more awesome. The 50MP Main Camera can take sharp, brilliant stills of core memories to share along with loved ones. Between crossing off something from the daily itinerary to one’s bucket list, the Macro Camera allows even the tiniest details of a winning moment to stand out with its natural bokeh effect and ultra-fine detail. The Depth Camera also enables users to take clear-cut photos and make memories more vivid, so that even casual dates with friends or long-awaited beach trips become even more priceless.

It’s never a dull time with the Galaxy A04s’ powerfully long-lasting 5,000mAh battery capacity and its neat 4GB RAM + 128GB expandable storage up to 1TB. Gen Z can now have lag-free fun with non-stop gaming, plus extra space for photos, videos, and files for added productivity in school or even just for snapping countless share-worthy content to post—allll thanks to the new Galaxy A04s that’s perfect for those who love being in the moment.

This feature-packed smartphone is now available at an awesome value! Create awesome moments without breaking the bank with the new Galaxy A04s available for ₱9,490 in classic Green and Black colors.

A limited promo offer is up for grabs too! Get Ten (10) free Face Republic face masks for every purchased Galaxy A04s unit from the Samsung Official Store in Shopee or Lazada valid from September 30 to October 29, 2022.[1]The free promo items will be delivered to the customer's address together with the purchased unit and are not convertible to cash, special discount, or any other product.             

For those who want to avail of flexible payment plans, here’s some awesome news! The Galaxy A04s is also available via Home Credit for as low as ₱738 per month for 9 months with 30% down payment. 


To know more about this Awesome new phone, visit for more details

[1] DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-151722 Series of 2022

Investing in Jewelry? Here’s why it makes sense and where you can start buying for less!

Investment you can wear? Go for Gold!

All my friends know how much I love bags. Although I started just a couple of years ago because of the pandemic, my modest collection has been my stress reliever as well as my source of pride—especially when I find out that their value has risen in just a few months.

It’s the same reason why I’ve become more interested in jewelry recently. I remember my nanay telling me that it’s the only purchase that wasn’t just “gastos lang” because the value of jewelry often appreciates. Now it’s my daughter and daughter-in-law who have been teaching and influencing me with my initial purchases.

Precious stones, gemstones, and jewelry have always been connected to human culture since time immemorial. Throughout the course of history, jewelry has been offered as a trophy, an amulet, and sometimes, even art because of how meticulously it has been crafted. It perfectly symbolizes love, a celebration of milestones, and of course, the ultimate representation of wealth giving these beautiful adornments real meaning and value.

The line between jewelry and money has always been intertwined with each other and to this day, jewelry continues to be used as currency, inheritance, and investment.

Interestingly enough, while the value of the world’s currencies has severely been affected by the global pandemic, gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and stones remained stable and the value of jewelry has held strong.

As its market value continues to grow in every year, the idea of investing in jewelry is making more sense because it is less risky than stocks and way less dangerous than crypto.

Unlike the investment of a car or a house, with jewelry, you are more than likely to get your money back (sometimes even more than your invested value) when you sell it. And unlike your shares of stock, you can wear and enjoy your jewelry--- while it grows in value.

Now before you start calling your “alahera” or rush of to the mall and hoard that jewelry on display, there are a few things you need to consider as you’d want to avoid paying for expensive jewelry only to  find out that it is either fake or not worth the value you’ve paid for it.

If you are decided that investing in good quality jewelry is a good idea, then it is time to learn some valuable tips when it comes to buying jewelry. These tips will guide you to guarantee that you are buying the right pieces of jewelry, from the right shops.

1. Always go to a reputable jeweler: Because of its popularity, a lot of people are now going into the jewelry business. While that may be easier and more convenient for you since they could go to your house, it also makes buying a bit more tricky—and risky. 

You’ll need a license and specific business permits to be able to sell high-value jewelry and only certified jewelers have the right to sell such valuable pieces of items. So going to reputable jewelry shops makes more sense and safer than getting it from someone you barely know or just found online. Avoid buying jewelry from just a regular-looking shop, or even from a vintage store, as there’s no guarantee that the jewelry you are looking at, is both authentic and are legally sold. This is of course with the exception of pawnshops.  

2. It's good to compare: Sometimes you find yourself completely smitten by a piece of jewelry, but before handing off your cash or credit card you might want to do a quick online check to see if the value of that piece of jewelry reflects similarly to that of similar designs from other jewelers. This will guarantee that you are not overpaying for an item.

3. Inspect the jewelry: Like the jewelry and convinced that you are getting a good deal? Now its time to inspect the quality and condition of a piece of jewelry. Look for scratches, discolorations, and even loose stones. With the high amount of money you’ll be paying, you should also have high standards for the quality you are receiving. Remember that having that loose stone secured, or getting scratches removed will cost you as well so make sure that you are getting the item at its utmost best quality. You should also check for the designer marks to make sure it's legit.

Buying from a pawnshop is a smarter choice: Many people immediately think of going to a jewelry store when looking for jewelry for themselves or a loved one. But visiting a pawn shop first is actually very smart if you are investing. If you are truly searching for a bargain over other jewelry shops you might want to go to a pawnshop like Cebuana Lhuillier instead. 

Pawnshops are more analytic when it comes to pricing their items. They can price their gold pieces according to the current price of gold in the market this means that their prices are even more realistic than what you can find on a jewelry retailer.

While jewelers price their items according to its make, design, or even designer name, pawnshops price theirs according to weight and karat. So it’s not just aesthetics, but more about the real value of the item. This means that you would always get a fair price, or even lower if the item in question is affordable according to the market markdown.

Pawnshops usually disregard designer names and origins, in order to evaluate the jewelry fair and square, its contents, its weight, its make, the intricacies of its design, etc. Getting rid of the designer name makes it more practical to analyze the item since you wouldn’t want to raise its price just because the designer or brand name is famous. The reputation of the designer would definitely come last as it’s all about the actual quality of the jewelry.


With all the jewelry available, getting started might feel quite overwhelming. Well, it can be a lot less complicated if you head over to Cebuana Lhuillier’s online or even offline stores.

I actually went to Cebuana Lhuillier’s  branch at Circle C in Quezon City  to ask if they have upcoming sales or promotions and they actually have a PAYDAY sale happening until September 30 and you could get 10% off all items. What I do like about visiting their offline stores is that they have really helpful  staff who will gladly assist you with your purchase.

But if you want to have a more private browsing experience I would suggest you head over to either or  for premium jewelry, to check out all the jewelry (and other items) they have available.

From there you could choose the type of jewelry you are looking for, whether its Necklaces;  Anklets; Rings; Bracelets;  Jewelry Sets; earings, pendants, new arrivals, or Website Exclusives. You can even sort them according to price or set your preferred price range.

Cebuana Lhuillier even does jewelry selling via FB Live, Shopee and Lazada and besides offering great deals you could also get a lot of tips from their hosts.

Ready for your first purchase? 

Remember investing in good quality jewelry may just be one of the smartest investments you’ll make in your life.

There are so many advantages to buying real jewelry and contrary to what many believe, its not as expensive as you'd think, you just have to know the right place to buy it and there's no better time to start but now!

Happy Jewelry Hunting!

McDonald’s brings to screen shared, feel-good moments that parents and their children have missed in the past 2 years


In the recently released M Safe film, McDonald’s brings to screen shared, feel-good moments that parents and their children have missed in the past 2 years. 


While kids learn to adjust to being outside once again, McDonald’s shows that starting at a place they have always loved—like their favorite McDonald’s branch—is a safe place to visit as they ease back into pre-pandemic routines. 


In the short film, viewers get to see an adorable little kid in a dinosaur costume practicing some safety procedures at home. These practices are then mirrored in the following scenes when, after two long years, the little girl’s mother brings her back to McDonald’s. The kid is in awe, and we see that everything she’s practiced is put to good use as they enjoy dining safely at McDo. Like most parents, there is no better feeling than seeing children experience firsthand those same feel-good moments they have missed.


“While more Filipinos continue to seek missed and new experiences outside their homes, we encourage families, parents, and kids to experience those same feel-good moments while staying safe at McDonald’s. With our M Safe practices in place, every McDonald’s store is a  safe space where families can enjoy quality time together without worry,” says Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines.


McDonald’s remains committed to safety across all channels with the strict implementation of M Safe practices for all customers and employees at all times. For dine-in, families can have peace of mind as McDonald’s stores are equipped with hand sanitizers, proper ventilation, and a fresh air supply system. Frequent sanitation of customer areas is continuously done while customers continue to wear face masks except when eating.


To ensure a safe dining experience for everyone in-store, 100% of McDonald's employees nationwide are fully-vaccinated and continue to apply the protocols set in place. Whether dine-in, delivery, or ride-thru—all families are assured that their food is safely prepared by fully-vaccinated employees in a safe environment that follows stringent global food quality standards. 


To stay updated, please visit McDonald’s website at for more information. McDonald’s also encourages customers to send their feedback to


Legarda Expresses Optimism for Key Issues in President’s 3rd SONA

Highlights from President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos 3rd SONA today, with key issues addressed and attended by leading senators. ...