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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Meycauayan Jewelries uses its platform to promote the exemplary craftsmanship of local plateros and mananaras


Meycauayan Jewelries (MJ) continues to evolve as an innovative luxury jewelry brand and push boundaries to further elevate customer experience — all while working towards keeping an art and heritage alive.


Known for designing and manufacturing exquisite pieces of handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands, MJ uses its platform in the industry to promote the exemplary craftsmanship of local plateros (goldsmiths) and mananaras (stone setters) and help bring the City of Meycauayan Bulacan back to its former glory as the mecca of fine jewelry in this side of the world.

“Our hometown, Meycauayan, is home to the most experienced and highly-skilled jewelry artisans in the country and we are really proud to have some of them in our team. Crafting jewelry in the old-fashioned way is such a fascinating art and skill that is sadly slowly dying out,” said MJ founder and CEO, Maria Aleta Dionisio.


At its core, Meycauayan Jewelries has always made it a goal to build a brand that leaves a meaningful impact on their patrons’ lives and the bigger community. “The idea of getting into the jewelry-making business emerged from the marriage of a vision and an advocacy,” shared the CEO. “Everyone deserves a piece of jewelry that is not only aesthetically appealing but also holds genuine value and that has a great story to tell,” added Dionisio.


Just recently, MJ launched two new diamond wedding set collections that were named after two legendary deities from the Philippine Mythology. The Goddess Tala and Goddess Mayari collections embody the brand’s desire to help reawaken our love for the country’s rich cultural heritage through the art of jewelry making. Couples can choose to customize the details of the rings to their hearts’ content to make it truly their own unique pair that speaks of their undying love and commitment to each other.


MJ has also been actively exhibiting their well-crafted creations at bridal fairs across the country, most recently in Davao, since early this year. It’s been a great avenue for the brand to engage with more would-be brides and grooms in person, and showcase their wide selection of fine wedding jewelry that are all made by the adept hands of master jewelers. Meycauayan Jewelries’ team is set to fly to the “City of Smiles” later this month (September 24&25) for another grand wedding expo event. 


Whether you plan to shop for MJ products in their store, online, or at a bridal show — you can expect them to deliver a personalized and seamless customer service experience, and provide you with all the information you need to know before you make that very important purchase. As a brand that places a huge emphasis on qualityand trust, MJ invests not only in product design innovation but also in their employees' professional growth and development. MJ’s CEO is a trusted Applied Jewelry Professional (GIA AJP) with extensive knowledge in Colored Stone Essentials, Diamond Essentials, and Jewelry Essentials. 


Meycauayan Jewelries is commissioned mostly for 14karat and 18karat gold wedding and engagement rings, but does not limit itself on what the brand could offer its customers who have different needs and preferences in terms of jewelry design, gemstones, and hard materials. Clients can choose from a wide range of options for center stones that include but are not limited to natural diamonds, lab-grown, and colored gemstones. 


Discover more timeless treasures on the brand’s social media pages (@meycauayanjewelries) and in their showrooms located at: #511 Sampaguita St. Manzano Subdivision, Ibayo, Marilao Bulacan and Unit 828 Vinia Residences + Versa Flats in Quezon City. 

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