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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Technolux Offers Free Training on Coffee Making To Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Technolux, acknowledged as the country’s largest importer and supplier of a complete line of foodservice, small wares and laundry equipment for 41 years is offering free coffee making and barista training  to businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs using the Vittore Espresso Machines.  The training also includes minor cleaning and maintenance to ensure longer life of the machine.

“We offer this full-day course as a service to our customers who aspire to open a coffee shop or a restaurant and for those who would like to include coffee in their menu or upgrade their equipment,” says Norell Ortega, Technolux Vice-President for Sales, Foodservice Manila.

The objective of  the program is to make the customers familiar with the Vittore Coffee Machine so that execution of making a good of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, macchiato and other related drinks is achieved.   Having the right knowledge and training will be beneficial to customers so they can grow their businesses using a  high-quality equipment.

Made in Italy, Vittore is designed for professional use with technologically advanced, easy to use features approved by international certification institutes that ensure quality and reliability. It helps business owners  get the most  out of their investment.  “The Italian  art of coffee-making can now be as simple as a single push of a button, thanks to modern coffee machines that have just the right blend of technology and features to produce the perfect cup.  This is where Vittore comes in,” Ortega explains.

The training is held at Mall of Kitchens (MOK) is  a 2,500 sq.m. facility owned and operated by Technolux.   Known as the first foodservice mall in the Philippines fully stocked with quality kitchen equipment, utensils, foodservice furniture as well as laundry equipment, MOK is a one-stop-shop for kitchen needs for both commercial/industrial and residential use. It features different modules for specific business formats, affording customers a realistic presentation of six business set-ups furnished with the latest equipment, small wares and fittings necessary to open a similar trade.  It also has an extensive Small Wares Division.

Interested parties may call 8964941and 8994531, visit Technolux’s corporate offices located at 2176 Primo Rivera Street, Barangay La Paz Makati City or check out

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Discover all you need to know for you, your pregnancy or young child at the Mom and Baby Expo 2017

PAP President Dra. Belen Velasco

If you want to  make your pregnancy and parenting journey a lot easier. Have an expert advice on the early years of parenting from the OB Gynes and Pediatricians at the incoming Mom and Baby Expo 2017 organized by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP).  You can also check out over informative free workshops going on  from April 21-23 at the SM Mega Trade Halls 2 &3. Discover all you need to know for you, your pregnancy or young child!

Moms and moms-to-be eagerly await the onset of summer as the countdown to the first ever Mom and Baby Expo begins. Organized by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP), the exhibit showcases all facets of comprehensive perinatal healthcare such as products, services, technology and new methods, all of which are intended in aiding Filipina mothers and their infants.

 “Our objective is simple yet powerful: to impart advices and traverse new ideas moms and expectant moms can use that will ultimately strengthen their maternal bond with their babies” says PAP President Dra. Belen Velasco.  “This is very exciting because this is something big, something we have envisioned to happen for the longest time. And now, finally, we are doing it.”

The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will showcase a series of talks from perinatal experts, pocket workshops, fun and informative activities, selling booths, food stalls and many more. “In the past, we have mounted a number of interesting, fun and successful assemblies in the aim of improving the health of both mothers and infants. This year, we are very proud our passionate members with decades of proven and justified experience in their fields of expertise, led by Dra. Velasco, thought of this exhibition” shares Dr. Diosdado Mariano, past PAP President. “The Expo is an opportunity to analyze and seek solutions to existing issues pertaining to maternal-fetal and newborn areas in an engaging and fun way.”

The Mom and Baby Expo 2017 will be held on April 21-23 at the SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 2 and 3.

The three-day event is made possible by the PAP, in partnership with its trusted affiliates- the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecology Society (POGS), Philippine Pediatrics Society (PPS), Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine (PSNbM), Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), and the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines (IMAP).

For more details on the Mom and Baby Expo 2017, visit its official Facebook page or follow its official Twitter account @MomBabyExpoPH.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Take the 6 perfect selfie tips this Chinese New Year with the Vivo V5 Plus

The Chinese New Year on January 28 marks the beginning of the Year of the Red Fire Rooster. Feng shui experts say it is going to be a Yin year—a time best spent in harmony with friends and family.

What better time, then, to create happy moments with these special people than on Chinese New Year, itself—a festive day of colorful rituals and exotic traditions that celebrate a brand-new lunar year.

Take the perfect selfie this Chinese New Year with the Vivo V5 Plus, the latest Vivo unit, equipped with the world’s first 20-megapixel dual front camera. 

With exciting events highlighting the grand occasion, expect revelers to immortalize these with endless selfies. And to take the selfie game to the next level, top five premium global brand Vivo brings us the Vivo V5 Plus, the smartphone equipped with the world’s first 20-megapixel dual front camera and advanced selfie technology.

With the perfect selfie phone, and these perfect selfie tips from Vivo, taking photos on Chinese New Year will surely be a breeze:

1.   Find your perfect angle. Some of us look better photographed from the left, some from the right, some from above. Before heading out to the Chinese New Year festivities, find the angle that suits you best by practicing at home. A fool-proof tip:Avoid take selfies from below—definitely not a good angle for anybody.

2.   Consider your photo’s background. Vivo V5 Plus features a true ‘bokeh’ effect, beautifully blurring your selfie’s background while your face remains in focus. Now, having a ‘bokeh’ effect does not mean disregarding your background altogether. In fact, it is even better to take advantage of it.

For instance, create a beautiful blur of all the red and gold during Chinese New Year celebrations by choosing the bestselfie background. Although Vivo V5 Plus has ‘bokeh’ power, you don’t want to take a selfie with your cluttered closet as the background.

3.   Lighting is everything. Lighting affects the mood of your pictures. For example, dull or poor lighting makes pictures look gloomy—and you don’t want that for a Chinese New Year selfie. Luckily, Vivo V5 Plus features a selfie soft light, which enables users to take sharp and beautiful selfieseven in poor lighting conditions.

4.   Look your best. Welcome the Chinese New Year with a bang by making an effort to look good. In order to achieve a perfect selfie, everything must be on point—the hair, the face, even the attire. Achieve the perfect look with Vivo V5 Plus face beauty mode 6.0, which will make you look freshbyenhancing your skin tone without the need for editing or filter.

5.   It’s okay to use a selfie stick. A selfie stick is a pole with a grip at the end, designed to hold your smartphone when taking selfies. Selfie sticks are perfect for celebrations when you want to capture more people and more details. Bring a selfie stick on Chinese New Year to take better selfies of all the festivities happening around you.

6.   Make your selfie unique. Some people prefer selfies that look formal and sophisticated, while others like a touch of goofiness every now and then. Whatever your choice is, make sure you are comfortable and having fun. Make your selfie your own, and begin the year of the Red Fire Rooster by being yourself!

Always look your best when taking your selfie with the help of Vivo V5 Plus’ face beauty mode 6.0, a built-in camera tool able to enhance skin tone and remove blemishes. 

Your selfies are guaranteed to look great with the bokeh effect of the Vivo V5 Plus, a photography filter that blurs backgrounds and keeps the details of the object in focus sharp and clear. 

Photo lighting will surely complement your selfies well with the Vivo V5 Plus selfie soft light, designed to adjust the lighting of your photo, even in the dark. 

This Chinese New Year, take the perfect selfie the easy way with the Vivo V5 Plus perfect selfie phone.

For inquiries about Vivo V5 Plus, visit the Vivo website at, or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts. 

Converse PH partners with Ms. Universe Organization for the Positive Action Foundation

Here's the good news to all Converse sneakers collector out there. If you want to add up one of these babies to your collection. Bid your way for a cause and get to own a personalized Converse Chuck Taylor high cut sneakers made by the 2016 Miss Universe candidates.

We had a chance to preview 19 painted/blinged  pairs of the collectible Chucks last January 26 at Orient Square Bldg Pasig. They are the cutest pairs every collector would want to have.  My favorite pair so far is Ms Thailand's painted chucks. It has a clean design that could match up any of your outfit for #ootd.

Ms Thailand's chucks

Converse PH partners with the Ms. Universe Organization in auctioning the customized sneakers (made by the 19 candidates from the 2016 Miss Universe competition) for the Positive Action Foundation.  A foundation supported by the Ms Universse organization, Positive Action Foundation is devoted into helping individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families particularly those who are displaced from their employment due to HIV phenomenon.

The customized converse sneakers which were all creatively done by the candidates will start bid at $50 USD.

Beauty pageant patrons and Chucks collectors will get a chance to own a personalized Chucks  of one of the participating candidates  through a silent bid auction. Bidders may submit their bids, names and contact details thru the information officer in the mall exhibit of the shoes or thru a private message at the Converse Facebook page.

The candidates who participated are Ms. Angola – Luisa Baptista, Ms. Belgium – Stephanie Goldof, Ms. Belize – Rebecca Rath, Ms. Brazil – Raissa Santana, Ms. Bulgaria – Violina Ancheva, Ms. Cayman Islands – Monyque Brooks, Ms. Costa Rica – Carolina Duran, Ms. Germany – Johanna Acs, Ms. Guatemala – Virginia Argueta, Ms. Iceland – Hildur Maria, Ms. Mexico – Kristal Silva, Ms. Netherlands – Zoey Ivory, Ms. Nicaragua – Marina Jacoby, Ms. Panama – Keity Drenan, Ms. Paraguay – Andrea Melgarejo, Ms. Philippines – Maxine Medina, Ms. Russia – Yuliana Korolkova, Ms. Thailand – Chalita Suansane, and Ms. Uruguay – Magdalena Cohendent.

See the personalized pairs at the exhibits in the following dates and venues:

       February 3-5: Robinsons Antipolo

       February 10-12: Robinsons Bulacan and Marquee Pampanga

       February 17-19: Robinsons Isabela and Robinsons Ilocos Norte

       February 24-26: Robinsons Tacloban and Robinsons Cebu

       March 3-5: Gaisano Mall of Davao City and Gaisano Mall of Digos

       March 10-12: Gaisano Mall of Tagum and Gaisano Mall of Toril

       March 17-19: Gaisano Mall of General Santos

Stay tuned on Facebook page for more of #ConversePHx65MissUniverse.

Vivo shares Five Reasons why Vivo V5 Plus is the Perfect Selfie Phone

Filipinos are certified selfie lovers, as proven by a recent study by TIME, which found that Makati City is the world’s “selfie capital”, and the cities of Cebu, Quezon and Iloilo belong to the top 100 “selfiest cities” across the globe. Taking a selfie is an integral part of the lives of millions of Filipinos from all walks of life, which is why they continue to search for the best selfie phone available in the market.

The entry of top five premium global brand 1Vivo’s flagship phone, Vivo V5 Plus, in the local market marks the end of this search. Dubbed as the perfect selfie phone, the Vivo V5 Plus is equipped with the most advanced selfie technology to date, expected to impress selfie- and smartphone-enthusiasts all over the world.

Here, Vivo shares five reasons why the Vivo V5 Plus deserves its tags the perfect selfie phone.  

 1.   The world’s first 20MP dual front camera. After intensive research and development, Vivo finally came up with the perfect front camera for selfielovers. If you think that a 16-megapixel camera is impressive, then prepare to be blown away by the Vivo V5 Plus’ front camera: a 20-megapixel and 8-megapixel combo—the first of its kind.

The face beauty mode 6.0 of the Vivo V5 Plus can remove blemishes and enhance skin tone on-the-spot, eliminating the need for filters or editing. 

A total of 200 engineers from Vivo and its partner organizations spent eight months in developing this dual front camera, creating an algorithm speciallydesigned for beautiful portrait shots.

2.   The true ‘bokeh’ effect. Vivo’s dual front camera consists of a primary (20MP) and a secondary (8MP) camera, with the latter focused on collecting depth-of-field information. The result? An accurate separation of objects based on their distance from the camera lens. This means that the subject in focus is separated from the background, achieving the true bokeh or background-blurring effect, on the spot.

Vivo V5 Plus perfect selfie phone features the true ‘bokeh’ effect, allowing users to beautifully blur photo backgrounds while keeping the details of the object in focus sharp and clear. 

To achieve this, Vivo engineers studied the blurring effects of 96 large aperture SLR camera lenses, simulated each of them in the V5 Plus smartphone algorithm, and added special enhancements to produce even better selfie results.

3.   The selfie soft light. With the Vivo V5 Plus’ selfie soft light, beautiful self-shots can be taken even at night or in poor lighting conditions. The lighting and brightness of every selfie photo is enhanced, onthespot—with no need for an ‘edit’ button.

Selfie lovers can now take perfect selfies even in poor lighting conditions with Vivo V5 Plus’ selfie soft light. 

4.   The face beauty mode 6.0. With the Vivo V5 Plus’ face beauty mode 6.0, whitening and skin tone enhancements of your selfies are easilydone. The face beauty mode 6.0 also “erases” blemishes, making skin look either fair or rosy—your choice.

5.   Other advanced phone features. The Vivo V5 Plus is called a ‘perfect’ selfie phone because its advanced camera features are supplemented by other positive attributes such as amazing style, speed, and performance.

The Stephen Curry-endorsed Vivo V5 Plus is equipped with the most advanced selfie technology to date. 

With its 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Qualcom Snapdragon 625 processor, and Funtouch 3.0 OS, you can be sure that this Vivo phone has superior power and efficiency.

The Vivo V5 Plus also has a long-lasting battery, at 3160 mAh, and a fast-charging feature. Thus, you never have to worry about your phone running out of juice.

With the world’s first 20-megapixel dual front camera, Vivo V5 Plus can produce high-definition selfies better than the average smartphone

With an ultra-slim bezel technology, the Vivo V5 Plus is light and handy, making the act of selfie-taking even easier.

With all these and more, the Vivo V5 Plus truly has the most advanced selfie technology to date. And, as a welcome bonus, the newest Vivo phone is priced at only P19,990.

No doubt, the V5 Plus deserves the ‘perfect selfie phone’ title.

For inquiries about Vivo V5 Plus, visit the Vivo website at, or check out their Facebook (, Instagram ( and Twitter ( accounts. #

1according to International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker (;jsessionid=7595C1498F4F0FBF496CC767E273121B)

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