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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

HUAWEI AppGallery celebrates its third anniversary with fans in the Philippines

To celebrate the third anniversary of HUAWEI AppGallery, the world’s third largest app market, HUAWEI has been hosting several gift raffles for old and new HUAWEI AppGallery users since June! The celebration culminated in a Grand Raffle Draw of a brand-new Toyota Innova 2.8G DSL A/T car — hosted in epic fashion at the SM Mega Fashion Hall last August 27, 2022!

Celebrating HUAWEI AppGallery’s achievements with the fans who made it possible

It was an incredibly joyful event, as HUAWEI thanked their Filipino community for helping HUAWEI AppGallery swiftly become one of the global top 3 app marketplaces! Several game and activity booths were set up in the hall, from hosted quizzes on AppGallery to scavenger hunts for items in the area, with opportunities to win prizes and learn more about AppGallery offerings. Special performances from Hubient and flash mobs kept audiences entertained in between AppGallery demonstrations and talks, keeping the energy high!


At the end of the event, HUAWEI finally announced the winners of the Grand Raffle Draw — raffling off a Toyota Innova 2.8G DSL A/T, HUAWEI P50 Pro, and MatePad Pro 12.6! The grand prize winner who brought home a car was Mr. Kimberly Tagayuna, a loyal HUAWEI user who was absolutely ecstatic and surprised at the gift. HUAWEI Philippines’ Senior Operations Manager, Michael Wang, proudly presented him with the keys.


Glimpsing the future of HUAWEI AppGallery, made for HUAWEI fans

As HUAWEI AppGallery continues to grow, there will be many more opportunities for loyal customers to win with the brand. As one of the top 3 app marketplaces globally, it serves more than 580 million monthly active users across over 170 countries and regions. In addition to AppGallery, users can also enjoy a comprehensive and seamless digital experience through more Huawei native apps such as the navigation app Petal Maps and search engine Petal Search to meet their daily needs. Users can also enjoy the various catalogues of books, music and video offered in HUAWEI Books, HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Video apps respectively to wind down after a busy day. 


Besides all the usual options like social media apps such as TikTok and Snapchat, AppGallery is jam-packed with options for all your possible needs. It has video editing apps like CapCut and Picsart Photo Editor for content creators. Shoppers can easily browse on Lazada and Shopee apps. Gamers can enjoy options like Mobile Legend Bang Bang or Clash of Clans at a click. Essential tools such as WPS Office or Microsoft Office are also available on AppGallery to create and access files in varying formats such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and more. All files and notes can then be backed up in HUAWEI Mobile Cloud to enable users to conveniently access their files from multiple devices.


AppGallery is constantly being updated with new apps and better user experiences as well! For example, the incredibly popular MIR4 game is coming to AppGallery this August! And for all your online payments, GCash will also now be available. For Globe sim holders, Globe One will also be available through AppGallery. Partners representing these applications also attended the event to directly engage with HUAWEI users and encourage them to try the apps out on AppGallery. There are also many opportunities to enjoy promos and benefits on top local app brands like Globe One every so often with HUAWEI!


If you’ve not yet explored the incredible AI-enhanced Huawei ecosystem and the richness of AppGallery, there has never been a better time than now. Join the Huawei community and win amazing prizes, in addition to all the frequent and regular benefits that already come with AppGallery!


To stay updated on the latest promos and devices, visit Huawei Philippines’ official pages on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Ariel Moms have hit back at the ‘Bye Uniform’ trend with a trend of their own


This back-to-school season, the latest “Bye Uniform” trend of moms hopelessly throwing away their kids’ uniforms has gotten netizens’ attention!


Jodi Sta Maria:
Denise Laurel:

Yasmien Kurdi:

Dimples Romana:
Mommy Julie:
Mommy Pehpot:


Frustrated, tired, and hopeless – moms feel like there is no solution to removing yellowing on uniforms, so they’re throwing them away in defeat. Other netizens have flooded the comment section with their own similar experiences, empathizing with their fellow moms.


But is removing yellowing from your kid’s uniform really a hopeless case?


The Hows of Paninilaw


Good news is… it’s not! And the solution can actually be found in the laundry aisle of your nearest Supermarket! Yellowing comes from leftover stains and accumulated sweat on fabric that worsen over time if not removed…


Lucky for moms, the NEW Ariel Detox is formulated with Power Boosters that deep cleans at the FIBER level by detoxifying 99.9% of visible stains and hidden impurities! It ensures a deep and complete clean that removes the signs and prevents the yellowing of fabrics, keeping them looking NEW.


From ‘Bye Uniform’ to ‘Bye Paninilaw!’
Empowered by this laundry discovery, many Ariel Moms, led by Dimples Romana have hit back at the ‘Bye Uniform’ trend with a trend of their own. You might have even been nominated for it already—it’s the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw dance challenge.


In this fast-rising TikTok dance trend, moms, together with their kids, challenge their fellow moms to welcome the back-to-school season by saying bye to yellowed uniforms instead with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters. The video ends with a dare to fellow moms to beat yellowing by also participating in the challenge.


Yasmien Kurdi:

Dimples Romana:
Mommy Julie:
Mommy Pehpot:




Thanks to the challenge, the trick to removing yellowing quickly spread among Pinoy moms just in time for their kid's first day of school, too, based on their latest posts. On Instagram and Facebook, known metikuloso moms boasted their kid’s pristine white school uniforms as they said hello to the first day of school and bye to paninilaw with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters.

Join the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw Challenge!
More and more moms have accepted the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw challenge. Step up to the challenge and dare your fellow moms to beat yellowing with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters for the chance to win up to 100k cash prizes.


Visit P&G Ariel Shopee and Lazada stores to shop the NEW Ariel Detox. Check out the dance challenge promo mechanics here



Teleperformance (TP) Philippines recently won four awards for its pandemic and nation building efforts

Teleperformance (TP) Philippines recently won four awards for its pandemic and nation building efforts at the recent 19th Philippine Quill Awards organized by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines.


Among the awards Teleperformance received are recognition for four of its efforts – COVID-19 communication portal, 1Question Job Interview Bot, English Communication Webinar Series, and the Teleperformance Molino Recruitment Center Virtual Groundbreaking Event.


Teleperformance received an Award of Merit for the COVID-19 Employee Communication Microsite, a bespoke communications hub launched in the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines. The program resulted in a high rate of employee compliance to TP’s Health & Safety protocols onsite resulting in zero to minimally remote cases of infections onsite. They were also able to continue operations of all their 22 sites despite various degrees of lockdown and Community Quarantine classifications, most of which have been given the Safety Seal certification by local government and health agencies.

Meanwhile, TP also received an Award of Merit for the 1Q TPbot, also known as TP-in-3. It is the world’s first Smart 1Question Job Interview Bot and is a streamlined social and mobile recruitment bot on Facebook Messenger. This bot was created to help continue Teleperformance’s hiring process after the COVID-19 pandemic and the succeeding lockdown halted operations nationwide. In three easy steps – register, verify, interview – applicants were able to complete the interview process in a matter of minutes all found in a convenient gamified and challenging content on Facebook Messenger, resulting in approximately 35,000 completed automated interviews in just 7.5 months and a total of over 9,500 Filipinos hired in just a month.


As a response to the need for upskilling amid the pandemic, Teleperformance also launched the English Communication Webinar Series, which received an Award of Merit. The series provided free virtual English lessons on the company’s Facebook page for people looking to add and improve their skills through basic English topics such as pronunciation and accent, grammar and vocabulary, thought organization and coherence, and written communication. The series garnered nearly 33,000 attendees on Zoom and Facebook Live, over 727,000 Facebook offline viewers across its 18 seasons from April 2020 to October 2021, and received overwhelming positive feedback from attendees.


Lastly, TP also received an Award of Merit for the Teleperformance Molino Recruitment Center Virtual Groundbreaking Event. Amid the pandemic and rising unemployment in the country, Teleperformance opened its 22nd business site with the theme “Brave New Horizon” marking a new milestone and brave new venture from the company. The special event was graced by key government and industry partners and highlighted how Teleperformance Philippines continues to innovate and blaze trails, therefore contributing to the overall regional growth and economic recovery of the country.


“As a people company, these initiatives were a way for Teleperformance to give back not only to our employees but to Filipinos in need during the pandemic. Moving forward, we will continue to put our employees’ health and safety at the forefront of our operations as we continue to bounce back from the pandemic,” shared Teleperformance Philippines Chief Operations Officer Joey Marquez.


Teleperformance Philippines was recently certified Great Place to Work® for the 5th consecutive year and is the largest employer in the country to receive the certification. Through their various employee engagement programs including their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, TP is able to maintain an inclusive workplace for all that prioritizes overall employee welfare and safety.


They currently employ around 56,000 employees nationwide and is looking to expand to the countryside to bring more career opportunities to more Filipinos. Recently, they also launched their 23rd business site in Ilocos Norte that follows a completely work-from-home model.


To learn more about Teleperformance, visit the Teleperformance website at


HBO premieres two thrillers, The Protégé and Last Night in Soho


This month, HBO premieres two thrillers, The Protégé and Last Night in Sohowhile all-new seasons of The Cleaning LadyDC’sStargirl and Young Sheldon return on Warner TV. Cartoon Network presents two brand-new series premiere – Monkie Kid brings us MK, a young boy who discovers the Monkey King’s staff and finds himself on a mission to defeat evil, and Mumfiea young elephant with the best intentions. To top it off, celebrate Batman Day with the best of the Caped Crusader’s films and animated series on HBO, HBO GO and Cartoon Network!

Killer instincts and mystery on HBO and HBO GO

The Protégé

Premieres Saturday, September 10 on HBO and HBO GO

Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody and trained in the family business, Anna is the world’s most skilled contract killer. But when Moody the man who was like a father to her and taught her everything she needs to know about trust and survival is brutally killed, Anna vows revenge. As she becomes entangled with an enigmatic killer whose attraction to her goes way beyond cat and mouse, their confrontation turns deadly and the loose ends of a life spent killing will weave themselves ever tighter. Stars Samuel L. Jackson, Maggie Q and Michael Keaton.

Last Night in Soho

Premieres Saturday, September 24 on HBO and HBO GO

In this psychological thriller by acclaimed director Edgar Wright, Eloise an aspiring fashion designer, is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer, Sandie. But the glamour is not all it appears to be, and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker. Stars Thomasin McKenzie and Anya Taylor Joy.


Family matters on Warner TV

DC's Stargirl Season 3

Premieres Thursday, September 1 on Warner TV 

Follow high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she inspires an unlikely group of young heroes to stop the villains of the past. This new drama reimagines Stargirl and the very first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, in an unpredictable series that focuses on the character that started creator Geoff Johns' career as a comic book writer when he created her in 1999. Stars Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, and Anjelika Washington.

The Cleaning Lady Season 2

Premieres Tuesday, September 20 on Warner TV

A whip-smart Cambodian doctor comes to the U.S. for medical treatment to save her ailing son, but when the system fails and pushes her into hiding, she refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. Instead, she becomes a cleaning lady for organized crime, using her cunning and intelligence to forge her own path in the criminal underworld. Stars Elodie Yung, Adan Canto, Oliver Hudson, Martha Millan and Sean Lew. 

Young Sheldon Season 6

Premieres Friday, September 30 on Warner TV

It isn't easy growing up in East Texas when you’re a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science in a land where church and football are king. As a vulnerable, gifted and somewhat naïve Sheldon deals with the world, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him.His father struggles with a son he doesn't understand while his mother fiercely protects and nurtures her son in a town where he just doesn't fit in. Sheldon's older brother, Georgie, does the best he can in high school, but it's tough to be cool when you're in the same classes with your odd 9-year-old brother. Finally, there's Sheldon's twin sister, Missy, who sometimes resents all the attention Sheldon gets, but also remains the one person who can reliably tell Sheldon the truth. Stars Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Annie Potts, Montana Jordan and Raegan Revord.


Fun adventures and escapades on Cartoon Network


Monkie Kid

Premieres Saturday, September 3 on Cartoon Network

A young boy named MK, who is obsessed with the old legends, discovers Monkey King’s staff that was left on top of a hill to imprison the Demon Bull King. When the Demon Bull King is released, MK must go on a journey of self-discovery to become the hero this generation needs. Through trials and tribulations, MK will discover new powers, responsibilities, and ways of defeating the villains in this futuristic world.


Premieres Saturday, September 24 on Cartoon Network 

Meet Cartoonito’s Mumfie, a beautifully optimistic young elephant, and his best friends Pinkey and Jelly Bean! In the intriguing episode ‘The Three Promises’, Mumfie is sure he can keep all three promises to his friends, but for how long? Then in ‘Incredible Jelly Bean’, Jelly Bean tells everyone that he can speak every language in the world. Also check out ‘A Little Joke’ where it is Neighbours Day and Mumfie and his friends are busy preparing the festivities, but they are plagued by a mysterious joker who has decided to disrupt the preparations.


Celebrate Batman Day on HBO, HBO GO and Cartoon Network


The Batman 

Premieres Saturday, September 17 on HBO  

Set in his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler. The star-studded ensemble of Gotham's famous and infamous cast of characters includes Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell. Stream The Batman on HBO GO.

Batman Day Programming Stunt 

From Saturday-Sunday, September 16 – 17 on HBO GO

Grab some popcorn and spend your weekend with the Caped Crusader through Seasons 1 and 2 of Batman: The Animated Series on September 16. Not to be missed are also some of the very best crime-fighting action from The BatmanZack Snyder’s Justice LeagueBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Dark Knight on September 17, all streaming on HBO GO.

Animated Action

On Saturday, September 17 on Cartoon Network

Enjoy an epic Batman marathon of LEGO Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite, Lego DC Batman: Family Matters, Batman: The Brave And The Bold, and Justice League Action.


Channel numbers for your reference:

·       Cartoon Network: Cignal: Ch. 74 (SD), Ch. 220 (HD), Sky Cable: Ch. 43 (SD), Ch. 178 (HD)

·       Boomerang: Cignal: Ch. 76, Sky Cable: Ch. 42

·       Warner TV: Cignal Ch. 235 and Sky Cable Ch. 34 (SD) and Ch. 197 (HD)

·       HBO: Cignal: Ch. 53 (SD), Ch. 210 (HD), Sky Cable: Ch. 54 (SD) and Ch. 168 (HD)


Subscribe to HBO GO online at or the mobile app via the App Store or Play StoreOr access HBO GO via CignalGlobe and SkycableHBO GO is also available on Android TV, Apple TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV – and comes with AirPlay and Google Cast functionality.


Look forward to a more rewarding and exciting shopping experience this 9.9 with ₱1 deals

Shopee has officially launched the start of its year-end shopping season, and this year, the e-commerce platform is giving Filipinos even more reasons to check out. From Mas Mura Sa Shopee* offers, to an exciting new game that will surely thrill shoppers and not-to-miss entertainment, here are what users can expect this 9.9 Super Shopping Day: 



1. Discover Mas Mura Sa Shopee deals from August 26 to September 11 

Grab a wide range of ₱1 deals on your daily essentials and trending products by visiting the “₱1 Deals” page. Enjoy even bigger discounts when you claim free shipping with no minimum spend that you can use on your 9.9 Super Shopping Day buys.


Shopee is also the perfect place to score your favorite brand products at irresistible deals, with thousands of brands offering exclusive discounts up to 90%. Shoppers can look forward to  special offers and storewide discounts from leading brands such as P&G, Olay, OPPO, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Pedigree, Garnier, Huawei, Adidas, Xiaomi, POCO, Ace Hardware, Uni-Care, Abbott, GameXtreme, Belo, INSPI, and more.


The countdown to one of Shopee’s biggest sale events starts as early as August 30, where users can look forward to daily deals on featured categories. Mark your calendars to score irresistible discounts during these sale days: 


      August 30 Payday Sale for your end of the month shopping with free shipping with no minimum spend, 10% off vouchers, and earn 120 coins cashback per bill payment when you use ShopeePay

      Discover trending gadgets at Shopee-exclusive prices from well-loved brands such as Philips, 70mai & Han River at the Gadget Zone Day & Home Tech Day

      Spruce up your personal space at the Home & Living Day

      Enjoy huge savings on your parenting needs at the Babies & Kids Day

      Stock up on your home essentials at the Grocery Bestsellers Day

      Update your wardrobe like a true fashionista at the Bags & Accessories Day and Apparel & Shoes Day


Beyond unbeatable deals on essential items and trending products, the 9.9 Super Shopping Day offers Filipinos greater value for money when they use ShopeePay. This September 9, enjoy even more rewards and mas muraperks when you pay bills, buy load, and buy from offline merchants using Shopee’s integrated mobile wallet:

      Activate and verify your ShopeePay for a chance to get free ₱70

      Settle your bills from Meralco, Maynilad, Converge, and more to earn up to 120 coins cashback per bill category

      For only ₱1, get 1GB all-access data to your favorite sites and apps, available on all networks

      For as low as ₱1, get up to 20% discount vouchers that you can use to pay at ShopeePay’s partner merchants such as Potato Corner, Gong Cha and Wendy’s on September 9



2. Win up to ₱1 million with 9.9 ShopeePay Shop & Win and more

Until September 9, get a chance to win ₱1 million with the all-new 9.9 ShopeePay Shop & Win. To join, you need to purchase on the Shopee app and claim the code from September 1 to 9 to be eligible for the draw. Viewers of the draws leading up to September 9 also stand a chance to win exciting prizes with Guess to Win, a daily in-app game that rewards one lucky viewer with ₱10,000 cash via ShopeePay. 


Start testing your luck when you tune in to the 9.9 Shopee Budol Live, happening until September 4, for a chance to win up to ₱50,000 when you play the Shopee Live version of the 9.9 ShopeePay Shop & Win game. 


3. Watch the 9.9 Super Shopping Day TV Special and bring home exciting prizes 

Be treated to an evening of entertaining performances from local stars such as Shopee’s own Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, Primetime King Ding Dong Dantes, Michael V, Carla Abellana, Bianca Umali, Victor Anastacio, Luane Dy, Ken Chan, Tuesday Vargas, Sanya Lopez, Rodjun Cruz, Sef Cadayona, Zack Tabudlo, Zephanie, Jessica Villarubin, and more during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day TV Special this September 9, 9:35 PM on GMA 7 and Shopee Live.


Exciting prizes are up for grabs, as lucky viewers who play Shopee Shake during the TV Special stand a chance to win up to 50,000 and a House & Lot from Lumina Homes. A total of ₱1 million cash from Shopee and Uratex,500,000 worth of Uratex products, and a brand new MG ZS Crossover SUV also await the winners of 9.9 ShopeePay Shop & Win during the show.


Visit the 9.9 Super Shopping Day for more information. 

Metrobank Offers Exclusive Perks for Booklovers at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2024

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