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Monday, August 15, 2022

Devant's VIDAA has simplified watching TV – options are just one button away

Watching television these days can be stressful and complicated – several apps need to be downloaded, multiple buttons to press, hundreds of channels to scroll through. And for the technologically-challenged, this can result in getting lost and frustrated amidst all the options.


Through its operating system VIDAA, Devant has simplified watching TV – options are just one button away – and has ensured a safe viewing environment.


Easy to use

Thanks to VIDAA, Devant TVs are easy to use. A voice button enables users to “speak” to their TV sets and get the content they want to watch.


Its remote provides one touch access, where users can go to their favorite apps and live TV channels with one press of a button.


Those who wish to use their smartphones to control their Devant TVs can download the VIDAA app to do so. With the VIDAA Smart Remote app, they can also access applications straight from their smartphones.


The TV interface is also user-friendly. Users can play videos directly from the suggested contents from different applications, without going through the apps.


Universal content

Devant TVs can show you the world. It has a rich library of global and local content from over 200+ apps, providing the best and most popular content in any country. Some of its pre-installed applications include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, NBA TV, UEFA TV, Iflix, IwantTFC, iQIYi and WeTV.

Users can do universal search and have direct access across different apps on VIDAA. On VIDAA, there’s no need to go through prime app when searching for content.

Reliable and durable

VIDAA makes watching on Devant TV less complicated. Since it is a cloud-based app, it doesn't require users to download or install apps. The app is run directly from VIDAA's cloud-based store. Content doesn't take up storage space on TV.


Artistic lifestyle

Finally, Devant TVs are not your usual TVs. They can enhance the look of your space at home. With VIDAA ART, Devant TVs can function as art frames showcasing artworks of your favorite artist. Simply set up the screen saver with an artwork of your choice. 


To find out more about the VIDAA as well as other products, check out the Devant website ( Devant products are also available in leading appliance stores nationwide.

Follow Devant on Facebook (, Instagram (, and youtube Devant Official Channel for the latest updates.


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