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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Ariel Moms have hit back at the ‘Bye Uniform’ trend with a trend of their own


This back-to-school season, the latest “Bye Uniform” trend of moms hopelessly throwing away their kids’ uniforms has gotten netizens’ attention!


Jodi Sta Maria:
Denise Laurel:

Yasmien Kurdi:

Dimples Romana:
Mommy Julie:
Mommy Pehpot:


Frustrated, tired, and hopeless – moms feel like there is no solution to removing yellowing on uniforms, so they’re throwing them away in defeat. Other netizens have flooded the comment section with their own similar experiences, empathizing with their fellow moms.


But is removing yellowing from your kid’s uniform really a hopeless case?


The Hows of Paninilaw


Good news is… it’s not! And the solution can actually be found in the laundry aisle of your nearest Supermarket! Yellowing comes from leftover stains and accumulated sweat on fabric that worsen over time if not removed…


Lucky for moms, the NEW Ariel Detox is formulated with Power Boosters that deep cleans at the FIBER level by detoxifying 99.9% of visible stains and hidden impurities! It ensures a deep and complete clean that removes the signs and prevents the yellowing of fabrics, keeping them looking NEW.


From ‘Bye Uniform’ to ‘Bye Paninilaw!’
Empowered by this laundry discovery, many Ariel Moms, led by Dimples Romana have hit back at the ‘Bye Uniform’ trend with a trend of their own. You might have even been nominated for it already—it’s the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw dance challenge.


In this fast-rising TikTok dance trend, moms, together with their kids, challenge their fellow moms to welcome the back-to-school season by saying bye to yellowed uniforms instead with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters. The video ends with a dare to fellow moms to beat yellowing by also participating in the challenge.


Yasmien Kurdi:

Dimples Romana:
Mommy Julie:
Mommy Pehpot:




Thanks to the challenge, the trick to removing yellowing quickly spread among Pinoy moms just in time for their kid's first day of school, too, based on their latest posts. On Instagram and Facebook, known metikuloso moms boasted their kid’s pristine white school uniforms as they said hello to the first day of school and bye to paninilaw with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters.

Join the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw Challenge!
More and more moms have accepted the #ByePaninilawPutiLitaw challenge. Step up to the challenge and dare your fellow moms to beat yellowing with Ariel Detox with Power Boosters for the chance to win up to 100k cash prizes.


Visit P&G Ariel Shopee and Lazada stores to shop the NEW Ariel Detox. Check out the dance challenge promo mechanics here



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