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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Bio-Science Skincare: Made for Asian skin with uniquely Asian ingredients

If youre still looking for a quality and affordable skincare nowadays. Then you should try the Bio Science skincare variants which was launched at the SM Makati recently. There are 4 variants available for Filipina skin like Bio-Water, Bio-White, Bio-Gold and Bio-Renew. 

I might give the Bio-Renew a try as part of my anti-aging regimen, as I am still finishing my last bottle from a high-end skincare brand. I was just surprised that their products start at P399 a piece. Yes, you read it right. Its way affordable for a skin care regimen.

Bio Science skincare brand in South east Asia, was formally launched on Thursday, February 27th, 2020, at SM Makati. The event introduced several of Bio-Science’s product lines to women in Metro Manila. The launch was attended by Neeraj Khatri, CEO of Wipro Splash Corporation, Philippines, Thailand, and Indo-China,  together with Ms. Vicci Tomas, COO of Splash Corporation

As the number-one skincare brand of choice for women in Southeast Asia, there was a lot of excitement surrounding the Philippine launch of Bio-Science on February 27th, 2020, at SM Makati.In addition, interactive exhibits were set up all around the venue that allowed guests to try samples from Bio-Science’s collection. 

Introducing Bio-Science
First launched in Singapore as Bio-Essence in 2001, Bio-Science has become the most trusted skincare line of choice for women in several countries in Southeast Asia. Bio-Science’s products are developed with Bio Energy Complex. Created through years of extensive research, Bio Energy Complex stimulates the skin’s ability to repair, renew, and replenish itself. Bio-Science’s diverse line of skincare products are formulated with Bio Energy Complex and unique Asian ingredients to make the skin feel healthier, younger, and radiant.

Bio-Science launched in the Philippines with four introductory ranges that cater to Filipinas of various age groups:

(Perfect for Filipinas ages 18+)
Designed for women with sensitive skin, Bio-Water deeply moisturizes the skin to leave a smooth and supple texture.
Core Ingredients
Hyaluronic Acid – A substance naturally produced by the body, hyaluronic acid continuously hydrates the skin and increases illumination. 
Niacinamide – A form of Vitamin B-3 that stimulates the body’s natural production of keratin and ceramide, which protects the skin and retains moisture. 

(Perfect for Filipinas ages 20+)
Bio-White is highly regarded across Southeast Asia for providing a fair, rosy complexion that complements the skin tones of Asian women. 
Core Ingredients
Camellia –  Known as the “Rose of Winter”, Camellia is a rich antioxidant that moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin from the inside out.  
Tanaka Tree Bark Extract – A traditional ingredient in skin whitening and moisturizing for over 2,000 years, Tanaka is regarded as Myanmar’s best kept secret. 
Arbutin – An extract retrieved from bearberry, Arbutin naturally revitalizes and radiates the skin.

(Perfect for Filipinas ages 25+)
Bio-Gold is Bio-Science’s flagship range in the Philippines. The collection harnesses the power of 24K gold to protect the skin against visible signs of aging.
Core Ingredient 
24K Gold – A powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. In addition, 24K Gold boosts skin illumination and radiance.

(Perfect for Filipinas ages 30+)
A collection developed for the needs of women ages 30 and above, Bio-Renew restores the skin’s ability to repair itself once moisture and nutrients are gradually lost from aging. 
Core Ingredients
Royal Jelly – Contains a high concentration of nutrients that nourish the skin and enhance cell renewal.
Fermented Rice – Carries powerful nutrients that enhance clarity and illumination.   

“We identified that specialized solutions for Filipina women were missing from the local market,” shares Neeraj Khatri. “We decided to enter the Philippine market and fulfill the gap by providing women in the Philippines with access to a range of products that are specifically made to meet their skincare needs.”
Experience the Power of Bio-Science

Made for Asian skin with uniquely Asian ingredients, Bio-Science is the leading skincare brand of choice for women all over Southeast Asia. Experience the power of Bio Energy Complex through Bio-Science’s diverse line of luxury skincare products. Bio-Science is now available at all Watson’s Drugstores Nationwide. Prices start at just PHP 399.00 (SRP)!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Get a taste of Kuya J’s new Lechon Baka

There is a new bida coming to Kuya J that will surely level up your next salo-salo!

Tender, flavorful, and juicy, Kuya J’s newest salo-salo star offers a delectable dining experience. A smoky hunk of grilled meat is a staple in Filipino gatherings making Kuya J Lechon Baka a must-try for all barbeque lovers. Whether you want to eat it as it is or with its complementary sides, you will surely enjoy this treat because of its spice, succulence, and value for money.

Available in all Kuya J stores nationwide, this new delicious offering allows diners to enjoy a full and heavy slab of meat covered in lip-smacking barbeque sauce and char-grilled to perfection. Every bite of the Kuya J Lechon Baka is bursting with the right amount of sweet and tangy flavors leaving you wanting for more.

Diners can choose from three variants: 

The Lechon Baka Salo for P1,199 which comes with a full slab of beef and kamote fries; 

Lechon Baka Solo for P499 which is the one slab with kamote fries and 2 cups of rice; and another 

Lechon Baka Solo for P449 which is also one slab but comes with kamote fries only.

Satisfy your barbeque cravings and visit a Kuya J restaurant near you to enjoy Kuya J LechonBaka!

For more information, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @kuyajresto.

Casa de Memoria to hold auction with fine European antiquities

Palacio de Memoria's auction house, Casa de Memoria, or simply the Casa, will be holding Primero, an auction that will feature a curated selection of rare Euro-Filipino treasures, on March 21, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at Palacio de Memoria, 95 Roxas Boulevard, Parañaque City. 

Among the coveted antiquities to be sold is the rare map, “Islas Filipinas,” by mapmakers Francisco Coello and Antonio Morata. 

Other auction items include a collection of decorative art, silver, crystals, memorabilia, and ivory with ethical provenance. Photo shows Gallé Vase by French glass artist Émile Gallé.

PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro turns over grand prize to Teacher Mary Jean Libot

Hailing from Marikina City, 26-year old Mary Jean Libot takes home an 8-seater Gratour Van from PLDT-Smart Foundation’s Gabay Guro and Foton. 

Standing 3rd from left is Libot. She is joined by her brother Christian Libot and her mother Violita Libot. 

LexMeet APP provides easier access to legal help

LexMeet APP is a very handy tool for everyday people looking for easier access to legal aid. Whether its personal, family, business or documentation problems. LexMeet is there to help you. Downloading is as easy as 1,2,3. The app is available to android and iOS users.

How to start online consultation in LexMeet?

Step 1: First, download LexMeet on App Store or Google Play Store; or visit website 

Step 2: Sign Up and create a profile

Step 3: After creating a profile, one can seek legal advice by providing their legal needs details using the Submit Legal Problem button.  Client needs to have sufficient credits needed to have a consultation with a lawyer. 

Lexmeet Registration is free. To consult with a lawyer, a minimum of Php 500 or 500 credits is needed.  Php 50 for every use of Lawyers List provided by LexMeet. If you will “Talk Again” to the same lawyer for the next consultation, Lawyers List fee is free. 

The online legal consultation via video conference is on a per minute basis equivalent to Php35 per minute. 

There are three (3) payment gateway options to choose from:
Dragon Pay (Online Banking, OTC/ATM Banks, Remittance Centers, GCash)

Mega Global signed partnership with LexMeet the first legal solutions mobile app in the Philippines last Feb 26 at Prime Hotel, QC.  It was attended by Mega Global CEO William Tiu Lim, LexMeet Founder and President Atty. Marlon Valderama and colleagues.

Legal problems that are not readily resolved usually end up being bigger problems.  But many Filipinos who need legal help often feel helpless as getting a trustworthy lawyer is a luxury they cannot afford. Not to mention the proliferation of fake attorneys in social media that victimizes clients in dire need of legal service.

At present, approximately 80% of legal problems in the Philippines do not receive legal assistance based on the World Justice Project Report. Filipinos, specially OFWs and PWDs, find it extremely troublesome to deal with legal issues in the Philippines because they think it’s inconvenient, expensive, and intimidating to deal with legal issues at a lawyer’s office.  

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are also in need of legal assistance also lack access to affordable legal help. 

Michael Tiu Lim, Vice President for Operations, Mega Global Corporation
Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Vice President for Finance, Mega Global Corporation
Monica Hipolito-Aguilar, Co-Executive Producer, The Final Pitch
John Aguilar, Executive Producer and Host, The Final Pitch
William Tiu Lim, President & CEO, Mega Global Corporation
Atty. Marlon Valderama, Founder and President, LexMeet, Inc. 
Rigie Fernandez, Vice President for Marketing and Design, LexMeet, Inc. 
Gino Carlo Cortez, Vice President for Technology, LexMeet, Inc. 

This dilemma can now be solved in just a click with LexMeet- the first legal solutions mobile app in the Philippines that aims to bridge the gap between clients and lawyers.  With just a click of the LexMeet APP on a smartphone or a computer, LexMeet can give you quick access to legal services that are both competent and affordable.  

LexMeet gives Filipinos online legal service accessibility anytime, anywhere so clients can receive legal advice, legal documents and legal remedies online, at their own convenience.  LexMeet creates legal tech products that allow clients and lawyers the ability to complete an entire legal case, from assessment to execution of judgment.

LexMeet’s three new products are grouped into Assist, Consult, and Everyday Law.

  ASSIST – a FREE legal crowdsourcing platform for initial assessment of a client’s legal problem. This is where a client could determine if he/she really needs a lawyer or if he/she really has a case to file in court or not.

CONSULT- a PREPAID online legal consultation platform using video conference with lawyer-client matching algorithm. Clients can comfortably request the date and time of the online legal consultation with the lawyer. They meet the selected lawyer face-to-face in LexMeet’s own video chat consultation platform where they could directly ask questions and make clarifications as well as upload additional documents for review. The lawyer chosen is informed in advance of the client’s legal problem with the attached documents. Follow-up legal consultation can be conveniently made by the client and/or they can easily arrange for another lawyer’s second opinion or advice. 

EVERYDAY LAW- FREE legal information and knowledge through blogs/vlogs.
Lawyers also benefit from LexMeet because it gives them a chance to reach a larger market and improve their individual standing.

LexMeet’s latest data as of February 13, 2020 shows a total number of 29,784 clients served by a pool of 452 lawyers solving a total number of 26,525 legal problems.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Stelton Dermascience BGC introduces Holistic Pod for slimming and relaxation

Stelton Dermascience, known for its affordable and sustainable beauty and skin care services using the most recent innovations and state-of-the-art technology, has once again upped the ante in holistic wellness solutions with the Holistic Pod. Also called H-Pod, it is exclusively found in their branch at One BHS Mall in BGC.

The H-pod is a health, beauty, and wellness machine which does not only deliver skin rejuvenation and anti-aging properties, but also improves both physical and mental performance with regular use. 

A 30-minute session can free the body of excess water and toxins and can aid in slimming and relaxation.  Clients (especially those with a sedentary lifestyle) are advised to have daily sessions. If the goal is to lose weight, having at least 3 to 4 times sessions a week for consecutive 4 weeks is recommended. 

Finally, for those who wish to improve their overall body wellness, sessions for two to three times weekly on a regular basis is ideal.

The H-Pod experience is comfortable and relaxing because of the optional vibrating massage and the fragrant aromatic experience. LED light emitted by the pod helps make skin look younger by enhancing collagen production that helps tighten skin. 

The H-pod uses Himalayan salt crystals that promote overall wellness and healing. While doing the procedure, clients can comfortably watch a movie or listen to their favorite music. 

The machine is also an effective method for detoxification, muscle toning, stress relief, pain and muscle soreness management. It does not only work on your body on the outside but improves overall blood circulation, promotes faster healing and recovery of body cells, and boosts the immune system.

The H-Pod can be combined with S-Body Contouring.  It can also be used with MesoShrink or UlthraBody HIFU to help eliminate unwanted body fat faster. 

Until February 29, 2020, Stelton Dermascience is offering an introductory promo of 10 sessions of  H-Pod & S-Body Contouring for only P20K (from original price of P50K). 

To inquire and book an appointment, pls call (09778555769 / 0279177640).  
Stelton Dermascience’s other branch is located at Ayala North Exchange, Makati City.

Follow Stelton Dermascience on FB, like it on IG: steltondermascience.   

Essilor gives its fullest commitment to continue supporting CEU

Essilor recently launched the Essilor Sight Center at the Centro Escolar University in Manila last February 26 at the 2nd floor of CEU’s School of Optometry. The center is a training facility with the latest eye care equipment for the use of the university’s Optometry students.  

The launch was attended by CEU president and chief academic officer Dr. Ma. Cristina Padolina, Top Essilor executives led by Essilor AMERA & Digital president Bernhard Neusser,  Essilor ASEAN & KOREA president Kathy Park joined the inauguration rites together with Essilor Philippines general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda.  

The Essilor Sight Center also features  four refraction rooms, a lecture area, and a dispensing area. These have been designed to  give students a hands-on experience in doing eye  exams and dispensing eye glasses to patients, with equipment that include Essilor advanced measuring devices for Presbyopia among many others.  

“We’re very grateful to Essilor for reaching out to the academe and supporting the training of aspiring eye doctors here at CEU. This facility is truly a boost to the training of our students to prepare them to become skilled optometrists in the near future,” said CEU president and chief academic officer Dr. Ma. Cristina Padolina. 

Top executives of Essilor flew in to grace the inauguration. Essilor AMERA & Digital president Bernhard Neusser and Essilor ASEAN & KOREA president Kathy Park joined the inauguration rites together with Essilor Philippines general manager Dr. Emelita Roleda.  

The partnership, according to Neusser, is part of the company’s global thrust to support the training of future eye doctors. “We at Essilor are driven by our mission – to improve lives by improving sight. We do our best to reach out to the 2.7 million across the globe that need eye correction because for us, quality eye care is for everyone. We believe this Essilor Sight Center is a very sound investment that will help us attain that mission by supporting the training of future optometrists.” 

Now, more than ever, there is an urgent and growing need for  highly competent eye care professionals. “Through this partnership, you have given us the opportunity to help in the training of future eye professionals who can provide world-class eye care services to the growing number of patients worldwide,” said Essilor ASEAN & KOREA president Kathy Park.

Finally, Dr. Roleda emphasized the importance of having found the right partner in CEU.   

“Optometry graduates of CEU consistently turn out to be among the top eye care practitioners in the country. We are grateful that with the opening of the Essilor Sight Center, we can now be part of their excellent education and help strengthen this even further with the equipment and facility that are now at their disposal as well as by providing them with hands-on training and access to the Essilor Academy training module. Essilor gives its fullest commitment to continue supporting CEU and our future eye doctors.”  

Essilor has always been in the forefront of providing world-class products for vision correction, prevention, and protection. It continues to deliver numerous initiatives to provide quality vision care for all.

For more than 170 years, Essilor has dominated the market with its world-class flagship brands including Varilux, Crizal, Crizal Transitions, Crizal Eyezen, and Xperio. It continues to innovate its products and spearhead initiatives that will allow it to ensure the visual health of 7.7 billion people worldwide. 

To learn more about the partnership and Essilor, visit

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

5 reasons why you should be on TikTok!

Be part of the new craze—watch and share your own entertaining videos on TikTok!

Are you on TikTok?
If not, you’re missing a whole lot! A lot of trending and viral videos you’re seeing on the internet are all coming from this popular new app—and what’s even better is you can join the fun by watching or sharing your own videos on TikTok!

Here are five reasons to download TikTok:
1. You can share your talents with the rest of the world!
You can make videos of anything on TikTok—as in anything! Singing, lipsyncing, dancing, acting, DIY, comedy, or just being cool, you can do anything on-cam and upload it all on TikTok! The more you upload, the more people will watch your vids!
2. You might go viral!
Who knows, you might be the next viral star to come out of the Philippines! Imagine—you go viral, and you might even be the next showbiz star!
3. Bye-bye, FOMO!
Did you know that your friends and family are already on TikTok? You might be the last one left behind! You don’t want to have FOMO, right? That’s why you should download the app!
4. Bond with friends and family over videos!
You might have noticed that a lot of TikTok videos are usually friends or family—you can bond with them by either watching or making your own silly and funny videos!
5. Because it’s just fun!
Whether you’re watching or making your own videos on TikTok, one thing’s for sure: it’s just plain fun! That’s why a lot of people are on Tiktok—because it’s super entertaining!

Watch and upload your own fun videos on TikTok nonstop with TNT GIGA STORIES 50 on TNT’s high-speed mobile network powered by Smart LTE! Get 1 GB of FB, IG, and TikTok every day for three days plus 1 GB of open-access data. Just dial *123# on your phone and choose GIGA STORIES 50 to subscribe!

TNT’s high-speed network is powered by Smart LTE, the country’s undisputed fastest mobile internet, as awarded by third-party organizations such as Ookla, OpenSignal, Tutela, and P3 in their respective crowd-source-based studies on mobile internet services in the Philippines.

For more details on TNT’s Giga promos, visit, like TNTph on Facebook, and follow @tntph on Instagram and Twitter.

Join the #DanceAwesome Challenge and get a chance to win brand new SAMSUNG Galaxy A71

Be one of the three lucky groups to win the latest addition to the A-series lineup, the SAMSUNG Galaxy A71, by joining in the #DanceAwesome social media challenge! Just simply create your fun, creative, and awesome version of the #DanceAwesome video on your FACEBOOK account. 

Here are the #DanceAwesome mechanics:
1. Form a group of 3-4 members, with at least 1 media person (to be verified by EON), for the #DanceAwesome video challenge.
2. Together, create your own fun #DanceAwesome video following Samsung’s Galaxy A: how to #DanceAwesome video tutorial on Youtube. 
*Kindly see attached deck for links to the sample videos
*Kindly also see attached Sound Files for the AWESOME theme 
3. Upload your video on Facebook and make sure to set your post as public.
4, Entries should use the hashtags #DanceAwesome, #GalaxyA71PH, and #TeamGalaxy and tag Samsung Philippines in your post in order to be eligible to join the contest.
5. Deadline for entries is extended until March 4, 2020 and announcement of winners is on March 6, 2020.
6. The three best teams overall will bring home Galaxy A71 units!

1st Prize - 3x Samsung Galaxy A71
2nd Prize - 2x Samsung Galaxy A71
3rd Prize - 1x Samsung Galaxy A71

Ghie Pangilinan opens 2020 with successful “Skin Magical Learn and Earn Caravan” and Skin Magical Cares

If there is one person who knows how to start the new year with a bang, it is Ghie Pangilinan, the CEO and the woman who has grown Skin Magical to be the best distributors of beauty products in the country in a period of four short years. 

On the second day of 2020, Pangilinan kicked off the First Skin Magical Caravan in her hometown of Morong, Rizal.  About 150 people took part in the caravan where they learned about Skin Magical, how they could start their own business and how online selling works.

“I really want to share this business with as many people as possible,” Pangilinan said. “I give them tips on how to succeed in this business and I always tell them that they should treat their clients as friends, that they should focus on this business and that they should remain loyal to the brand.”

Pangilinan added that she will never get tired of sharing her story because if it were not for Skin Magical, her husband Jerry might still be an overseas Filipino worker.

“It takes perseverance, determination and a lot of hard work to make it big in the online business,” she said. “You also have to be honest in all your dealings with your partners and clients.”

The highlight of the caravan, which also took place in Quezon City, Bulacan, Pampanga, Caloocan and Laguna for the month of January, was the Live selling portion titled “Gandang Palaban Reseller.” The participants showed off their selling skills and the winners were awarded reseller packages.

The second wave of the Skin Magical Caravan is currently ongoing. For the month of February, the caravan has already made waves in Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Tarlac and Bataan. 

The Skin Magical team took a break from its caravan activities when Taal Volcano erupted last January 12, 2020. Through Skin Magical Cares, the team led by the Pangilinan couple, responded to those in need by conducting relief operations in the towns of Bauan, Tanauan and Alitagtag, all in Batangas. More than 400 families benefitted from the relief operations.

“We know how it feels to be down and out and taking part in relief operations is our way of helping our fellow Filipinos to literally rise up from the ashes of Taal,” Pangilinan said. “There is only one way to go for those who are already down and that way is to go up. We are just doing our share to help them overcome this calamity.”

This year, Pangilinan is scheduled to launch her own book and Skin Magical brochure to be published by ABS-CBN Publishing.

“Please watch out for the launch of my book because I will share with you tips on how to make your own Skin Magical business a success,” she said. “We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Huawei Announces a Range of New 5G Products, Accelerates All-Scenario Seamless AI Life Strategy

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) today hosted a virtual launch in Barcelona, Spain, during which it announced a series of new 5G products and strategy that demonstrate the full capabilities of its all-scenario ecosystem. 

The key products announced include: HUAWEI Mate Xs, an evolution of the foldable device featuring cutting-edge hardware and software; HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G, a flagship 5G tablet that offers a premium all-scenario experience; and HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX3 and HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro 2, two Wi-Fi 6+ enabled connectivity solutions that offer high-speed, pervasive connectivity to consumers. 

In addition, Huawei also unveiled a range of new HUAWEI MateBook laptops. Powered by the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and the Windows operating system, the latest FullView laptops transform the mobile office experience with revolutionary productivity features such as Huawei Share and Multi-screen Collaboration.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, said “Huawei will remain committed to the All-scenario Seamless AI Life strategy. We will continue investing into our edge technologies including chipsets, 5G communications, mobile AI, operating systems, cameras and audio-visual solutions so as to build out our long-term competitive advantages. We are also eager to work with developers globally to catalyse the growth of the all-scenario ecosystem. Together with them, we will elevate the all-scenario experience and take it to new heights.” 

TOGETHER, Connecting Possibilities

At Huawei, the consumer experience always comes first. In that vein, the company has dedicated the past decade cultivating the “1+8+N” ecosystem. Underpinning the ecosystem are Huawei Share and Huawei HiLink, which are the bridges that connect all devices together to deliver a holistic user experience. Besides innovating on the hardware front, Huawei continues to build the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) ecosystem, which is accessible to consumers via the HUAWEI AppGallery.

With the all-scenario hardware and software service platform working in harmony, Huawei delivers a quality user experience where information is shared among connected devices in a seamless fashion across all scenarios. 

2019 was an unconventional year for Huawei. However, Huawei remains a trusted brand among consumers, as evidenced by its strong performance in 2019 with annual revenue surging upwards by 30 per cent to $67 billion. Huawei’s smartphone business surpassed 240 million unit shipments, securing Huawei’s position as the world’s second largest handset manufacturer. Other product categories in the all-scenario ecosystem recorded rapid growth: PC business was up by 200 per cent, wearables up by 173 per cent and wireless audio products were up by 210 per cent.

Experience revolutionised, again: HUAWEI Mate Xs

Representing the next evolution of the foldable form factor, the HUAWEI Mate Xs delivers an improved user experience with a new flexible display manufactured with novel materials and a new hinge to realise the signature Falcon Wing design. 

Equipped with Huawei’s self-developed flagship 5G SoC Kirin 990 5G, the HUAWEI Mate Xs is a complete upgrade featuring improved mobile AI and 5G communications capabilities. 

The Leica SuperSensing Quad Camera makes a return on the HUAWEI Mate Xs. Comprised of a 40MP SuperSensing camera, a 16MP ultra wide angle camera, an 8MP telephoto camera and a 3D Depth Sensing camera, the powerful Leica camera system takes full advantage of with the foldable form factor, playing the role of both front and rear cameras to support wide range of photographic use cases. 

Running on EMUI10.0.1, HUAWEI Mate Xs supports Multi-Window apps that ensure a smarter and more dynamic experience. To expand the range of apps that exploit that full potential of the foldable form factor, Huawei is working collaboratively with global developers to grow the ecosystem. 

Beyond Wi-Fi 6: HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX Series

As a leader in 5G technology, Huawei is one of the main contributors to the formulation of the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Currently, the IEEE 802.11ax standard working group includes five technical experts from Huawei, with one of whom being sitting chairperson of the group. With 260 contributions submitted – accounting for 15 per cent of all submissions – to the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) project, Huawei is the second most prominent contributor to the collaborative industry effort.

Leveraging the synergy between its proprietary chipset and software optimisations, Huawei developed Wi-Fi 6+ based on the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Wi-Fi 6+ supports end-to-end 160MHz channel bandwidth and Huawei’s exclusive dynamic narrowband technology. Combined, these two breakthroughs lead to vastly improved Wi-Fi speeds and signal coverage.

During the virtual launch, Huawei launched Gigahome 650 and Kirin W650, the latest Wi-Fi 6+ chipsets designed for routers and smartphones respectively. The new HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX3 Series is equipped with the Gigahome 650 chipset, which allows it to support dual-band dual-concurrent (DBDC) operation at speeds up to 3000Mbps. When used in conjunction with a Huawei device that also supports Wi-Fi 6+, the HUAWEI Wi-Fi AX3 routers can deliver better signal coverage and speeds exceeding that of Wi-Fi 6 routers.

Huawei also launched the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro 2, a new Wi-Fi 6+CPE that is 30 per cent more compact than its predecessor. Other notable upgrades include the support for up to 11 5G bands and Huawei’s exclusive Super Uplink technology, which greatly improves upload speed and latency. 

Rethink Creativity: HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G
As an important point of entry to the smart ecosystem, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G is designed to synergise with Huawei handsets, wearables and other devices. It serves a key role in the Multi-screen Collaboration feature that delivers a seamless multi-device experience to consumers.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G features a 10.8-inch HD display with support for the cinema-grade DCI-P3 colour gamut. With ultra-thin bezels, it has the world’s highest tablet screen-to-body ratio, at 90 per cent. Embedded in the body of the lightweight tablet, the Kirin 990 5G SoC supports outstanding 5G connectivity while delivering high performance and power efficiency. 

Running EMUI10, the HUAWEI MatePad Pro can be connected to other Huawei smartphones through the Huawei Share Multi-Screen Collaboration feature. Once a connection is established, users can navigate and control both devices on the tablet’s display. 

Multi-screen Collaboration also enables drag-and-drop file transfers between smartphones and tablets. Peripheral sharing lets users type on the smartphone using the tablet’s keyboard and screen, play music saved on the smartphone with the tablet’s speakers and more. HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G supports Multi-Window for displaying up to three apps simultaneously. App Multiplier splits one app instance into two windows, delivering a revolutionary dual-view experience that makes the most out of the landscape orientation.

The HUAWEI MatePad Pro 5G can be paired with the HUAWEI M-Pencil, which supports 4,096 pressure sensitive levels to deliver a natural and intuitive writing experience. HUAWEI Notepad natively supports the Huawei stylus with a new Screen-off Shorthand feature, allowing users to capture their inspiration whenever it strikes.

Huawei also announced the latest HUAWEI MateBook models during the event. The upgraded HUAWEI MateBook X Pro is powered by the 10th Generation Intel Core processors. Available in a new Emerald Green colourway, the latest premium laptop retains the FullView Display design to achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 91 per cent. Meanwhile, the new HUAWEI MateBook D Series joins the HUAWEI MateBook family as a PC targeting younger consumers, offering an innovative smart experience in a design that is signature to the HUAWEI MateBook series.

A new app experience: HUAWEI AppGallery 

To cultivate a fully-fledged ecosystem that will support Huawei devices moving forward, Huawei is gradually opening up its chip-device-cloud capabilities to global developers through HMS. Encompassing all-scenario features, global distribution and lifecycle management capabilities, this ecosystem is a key component in Huawei’s All-scenario Seamless AI Life strategy. 

Currently in its fourth iteration, HMS Core is a collection of tools made for Huawei’s partners and app developers to create unique, new experiences that tap into the full hardware and software capabilities Huawei devices have on offer. By integrating HMS into their apps with HMS Core 4.0, developers can quickly deploy Huawei’s on-device capabilities such as HiAI, distributed technology and camera features on their apps and provide quality experiences to end users.

For instance, Cewe, Europe’s largest photo printing company, has deployed Huawei’s Share Kit to streamline the device pairing process in its offices. The intuitive printing process facilitates quicker production by requiring only a simple tap for Cewe staff to connect a Huawei device with a printer. These experiences are not exclusive to corporate users; HUWAEI AppGallery offers a range of HMS-enabled apps for Huawei device users to enjoy the convenience brought by Huawei’s innovations.

HUAWEI AppGallery also offers Quick Apps, an innovative category of apps made for devices in the 5G era. Developed based on industry standards, Quick Apps requires no installation and uses minimal system memory. Users can just click on these apps to enjoy the smooth interaction and beautiful interfaces as though they were traditional apps. This category is rapidly growing; at present, there are over 1,700 Quick Apps available on the HUAWEI AppGallery. 

In addition to creating apps, Huawei is actively curating quality apps that are popular worldwide to continuously enrich the user experience. To protect users from malicious apps, Huawei has pioneered a full-cycle security and protection system, including developer real-name verification, four-step review process, download and installation protection as well as a prevention mechanism for secure app operation.

With a nine-year track record of app aggregation and development, HUAWEI AppGallery is one of the world’s top three app marketplaces. Speaking about his plans for the HUAWEI AppGallery’s future, Yu remarked: “Moving forward, we will continue expanding our app ecosystem in the HUAWEI AppGallery with hopes to not only create a secure and reliable platform, but also to provide consumers with more choice. The continued success of this thriving ecosystem will remain one of our highest priorities.” 

Huawei is actively engaging with developers of popular apps around the world to grow the app ecosystem. Developers are welcome to be part of this ecosystem, and together with Huawei, work towards bringing a smarter app experience to consumers around the world. 

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