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Friday, February 28, 2020

LexMeet APP provides easier access to legal help

LexMeet APP is a very handy tool for everyday people looking for easier access to legal aid. Whether its personal, family, business or documentation problems. LexMeet is there to help you. Downloading is as easy as 1,2,3. The app is available to android and iOS users.

How to start online consultation in LexMeet?

Step 1: First, download LexMeet on App Store or Google Play Store; or visit website 

Step 2: Sign Up and create a profile

Step 3: After creating a profile, one can seek legal advice by providing their legal needs details using the Submit Legal Problem button.  Client needs to have sufficient credits needed to have a consultation with a lawyer. 

Lexmeet Registration is free. To consult with a lawyer, a minimum of Php 500 or 500 credits is needed.  Php 50 for every use of Lawyers List provided by LexMeet. If you will “Talk Again” to the same lawyer for the next consultation, Lawyers List fee is free. 

The online legal consultation via video conference is on a per minute basis equivalent to Php35 per minute. 

There are three (3) payment gateway options to choose from:
Dragon Pay (Online Banking, OTC/ATM Banks, Remittance Centers, GCash)

Mega Global signed partnership with LexMeet the first legal solutions mobile app in the Philippines last Feb 26 at Prime Hotel, QC.  It was attended by Mega Global CEO William Tiu Lim, LexMeet Founder and President Atty. Marlon Valderama and colleagues.

Legal problems that are not readily resolved usually end up being bigger problems.  But many Filipinos who need legal help often feel helpless as getting a trustworthy lawyer is a luxury they cannot afford. Not to mention the proliferation of fake attorneys in social media that victimizes clients in dire need of legal service.

At present, approximately 80% of legal problems in the Philippines do not receive legal assistance based on the World Justice Project Report. Filipinos, specially OFWs and PWDs, find it extremely troublesome to deal with legal issues in the Philippines because they think it’s inconvenient, expensive, and intimidating to deal with legal issues at a lawyer’s office.  

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are also in need of legal assistance also lack access to affordable legal help. 

Michael Tiu Lim, Vice President for Operations, Mega Global Corporation
Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Vice President for Finance, Mega Global Corporation
Monica Hipolito-Aguilar, Co-Executive Producer, The Final Pitch
John Aguilar, Executive Producer and Host, The Final Pitch
William Tiu Lim, President & CEO, Mega Global Corporation
Atty. Marlon Valderama, Founder and President, LexMeet, Inc. 
Rigie Fernandez, Vice President for Marketing and Design, LexMeet, Inc. 
Gino Carlo Cortez, Vice President for Technology, LexMeet, Inc. 

This dilemma can now be solved in just a click with LexMeet- the first legal solutions mobile app in the Philippines that aims to bridge the gap between clients and lawyers.  With just a click of the LexMeet APP on a smartphone or a computer, LexMeet can give you quick access to legal services that are both competent and affordable.  

LexMeet gives Filipinos online legal service accessibility anytime, anywhere so clients can receive legal advice, legal documents and legal remedies online, at their own convenience.  LexMeet creates legal tech products that allow clients and lawyers the ability to complete an entire legal case, from assessment to execution of judgment.

LexMeet’s three new products are grouped into Assist, Consult, and Everyday Law.

  ASSIST – a FREE legal crowdsourcing platform for initial assessment of a client’s legal problem. This is where a client could determine if he/she really needs a lawyer or if he/she really has a case to file in court or not.

CONSULT- a PREPAID online legal consultation platform using video conference with lawyer-client matching algorithm. Clients can comfortably request the date and time of the online legal consultation with the lawyer. They meet the selected lawyer face-to-face in LexMeet’s own video chat consultation platform where they could directly ask questions and make clarifications as well as upload additional documents for review. The lawyer chosen is informed in advance of the client’s legal problem with the attached documents. Follow-up legal consultation can be conveniently made by the client and/or they can easily arrange for another lawyer’s second opinion or advice. 

EVERYDAY LAW- FREE legal information and knowledge through blogs/vlogs.
Lawyers also benefit from LexMeet because it gives them a chance to reach a larger market and improve their individual standing.

LexMeet’s latest data as of February 13, 2020 shows a total number of 29,784 clients served by a pool of 452 lawyers solving a total number of 26,525 legal problems.

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