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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Cebuana Lhuillier President & CEO Jean Henri Lhuillier was recently named as a “Master Innovator for 2022” by the Mansmith Innovation Awards

Cebuana Lhuillier President & CEO gets the nod for changing the face of micro insurance in the country through a brilliant fusion of brick and tech strategy

Jean Henri Lhuillier, the President & CEO of micro financial services giant Cebuana Lhuillier, was recently named as a “Master Innovator for 2022” by the Mansmith Innovation Awards, an award-giving body organized by Mansmith & Fielders, the country’s leading training and consultancy company. 

Lhuillier was cited for revolutionizing the face of micro insurance in the Philippines—thanks to his ground-breaking work in making micro insurance more relevant in the lives of Filipinos. Based on the latest statistics, only 53.7M out of 111M Filipinos are covered by insurance. To date, 31% of the insured Filipinos was contributed by Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Insurance, the biggest attributor to date as cited by the Insurance Commission. 

Cebuana Lhuillier captured the interest of the market especially from low-income communities by offering affordable micro insurance products that can be easily purchased in any of Cebuana Lhuillier’s over 3,000 branches nationwide, while also putting systems in place for easier claims payout through the same branches. This was made possible by Lhuillier’s keen support and commitment in the application of tech innovations as a means to augment Cebuana Lhuillier’s wide network of branches and partners nationwide. 

“The true mark of being a financially-included Filipino is having access to the most basic financial services that are essential in our everyday lives. This includes protection against illnesses, emergencies, and uncertain situations brought by disasters or natural calamities. For 40 million Filipinos, this is made possible by Cebuana Lhuillier micro insurance,” shares Jean Henri Lhuillier, President & CEO, Cebuana Lhuillier.  

Lhuillier adds, “For the past two years, Cebuana Lhuillier focused on its transition as a TechBrick company in order to ensure accessibility and convenience for our clients whenever they avail or use any of our products. We do this by expanding our network reach through physical branches while also taking advantage of proprietary technology through the development of new apps and digital channels that will bring our products and services closer to many Filipinos. In the case of our micro insurance product, we started by making sure it’s affordable and can be easily purchased by any of our kababayans regardless of their stature in life. We then made sure it’s available for purchase nationwide, in any Cebuana Lhuillier branch in the Philippines.” 

From these two basic foundations, Lhuillier further expanded by pushing for more tech innovation that further elevated his micro insurance offerings. This included the unveiling of ProtectNow in 2019, a web-based platform which aggregates the best possible insurance options for their home, auto, travel, and family insurance needs coming from some of the credible insurance companies in the Philippines; the introduction of Claims PayOut Anywhere, which allowed clients to process their claims in any Cebuana Lhuillier branch nationwide; and finally, working together with online market places like Lazada and Shopee which made buying micro insurance as easy as getting as buying something from an online store. 

However, it should be noted that micro insurance is just one aspect of Lhuillier’s mission in building a nation of financially-included Filipinos. Under Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s number one micro financial services provider, Lhuillier has been the forefront of implementing the “TECHBRICK” strategy, taking advantage of their network of more than 3,000 branches nationwide with 25,000 domestic partner doors, and 3 million partner locations globally and marrying it with technological innovations as a means to further bring the micro financial services industry to the next level. 

Utilizing the concept of “TechBrick”, a term Lhuillier coined himself, his vision allowed Cebuana Lhuillier and its products and services such as pawning, money transfer, micro insurance, jewelry selling, along with micro savings, a product of it banking arm Cebuana Lhuillier Bank, to maintain its relevance by ensuring availability and access regardless of channels: whether in brick-and-mortar stores, through the development of super apps, and web platforms.

The synergy between the tech and brick capability allowed Cebuana Lhuillier to empower its clients to move seamlessly and to maximize use of its products and services from offline to online. 

For Lhuillier, his push for unremitting innovation remains at the core of the organization as it sets its sights into becoming a more future-ready organization. He adds, “The world and along with it, the needs of our Ka-Cebuanas, are constantly changing and evolving. However, what remains consistent is to ensure that Filipinos remain on track towards financial-inclusion and financial mobility. To that, Cebuana Lhuillier will continue to hold on to its promise of being a partner for every one of our kababayans—constantly evolving, innovating, and maintaining our relevance for the years to come.”

Ox Street has joined the Carousell Group

There’s no doubt that Filipinos have an enduring love affair with sneakers. We love sports. We are also consumed by fashion, and sneakers are the junction where these two passions connect.  In fact, according to a recent report by Carousell, the leading classified ads platform in the country, the Philippines is among the top three countries in the Asia Pacific region with the highest interest in sneakers.

This is why the news that Ox Street, one of the fastest-growing end-to-end marketplaces for authenticated sneakers and streetwear in the region, has joined the Carousell Group, and is expanding its presence in the Philippines is such a welcome development for Filipino sneakerheads.

With this exciting news, local sneaker fans now have a legit and truly reliable platform where they can resell or buy quality sneakers. With Ox Street, users are assured of the security and authenticity of sneakers that they will buy or sell, especially for those rare designs and styles.

The booming sneaker resale market

The expansion of Ox Street to the Philippines and across the Asia Pacific region is also a reflection of the booming resale market for sneakers. In Ox Street, 80% of sneakerheads said that they have tried to buy sneakers on the resale market.   And users are willing to shell out cash to get hold of hard-to-find styles - be it a pair of Air Jordan, Nike Dunks, or Yeezy. In fact, the most expensive pair of sneakers ever sold on Ox Street was the Dior x Air Jordan 1 High which was sold for an estimated amount of USD7,500.

 Guaranteed authentic

The Ox Street team inspects and authenticates every pair of sneakers before it reaches buyers. With Ox Street's strong domain of expertise in the streetwear industry, this will give customers the assurance that the items listed on the platform are legit and authentic, and will protect Filipino sneakerheads against fraudulent online sellers.

“We are looking forward to creating more innovation and reaching more buyers and sellers as we build a trusted platform for buying and selling the best limited-edition sneakers," said Ox Street founder and CEO Gijs Verheijke.

Reaching out to Pinoy sneakerheads

With its growing popularity in the local streetwear culture, Ox Street is indeed the newest playground for local sneakerheads whose growth is driven by “millennial and Gen Z Filipinos starting to earn more, and spending some of their earnings on getting the sneakers they have always wanted,” adds Gijs. 

High up on the agenda for the Philippines is reaching out to local users. Ox Street Philippines Marketing Manager Jasper Delegencia has been reaching out to Filipino users for feedback. “We’re taking part in relevant events and gatherings. We are also partnering with various local brands to help small Filipino businesses.”

Shared values

Carousell co-founder and CEO Quek Siu Rui shared that the Ox Street and Carousell partnership is fueled by both company’s common values of being a user-first platform and building communities. This is evident in the brand love that Ox Street has created amongst their dedicated community of sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts, especially amongst Gen Z consumers.  

The partnership also reflects both Ox Street and Carousell's deep commitment to reimagining the online classified ads experience with a focus on trust, convenience, and to make secondhand the first choice.

Bayad partners with Glyph

Bayad, a full service fintech company and the country’s authority in bills payment has established partnership with Glyph, one of the largest mobile and web service providers in the Philippines that enables loading, data analytics and delivery applications for various businesses.

photo (L-R): Mr. Lawrence Y. Ferrer – Bayad President and CEO, Mr. Gerardo Amisola - Glyph President and CEO, Mr. Dennis S. Gatuslao - Bayad Chief Commercial Marketing Officer, Mr. Constante de Luna, – Glyph Product Manager

Through the partnership, Bayad will beef up the bills payment capability of Glyph, helping it power its e-commerce distributor channel, HanepBuhay.

With 46 store branches nationwide, otherwise known as Negosyo Centers, Hanepbuhay will now enable a one-stop-shop payment solutions covering basic utilities such as electricity and water, cable & internet, to government contributions and loan payments, school tuition fees, online shopping, insurance, and many others.

Furthermore, Bayad President and CEO, Lawrence Y. Ferrer emphasized on Bayad’s real-time payment posting feature as he shared, “We at Bayad are always looking for new ways to streamline processes that will enhance the customer experience. We leverage on the use of real-time electronic payments as we aim to provide convenience to our customers and drive forward digital financial literacy in the ever-changing economic landscape.

Ferrer added, “We partnered with Glyph to make financial services more accessible to Filipinos as we aim to achieve an optimal level of financial inclusion.


Glyph President and CEO Mr. Gerardo Amisola also shared “Through our partnership with Bayad, we are confident that we will be able to provide our distributors with opportunities to advance their payment systems, making it more accessible for Filipinos. Our partnership plays a pivotal role in educating more communities on the efficiency and convenience of adapting to digital financial solutions.”

Alpine Villas gives residents a rare living experience right in the heart of Crosswinds in Tagaytay

Some people may say that one of the benefits of living in a house is enjoying more outdoor living space. However, others place more value on location and would sacrifice outdoor space for the convenience and thrill of living in a prestigious area. 

But what if you don’t have to choose between outdoor space and a prestigious location? Imagine having spacious rooms opening out to gardens, sun-lit decks and terraces, swimming pools, private parks ending in a charming pergola, and having a cup of coffee on your balcony while enjoying a beautiful naturescape view of marvelously rolling hills and lush pine trees.  

Nestled in nature and founded on an interplay between built and open spaces, Alpine Villas gives residents a rare living experience right in the heart of Crosswinds in Tagaytay. 

Inspired by the most beautiful Swiss villages, the 2.8-hectare Alpine Villas consists of mid-rise residential towers in the style of Swiss chalets that are surrounded by charming European-inspired cafes and restaurants. Its first three towers, Bernese, Blanc and Brienz, are situated 540 meters above sea level and command an excellent view of Crosswinds' exclusive community, lush green foliage of pine trees, open green spaces, and the commercial strip. 

Set amidst 35,000 pine trees, Alpine Villas is a gathering of mid-rise residential towers that complement the privacy, tranquility, harmony, and luxury that residents seek in an area that is close to the city—a rare sight and experience for those who deserve nothing but the best. 

Completing the first row of the Alpine Villas luxury condo development is Biel. This 9-story condominium tower offers 58 units with a mix of studio and one-bedroom with balconies with sizes ranging between 30 to 90 sqm.

Biel’s unique concept

Inspired by bathing one’s senses in the forest atmosphere, Biel promotes the idea of slowing down, practicing mindfulness, and reconnecting with nature. 

Many of us know the feeling of peacefulness when we interact with nature; Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., recognizes the positive impact of staying connected with nature and the importance of being connected to the world around us. 

Whether going for a bushwalk, staying outdoors, or consciously tuning in with birds, plants, and trees in a natural setting, experiences such as these can improve one’s mental health and well-being. 

Nature-inspired design, setting, and amenities

Biel is built on the principles of nature-inspired, sustainable design, which is set to reflect Crosswinds' natural beauty, incorporating the elements of wood and other natural materials. Thirty percent of the condominium development is also dedicated to green open spaces, which goes without saying; the lush pine trees and the majestic view of nature calm and de-stress you even before you go in.

Biel best represents Brittany’s prime development as it offers bigger unit sizes, more open spaces, and upgraded features. Staying connected to nature is easier than ever at Alpine Villas. All the floor plans provide balconies that offer a stunning view of the pine forest. Transforming one’s balcony into a relaxing outdoor space allows you to get fresh air and expands the living spaces beyond the inside walls. Biel also commands the best view of the exclusive Crosswinds community, with units facing the morning sun on the southeast side of the building. 

Its proximity to lifestyle hotspots within Crosswinds, such as Ruined Project, Napa, Cafe Voila, and Coffee Project, allows residents to enjoy a short walk to the commercial stretch in just around five minutes. Biel is also just a kilometer away from Crosswinds’ unique retail concepts and new attractions such as Windmill Lausanne, Cafe Yama, Dear Joe, and Andersen’s Bakery. 

Biel will also offer an impressive list of amenities focused on increasing the residents’ sense of well-being, such as well-designed, space-efficient vertical residences with a mix of one- and two-bedroom balconies and 24/7 safety protocols, including a CCTV system in all common areas and Wi-Fi. 

The units were also designed with versatility in mind, allowing the residents to create additional space and have more flexibility. Each unit at Biel presents an open canvas for residents to customize their living spaces, allowing them to plan every corner of the unit according to their taste and style. 

A complete ecosystem, Biel will offer passive and active spaces such as tranquility gardens, private parks, kids’ outdoor play area, a pet park, biking, and jogging trails, a straightforward exercise room, a curated gym and a function hall.

In Alpine Villas, it is possible to experience the luxury of staying connected with nature and enjoying the abundance of space and privacy while living in your exclusive place. 

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Maya has partnered with rap phenom Shanti Dope to create the anthem of this generation


P1M worth of cash prizes up for grabs hidden in the music video!


The secret's out! All-in-one money app Maya has partnered with rap phenom Shanti Dope to create what's set to be the anthem of this generation. Now, there's even P1,000,000 worth of cash prizes hidden in plain sight in its music video! 


Embodying Maya's mantra "defiance with optimism," the powerful anthem honors young Filipinos who fearlessly hustle to achieve their goals. With the intent to inspire others to dream and work hard amid adversity and barriers, the brand's namesake song "Maya" has taken on a fresh meaning behind the iconic Filipino bird—the young, energetic generation who possess the spirit to soar high and forge their own paths.   

In the song's music video, Maya artfully gives a face to this bold generation - set in the iconic streets of Metro Manila. The song's signature line "Ey, kamusta?" is met with the assurance that both Shanti Dope and his fellow relentless hustlers, can only go bigger, higher, and stronger. This generation of game-changers isn't afraid to defy conventions to become their most authentic, and successful selves.   

More than just a visual masterpiece, this music video can also be your ticket to winning a share of P1,000,000 worth of cash prizes through the Shanti x Maya Cash Code Hunt promo until June 9, 2022! Here's how you can join:  

1.     Watch Shanti Dope’s Maya music video here and spot the alphanumeric cash codes hidden in plain sight. 

2.     On your Maya app, tap the Profile icon from the upper left side of your screen and click Missions.  

3.     Tap the Shanti x Maya Cash Code Hunt promo, then tap Enter Mission Code. There, you can key in the alphanumeric code you spotted from the music video.  

4.     You will earn 1 raffle entry for each correct code entered.  


The music video features 10 unique cash codes which you can key in to earn more raffle entries and get more chances of winning in the raffle draw.  


These alphanumeric codes are categorized per difficulty – you get a chance to win bigger prizes in the raffle draw for keying in the cash codes that are harder to find: 


·       EASY: 4 hidden alphanumeric codes will give you a chance to win P27,500.  

·       MEDIUM: Spot any of these 3 alphanumeric codes to get a chance to win P50,000 

·       HARD: You have a chance to take home P80,000 in the raffle draw when you find any of these 3 alphanumeric codes in the music video.  


That's a total P500,000 prize pot up for grabs! Soon, you will have a chance to win the grand prize of P500,000 when you spot all 10 unique cash codes hidden in the music video. Keep your eyes peeled for the complete mechanics to be announced at the Maya Facebook page.


"These cash codes are a fun way for viewers to appreciate the details of the music video and get rewarded with prizes via Maya," said Pepe Torres, Chief Marketing Officer for Maya. "It's an honor for us to present 'Maya,' a music masterpiece from Shanti Dope that embodies a generation of defiance with optimism. They are the ones who are progressive, unique, driven, ambitious, and brave—qualities which already set them up for success and to which our brand pays tribute."  


He added: "With Maya, we aim to empower Filipinos with a seamless experience when it comes to managing their money. We want to enable them to make bolder choices with their money and seize opportunities for it to grow. And what better way to start this journey with them than by giving away exciting cash prizes that they can save and grow within their Maya app?"  


Formerly known as PayMaya, the top-rated finance app has evolved from an e-wallet to a powerhouse all-in-one money app Maya. It's everything and a bank, and it enables you to spend, save, grow, invest, and master your money using only your smartphone.   


Downloadable for free through Google Play Store and App Store, the Maya app seamlessly integrates these key components: Maya Savings which provides a massive 6% interest rate, Maya Credit which lets you borrow up to PHP 15,000.00 within the app, Maya Crypto where you can get you started on your crypto journey for as low as PHP 1.00, and Maya Wallet which enhances all the initial e-wallet features which had made PayMaya the country's leading digital financial services provider. Get your own Maya account now and enjoy a seamless experience for all things money – in just one app.  


Maya is the all-in-one money platform bringing Filipinos bolder ways to master their money. It is powered by a unique integrated financial services ecosystem that addresses the ever-evolving financial needs of today's generation through cutting-edge technology.   


Maya leads millions of Filipinos — consumers, businesses, communities, and government agencies alike — into a digital economy that's more inclusive, transparent, and empowering. Maya is powered by the country's only end-to-end digital payments company, PayMaya Philippines, and Maya Bank for digital banking services. 


Kickstart your fitness journey with the PLDT Home ambassador Vince Velasco

Rain or shine, now is the best time to start your fitness journey. Whether to feel good about yourself or prepare for your vacation at the beach, getting in shape is always done best when you’re inspired and having fun, says TV/events host, fitness instructor, and PLDT Home ambassador Vince Velasco.

“The key is to do something you find fun so you avoid burning out, and then, to consistently work on one’s weaknesses and integrate them with the exercise that they love,” he shares as his number one workout advice.

Vince spends a lot of time keeping fit at the gym, and as a diehard NBA fan, he takes inspiration from some of the strongest and most athletic basketball players in the league — all of whom, he follows closely on social media and in the games accessed through the NBA League Pass powered by PLDT Home.

Among his fitness inspirations are Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade and aside from their athleticism, Vince loves the NBA for the intense rivalries and matchups. As the NBA Finals draws closer, he gets to view the games and the play-by-play commentaries on his gadgets anytime of the day through an NBA League Pass powered by PLDT Home.

“The NBA League Pass is a game-changer for us especially if you love stats and data," Vince says. “It offers live stats so you get to track the teams’ standing, and because I’m always on-the-go, the multiple viewing feature makes the experience optimized whether I’m watching from a phone, a tablet, or a laptop.”

Vince also enjoys the interactive features of the NBA League Pass. “The polls and other activities in the app keep the games interesting,” he says. “So aside from witnessing the games live and on-demand, there’s also the entertainment aspect that can be appreciated by die-hard basketball fans and after-hour athletes alike.”

Over time, Vince’s fitness journey led him  toward hosting, modeling, and even acting. He is now one  the most sought-after fitness instructors in the metro serving as an inspiration to many others! Curious on how Vince reached and maintained his peak form? Read on to know more about his fitness pointers!

1. Draw from your motivation

From his studio work as a boxing and high-intensity workout instructor, Vince eventually took his classes to the digital space because of the pandemic. He later witnessed the rising demand for his Zoom classes and fitness videos, as more people did their workouts at home. Through PLDT Home Fiber’s fastest and strongest connection powering his home, Vince was able to conduct his workout classes with no interruption.

He finds teaching others as his own way of paying it forward to those who are struggling with their own fitness goals and other body issues.

"I was overweight and had body image issues when I was younger. Seeing so many people have the same issues as I did inspired me to help them to achieve their fitness goals," he said. 

2. Take it easy

To lose weight, Vince first went through rigorous exercises and put together a calorie deficit program for months. He kept his workouts intense with cardio sessions and strength training sessions. He followed a clean diet, staying away from sweets and other processed foods.

“I used to fall off the wagon from time to time. Later, I learned to take things slow and methodical,” he recalls. “Now, I just eat intuitively, work out consistently, and stay in a calorie deficit diet. There's  really no need for you to be averse to desserts and carbs all the time.”

3. Stay inspired!

Vince keeps himself motivated through the support of his family and friends. “My personal fitness journey wasn’t all smooth sailing. I had to work on it, and improve my fitness and career goals from a more realistic and enjoyable perspective,” he says. “Now, I find it extremely exhilarating to pass on that feeling and mindset to others.”

For non-stop basketball action, PLDT Home subscribers can avail of of the monthly NBA League Pass package at PHP 485. The pass provides unlimited access to an entire season of NBA games in high-definition for one whole month. For more information on how to enjoy the NBA League Pass via a PLDT Home subscription, check out

COVID-19 boosters now available in selected Watsons branches

First and second booster shots for the COVID-19 vaccine under the government’s “Resbakuna sa Botika” are now available at 19 Watsons stores nationwide.


The “Resbakuna sa Botika” program was first rolled out in selected clinics and pharmacies in Metro Manila and later on expanded to other areas nationwide as part of the national government’s efforts to further expand the national vaccination program.


Initially, the Department of Health (DOH) and Local Government Units provided immunizers to conduct the booster vaccination in Watsons. With the help of the DOH, more than 36 Watsons Pharmacists have undergone training and are now certified COVID-19 Immunizing Pharmacists.


“Watsons has administered over 12,000 boosters for COVID-19 since Resbakuna started in January. We are continuously working with DOH and different LGUs to find out where we can further expand our Resbakuna sa Botika sites.",  said Joseph Soliman, Business Development Controller at Watsons.


The boosters are free and the public can walk in at any of the participating Watsons stores offering the vaccines or register and book a schedule at The vaccination days at Watsons are usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


"Resbakuna sa Botika is a very good partnership between Watsons and the Philippine government to help make Covid-19 boosters accessible to many Filipinos. We continue to put resources behind RESBAKUNA as we believe that protecting the public health will be crucial to our economic recovery.” said Soliman. "In the event that the government will stop the Covid-19 vaccination program, Watsons will be ready to serve the public with commercially available Covid-19 vaccines."


As an incentive for shoppers who will get their booster shots at Watsons, the leading health, wellness and beauty retailer is giving Php50 off every minimum purchase of Php500 to each person who gets their vaccine at Watsons.


Watsons continues to expand its health products and services from vitamins, supplements, hygiene products and even FDA approved antigen kits.


For the complete list of Watsons stores where the COVID-19 boosters are available for free, go to


Give yourself a squeeze this May Measurement Month

As of 2021, an estimated 1.28 billion people worldwide are recorded to be hypertensive. A 2021 comprehensive global analysis on hypertension revealed that although it is straightforward to diagnose hypertension and relatively easy to treat the condition with low-cost drugs, there remain significant gaps in diagnosis and treatment. In fact, about 580 million people with hypertension are unaware of their condition because they were never diagnosed.

Alarmingly, raised blood pressure remains the number one cause of preventable deaths globally. In the Philippines, hypertension was among the greatest contributors to the highest mortality rate recorded by the country in the past 63 years.


Given these statistics, various health organizations across the world continue to work for hypertension awareness and improved management. Among the campaigns with this aim is the May Measurement Month (MMM), an annual movement that encourages people to get their blood pressure checked. 


Since 2017, the teams behind MMM have screened more than 4 million people in 100 countries, and have found almost one million participants with untreated hypertension. This year, 85 countries, including the Philippines, will be joining in the observance of May Measurement Month with the theme #THEBIGSQUEEZE.


The Big Squeeze in the Philippines

May Measurement Month in the Philippines was kicked off by the Philippine Society of Hypertension on May 17, 2022 – which is also the established World Hypertension Day. MMM 2022 marks the fifth year of the campaign being observed in the country. 


MMM will be held from May to September of 2022, with the aim of screening 1 million Filipino adults, providing diet and lifestyle treatment to advice to participants with high normal to hypertensive BP ranges, and gathering significant data on hypertension to motivate the government to improve local screening facilities and contribute to the reduction of the global burden of diseases related to raised BP.


“We know that raised blood pressure is the single biggest contributor to the global burden of diseases and global mortality. The number of people affected and the prevalence of high blood pressure worldwide are expected to increase over the next decade. Therefore, preventive strategies are urgently needed, especially in less developed countries like ours,” said Dr. Alejandro F. Diaz, MMM country lead for the Philippines. 


“We want to partner with both government and non-government organizations to combat this cardiovascular disease. So, we have formed a hypertension alliance for this purpose, to continue to push for awareness, prevention and treatment of hypertension,” said PSH President Dr. Deborah Ona.


Partners for The Big Squeeze



The Department of Health expressed its support to the MMM through Health Promotion Bureau Director Dr. Beverly Ho, who gave a message during the program on May 17. Moreover, the Quezon City local government also stood in solidarity with PSH and its cause. During the kick-off ceremonies, Mayor Joy Bemonte participated in the ceremonial blood pressure measurement at Quezon City Hall. Mayor Belmonte shared that since January 2022, the city has recorded nearly 6,500 citizens with hypertension, 2,970 of whom also have diabetes. Given this, the city targets 150,000 QC residents to be aware of their blood pressure so that they can be given proper medication and due assistance by the government.


Also joining in the advocacy is OMRON’s Healthcare business in the Philippines. OMRON, which has been a staunch supporter of MMM since 2017, hosted the streaming of the 2022 kick-off program via its official social media channels. OMRON hasalso been putting efforts into enhancing the awareness levels on the benefits of home BP monitoring by providing free checkups in pharmacies and densely populated areas across the country. 


“OMRON Healthcare is one with the Philippine Society of Hypertension and all of the partners for the May Measurement Month in aiming to decrease the prevalence and ease the burden of hypertension. Through our longstanding support for this movement, OMRON aims to encourage Filipinos to practice blood pressure monitoring as a health habit,” said Yusuke Kato, General Manager for OMRON Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd – Philippine Branch (Healthcare Division).


For more information on May Measurement Month 2022, you may visit


About the Philippine Society of Hypertension

The Philippine Society of Hypertension Inc. (PSH) was incorporated on 7 January 1993 by medical health providers concerned with the diagnosis, management, treatment, and prevention of hypertension. These providers include internist-cardiologists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatricians, occupational and family physicians and practitioners from other medical disciplines. 


PSH is a member of the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) and the World Hypertension League (WHL). For more information, please visit the PSH website at


For more information on OMRON’s Healthcare business in the Philippines, please visit OMRON’s website at




Emily in Paris: Say Ciao to New Faces

Emily in Paris Season 4 Adds New Cast & Releases New Photos from the Upcoming Season  Eugenio Franceschini as Marcello: Originally from...