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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

JobStreet is here to assist fresh graduates as they navigate their next normal job hunting journey

Graduating at a time when the world is striving to recover from a pandemic is an entirely new experience. Like with everybody else, the COVID-19 crisis left candidates with no other option but to go through major adjustments and transformations in every aspect, especially in the process of job hunting. 

It is during these constant shifts in the job market landscape when newly graduated candidates can find opportunities to build a successful career. With its commitment to providing jobs to every Filipino, leading online job portal JobStreet is here to assist fresh graduates as they navigate their next normal job hunting journey. 

The labor climate

With determining your next steps in their career, JobStreet says it is important for fresh graduates to assess the current top-hiring industries and job trends in the Philippines that will help them make smart career choices. 

According to JobStreet, as of April 2022 the top-hiring industries for entry level jobs include Government / Defense, with an average salary of Php 22,679. This is followed by Call Center / BPO (Php 25, 176), Education (Php 26,933), Human Resources Management / Consulting (28,117), Healthcare / Medical (Php 30,815), the Retail / Merchandise industry (Php 17,846), Banking/Financial Services (Php 17,811), Construction / Building / Engineering (Php 21,321), Manufacturing / Production (Php 18,231), and General & Wholesale Trading (Php 33,733). This list gives you an idea of the career options that you may consider and your chances of getting hired. 

Moreover, JobStreet revealed that with the reopening of the economy and the introduction of more career opportunities this year, jobs under corporate digital transformation and information technology are on the rise. 

“There is an increase in demand in digital-savvy roles, specifically virtual assistants, content creators, application developers, and UX designers. IT call center jobs and customer service-related roles are also needed, since the BPO industry is still expected to grow with the economy easing its restrictions,” said JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Phillip Gioca. 

What employers seek now

To increase employability, fresh graduates are advised to learn what employers nowadays look for in a candidate. With the rise of work from home and hybrid set ups in the next normal, the list of most valued traits have become different. 

JobStreet shared that teamwork is the first on the list of soft skills currently sought by employers, followed by active/continuous learning, critical thinking, survival skills/complex problem solving, and resilience and curiosity. The next five on the list include flexibility/adaptability, time management, communication and social influence, emotional quotient/service orientation and drive, as well as thriving in a virtual environment/tech literacy.

“With this information, fresh graduates can identify the skills they need to prioritize developing, as well as the skills they possess which they can highlight when they present themselves to a prospective employer,” Gioca shared. 

Present a strong resume

Fresh graduates need not worry about their lack of experience when applying for entry-level jobs. Instead, Jobstreet recommends creating a compelling resume that best represents their relevant skills and experience for them to ultimately get the job they want. 

A good rule of thumb for fresh graduates applying for entry-level positions is to keep the length of the resume to one page, highlighting the most important skills and qualifications. JobStreet likewise advised candidates to keep their resume as clean and as simple as possible and use neat fonts. Make it reader-friendly by using bullets for your technical skills, personal skills and achievements and bolden the text of more important details like the degree and internship experience. 

You can also rehearse your interviews, map out your professional journey with a career development planner, access cover letter samples, and properly manage salary expectations with a salary calculator and salary guide using JobStreet’s Career Tools

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