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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a little TLC

Life's hard, and time goes by so quickly. If you're not careful, you can lose your footing and find yourself just drifting―aimless and joyless. 

This is what you don't want to happen. That's why it's important to be kind to yourself and give yourself a little TLC. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this. Here are some of them. 

Have a beauty day

Because of your busy personal and professional lives, you often skip this. There’s always something more important going on: a deadline to be met, a meeting to go to, a bill to be paid―the list goes on.


But taking care of your body is essential not only for your physical health but also for your mental well-being. When you treat your body right, you’re also keeping anxiety and depression at bay. You feel lighter, refreshed, and re-energized, ultimately giving you a more positive disposition. 


So what better way to feel like a VIP than spending a day at the salon or at the spa? Use your RCBC Bankard credit card to enjoy fabulous deals and discounts at Strip, Browhaus, and Flawless. 


From now until August 15, 2022, RCBC Bankard cardholders can enjoy a 20% off on all Flawless services and 10% on MD treatments (including Botox and dermal fillers) at participating branches. 


Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so make them extra pretty with some lift or lashes. Avail Browhaus’ Plasma Lift Lower Eyelid or the bestselling Multi Lash in Bloom until September 30, 2022 and get a 20% discount when you charge it to your RCBC Bankard credit card. 


Waxing your legs and pits can also be a luxurious treat if you head over to The Strip and avail of the Brazilian waxing or the Underarms Ice Package. From now until September 30, 2022, you can get 25% off on your Brazilian waxing. Buy 3 Underarm Ice sessions and get 3 sessions for free. 


And if your beauty and skincare arsenal is running low, stock up your favorite and go-to brands from For a minimum order of ₱2,000, get 20% off when you check out with the promo code RCBCH0VBX using your RCBC Bankard credit card. 


But wait―don’t forget your crowning glory. A new haircut can make you feel and look like a totally new person. So make your way to a David’s Salon and get those curtain bangs or that balayage hair you’ve been wanting for so long. Enjoy 10% off when you charge it to your RCBC Bankard credit card from now until August 15, 2022. 


Laugh more

When you laugh, it instantly improves your mood. It’s a stress reliever that’s free of charge, no batteries needed, and no subscriptions required. More importantly, you can laugh whenever you want to, especially when you’re feeling too tired, lonely, or sad to do so. 


Find the joy in the small things, in the mundane, and in the unexpected. It will do wonders to how you’re currently feeling and give you that extra boost to keep going. Even if they’re just short-term effects, if you do it often enough, the results will be long-lasting. 


So let people hear that hearty laugh and show off that beautiful smile more often. To give you that extra shot of confidence, why not try a laser teeth whitening session at Urban Smiles? RCBC Bankard credit cardholders can enjoy 20% off. You can also enjoy 15% off on their general dental services and 10% off on their premium dental services.  


Still on the subject of perfect white smiles, you can also use your RCBC Bankard credit card at The Smile Bar. Get 15% off on their Triple Whitening service and 10% off on their Premium Smile Bundle. 


Rest your eyes 

Working all day in front of the computer and going to bed to watch videos on your phone―these can put such a strain on your eyes. When you pamper yourself, don’t neglect your lovely peepers. 


Aside from wearing protective eyewear when working in front of the computer or going out during daylight, you should also get your eyes checked regularly. If you don’t take care of your eyes, then how can you see the world in front of you and all the beauty it has to offer? 


Get up to 50% off on LASIK screening and surgery when you use your RCBC Bankard credit card at Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetics. You can also get up to 45% off on PresbyMAX and implantable contact lenses.  What’s great about these offers is that you can also pay up to 3 months later and up to 24 months installment at 0%. 


Reward yourself

All work and no play just makes you…tired, unmotivated, or burnt out. Be proud of the hustle, but not at the expense of your overall health and well-being. 


Go ahead and order that Big Bang Seafood Bucket from The Orange Bucket. Charge it to your RCBC Bankard credit card and you'll even get free 8 pieces of their buffalo wings. 


Craving pizza while you binge watch your Netflix show? Order at least ₱3,000 from Francesco's and pay with your RCBC Bankard credit card to get another free pizza! 


And if that’s not enough, you can dress up, go out, and make all your Korean barbecue cravings come true at The Canary. Get 20% off every Friday on their KBBQ nights from 6 pm to 11 pm and enjoy unlimited K-BBQ, live music, and a round of soju. 


Feel like upgrading your look or even your whole wardrobe? No problem! Shop at Rustan's and get 15% off on your purchases, or get up to 20% off when you shop online for the first time at ZALORA with your RCBC Bankard credit card. You can even Shop Now, Pay Later at 0% installment when you shop at The SM Store. 


Lastly, cure those blues and tired bones by visiting a place you’ve never been. Enjoy ₱1,200 off on your international flight via Philippine Airlines when you book via Traveloka using your RCBC Bankard credit card. Or head to Boracay for some sun, sand, and sea and enjoy 53% off when you stay at Banana Bay Boracay.  Plus, with the exclusive Weekend Destination Festival, you can even get up to ₱5,000 cash rebate when you charge all your expenses to your RCBC Bankard!


There are so many great ways to pamper yourself and practice self-love. And you don’t really have to spend to make yourself feel loved. The important thing is that you slow down, rest your body and mind, and uplift your mood or feeling. If you want to spend your hard-earned money, then that’s perfectly okay, too. You deserve it! So visit for more exciting RCBC Bankard credit card deals and discounts.


  1. This is so nice and will truly love by all people because it has discounts and great deals. Thanks RCBC❤️

  2. Yes deserve natin to lahat,thanks for sharing🤍

  3. Wow that's awesome po great reminder to everyone na kahit busy tayo let's give time to pamper ourself. Thank you RCBc for the discount.

  4. Wow this is great . Perfect treat ito sa mga sarili natin . The best tlga sa discounts ang RCBC 🥰❤️


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