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Monday, May 23, 2022

Give love today and celebrate small wins with Red Ribbon’s NEW Tiramisu Meltdown and Mango Graham Mousse Junior cakes

There’s a lot to be thankful for everyday–something as simple as a good score on a test or a completed project, a commendation at work, being able to nail that TikTok dance, or meeting up with friends and relatives after a long time to simply catch up–are all causes for celebration.


Our fast-paced lives need not be a hindrance from giving love everyday to others and even to oneself and from celebrating even the smallest wins because sometimes, these are the moments that truly count. No matter how big or small, make these moments extra special with Red Ribbon’s NEW Tiramisu Meltdown and Mango Graham Mousse Junior cakes


These junior cakes may come in small packages, but these are surely packed with flavors perfect for your everyday celebrations.

The Tiramisu Meltdown Junior is made with layers of soft chocolate chiffon and cream cheese with just enough hint of coffee, while the Mango Graham Mousse Junior is made of layers of crushed graham biscuits, exquisite mango cream, and creamy icing, topped with mango bits.


Thinking of ways how you could give love today and celebrate small wins despite your busy schedule? Here are some tips:


Long overdue catch ups

We spent the past two years Zoom-ing with the crew, and while technology afforded us a way to connect despite the distance, there’s really no better way to spend time with our circle of friends than sharing stories and good food together.


Make those long overdue catch ups more exciting with the refreshing Mango Graham Mousse Junior Cake.


Reunion potluck with the family 

We all missed a meal that our relative or friend cooks so well. So, why not organize an intimate potluck get-together, where everyone could bring food for sharing!


The Red Ribbon Tiramisu Meltdown Junior is just the perfect food to bring as its unique chocolate-coffee flavor combination can easily make any celebration extra special and memorable.


Go Solo!

Who said indulging yourself a bit and enjoying the good stuff all to yourself is a crime? Besides, everyone has their own silent battles, and winning those battles deserve to be celebrated.


Choose between the Tiramisu Meltdown Junior or the Mango Graham Mousse Junior, or even pick both, because what’s stopping you from savoring your wins by going all out?


Celebrations do not always mean grand. These could be simple, quiet, and special. Make them extra memorable with Red Ribbon’s NEW Tiramisu Meltdown and Mango Graham Mousse Junior, which you can purchase at Php 420 and Php 440, respectively. You can also choose from an array of other Junior cakes, including our bestseller Black Forest, and other popular cake flavors like Mango Sunrise, Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Mousse, and Yema Caramel.


Order your favorite Red Ribbon products by visiting a Red Ribbon Bakeshop store near you! You may also purchase via the Red Ribbon delivery website, order via the Red Ribbon app (available for Android and iOS), call the delivery hotline #87777, send a message via RIA Messenger, or purchase via the GrabFood and foodpanda apps.


  1. Perfect for any occasions or pang gift sa love ones , the best pag Red Ribbon,masasarap talaga lahat ng cake nila!

  2. Yay that great my junior size na sila ng tiramisu and mango graham mouse . One of fave . The best tlga ang red ribbon ❤️

  3. Yay ang cute naman nito new cake red ribbon 🎀. Looks delicious na naman kaya highly recommended 💯

  4. The best talaga ang red ribbon sa kahit anong occasion pwedeng pwede. Masarap and hindi nakakasawa! 🥰


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