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Monday, May 23, 2022

Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular surgical procedures at The Icon Clinic

Beauty has been a favorite subject of discussion by scholars. It is considered one of the transcendentals or the properties of being, like truth, goodness, unity, essence, and otherness. In ancient Greece, beauty was not only skin deep, for the ancient Greeks believed that it is a reflection of a person’s character – that someone beautiful is also a good person. They named the concept kaloskagathos.

The Philippines has some of the most beautiful people in the world. In recent years, our beauty queens have been winning international pageants left, right, and center. Filipino creatives like fashion designers and pageant mentors have become the most sought-after in the pageant world because of our string of successes. Our standard for beauty as a people has evolved, and because of this, Filipino men and women have been inspired to make changes so they can live their best lives.

Dr. Eric Yapjuangco, or Doc Yappy to those who know him, of The Icon Clinic, is one of the country’s leading experts in rhinoplasty. He has been a board-certified surgeon for over a decade now. He is as passionate as ever in ensuring his patients’ safety and satisfaction before, during, and after each procedure. 

Rhinoplasty continues to be one of the most popular surgical procedures in the country today. In 2021, it was among the top three most-requested procedures . When asked about the process, a patient goes through in preparation for a rhinoplasty; Doc Yappy said, “We need to have a consultation first. We need to talk about the patient’s concerns, their wish pic, or the nose that they want to achieve. And once we agree on that, they have to get medical clearance to undergo lab tests and swabs. Once we have everything, we proceed with the surgery.”

Doc Yappy emphasizes the importance of having realistic expectations, and that is why it is essential to discuss with the patient what their desired outcome is. “The surgery takes about two to three hours. Right before we start, I discuss with them again their desired outcome because each person has their preferred nose. The wish pic says a lot. The nose kasi can be very subtle or very dramatic. Some patients want something super subtle, while some want something very dramatic but still suits them,” he said.

According to Doc Yappy, there is no minimum or maximum age for rhinoplasty. As long as a patient gets a medical clearance from their cardiologist, they can undergo the procedure. About 60 to 70 percent of The Icon Clinic’s patients are women, but according to Doc Yappy, men are showing more and more interest in rhinoplasty.  A significant number of their patients also have a celebrity nose for their wish pic; however, sometimes, the desired nose needs to be modified to suit the patient’s face.

People walk through The Icon Clinic’s door for a myriad of reasons, but Doc Yappy advises them to undergo a procedure for themselves and not for anyone else. He also has very straightforward advice for people who are not happy with the way they look. He said, “See me.”

Click on the link to watch Doc Yappy’s before and after Rhinoplasty video.

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  4. Thanks for this very informative talagang sa panahon ngayon marami na din ang nagkaka interest magpa rhinoplasty to boost their confidence


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