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Friday, May 14, 2021

Save money while helping the environment along the way with these practical tips

There’s a common misconception that going green can be expensive, but that is not always the case. Making a few environment-friendly changes to your lifestyle may be more cost-efficient in the long run. AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, is encouraging you to try these energy-saving tips:  


Use reusable water containers. It takes a tremendous amount of energy and resources to produce plastic bottles. Not only do they have a large carbon footprint, but they are also ruining the ocean and killing sea life when disposed of improperly. By having your flask, jug, or tumbler with you all the time, you can just simply fill your bottle with potable water from tap -- no need to spend on single-use plastic water bottles when on the go. 


Go paperless. If you have the option to go paperless for items like your bills, documents, and insurance policies, go ahead and choose that option. This will save a ton of trees, cut down on pollution, reduce transport, and even save water. What’s more, you can control the clutter in your house, and you can also easily access your documents anytime and anywhere through your gadgets. You save on storage space—win-win.


Switch to energy-saving light bulbs. You can instantly make your homes eco-friendly by switching all your lights to energy-saving light bulbs. Some of the great options you can consider are LED lights or compact fluorescent lights. Up front, they might be more expensive than the regular light bulb, but they will last much longer. 

Line-dry your clothes. Using the dryer to dry your clothes may be quicker, but it’s one of the home appliances that uses a lot of energy. It also has the tendency to shrink your clothes or ruin the fabric. Your best solution is to line-dry your clothes. Not only are you saving on electricity, but you’re also preserving the quality of your clothes, making them last longer. At the same time, you’re saving money from not constantly buying new clothes. 


Use eco bags when shopping. These days, more and more retail establishments are charging customers for shopping bags. This is part of their initiative to encourage customers to bring their own eco-bags instead of using plastic bags; thereby lessening plastic waste. Avoid this extra expense by bringing your own eco bags. They’re stronger than the ordinary plastic or paper bags, which means you can use them over and over again when shopping. 


Reduce, reuse, recycle. These three “R’s” are great initiatives that can make a big difference for the environment. Before throwing something away, think of creative ways to give it a new life. For example, use plastic bottles as plant pots or, instead of throwing away scratch paper, maybe you can make art out of it. Also, reduce your packaging consumption by buying goods in bulk and reusing materials, such as reusable grocery bags, mason jars, or microwavable containers to store food. Think before you throw! 


At AXA, we try our best to do our share in helping save and care for our planet by implementing “Go Green” initiatives such as the use of tissue paper recycled out of office paper waste. We also recently implemented an eco-friendly switch to minimize physical document touch points. The company is promoting contactless delivery as it transitioned to fully paperless issuance of statements and notices since December 1, 2020. Customers may view an electronic copy of their policy when they register and log in to the MyAXA web portal or via the Emma by AXA PH app. Download the app for free via the Google Play or App Store or at


Save money while helping the environment along the way with these practical tips from AXA Philippines. To know more about AXA, visit and follow @AXA.Philippines on Facebook and Instagram. 

Jehramae Trangia, Grand Superstar of ‘Born to be a Star’

Jehramae Trangia hailed as the Grand winner at the concluded Born to be a Star Season 2

Eighteen-year-old Cebuano talent Jehramae Trangia of Talisay  City in Cebu was the grand winner in the second season of Born to be a Star, the reality singing  competition of Cignal Entertainment, Sari-Sari Network and TV5 under the production of Viva that  concluded last May 8. 

Jehramae bested two other hopefuls to bag P1 million and a five-year recording contract from Viva  management. Fifteen-year-old Hans Paranda of Antipolo City ended up as first runner-up who took  home P50,000 and 18-year-old Jannah Faye Bocatiya of Manila was second runner-up with P25,000. 

Jehramae rendered the ballad, “Sana,” of I Belong To the Zoo as her winning piece.

“The three of us had different genre in our performances,” Jehramae offered. “I would always  convey the message of my song to the Star Agents. I gave my best throughout the competition.” 

Andrew E, Sam Concepcion, Katrina Velarde, Janine Teñoso and Georcelle Dapat-Sy served as the  Star Agents of “Born To Be A Star.” The singing competition was hosted by Matteo Guidicelli and  Kim Molina. 

“Ang daming competition na dumaan sa buhay ko,” Jehramae shared. “Madami din akong natutunan  sa pagkatalo ko, but I managed to improve and rise above my losses.” 

Even when she was still in Cebu, Jehramae would persistently join singing contests from the time  she was only 12 years old. At 14, she went to Manila to compete in major league singing contests  on TV, making her a true-blue kontesera. By the time she was proclaimed grand winner in Born to  be a Star, one can truly say that the time was ripe for Jehramae to finally bask in the limelight.

Jehramae is grateful that Born to be a Star provided her with a venue to showcase her singing  talents to a wider audience, a unique experience that could very well pave the way for a  professional singing career. By staying focused on her goals all throughout the competition,  Jehramae was able to consistently shine the brightest, a fact that did not escape the discerning eyes  of the Star Agents. 

She told herself, “Ito ‘yung dream mo, Jehramae. Ito ‘yung passion mo. So just keep on going. You  won’t reach your dreams if you just wish for it. You have to work hard for your dreams.” 

POVA partners with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Premium smartphone brand TECNO Mobile has officially announced a partnership between its POVA gaming phone series, and  popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The collaboration was conceived with the gaming community in mind, particularly in the Philippines, where MLBB continues to be one of the top mobile multiplayer games. With the slogan #TogetherWeAchieveMore, the POVA x MLBB partnership celebrates camaraderie among players, and the ability of teams to overcome odds and obstacles as long as they work together.


The partnership between the two brands coincides with the upcoming release of TECNO Mobile’s upgraded POVA 2 later this May. The perfect smartphone to use for playing MLBB, POVA 2 provides a smooth gaming experience like no other, powered by a game engine that boosts your ability to win. This gameplay enhancer helps to improve a player’s game skills, allowing even novices to become gods in the game. POVA 2 also comes with a super large battery and huge display, for awesome gaming anytime, and anywhere. 


Known as a performance beast, POVA is equipped with a Helio G80 gaming processor and 4GB/6GB DX4 Fast RAM, delivering the smoothest experience, and even running 10 apps at the same time without any lag. This giant power with its 6.8 Dot-in display is one big hard disk, equipped with 128GB ROM with enough space to save loads of photos, music, vidoes, and games. Equipped with a 6,000mAh super big battery, POVA is an energy king, providing up to 30 days standby time, 8 days of playing music, 64 hours of continuous calling, and playing time of up to 20 hours. And, with POVA’s super fast charge speed, a quick 10-minute charge can already provide up to 20 hours worth of music playback.

POVA x MLBB Facebook Challenge

Cosplayers dressed as popular MLBB characters will also be coming to select TECNO Mobile stores to add fun and festiveness to the celebration. Catch them on May 15 and 16 at the TECNO Mobile Concept Store at SM North EDSA, and this June at SM San Mateo. 


A one-of-a-kind TECNO Mobile livestream featuring some of the Philippines’ most popular game streamers is in the works as well. Slated for June 5th, the live online event promises excitement for both gamers and non-gamers, along with over 170 prizes and giveaways to be won. 


To stay updated on exclusive deals and giveaways, be sure to like and follow TECNO Mobile Philippines. Visit to learn more about your favorite smartphones and gadgets.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

ProBio7 Kids: PascualLab’s newest pedia product

Consistent with its mission to continuously provide the most quality and family-friendly health and wellness products, PascualLab launches its newest pedia product ProBio7 Kids. ProBio7 Kids is a probiotic food supplement powder with 7 probiotic strains, that goes beyond improving digestive health¹ — it also helps augment the body’s immune system.

With the pandemic still looming over our heads, everyone, including children, continue to be susceptible to attacks from COVID-19 and its new variants, as well as other viruses that can cause infections.

Given this uncertainty, the question that begs to be answered is: how strong are children’s immune systems? Enter PascualLab’s newest product offering  ProBio7 Kids, which helps boost immunity by fighting off infection with its 7 Probiotic strains: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, 
Lactococcus lactis
​, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp.  lactis​.

While probiotic strains are more widely known to aid gut health by increasing a child’s probiotic diversity, ¹ they also help the body’s response against viruses and bacteria.² Studies show that children who take probiotics are less likely to get colds and flu, thereby reducing their absences from school.³

Moreover, some studies also show that probiotics even help boost the growth of children as it aids digestion of nutrients,  especially of lactose. ⁵

ProBio7 Kids, is the latest addition to PascualLab’s family of pedia health products including 
Poten-Cee Plus and Boostavit. 

ProBio7 Kids can be administered directly or mixed with food or water. It comes in Grape flavor and is available in sachet format in boxes of 30s at  select drugstores and supermarkets nationwide, or  online via PascualLab‘s official flagship store in Lazada and Shopee.  Suggested retail price is 
Php 1,140.00.

¹Probiotics and Prebiotics. World Gastroentorology Organisation Practice Guideline. May 2008 
²Mirzaei, Rasoul. The emerging role of probiotics as a mitigation strategy against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). National Library of Medicine In Accessed March 2021
³Leyer GJ, Li S, Mubasher ME, Reifer C, Ouwehand AC. Probiotic effects on cold and influenza-like symptom incidence and duration in children. Pediatrics. 2009 Aug;124(2):e172-9. doi: 10.1542/peds.2008-2666. Epub 2009 Jul 27. PMID: 19651563 Accessed from:
Ojochenemi J Onubi, et al . Effects of probiotics on child growth: a systematic review In,risk%20of%20anaemia%20%5B16%5D. Accessed April 2021
⁵Rosaura Lei. Effects of Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplementation on Lactase Deficiency and Lactose Intolerance: A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials. MDPI. May 2

Unilever is kicking off their Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17-19, 2021 with Shopee!

Yes to Positive Beauty is a movement for all Filipinos to champion a new era of beauty and personal care that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable too. 

Now more than ever, people are becoming more and more conscious about what they buy and consume, supporting brands that align with their values and offer products that do more good than harm. In the same way, companies and brands have been shifting to adopt the same level of responsibility when it comes to the products they offer and the messages they send to their audiences, resulting in purposeful actions that demonstrate care not just for people but also for the planet.


Unilever, one of the leading global corporations, recognizes their role in doing just that and in recent years, has been reinforcing positive action across its brands. In the Philippines, the company’s Beauty and Personal Care Category, home to beloved brands like Cream Silk, Pond’s, Lifebuoy, Closeup and Love Beauty and Planet, to name a few, unveils its renewed purpose called Yes to Positive Beauty. This is a commitment to bring about positive change through real actions - to do more good, not just less harm, for people and the planet. 

“Our new thrust, Yes to Positive Beauty, is a movement not just for us, but for all Filipinos to champion a new era of beauty and personal care that’s inclusive, equitable and sustainable,” says Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever Philippines’ Vice President for Beauty and Personal Care. “As the number one beauty and personal care company in the country, we acknowledge the part we play in being a force for good, and Yes to Positive Beauty encompasses our commitment to do this through our brands.”


Four Steps to Positive Beauty

As the beginning of their commitment towards doing more good, Unilever Philippines identifies four key pillars of purpose:


1.     Yes to health and wellbeing

After a year that has heightened the importance of health and hygiene, Unilever commits to making hygiene more accessible and affordable for all Filipino families. Partnering with the Philippine Public Health Association, Unilever, through its trusted brands Lifebuoy and Closeup, launched the Hygiene 101 Campaign, a digital information drive equipping Filipinos with 101 hygiene practices to live by.


2.     Yes to equal opportunities

Pushing forward the agenda on gender equity, Unilever makes a conscientious effort to provide opportunities for Filipinos across the country. Starting in 2020, Unilever partnered with Mano Amiga and Shopee to create a grant for up to 25 microentrepreneurs to start or restart their business. The grant included not just monetary funding, but also access to training programs for skills needed to sustain their enterprise, and the Shopee marketplace to give life to their business online.


Another partnership piloted in 2020, Cream Silk has teamed up with, the largest education technology platform in the country, to provide Filipinas with the tools they need to be ready for the next opportunity. This 2021, they launched the #ConditionedForGreater Online Academy, a series of free one-hour certificate courses aligned with skills needed to land a new job, even during a recession. 


3.     Yes to beauty inclusivity

As one of the top advertisers in the country, Unilever also recognizes how its brands can do their part in shifting beauty standards to combat discrimination and championing inclusion not just in their communications but also across all efforts. The company’s flagbearer for all kinds of beauty, Dove has continued to create safe spaces for all Filipinos to embrace their unique beauty. This year, Pond’s is shifting its products and campaigns to veer away from whitening, empowering Filipinas to love and care for their skin.


Just this April, Unilever also launched its very own online portal, a content hub celebrating a progressive, inclusive and tolerant world, representing all types of shapes, sizes, orientations, ages, religions and more. Your everyday beauty expert, www.BeautyHub.PH celebrates unique experiences through features and content that’s helpful, authentic and positive.


4.     Yes to sustainability

In order to reduce their environmental impact and reinforce its commitment towards more sustainable practices, Unilever has taken key steps across its personal care brands to use less or better plastic. 

Unilever says yes to sustainability by saying no to bubble wrap and replacing it with sustainable eco-wrap for purchases from E-commerce platform Shopee. The company is taking this small step as they continue working with partners to optimize their packaging and further reduce plastic use.


Saying Yes to Positive Beauty

Inviting everyone to join them in their renewed commitment, Unilever is kicking off their Yes to Positive Beauty Sale this May 17-19, 2021 with Shopee! Apart from saying yes to exciting deals and discounts from your favorite brands, like Dove, TRESemme, Cream Silk, Pond’s, St. Ives, Love Beauty and Planet, and more, you’ll be saying yes to sustainability, as Unilever will be rolling out its sustainable eco-wrap packaging for orders with five items and above.


You’ll also be saying yes to equal opportunities and supporting small businesses through Mano Amiga, an organization that creates education and development initiatives to uplift communities in need. With the proceeds from the sale, Mano Amiga will be continuing its program granting microentrepreneurs access to the necessary funds and training courses to help them start, sustain or scale their businesses.


Shoppers can also look forward to the following special deals and freebies during the three-day sale:


      Additional 15% off when you use the code POSITIVEBEAUTY and many more vouchers throughout the weekend

      Flash sales, with deals as low as Php 29

      Free stickers with every purchase

      First 500 orders with min. spend Php 1,499 get a limited edition tote bag 

      First 400 orders with min. spend Php 1,999 get a limited edition bucket hat 

      A portion of the proceeds will help support small businesses in partnership with Mano Amiga.

      Check out the Positive Beauty Community Sale happening on May 18 featuring the small businesses we supported last year.


Join Unilever in saying Yes to Positive Beauty this May 17-19 on Shopee, and say yes to a new era of beauty. Add to cart and check out on May 17, 12-2am. 


For more information on Unilever’s Yes to Positive Beauty commitment visit


Check out our offers at the Unilever Beauty Official Store:   and the Positive Beauty Sale on May 17-19:


Adulting in a Pandemic 101

The global pandemic has caught everyone off-guard. While health and safety remains top priority,  staying afloat may be the biggest challenge of millennials and Gen Zs  young lives thus far. With many getting pay cuts or losing jobs, learning to manage personal finances as soon as possible is a large part of adulthood. 

Here are a few things young adults should ponder on and start doing even while in quarantine:


Learn Budgetting

Now is a good time to start a budget. Apply the 50-30-20 rule. Allocate 50% of income towards basic necessities, 30% for leisures and 20% towards financial goals. Take note of billing due dates and pay on time. Use an Excel spreadsheet, an app or even a pen and paper to keep track of expenses. 


Look for ways to reduce monthly expenses. Whether that’s subscribing to only one streaming service, downgrading mobile postpaid plan or switching to prepaid or unplugging devices when not in use, the savings from these can go a long way towards improving one’s overall personal financial health.


Financing options such as Toyota Financial Services’ Balloon Payment Plus makes car ownership easier with lower down payment and monthly terms, already inclusive of periodic maintenance services. Such packages make spending lighter on the monthly budget, with guaranteed great resale value options by the end of the term.   


Spend Wisely

The pandemic has made everyone’s future a little uncertain so it’s best to be cautious with spending. Distinguish between wants and needs.This applies to the 100 items in one’s online shopping cart. Think long and hard before hitting that checkout button. 


When grocery shopping, assess the household’s current supplies and buy only enough for the whole family. Have a shopping list and stick to it as well. 


Take advantage of cashbacks and rewards program. Plenty of companies nowadays offer cashback and rewards incentives for every purchase or for paying bills on time.     


For big purchases, always go for value for money and explore available instalment plans to make payments lighter on the pocket. One is sure to get their money’s worth with Toyota Vios not only for being a quality and durable car, but also for its added value benefits such as free periodic maintenance service (PMS), extended warranty, or free car insurance.  Worried about shelling out a lot money? With Toyota’s myriad of available financing solutions from low downpayment schemes to discounts, owning the Vios is made as affordable as possible.   

Start or Keep Investing 

There are many forms of investment one can do even while in quarantine.

Building and diversifying financial investment portfolios is a good idea for young adults. With retirement decades away, not only is there more time to learn and recover from possible losses, investing can also help one achieve financial freedom earlier.    


With work from home and less socializing still the norm, another investment worth considering is learning. Take up a new language. Read more books. Enroll in an online certification course. Investing in education is a great way to help increase one’s personal development and professional value. 


Some big ticket items are also worth investing on during this period. With persisting limited transportations due to quarantine restrictions, having a car can provide more flexible mobility when traveling to work, the grocery store or running errands since there’s no need to queue in line, waiting for a ride. More importantly, Gen Zs and millennials can reduce their exposure to the virus by driving their own car. Experts advise to be at least 6 feet away from people but with public transportation, this may be more challenging to follow. 


The Toyota Vios has an extensive variant lineup to suit the needs of every Filipino including first-time car owners. 


An excellent investment for first-time car owners looking for a safe and reliable mode of transportation, the Toyota Vios delivers performance that levels up the lifestyle. Recently named as the Most Reliable Car Brand for 2020[i], Toyota offers more than what meets the eye. With an array of variants to choose from, the Toyota Vios is easy to maintain, has a spacious interior, and boasts an impressive engine performance that provides a driving experience that can withstand the knocks of daily errands. Depending on one’s goals, one can avail of the XE variant for that everyday practical car, or grab the recently launched Toyota Vios GR-S that comes with a track-ready aesthetic – both in its interior and exterior. And if along the line one is considering to upgrade, a Toyota vehicle has an impressive resale value – truly a bang for one’s buck.


The Toyota Vios is a reliable and durable vehicle that can address the mobility needs of every millennial and Gen Z.


The Toyota Vios is proudly assembled by Filipino automotive makers in the Philippines. By choosing the Toyota Vios, one not only enjoy the perks of having a dependable car, but also help support the livelihood of fellow Filipinos working in the local automotive industry. 



With enough patience and determination, one will get the hang of adulting with money and build a better, more secure future. 


To know more about the Toyota Vios, please visit Toyota Motors Philippines’ website at or explore the Toyota Virtual Showroom. To get real-time updates follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Are you ready for Park Seo Jun?

Can’t get enough of Korean superstar and Smart ambassador Park Seo Jun? 

Here’s your chance to get to know the latest about Park Seo Jun as leading mobile mobile services provider Smart Communications, Inc. has teamed up with KakaoTV to stream the actor’s upcoming fan meet to Filipino fans.

Titled “Park Seo Jun, Comma,” the untact (zero-contact) fan meet commemorates his 10th anniversary since his debut as an actor. 

The event will bring Park Seo Jun closer to fans from all over the world as he shares out exciting updates about his life and career and show love and gratitude for the support of his followers. 

Filipino fans will be able to watch “Park Seo Jun, Comma” live at on May 15, 4 p.m. Smart subscribers can enjoy watching the upcoming online fan meet with Double GIGA Video 99 valid for 7 days, which comes with 2 GB per day for YouTube and more, plus 2 GB of open access data.

Philippines' fastest mobile data network

Filipino K-Drama fans can get the best K-Life experience with Smart, the country’s fastest mobile data network as reported by third-party mobile internet analytics firms such as Ookla® and Opensignal.

Ookla, the global leader in internet testing and analysis, named Smart as the country’s fastest mobile data network in the second half of 2020 after it achieved a Speed Score™ of 24.99, with average speeds of 20.08 Mbps for download, and 7.42 Mbps for upload, based on 3,915,679 user-initiated tests taken with Speedtest®.  Ookla has also cited Smart as the country's fastest mobile data network for three years in a row now.

Smart has also scored a rare sweep in the April 2021 Philippines Mobile Network Experience Awards* by independent analytics firm Opensignal, beating the competition across all metrics in three essential aspects of service: Coverage (4G Coverage Experience, 4G Availability), Speed (Download and Upload Speed) and Experience (Games, Video and Voice app). This is the first time an operator in the Philippines won decisively in all categories.

Smart also enables subscribers to enjoy their favorite content seamlessly with Smart 5G's superfast speeds and ultra-low latency powered by the country's most extensive 5G network.

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is 2021’s Best Digital Bank of the Philippines

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is 2021’s Best Digital Bank of the Philippines, according to London-based publication, Business Tabloid.

The Yuchengco-led bank is the only Filipino company among the honorees in the Banking Awards.

RCBC joins other winners from Bahrain, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Egypt, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. The only Philippine counterpart was Deutsche Bank which won in the best CSR category.

“It is all because of the regulators who put their faith into the industry and the customers who trust and support us that all this has become possible. We continue to put the welfare of the Filipino people at the center of our products and services,” said Eugene S. Acevedo, President and Chief Executive Officer of RCBC.

Among RCBC’s digital products are DiskarTech, the country’s first Taglish financial inclusion super app, which helps onboard the unbanked and the underserved into the formal financial system; RCBC Online Banking, which boasts one of the most comprehensive features among banking apps and web platforms; and ATM Go, a mobile service that provides banking services even to remote communities using point-of-sale terminals.

“We are humbled with this recognition as it amplifies our firm resolve to scale a sustainable inclusive digital finance. This only strengthens our commitment to contributing to the digital acceleration in the country,” said RCBC Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer Lito Villanueva.

RCBC supports the objective of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to shift half of retail transactions to online and to onboard 70% of the adult Filipino population into the formal financial system.

RCBC is one of the leading universal banks accelerating digital transformation in the Philippines. It was judged in 2020 as the Philippines’ best digital bank by Asiamoney and Alpha Southeast Asia, among other global and regional recognitions. It is also the first local universal bank to have the most extensive reach with registered customers from across all 81 provinces nationwide through its mobile apps RCBC Mobile and DiskarTech. Its digital products include RCBC mobile and online banking, handheld ATM Go mobile point-of-sale terminals, and DiskarTech, among others. DiskarTech was recognized as the 2020 breakout finance app in the country by App Annie, a global data analytics firm covering all mobile applications worldwide.

GrabKitchen now makes it much easier for you to get all your cravings in one go and share meals with your loved ones

This is a week-long Mother's Day celebration so I treat myself to my favorites today. I just have to reward myself for a month of working long hours and exercising everyday.

The first thing I did in the morning, you guessed it right. I grabbed my phone and ordered right away at GrabFood via GrabKitchen restos Dapo at Tisa

The good thing is you can mix and match your favorites under one delivery fee through Grab Kitchen, aint that a sweet deal? So I ordered milk teas at The Alley for dessert.  

I ordered Crispy Pata, crispy noodles, ensalada, cheesy sizzling tofu, chicharon bulaklak, lumpiang shanghai at Dapo at Tisa in #grabkitchen plus Brown sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee milk and The Alley Milk Trio at @thealleyphilippinesofficial. Mind you, everything tastes delicious. 

Enjoy a wider food variety than ever before with GrabKitchen’s mix-and-match feature! With the following restaurants you can order from with just one delivery fee, GrabKitchen now makes it much easier for you to get all your cravings in one go and share meals with your loved ones.

If youre in Manila and Paranaque proper you can order your favorite food and mix and match in one go to these restos. 

GrabKitchen Malate: Omakase, Frankie's, Recovery Food, Paper Moon, Yogorino, Pepi Cubano, Dapo at Tisa, King Chef, La Tita, Selecta, So Mot, Blu Kouzina, Coco Fresh Tea and Juice, Merienda by Pan De Manila, and Go! Salads.


GrabKitchen Parañaque: 24 Chicken, Alishan at the Alley, Army Navy, Cara Mia, La Titas MNL, Kyoto Sushi Bake, El Nacho Libre, Sheikh’s Kebab, Breakfast for 2, Black Kimchi, Omakase, Dapo at Tisa.

From the initial launch of GrabKitchen in the Philippines in 2020, Grab has remained committed to not only lift food businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them the needed support to grow their businesses, but also enrich customers’ dining experiences through the concept of mix-and-match orders from multiple merchants.


Now, more customers can look forward to mixing and matching dishes and see the latest exciting things GrabKitchen has in store for its two newest branches – Malate and Parañaque!

Save money while helping the environment along the way with these practical tips

There’s a common misconception that going green can be expensive, but that is not always the case. Making a few environment-friendly changes...