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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celebrating the taste--and feel of Christmas with C2 Cool and Clean

I have been an iced tea advocate for over a decade now, and I like it natural, with a slightly tinge of fruity sweetness with the combined bitterness and leafy taste of tea.  Cuddling that C2 bottle in hand (whether its green, red, orange, etc) guarantees a refreshing good time for anyone as it perfectly complements any kind of meal, just like a loyal partner who is always there, and would never leave

For nearly a decade, C2 Cool and Clean has become part of the Filipino dining table for almost any celebration-- from the simplest office merienda get together with friends to grand family reunions, and of course during Christmas gatherings. 

Joining in this year's holiday festivities, C2 Cool and Clean, the country’s leading ready-to- drink green tea beverage, launched the first ever C2 Sarap ng Christmas Tree-Making Contest.

Through this event, the brand aims to bring a relevant and memorable Christmas experience to the young and young-at-heart.

The National College of Business and Arts’ Hotel and Restaurant
Management Society’s winning Christmas Tree complete with a Noche Buena set up
With over P200,000 worth of prizes up for grabs, schools from all over the metro were invited to build beautiful Christmas trees out of hundreds of C2 bottles in less than a month. Christmas tree entries were eventually narrowed down to 10 finalists, from which three will emerge on top. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: adherence to the C2 Sarap ng Christmas theme (40%); creative execution (30%) and technical execution (30%).  The 2nd Runner Up shall receive P25,000 cash prize and an endowment of P15,000 to the school; the 1st Runner Up shall receive P50,000 cash prize and an endowment of P25,000 to the school; and the grand prize winner shall receive P75,000 cash and P30,000 endowment to the school. All 10 finalists also received generous Christmas gift packs.

For its complete Noche Buena setup to complement its Christmas tree creation, NCBA Fairview Hotel and Restaurant Management Society won the grand prize bringing home P100,000 total prize, the Philippine Women's University University Student Choir won second place while the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Supreme Student Council came in third.

 “C2 has always been at the forefront of supporting the youth and encouraging them to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” said Vice-President and General Manager for URC Beverage Division, Edwin Totanes. “Through the C2 Christmas Tree Making Contest, we hope to showcase the artistic talent of these young students and at the same time remind them that a healthy mind and body is the best gift you can give yourself this Holiday Season” he added.

Celebrate a healthier and more delicious new year by making C2 your beverage of choice this holiday season. Create even more special memories with its latest variants, Red Tea and Iced Tea, which are flavors that best complement your favorite Christmas meals. Kapag may C2, Sarap ng Christmas!

C2 is available in leading supermarkets, groceries, and convenience stores.

The University of the Philippines UP Artists Circle Sorority puts their own creative spin on the traditional Christmas Tree.

The University of Makati College of Allied Health Services adds some Filipino flair to their design.

The United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary of the Central Colleges of the Philippines dazzles with their design.

C2 is the star in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila’s Supreme Student Council’s entry.

C2 takes the center stage with the Philippine Women’s University’s Student Choir group’s Christmas Tree.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family and kids enjoy Jollibee Chickenjoy’s new Side Dishes.

Christmas is all about warm hugs and great bonding times for kids and their families best enjoyed over a special feast of Jollibee treats.

Add more joy to your Holiday with Jollibee Chickenjoy’s new Side Dishes!

You can now add more joy to your family bonding moments with everyone’s favorite Chickenjoy and two new side dishes- creamy, delicious Mashed Potato and sweet, juicy Buttered Corn.

Enjoy Chickenjoy Super Value Meal with 2-piece Chickenjoy Super Value Meal with 2-piece Chickenjoy, rice, two (2) new side dishes, Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae and regular Coke for only P169. And the Chickenjoy Bucket Treats with 8 pieces of Chickenjoy, 4 rice, 4 new side dishes, 4 Chocolate or Strawberry Sundaes and 4 regular Coke for only P599.

Available in all Jollibee branches nationwide for dine-in and take-out. For delivery, call the Jollibee Express Deliver Service at 8-7000 or log-on at
(For delivery orders, the Sundaes will be replaced by Peach Mango Pies).

Celebrate the holidays together with the family and the langhap-sarap goodness of Jollibee Chickenjoy Bucket Treats, now with new delicious side dishes – creamy Mashed Potato and juicy Buttered Corn.

TV host Regine Tolentino and her husband, Lander Vera Perez with daughters Reigne and Reigen energize the audience with a Zumba dance number.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Colours Glamfest

Beauty and Influence in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Colours Glamfest

End the year with a bang and kick off 2014 with Colours Glamfest as it takes us in the loop of the 5 hottest events in Hollywood.  From breath-taking musical performances to unforgettable movie actors and ceremonies, the celebration becomes extra exciting and eventful – most especially when this includes slender and sexy supermodels strutting down the runway in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

At a moment when overriding mood is one of grace and femininity, it isn’t surprising that Victoria’s Secret has magically touched the lingerie collections, brushing through the season with a subtle sensuality and a distinct lingerie design. So this year’s edition of the Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show will feature world-famous Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Looking at these supermodels – Andriana Francesca Lim, Corine Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Lindsay Marie Ellingson and Karlie Elizabeth Kloss – they embody Victoria’s Secret - apt, contemporary and effortless. They are strong, independent thinkers and travellers with an amazing global aesthetic. Naturally, they draw on Victoria’s Secret palette providing an amazing variety with unexpected style and fantasy to their own wardrobe.

Brazilian model and actress Adriana is probably best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. She wore the “Fantasy Bra” for the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The bra, created by American jewelry designer Martin Katz, was valued at over $5 million.
A Brazilian model, Corine was chosen as the first spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret  "PINK" line. She is currently one of the Victoria's Secret Angels and has modeled for brands such as Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren. In 2005, she walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway wearing lingerie made entirely out of candy.
In 2010, Candice became a Victoria's Secret Angel. Candice Swanepoel modeled for the Kardashians' 2010 swimwear line. On August 12, 2010, she opened the first Victoria's Secret retail store in Canada, at West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton. This year, she will walk the runway wearing the $10 million Royal Fantasy Bra, designed exclusively for Victoria’s Secret by world-renowned jeweler Mouawad.  It will have 4,200 precious gems from around the world, featuring a 52-carat pear-shaped ruby along with diamonds and yellow sapphires.
Lindsay Marie has been walking for Victoria's Secret for five straight years. Ellingson and Emanuela de Paula were chosen to be spokeswomen for "Body by Victoria" by Victoria's Secret alongside Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller; she was also a featured model in the 2010 Victoria's Secret "SWIM" catalog.  She is currently listed as one of the brand's 12 "supermodels" and was one of the featured models during the 2009 fashion show. In 2011, she became one of the brand's signature Angels, as well as the face of its perfume line VS Attractions and its new bra, Gorgeous.

An American fashion model, Karlie Elizabeth ranked seventh on the Top 50 Models Women list by Vogue Paris declared her one of the top 30 models of the 2000s. She is a Victoria's Secret Angel. In February 2011, supermodel Tyra Banks stated that Kloss was one of her favorite models because of her "unique, atypical beauty". In 2011 she made her debut in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In 2012 also appeared in that year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In 2013, Kloss was the face of Donna Karan, Lacoste, and Lanvin campaigns. Karlie Elizabeth worked with Victoria's Secret on their 2013 summer swimwear video.
As Victoria’s Secret continues to shine, its dazzling lingerie designs have been catapulted into new realms of desirability. Which illustrates perhaps how this piece of clothing is resonating with women in a way only accessories have done before.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Colours was shown on December 19, 2013 at 8pm and multi-awarded singer Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and Neon Jungle, did performances.  This is part of the Colours Glamfest campaign, which celebrates the airing of 5 of the hottest Hollywood specials.  Colours is available on Cignal channel 27 on SD and channel 101 on HD.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Yahoo PH Technostorm 2013: Tech and Devices Merged In.

While more and more consumers are purchasing mobile devices, the next big trend in the internet according to Yahoo will be personalized content.

"Content is the next big thing," said Mike Constantino, Country Sales Director of Yahoo Philippines, who also spoke about how to to create content based on the preferences of your website viewers.

Yahoo Philippines held TechnoStorm 2013, an on-ground expo which brings the latest gadgets and devices up close to Filipinos.

Following the hugely successful TechnoStorm 2012, the expo is open to all who are interested in experiencing the latest consumer technology products, services and solutions from leading global and local brands. TechnoStorm 2013showcases the latest tech trends through product demos, tech-talks andhands-onexperiences, providing a one-stop platform to learn and explore the world of consumer technology.

The expo was held from November 29 to December 1 at the Central Plaza of Market! Market!, featuring products and devices from well-known tech brands and industry leaders such as Globe, Sun Cellular, Blink Entertainment, Paktor, BDO, Hewlett Packard, MyPhone, CloudFone, Sony, Huawei, and LG.During the three-day expo, consumers can also look forward to product launches,live demos and tech updates on the digital, connectivity, entertainment and mobile industry in the country.

“TechnoStorm has met success because we utilize Yahoo’s digital capacities and collaborate with other players in the tech industry to provide a highly-personalized experience for users,” said Constantino.

“We’re particularly excited for TechnoStorm 2013, which is even better than last year.  This is a unique event that reflects Yahoo’s passion of celebrating innovation by finding creative ways to use technology to make daily tasks more inspiring and entertaining,” added Constantino.

For the online-savvy consumers, the Yahoo Philippines TechnoStorm portal remains the go-to place for over 16 million visitors seeking information and expert advice on anything tech.  At TechnoStorm,consumers can get the latest news in the IT industry, read expert gadget reviews, watch how to and do-it-yourself videos that feature unique and creative ways to get the best out of gadgets and devices, and get technology deals by international and local brands.

For more information on TechnoStorm 2013, please visit Yahoo Philippines’ TechnoStorm at

Filipina-Japanese Wrestler Fights for Yolanda Victims.

Fil-Japanese pro wrestler Syuri Kondo  invades Manila:    This young, vibrant beauty is ready to rumble.

Wrestling is a popular combat sport in Japan and the US that through the years has also enjoyed immense following in the Philippines. But while there are many wrestling fans in the Philippines, the sport itself is not played professionally in the country.

Japanese-Filipino lookerSyuri Kondo is determined to change the landscape of the local combat sports arena by introducing professional wrestling in the country of her mother’s origin. Simply known by her first name Syuri and by her ring name KG, Syuri Kondo is no newbie in the art of wrestling in her homeland Japan. A professional wrestler, shoot boxer and kickboxer, Syuri currently plays for the Wrestling New Classic (WNC) promotion, where she is in her second reign as the WNC Women’s Champion.

Additional feathers to her cap include her distinguished work for WNC’s two predecessors, namely Smash where Syuri emerged as the final Smash Diva Champion and Hustle where she started her career by the sobriquet KG (which stands for Karate Girl). As a kickboxer, Syuri is affiliated with the Krush promotion where she represents the Vos Gym training camp.

However, Syuri’s heart presently belongs to wrestling. Tipping the scale at 5’4 ½”, the 24-year-old Syuri once worked as a model for fashion magazines and as a movie bit player after her high school graduation. Fate led her to professional wrestling after passing an audition for Hustle in 2008. Reaping success instantly, Syuri remained with Hustle, going against male wrestlers most of the time as a novelty due to the lack of female wrestlers in the promotion, until it ceased operations in late 2009.

Syuri then joined a new promotion called Smash using the one-word ring name Syuri. Not one to give up after three consecutive losses, Syuri went up against a formidable opponent named Kana on June 25, 2009 in the main event of Smash.4. As it turned out, Syuri did not only end her losing streak but also scored the biggest win of her career as a professional wrestler. In the years that followed, Syuri consistently proved her might and vigor as the next big joshi player.

After retiring the Smash Diva Championship in 2012, Syuri became part of the roster of the promotion that followed Smash called Wrestling New Classic (WNC). On November 18, WNC and Reina Women’s World Championship announced that Syuri had signed a dual contract with the two promotions making her the first female wrestler to hold such a contract and distinction.

With Syuri’s fame and influence, Reina Women’s World Championship hopes to establish a professional wrestling promotion in Syuri’s mother’s native country, the Philippines. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding this year, Reina Women’s World Championship has had a long-standing relationship with the Philippines. “We have started working on a project that aims to establish a training center for professional wrestling in the Philippines,” relates Ankei (Riki) Tamashiro, President of Reina Women’s World Championship.

On January 25, 2014, that dream will finally materialize with the first wrestling tournament in the country to be held at Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City under the Reina Women’s World Championship promotion. And Syuri Kondo, with her signature moves like double-knee backbreaker, half-hatch suplex, multiple kick variations, Hurricanrana, running knee strike, will headline the said wrestling tournament which qualifies her as the perfect poster girl for the promotion of professional wrestling in the Philippines.

A young woman of many talents, Syuri has dabbled in music, working with the female singing group Apple Tale on a collaboration called “Apple Tale with Syuri” that released its debut album, “ChouzetsuOtome: MushaShugyou Hen” on January 13, 2012. In 2013, Syuri came up with her first gravure DVD entitled “Watashi.”

With her triumphs in wrestling and other combat sports, Syuri Kondo may strike you as a tough cookie. Her winsome, sweetheart looks and lovely complexion do not give hints that she is, at heart, a champion professional wrestler. But there is so much more to love about Syuri Kondo, which includes her giving nature and compassionate heart.

Proof of that are her efforts, with the support and guidance of Reina Women’s World Championship Philippines, to extend help and donation to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in the country of birth of Syuri’s mother Susana Ishimura. The Ceremony of Donation was held on November 30, 2014 at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria which would then be delivered to Rotary Club Southern Pampanga District 3790.

Syuri Kondo serves as an inspiration to women all over the world to make something great out of their passions in life. In so doing, it is most likely that even what is deemed improbable will be achieved.    


GCASH, the flagship mobile commerce service operated by G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI), a wholly-owned mobile commerce subsidiary of Globe Telecom, Inc. is set to expand its network in the country by growing its user base with a partnership with TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc. (TGMI), a marketing consultancy firm focused on helping companies reach out to the widest possible consumer base through the latest technologies in mobile commerce and advertising.

With the agreement, GCASH will now be offered to TGMI affiliate companies and organizations such as the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and the Franchise Corporation of the Philippines (FranCorp), among others.

GCASH services that will be made available for use of TGMI affiliates include the PowerPay+ Card which is a funds disbursement service linked to a Globe/TM SIM offered to organizations that traditionally disburse via cash and check, the Buy Load service which enables GCash users to become load re-sellers by buying airtime load using GCash with as much as 10% rebate, and GCash outlets which are locations that potential entrepreneurs can set up to accept GCash users who would like to convert their regular cash to GCash and vice-versa, and a soon to be released payment solution that will enable business owners to accept credit card payments without the need for a traditional bank-issued POS terminal.

“With our partnership with TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc., we are expanding GCASH to reach more users and business who can directly benefit from an easy, hassle-free, and secure platform for money transfer services. This will allow business establishments and affiliations to operate more efficiently and enjoy our innovative product portfolio,” expressed Paolo Baltao, GXI President.

“It is our privilege to partner with GCASH for this meaningful business opportunity. We are confident that GCASH’s roster of services will further business transactions as well as financial services in the country,” said Atty. Miguel Varela, Chairman of TORCHe Global Marketing, Inc.

Since its creation in October 2004, GXI has reached soaring heights of over 1 million subscribers by creating relevant solutions that cater to a wide range of customer needs. Among these are Send Money - a method of sending money from one GCash subscriber to another; Buy Load - a cost effective way of purchasing airtime load without visiting an outlet; Pay Bills, a convenient way to settle bills with over 80 partners including Meralco, Manila Water, Globe Postpaid, Metrobank, and HSBC; Donate, a hassle free method of helping out through our partner institutions like Red Cross and GCash American Express Virtual Card, a unique and innovative solution that empowers subscribers to purchase goods and apps from U.S. sites like without the frills of having a credit card.

TGMI was formed primarily with Philippine Chamber of Commerce (PCCI) and Franchise Corporation of the Philippines (FRANCORP) to leverage on its capability to reach out and directly serve these organization’s members and affiliates with products in the petrol, telecommunications, financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals industries. TGMI aims to expand the scope and variety of services and products that will bring consumers and merchants closer to each other.

For more information on GCash, visit

Goldilocks Reaches 400th Store Milestone.

On an otherwise typical summer day – May 15, 1966 – two enterprising sisters and their sister-in-law opened a small bakeshop on a 70 square meter space along Pasong Tamo Street. Milagros Leelin-Yee, Clarita Leelin-Go, and Doris Wilson-Leelin had a simple set-up: two display cases, ten employees, and family members pitching in to help mix ingredients. The store was called “Goldilocks”, and true to its storybook namesake, it would establish a fairytale of its own.

Indeed, almost five decades later, Goldilocks is now the largest Filipino-owned bakeshop chain in the world.  More impressively, generations of Filipinos consider it not only as a brand, but a time-honored family tradition. As the company approaches its 50th year in the Philippines, Goldilocks continues to strengthen its position as a genuine Filipino Icon. Just recently, it added another impressive milestone to its long list of achievements by opening its 400th local store in Davao.

“Goldilocks has such a rich and storied heritage; now our legacy is being passed on to future generations, covering a wider scope,” affimed Goldilocks Marketing Director Pinky Yee. “Part of this is our continued focus on nationwide expansion, with a particular emphasis on areas outside Metro Manila,” she added. Evidently, this strategy has been highly successful, with the number of Goldilocks stores in the Philippines more than doubling in the past ten years (120% increase).

Yee likewise shared that this remarkable expansion has been greatly driven by the company’s franchising program. “We have been so fortunate to partner with highly motivate entrepreneurs who share the ideals and values of Goldilocks,” she explained. “Almost half of our stores are franchisees, with 60% of them being multi-unit owners. In fact, store number 400 here in Davao is a franchise.”

With 400 local stores (not to mention 24 branches in key cities in North America, and nine outlets in Bangkok, Thailand), iconic status, and unrivalled products, what can possibly remain in store for the bakeshop giant? “There’s always a way to serve our customers better, and you can rest assured that Goldilocks will find a way to continue discovering them,” Yee stated. “Looking forward, we will continue to pursue our company vision with determination and integrity – for Goldilocks to be the leading Filipino global brand, that will fulfill changing customer needs through world-class products and services,” she concluded.

Metrobank Offers Exclusive Perks for Booklovers at Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2024

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