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Friday, December 30, 2022

NutriAsia showcased the first-ever holiday robotics attraction on a bus stop and the first caroling feature in BGC

It was the most wonderful time of the year! And wherever people went, they saw it, felt it, smelled it, tasted it, and of course, heard it. Nothing said, “It’s Christmas time in the city!” quite like the angelic voices, joyful music, and heartwarming tunes that beautifully bombarded our ears, charmed us to sing, and compelled us to remember the child in the manager as he sleeps. Yes folks, “Ang Pasko ay sumapit, tayo ay magsiawit!”

Strategically nestled at the bus stop at 30th Street corner 9th Avenue at BGC, the NutriAsia EcoStation, outrageously adorned and decorated with sparkling lights, charming lanterns, and colorful artworks last December, showcased the first-ever holiday robotics attraction on a bus stop and the first caroling feature in BGC, all powered by solar energy. It was open from 2 pm to 9 pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the 24th of December, and everyone was invited to sing their hearts out to the tune of timeless Christmas carols via everyone’s favorite, the karaoke, at the holiday season themed EcoStation.
Shoppers, workers, joggers, families, and friends who happened to be in BGC, visited the EcoStation where they were directed by NutriAsia brand ambassadors to try out their special Christmas challenge. There they were given instructions where they got to pick their best-loved Christmas songs and then sang their hearts out for the remaining 10 seconds of the songs. Those who successfully got an amazing score of 95 and above got a chance to win cool prizes such as a NutriAsia Noche Buena Package or Php100 Shopee gift voucher.

All year round, the NutriAsia EcoStation features a dispenser that gives free water refills for those with their own bottles and containers as a way of encouraging people to embrace a refilling mind set through reusing containers they already have. It was perfect for BGC carolers and singers to grab a refreshing water break from their tireless and ceaseless crooning and serenading! To access it, people only need to scan the unique QR Code in the NutriAsia EcoStation which will bring them to the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bote) website. Here, they can generate a unique QR code that needs to be scanned using the dispenser’s camera to get their free water refills.

Last December, NutriAsia invited everyone to truly make it the most wonderful time of the year through beautiful and meaningful Christmas carols at the EcoStation. Carolers and singers from all walks of life sang till their hearts’ content, allowed their voices to be heard, and shone bright as the star of Betlehem last season of giving! Let’s all sing “Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!” once again this December 2023! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

HONOR opened and established more than 600 stores composed of kiosks and multi-brand stores

Dubbed as a magical comeback, HONOR officially set foot in the Philippine market again in August 2022 and has been unstoppable since then, launching a tablet, two smartwatches, and six mobile phones in just a span of four months.


To excite HONOR fans, the leading global smart devices provider teased that 2023 will be a very busy year for them – more launches, events, and exciting treats for consumers.


“2022 is just the beginning for HONOR Philippines and we are taking the brand to even greater heights come 2023. We have a very solid lineup for the whole year and you definitely don’t want to miss what we will be bringing from the HONOR ecosystem.” said HONOR Philippines Vice President for Marketing, Stephen Cheng. “The expansion of our markets and channel partners is in the works already, and we will stay committed to focusing on creating innovations for everyone. For us, there’s really no way to go but up.”

Since the relaunch, HONOR has opened and established more than 600 stores composed of kiosks and multi-brand stores. In fact, HONOR is now present at 17 dealers: Abenson, Cellboy, EC Panda, MemoXpress, Octagon, Present, Rules, Silicon Valley, Globe, Lazada, Shopee, and Kimstore. 

HONOR indicated an increase of 366% in its manpower since its launch to augment the workforce for the company. Now, in three months’ time, HONOR currently has at least 1,000 employees including promoters to cater to newly opened stores in the country. 

HONOR recently hinted the launch of its highly-anticipated foldable flagship HONOR Magic Vs, and while fans patiently wait for it, here’s a rundown of what HONOR has launched so far.




HONOR 70 5G carries the industry’s first 54MP IMX800 Super Sensing Main Camera, bringing users incredible enhancements in smartphone photography. It also takes pride in the revolutionary Solo Cut Mode, an innovation enabling users to simultaneously produce a group video and a portrait vlog that spotlights a specific person.


#BestVloggingPhone HONOR 70 5G is equipped with a 4800mAh large-capacity battery supported by high performance 66W HONOR SuperCharge power brick. The screen of HONOR 70 5G supports 1.07 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 and HDR 10+, bringing users vivid colors in sharp and crisp detail. Available in Midnight Black, Titanium Silver, and Emerald Green, you can get the HONOR 70 5G for PHP 26,990.


HONOR X Series


HONOR X6, X7, X8, and X9 boast SuperCharge feature for all-day connectivity and productivity. The series also offers big screens providing better display, most especially the HONOR X9 which has 90hz refresh rate and 94% screen-to-body ratio. The X series brings promising camera features for mobile photography and videography. HONOR X6 and X7 have a 50 and 48MP main camera respectively while both HONOR X8 and HONOR X9 have 64MP. All are packed with wide and macro lenses and bokeh effect.


Available in Midnight Black and Titanium Silver, the HONOR X6 is priced at Php 7,490 while HONOR X7 and X8 is at Php 9,990 and Php 12,990 respectively. The HONOR X9 debuted at Php 14,990 in Midnight Black and Ocean Blue colors.


HONOR Magic4 Pro


The Power of Magic. HONOR Magic4 Pro introduces one of the most powerful and versatile camera systems on an HONOR smartphone to date: 50MP Wide Camera with customized 7P Lens, 50MP Ultra-Wide Camera, 64MP Periscope Telephoto Camera, a Flicker Sensor, and an additional brand-new custom-made image processor.


Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G Mobile Platform, the HONOR Magic4 Pro delivers blazing fast performance and incredible battery efficiency across all typical usage scenarios. The 6.81-inch next-generation LTPO Display delivers fluid, vibrant visuals with support for adaptive refresh rate to help users conserve battery.


Available in Black and Cyan, the HONOR Magic4 Pro is priced at Php 52,990.




As the first HONOR tablet in the Philippines, the HONOR Pad 8 delivers an exceptional entertainment experience with all-round smart features and a sleek and premium design. Boasting an impressive 12-inch 2K HONOR FullView Display. The HONOR Pad 8 pushes industry benchmarks to deliver an immersive visual and audio experience.  


The tablet packs an extra-large 7250 mAh battery for all-day connectivity that supports up to 14 hours of offline local video playback, or 10 hours of learning online. HONOR Pad 8 is available in Dawnlight Blue for PHP 17,990 with a FREE Smart Keyboard worth PHP 5,990.


HONOR Band 6 and HONOR Watch GS3

HONOR also has two affordable yet high-profile smartband and smartwatch: the HONOR Band 6 and HONOR GS3.

HONOR Band 6 has long-lasting capabilities lasting 2 weeks compared to other available smartwatches in the market. The top-of-the-line smartwatch HONOR GS3 has higher consumer expectations with its music playback, alarm clock, flashlight

You can buy HONOR products and catch amazing deals at any HONOR kiosks and partner stores nationwide or online at Shopee (, Lazada ( and TikTok Shop (

Tinder is rolling out Relationship Goals

Today, Tinder is rolling out Relationship Goals, a new profile feature that lets members signal what they’re looking for. Whether they’re down for new friends, here for a fling, or want to cuff it, members now have more control over who they connect with by having more insight into a potential match's intentions. 


It’s no secret that today’s new generation of daters is changing the dating rules. Tinder’s 2022 Year in Swipe showed that singles are looking for loyalty, open-mindedness, and respect in a match, and embracing casual - yet clearly defined - situationships as the default relationship status. Recent testing of the feature in select markets showed that more than 50% of members have added Relationship Goals on their profiles - transparency is definitely hot.


“This feature was developed in response to a shift we've seen among our members. Young singles, who make-up a majority of Tinder, are increasingly becoming more intentional with who they spend their time with. In fact, 72% of Tinder members said they’re looking for someone who knows what they want,” said Kyle Miller, Vice President of Core Product at Tinder. “Relationship Goals gives members more control over their interactions and allows them to match with more intention, without missing out on a connection they wouldn’t have made anywhere else.” 


How it Works: 

      Tinder members can tap into their profile settings to choose from six intent options: Long-term partner 💘; Long-Term, open to short 😍; Short-term, open to long 🥂; Short-term fun 🎉; New friends 👋; or Still figuring it out 🤔

      As members are on the app, they’ll be able to see what potential matches have selected on their profiles and make better connections for all the right reasons

      And, because we know things can change quickly, members will receive a prompt every week checking in that their Relationship Goals selections are still what they’re looking for

Relationship Goals is starting to roll out globally to members starting today in several countries, and will be available to all members by January 5, 2023, right in time before Dating Sunday, one of the busiest dating days of the year (January 8th 2023).* 

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Xiaomi Releases Inaugural Intellectual Property White Paper


Xiaomi Corporation a consumer electronics and smart manufacturing company with smartphones and smart hardware connected by an Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform at its core, released its inaugural intellectual property (“IP”) white paper. 

The white paper showcases Xiaomi’s IP achievements and its technological innovation capabilities. Currently, Xiaomi has entered 12 technological fields of research and development, including 5G mobile communication technology, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, reaching 98 sub-segments. Technological innovation is the driving force behind Xiaomi’s high degree of globalization with IP rights providing support and protection for further technological innovation in an efficient manner.

Xiaomi has accumulated substantial achievements in IP across these areas. As of

September 30, 2021, the Group ranked 13th worldwide in 5G self-declared patent

families. As of September 30, 2022, Xiaomi has obtained more than 29,000 patents

globally, covering more than 60 countries and regions.

Wang Xiang, Partner and President of Xiaomi Corporation, introduced the Group’s IP

value proposition for the first time. He stated Xiaomi is dedicated to providing users with best-in-class technological innovation, respecting IP rights and offering diversified solutions to settle IP disputes. The Company is seeking to achieve a winwin, long-term and sustainable IP partnership and ultimately promote technology inclusion for the benefit of a wider community.

The white paper shows the diverse and complex IP environment facing Chinese enterprises with global ambitions. By actively responding to lawsuits, signaling an openness to cooperation and striving to pursue a multilateral win-win strategy, Xiaomi has managed to expand its global footprint. Over the years, Xiaomi has been applying IP extensively to drive business and technological development.

In response to consumer demand, Xiaomi seeks to join hands with global business partners to promote technology inclusion with IP rights in order to empower the wider community and let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology.

Xiaomi’s IP Drives Business Innovation

After 12 years of development and driven by its “Smartphone × AIoT” core strategy, Xiaomi has expanded its footprint in more than 100 markets around the world. The Company’s businesses span across smartphones, smart TVs, smart large home appliances, wearables and internet services. Its research and development efforts were demonstrated in areas including smartphone operating system, imaging, charging, smart TV operating system, AI, etc.

Taking MIUI as an example, strong patent protection supports continuous innovation of the MIUI system. As of September 30, 2022, Xiaomi has more than 7,700 patents worldwide in terms of MIUI operating system and software functions. The Group also has more than 700 patents in smartphone charging technology, including but not limited to the underlying circuit architecture, safety management and transmission optimization.

Patent protection promotes the innovation inherent in Xiaomi smartphone’s imaging technology. As of September 30, 2022, Xiaomi has more than 1,000 patents for imaging technology worldwide. Apart from elevating Xiaomi’s smartphone user experience, the Company also strived to expand its 5G patent portfolio. By the end of September 2021, Xiaomi ranked 13th in 5G self-declared patent families. As at the end of September 2022, Xiaomi has led and participated in the formulation of more than 260 national, industrial and group standards and its technical capabilities have been recognized by the industry.

Xiaomi’s IP system has led to the development of a wide range of usage scenarios in its smart living ecosystem. After years of development, the Group held more than 1,200 AI-related patents globally. Xiaomi’s AI call noise reduction technology has been applied in more than 60 products, driving the company’s business growth.

Xiaomi is committed to “Technology for Good”. Propelled by the Group’s technological capabilities, Xiaomi gradually developed accessibility features in its MIUI operating system. For example, Xiaomi’s haptic technology, ambient sound recognition and text to- speech technology are designed for users with visual, hearing and speech impairment respectively, allowing more underprivileged users to enjoy the convenience of technology.

IP Empowers Xiaomi’s Global Ambitions

In 2013, Xiaomi’s IP system was in its infancy focusing on protecting its self-developed

technology and patenting its hardware and MIUI operating system. While focusing on

Mainland China, the Group made its foray into overseas markets such as Europe. As

the Group’s smartphone business experienced rapid development, it had caught

patentees’ awareness around the world.

During 2014 to 2019, Xiaomi accelerated its development in overseas markets. Xiaomi

took India and Southeast Asia markets as a starting point and stepped into European

and Latin American markets gradually. Xiaomi’s IP rights grew rapidly during the

period with more than 2,000 global patent applications. From 2015 and onwards, the

average annual global patent applications were approximately 6,000.

During the period, Xiaomi faced complex IP disputes. Only five months after Xiaomi

entered the India smartphone market in July 2014, the Group encountered a patent

lawsuit with the global information and communication technology provider Ericsson.

After a five-year legal contest, Xiaomi and Ericsson finally settled the dispute amicably

in September 2019.

Regarding non-practicing entity allegations, BlueSpike, a non-practicing entity,

accused Xiaomi of infringing its patent rights on multiple smartphone models in 2013.

The lawsuit ended with BlueSpike's withdrawal of the lawsuit, reflecting how Xiaomi’s

intellectual property rights protect its business development efforts. Xiaomi has also

secured legal judgments against Sisvel, IPCom and others, contributing to the

establishment of the FRAND (“Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory”) principle in

the global IP field.

Through different means such as acquisition, cross-licensing and patent transfer,

Xiaomi has accumulated significant patent achievements. In 2016, Xiaomi and

Microsoft expanded their global partnership. Xiaomi has made outstanding progress

in IP globalization since 2020 and accumulated substantial achievements in

intellectual property. As at the end of September, 2022, Xiaomi has obtained more

than 29,000 patents worldwide, covering more than 60 countries and regions.


Careline rounded up its Holy grail beauty products of 2022

Time flies so fast! And beauty gurus have once again witnessed some of the best beauty releases in 2022. But if it’s still your first time navigating through the long list of beauty and makeup must-haves before the year ends, Careline rounded up its best releases this year, from skincare essentials to game-changing multi-use makeups that highlight your natural glow, and so much more!

For beauty regimen must-haves


Released in January, Careline Skin Acne Gel arrives just in time to help beauty enthusiasts bid those unwanted blemishes and acne goodbye during the dry season. This is formulated with salicylic acid to reduce inflammation and redness, and tree tea oil that soothes and restores dry, irritated skin. It is also cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and alcohol-free to make sure it is safe and perfectly suitable for all skin types.


Every makeup lover has their own inspiration for looks. Luckily, Careline launched its Stain With Me lip tint - a no-fuss long-lasting lip color that can be applied on the eyes and cheeks that will surely stay and stain to help you pull off your makeup pegs in just a breeze. Its formula is also packed with hydrating Shea Butter that draws moisture to lips and keeps them looking luscious. Say no more to boring and usual makeup look before the year ends – thanks to Careline Magic Serum Stain which is a white-colored balm that magically produces a pink color when applied as it reacts to the skin’s pH level and creates a special shade that’s unique to you, your lips, cheeks, and eyelids. No worries about ruining your look when wearing a facemask outside, this longer-lasting balm is also transfer-proof, smudge-proof, and waterproof for a fuss-free look that slays anytime, anywhere!

Eyebrows-on-fleek and bold year-ender look


Your look wouldn’t be complete without scoring those picture-perfect brows. For that, Careline also released its Wow Brow Liner new shades, Caramel and Espresso. These new shades perfectly adapt to Filipina skin. The Wow Brow Liner is a dual-ended eyebrow pencil that features an ultra-fine tip that glides effortlessly through hair and an angled tip to add depth and definition to your arches to expertly frame your face. And then there’s the Careline Lash Boost Mascara that delivers a dramatic length and volume to your lashes without a heavy feel. In addition, its waterproof and smudge-proof formula doesn’t clump, smear, or flake, perfect for building dramatic length and volume, specially made for people with sparse lashes. 

This year, Careline also launched its specially curated Blythe Neon or Never collection which includes eyeshadow palettes, eye crayons, colorful eyeliners, brow gels, and lip markers with expressive colors and high-energy finishes. A must-have for creative, and adventurous makeup lovers out there. It has Paint Palette that has subtle, bold, bright, and colorful pigments available in Neon Light and Stop Light versions. There’s also the creamy and pigmented, and easy-to-glide Eye Crayon for that extra more colorful touch to your eyelids. This can be worn alone or as a base for powder eyeshadow. It comes in Gleam-Mate, Glow Apart, and Razzle-Dazzle shades.


The Liner Pen has a colorful wing stamp too that comes in two shades: Red Heart and Blue Moon for a more fun eye makeup look. This collection also has Brow Gel to help you tame, shape, and set your arches in just a few glides. While the easy-to-use Lip Marker gives your lips a pop of color without the sticky feel with its pen-like tip. This lip marker is also pigmented, non-drying, and offers six elegant shades; Retro, Glitzy, Headlight, Lighted, Brilliant, and Sign.


Next is the Careline Fiber Brow which was released in August this year that helps elevate your look while simplifying your brow beauty routine. It is infused with micro-fibers for natural and fuller-looking brows and is also enriched with hyaluronic and glycerin to keep your brows healthier and hydrated. If you’re the type to put on eye makeup that makes a bold statement, there’s also the Careline Colored Ink Liners for you that comes in 5 colorful shades; Mustard Yellow, Rosy Pink, Bloody Red, Olive Green, and Pure White. These smudge-proof and waterproof shades give off a modern dreamy vibe that can help make your enchanting eyes stand out!

For beginners, a subtle and buildable eyebrow pencil is the best eyebrow product to use. Good thing, Careline recently added two new and stunning shade to its Best Brow Liner collection. It’s perfect for natural and subtle brows. It is beginner-friendly, lightweight, and easy to control with an angled tip perfect for expert brow shaping and shading.


This year, Careline really takes every makeup lover’s self-expression and creativity up a notch. Its recently released Blythe Face Party Collection and Eyeliner Duo Stamp does just that, starting off with Face Party Collection that has 4 shades of blush, 2 shades of contour, and 2 shades of highlighter that lets you flaunt your natural stunner-self, any way you want. In the mood for a playful look? The smudge-proof and waterproof Blythe Eyeliner Duo Stamp comes to the rescue. This dual-ended liquid eyeliner family with 2 colors (Soft Brown and Black) features a built-in stamp in 3 kinds! Falling Star with a star stamp, Black Magic with a wing stamp, and the newest addition, Stained Heart with a heart stamp. 

End your year with a bang with these unique beauty releases from Careline this 2022! Careline products are available at Watsons, The SM Store, Robinsons Department Store, and other leading department stores nationwide, as well as online on Shopee ( and Lazada ( For more updates and makeup tips and tricks, follow Careline Cosmetics on Facebook (, Instagram (, and TikTok (


Friday, December 23, 2022

Enjoy unlimited, clean and safe drinking water with Aqua SmartGuard

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking care of our health to protect ourselves and our loved ones from illness.

This has led to many people becoming more health conscious and taking a more proactive approach to maintaining their health and well-being. This has included things like eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. Some people have also started using supplements or practicing activities like meditation or yoga to help support their physical and mental well-being.

But all of these would be less effective if we fail to consider one of the most crucial things to staying healthy—clean drinking water.

Aqua SmartGuard Atty. Asi Bochbut-President, Idan Segev Managing Director 

Last year, Waterlogic, a home and workplace hydration solutions company, made headlines when it announced the world’s first COVID-19 safe water purifier, the Aqua SmartGuard.


The Aqua SmartGuard adopts a patented and advanced Firewall UVC technology to guarantee up to 99.99% protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts such as salmonella, E.coli and COVID-19. The water purifier features a unique quartz double helix that ensures targeted light waves reach each drop of water at the point of dispense for protection

@lola_lamon Waterlogic, a home and workplace hydration solutions company made headlines with the world’s first COVID-19 safe water purifier, The Aqua SmartGuard @Aqua_SmartGuard #waterpurifier #aquasmartguard #fy #fyp#BeUnbxd ♬ Countless - Official Sound Studio

But instead of having to invest tens of thousands of pesos to buy its purifier, Aqua SmartGuard, is offering it via a monthly subscription program that not only includes unlimited use of the unit but as well as all the maintenance and filters you’d need.


Even more good news is that the company is offering credit card holders 50% OFF on installation and FREE 1-month subscription when you avail until December 31! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of this water purifier for as low as P1490 per month or just P49 per day!


Click this link to learn more.


You can also visit Aqua SmartGuard by Waterlogic stores located at Trinoma, Greenbelt 1, SM Megamall and SM Mall of ASIA near IKEA, to experience and taste the difference of its purified water.


Make the “SMART” move this 2023


Waterlogic has provided trusted and reliable water service to over 50 million households and offices in more than 70 countries. With its latest innovation, Aqua SmartGuard, uses smart technology to ensure cleaner and safer drinking water compared to traditional water coolers and turn you tap water into the safest and cleanest drinking water available in the Philippines.


The WL Cube Firewall is its latest and most advanced compact purification unit that features Firewall UVC Technology and BioCote Antimicrobial Surface Protection to keep the water from having bacteria and viruses, contaminants, and unpleasant tastes and odors. More importantly, these state-of-the-art technologies work together to prevent the COVID-19 virus from contaminating the water.


The patented UVC Firewall acts as a barrier to prevent pathogens from infecting the water. Water flows up and down through the Firewall, exposing it to the UVC light and freeing it from harmful bacteria as soon as it leaves the nozzle.


A team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona led by Dr. Charles P Gerba recently put the Firewall to the test against COVID-19. Results of the rigorous tests reveal the Firewall inactivates the COVID-19 virus by 99.9999 percent.

Aqua SmartGuard COO Windy Gomez, Atty Asi Bochbut, President, Idan Segev Managing Director

Additional “BioCote” protection


Traditional dispensers can be a point transfer for viruses and bacteria by mere touch of the machine’s body and buttons especially when a lot of people are using it. For added protection, Aqua SmartGuard features an antimicrobial defense, the BioCote, on its surfaces, including the purification unit’s outer shell, dispensing buttons, nozzles and tray.


Exclusive to Aqua SmartGuard units, BioCote uses silver ion technology that keeps microbial cells from growing on the cube’s external surfaces. It significantly decreases the presence of microbes on the machine in just 15 minutes and reduces up to 99.5 percent of bacteria within just 2 hours.


Unlike other antimicrobial additives, the active agent in BioCote cannot be washed or rubbed off as it is infused during the manufacturing process and is therefore chemically bonded to the material. BioCote is able to provide continuous and long-lasting protection throughout the product’s life span.


Aqua SmartGuard by Waterlogic has been recognized and certified by international health organizations such as the Water Quality Association (WQA) and the and the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). It also meets ISO 9001 and Energy Star standards.

As they say prevention is always better than cure so if you are truly serious about you and your families’ health, subscribing to Aqua SmartGuard may just be the wisest decision you’d make for 2023.  Experience full insurance, maintenance, replacements and exceptional customer service for only Php P1,490 a month. Visit for more information on its Total Care Service and products.

The Christmas season is the perfect time to fulfill your own wishlist


The Christmas season is not only about giving gifts to others and bringing joy to their faces. It is also the perfect time to fulfill your own wishlist. This year, pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on reaching new heights in 2022. Celebrate with vivo's premium and dependable smartphones, each complementing your style and personality and can serve as a handy companion for your errands in 2023.


Live the best day to night life with the vivo V25


If you enjoy nightlife and the overall experience of indulging in either a peaceful night or an action-packed adventure, the vivo V25 Series is definitely a must-have. Maximize your daytime OOTD with V25’s flashy feature, Photochromic 2.0, color changing technology that lets you be creative and look the best in style with your phone! Transition from day to night with no worries with its 20GB Dynamic RAM, it won’t let you lag behind. 


Power through the Christmas lights and holiday fireworks with its set of powerful cameras including a 50 MP main shooter that will allow you to take stunning and sharp photos even in low light locations with its Super Night Camera. It also has a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing rear camera that lets you capture stunning images from sunlight to moonlight.


Own every celebration and document Christmas party highlights worry-free with the vivo V25 series’ 256GB memory and dependable 4,830mAh battery. Capture the colorful lights at night and most especially the memories with your loved ones like never before this holiday season.


Let your memory be priceless with the vivo Y16


If you’re looking for a gift that is perfect both for work, school, and even just for pure entertainment, the vivo Y16 should be on your list. The vivo Y16 is not your average phone because it delivers all the perks of a powerful everyday smartphone at an affordable price.


With a 128GB memory capacity and up to 1TB expansion, the vivo Y16 can store all of your important files and even support your favorite mobile applications. But don't worry, this phone's 4GB RAM can be increased up to 1GB extension to ensure that you no longer have to deal with device lagging or crashes. 


Give your celebrations an exciting twist with non-stop Christmas song playback or up to 18 hours of video streaming of your family’s favorite holiday movie. Your family and friends will definitely consider this as a holiday to remember so you better equip yourself with a powerful phone to document every candid moment. The vivo Y16 can deliver photos in clear shots and capture intricate details enabled by its macro camera while its front shooter boasts an Aura Screen Light to capture everyone’s priceless smiles this yuletide season.


Productivity at your fingertips with the vivo Y35 


The new vivo Y35 can provide you with reliable performance so you can not only catch the holiday’s fast-paced action but also meet your other productivity needs.


Don’t miss any fun this season and get back on track in a flash with the vivo Y35’s 5000mAh battery and 44W FastCharge technology. Just 30 minutes of charging can give you enough juice to capture all the fun moments at your back-to-back Christmas parties. Additionally, its RAM 3.0 technology paired with a massive 256GB internal storage can get you going through day and night without the fear of missing out.


Max out your full potential with the vivo Y22s


Equipped to provide you with action, the vivo Y22s can definitely sustain the excitement and max out an awesome adventure from day till night. This phone has a dynamic RAM of up to 16GB, as well as a 128GB memory capacity expandable to up to 1TB storage for a stress-free mobile experience during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Capture every moment on your phone–  from the colorful lanterns to the Noche Buena feasts, with its powerful camera set up which includes a 50MP main shooter and an  8MP front lens.


Share the spirit of Christmas with vivo

Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a reward to yourself for making it this far, vivo has a dynamic range of options that can certainly provide whatever you're looking for in a smartphone. The new vivo V25 Series, vivo Y35, vivo Y16, and vivo Y22s are all ready to give you an exciting Christmas ahead! 

You can take advantage of the Paskong La vivo Loca Christmas Giveaway Festival until January 31, 2023 to score more prizes on top of your new vivo smartphone. Play exciting games like the #vivoChristmasParoleta2022 and the #vivoChristmasLuckyBoxRaffle and have a chance to win almost Php 2M worth of prizes and other special offers. These promotions are available in all vivo kiosks, concept stores, and main multi-brand stores nationwide.


Be the first to find out more about these fun and exciting holiday offers from vivo by following its official channels on FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitter, and TikTok.



The Redmi Note 13 will be getting a special price drop this May

The Redmi Note 13, one of Xiaomi’s popular midrange smartphones, will be getting a special price drop this May. Starting May 21, 2024, the R...