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Friday, December 16, 2022

Christmas shopping becomes the least of your worries with the ShopSM App


Having trouble getting what you need when you need it? Or wish you had enough time to run to a store to stock up on everyday essentials? 


Look no further. 


Because when life gets in the way and your schedules leave you at a standstill, shopping becomes the least of your worries with the ShopSM App—it’s like having your own personal link to the SM Store and SM Markets right on your device!

Developed with ever-changing customer needs and demands in mind, it comes as no surprise that SM continues to adapt towards the shift in what its shoppers always look for, which is a pleasant shopping experience for quality products at affordable prices, but also making it easier by letting them do so wherever they are or whatever time of the day it is.


The ShopSM App makes the most out of your time where browsing and buying from the SM Store and SM Markets are now at your fingertips—get full access to your fave SM finds wherever you are minus the stress caused by traffic, parking, or even last-minute work calls when you’ve got a direct link to SM right on your mobile device.


In more ways than one, the ShopSM App allows everyone to sift through the ultra-wide selection featuring thousands of brands and products, which saves time, energy, and money without having ever to miss out on new drops!


In line with the SM Store’s continuous commitment to making shopping more convenient than ever, the ShopSM App gives everyone the chance to enjoy and unlock an endless list of benefits or rewards you won’t find anywhere else such as:


Spend More = Earn More with Extra Rewards!

Shopping is always better when you can earn while you spend. Easily earn points on your SM Advantage Card which you can effortlessly redeem across SM Stores as well as its affiliates so you can save on purchases made right on the ShopSM App.


PLUS—keep tabs on how much you’ve accumulated on your SM Advantage Card without having to physically swipe them at the store. Manage your membership, track your points and rewards which you can instantly use when you feel like treating yourself to bigger and better savings at checkout.


Exclusive App Offers & Voucher Stacking

Users can rest easy with being in the know of everything SM has to offer. From limited-time specials to app-only discounts, shipping vouchers as well as perks, never pass on a great chance to stack on savings with the ShopSM app.  Customers can save more when they stack brand, sitewide and shipping vouchers exclusively available in ShopSM.


Easy Navigation

Say goodbye to frustrations over uncontrollable crowds or long lines at the cashier by effortlessly scouring the virtual shelves for ultimate finds right in the comforts of home. Research for your next best buy by looking through detailed product descriptions and competitive prices. The app provides you with all the information needed to make smarter purchases, and even canvas across product categories to get the most out of any budget.

Stay On Track why is this still here

If you’re someone who likes to keep tabs on how much you’ve accumulated on your SM Advantage card, the ShopSM App also gives cardholders 24/7 access to their SMAC account, making earning and redeeming points so simple it relieves customers the trouble of physically swiping cards at the store just to use them. Enjoy the freedom of managing memberships and you can also use your hard-earned rewards easily at checkout SOON. 


Quick Inquiry Turnaround

If there’s something you need to know more about, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team. From knowing more about products you need or in the market for, and we’ll get back to you within a guaranteed-get-back time of one hour or less so you can make the best decision based on what feels right for you, what we’d recommend, or even what’s available. No need to personally call to check on inventory, just send those queries and you’ll get a speedy update before you know it.

Unlock your newest shopping secret today! Download the ShopSM App on your mobile device and take those everyday shopping experiences to the next level. Browse, add to cart, and checkout whenever, wherever, and let the app do 

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