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Saturday, January 25, 2014


When Puregold held its first VIPuring Convention for its Gold Members last year of November 2013, financial adviser Francisco Colayco’s speech served as an eye opener for most members who are just starting out with their business. His talk focused on the importance of investing and gave tips on how to properly run your business.

For VIPuring 2, it was speaker Chinkee Tan’s turn to further inspire the members on how to take their business to the next level.

“Upgrade your business, Upgrade your Life!” Was the battle cry of the actor-turned-best-selling author who has become one of the country’s top wealth coaches. He gives financial advice on TV5’s Kumare Klub and Balitaang Tapat and his program, Chink Positive!, was named KBP 20th Golden Dove Awards’ Best Special Program awardee in 2011.

 “Ano ang bago? What is new? He says is often the first thing that we, as customers, often ask whenever we visit our favorite stores.”

New things easily fascinate us he observed and that we perceive new things as something better—an upgrade to what we currently have.

But just as we upgrade our cellphones yearly, we should also think about upgrading our lives.

In order to be successful, Tan said we need to put our mind and heart into everything that you do. “Big mindset plus big action equals big result.”

“There is only one thing permanent in this world and that is CHANGE.  If you don’t innovate, you
EVAPORATE,” Tan said

He urged the audience to upgrade, invest and go premium.

He explained three things to achieve better success in business

The first is to Upgrade your frame of mind.
 “To upgrade your life you have to upgrade you mindset--- read a lot of books, attend seminars, and ask experts for advice—invest in knowledge.

The second is to Upgrade your Products:  This means to go premium and offer premium products which often yield better profit margins.

The third is to Upgrade your Capital:  “It would be impossible to grow your business without adding more capital,” he said.

He noted that poverty mentality is a mindset of the poor and negativity has no place for everyone or anyone who wants to be successful.  “Impossible lumaki ang kita mo pero ang mindset mo ay maliit.”

He then used the analogy of mindset + action = result, thus
Small mindset + Small action = Small Result
Big mindset + Big action = Big Result
Positive mindset + Positive action = Positive Result and
Negative mindset + Negative action = Negative Result

On facing Fear and why we need more money,
Together with several other bloggers, I had the chance to interview with Chinkee Tan.

“Like I said the only thing permanent in this world is change, and I do believe that most of us are products of changes,” he began.

He urged us to go beyond improving our IQ, or intelligence because information is already out there, and said we need to focus more on developing our Emotional Quotient EQ, or how we relate with other people and AQ or Adversity Quotient which is pertains to our ability to respond to changes and how we adapt.

Learning how to adjust he says was crucial when he made the transition from being an actor to a motivational speaker. “Kailangan alam mo paano mag adjust. Hindi ako natatakot umulit. Hindi ako natatakot magsimula. Just  like what I tell people always, start small but think big!”

He acknowledged that fear can sometimes be the biggest obstacle to making that change: Remember when you started to ride a bike? You fall, you get wounded and you get hurt. Pero bakit hindi ka tumigil? Kasi gusto mo matuto. And that is very important. Your desire to learn, your desire to win, and your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failing.”

As for money being your motivation to succeed, he replied, “Find something that you love to do so that you don’t have to work for another day in your life. Do it with passion, and don’t do it just because of money . Your ultimate goal should be to win and be the best in what you do, like Michael Jordan or Manny Pacquiao. Money is only a result of a job well done.”You should learn how to grow your money,  learn how to transfer your active income into passive income. You need to have a vision and passion in everything that you do.

The reason why we have to make lots of money he says is so that we can become a blessing to others,  and share what we learned. “Iba yung feelng na kapag successful ka na, and nakakapagbigay na sa ibang tao—that is something na hindi kayang bayaran ng pera.” Poverty mentality is a mindset of the poor, negativity has no place for everyone or anyone who wants to to be successful.

Puregold VIPuring Convention part 2
After its hugely successful first run, Procter & Gamble Distributing Philippines, Inc. and Puregold brought back an event that aims to empower and elevate Pinoy entrepreneurship—the VIPuring Convention II.
This exclusive event for Puregold “Tindahan ni Aling Puring” GOLD members was also P&G and Puregold’s way of thanking retailers and entrepreneurs for their loyalty and support. The event’s highlight centered on an inspiring talk about how to level up one’s business that provided inside information on growing one’s business.

“The VIPuring Convention returned because the first one was so successful and truly made an impact on retailers and entrepreneurs. P&G and Puregold felt that it’s a good advocacy to make top store owners and entrepreneurs know how important they are not just to their immediate communities but also to the country’s economy. We will always be supportive of our partners and we will continue to equip them with the right tools and the right products that will help them grow their businesses,” Raffy Fajardo, Marketing Director of P&G Distributing, Inc., stated.

The P&G and Puregold VIPuring Convention II also presented opportunities for GOLD members to win exciting prizes and enjoy great on-the-day deals and markdowns on select P&G products.

 “We plan to have this event as an integral Puregold and P&G tradition so that we can encourage them to do well and excel in their endeavors,” Fajardo said.

Besides the motivational talk another major component of the convention was the first-class, VIP broadway-themed entertainment that delighted the audience.

Ciara Sotto and Ramon Bautista hosted the VIPuring event.

Skyscanner Your Way to EasyTravel.

Now searching for the cheapest flights, the best schedule, and avoiding the peak season is made more easier with the help of Skyscanner.

All you have to do is install the app, select your destination and choose the flight you like and Skyscanner will redirect you to the airline of your choice.

Less stress and less worry and best of all the app is free!

“Think Google but for searching flights,” was how Janet Ranola, Skyscanner Philippines Manager, simply described it during the first Skyscanner Bloggers Kapihan held January 23 at the M Café.

Skyscanner, Ranola said, is a leading global travel search site providing instant online comparisons for millions of flights plus hotels and car hire. It offers price alerts on all routes to enable flights to be monitored by email.

The Skyscanner app offers widgets for Android, Live Tiles for Windows Phone and “watch” functionality for iOS, all of which allow customers to track the latest price changes on a chosen route.

Founded in 2003 by three IT professionals, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes, Skyscanner is the no.1 travel search website in Europe and no.3 worldwide, receiving over 50 million visits per month. The travel search site is available in 40 countries and in 30 languages.

Skyscanner also shared a few tips on choosing the best time to book your flight

The study shows that on average, 3-4 weeks in advance is the optimal time to book flights. This suggestion, however, depends on the type of flight you book or the airlines you book with. When traveling with a budget airline, prices are likely to go up as the day of the flight approaches. If traveling on long haul flights or for more than 5 hours, prices are likely to fluctuate as the flight day grows near, and this does not guarantee the best seats.

In the Philippines, we have always loved the idea of discounts and because of this, booking early has always been a trend. Below are the top outbound destinations in the Philippines alongside the number of weeks you need to book in advance for maximum saving:

• China. If you book 28 weeks in advance, you can save as much as PHP 7 000 per flight which means more money for shopping and buying souvenirs.
• Malaysia. Because Malaysia is relatively near, it can be a go-to destination for last minute getaways and short vacations, but booking close to your departure date can be quite expensive. Consider booking 31 weeks in advance so you will only have to pay 46% of the actual flight cost.
• Japan. Book a flight to the land of cherry blossoms 14 weeks in advance and you can save as much as PHP 6300. Like with Thailand, booking four tickets will make way for another friend or relative to tag along in your trip.
• Thailand. Save as much as PHP 2990 if you book 16 weeks ahead. The discount you will get from booking four tickets is enough to get you another flight for free!
• Singapore. This country is the most visited by Filipinos in 2013 according to a recent study by

Skyscanner. The best time to book flights going to Singapore is 25 weeks in advance. By booking this early, you can save as much as PHP 1600. This is almost 24% less than the average flight cost.
According to the Best Time to Book study, on average, it is best to book 20 weeks in advance regardless of where you want to go. The study also suggests that the cheapest month to travel is in February and it is most expensive in April. This is for the reason that less people travel on February because they are making way for their summer travels which usually happens in April.

Booking flights during these suggested time frames enables you access to loads of discounts and the best seats possible. If you book early, you can save almost 18% less than what you will have to pay for the average ticket price. Moreover, you can skip the stress of looking for available flights at the last minute which are most likely to be overpriced. Booking your flights early will not just give you these perks but it will also help you focus on the other aspects of your vacation such as relaxation and educating yourself, which is ultimately the point of traveling.

Skyscanner also shared four simple rules to bear in mind to get the best price:
1. Book smart: Avoiding peak season travel and flying at less popular hours of the day, can really help to lower costs.
2. Be flexible:  Costs to different destinations can vary significantly depending on the airlines operating that route and the Thai airports offering these flights. If you are planning your next trip but are open to destinations, running a search to ‘everywhere’ can help find the countries that offer the best value flights at any time.
3. Compare and contrast: Using a travel comparison site like Skyscanner allows you to compare the widest range of airlines and online travel agents, so you’ll be able to see where you can get the best deal.
4. Track prices Skyscanner’s analysis has found that keeping an eye on the flight prices a few months in advance of travel, is the best way to find a good value flight. Using a flight tracker price alert service, either by email or via the app can help monitor when prices drop on a chosen route.

Some of the top bloggers attended the first Skyscanner Bloggers Kapihan at Museum Cafe Greenbelt, Makati.


The story begins in June 2012 in Oxnard, California. Recent high school graduate Jesse has a party which includes his family and friends to celebrate his graduation. One morning, Jesse finds a mysterious bite on his arm. Later, he and his friend Hector are confronted by two thugs who attack them, but the thugs are somehow knocked out by Jesse. When they show the incident to their other friend Marisol, Jesse cannot remember how it happened. After some strange activity, he realizes that he has superhuman abilities before he tests and plays with them.

Check out the trailer here:

Anna, the strange old witch-like neighbor of Jesse, is killed, and the police suspect that Oscar, a former classmate of Jesse, is the prime suspect. Jesse and his friend decide to find out what Anna's apartment looks like. They find black magic rituals and a picture of Jesse. They also discover several VHS tapes - including tapes of Katie & Kristi (from the third film).

The next day, Jesse and Hector meet Penelope. Penelope finds a trap door in the apartment leading to a basement and is grabbed by an arm before she breaks free and runs away, while Oscar emerges from it and hides himself in the bedroom. Jesse arrives back and chases Oscar upon seeing him, who reveals that he did kill Anna because his arm had been bitten by her. Oscar then commits suicide by jumping from a building onto the top of a car.

Jesse is becoming even more dark and his homicidal actions become uncontrollable. More horrifying events take place one after another as Jesse is slowly being possessed by something or someone, that time seems to melt and characters from past episodes come alive once more. Watch how this installment of paranormal activity unfolds and horrifyingly ends.

The cast of Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones include Andrew Jacobs as Jesse, Richard Cabral as Arturo, Carlos Pratts as Oscar Hernandez, Gabrielle Walsh as Marisol, Jorge Diaz as Hector, Catherine Toribio as Penelope, Noemi Gonzalez as Evette, Gigi Feshold as Natalie, David Saucedo as Cesar Arista, Julian Works as Pablo, Molly Ephraim as Ali Rey , Katie Featherston as Adult Katie, Chloe Csengery as Young Katie, Jessica Tyler Brown as Young Kristi, and Micah Sloat as Micah.

Paranormal Activity: Marked Ones is directed by Christopher Landon and is distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing on January 29, 2014 at your favorite theaters.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Benefit of the Porefessional,

I have been on the look out for the best primer that is matte and could adhere to my BB cream, I ran out of foundation lately, and have a little sample of this little wonder. When i put it on, it goes on matte, smooth and oh so natural. I dont have to apply my powder foundation on. It glides on easily. This is the best foundation primer in one for me. I will go raid the nearest Benefit counter first thing in the morning.

Why we love it!
Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin! Apply this silky, lightweight balm alone, under or over makeup. Translucent, oil-free formula complements all skintones and helps makeup stay put. Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.

How to apply
To use under makeup: Apply to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat on problem areas & blend with fingertips.

To use over makeup: Pat on lightly over makeup & blend.

Apply a thin layer of this PRO balm to clean, lightly moisturized skin. Pat lightly from the center of the face outward with fingertips. Wait seconds, then apply makeup as usual. Skin appears smooth & even…isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

If pores reappear, pat delicately on T-zone over makeup & blend. The lightweight, oil-free formula means a beautifully refined complexion. Remember, just a dab’ll do ya! view instructions

22.0 mL / 0.75 US fl. oz.

Beauty tip
Apply a thin layer of the POREfessional PRO balm to clean, moisturized skin. Next, smooth on stay flawless starting at the outer areas of the nose, moving downward toward the jawline. Smooth and pat product into skin using fingertips. Finish with hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation for complexion perfection!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Road to Fame Starts Tonight on American Idol XIII #AIONETC


After twelve seasons, American Idol can lay its claim as the only TV singing competition show to produce numerous hits and award-winning recording artists. Combined, Idol finalists have released more than 200 albums, No.1 hits on the Billboard charts over 400 times, and garnered more than 250 million iTunes downloads.

This January 2014, experience the Road to Fame as ETC brings you American Idol XIII. Catch the two day premiere on ETC this January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PMand January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM.

Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and featuring judges Harry Connick, Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, along with in-house mentor Randy Jackson, the series continues its search across America to find the next singing superstar.

This year the show’s judges travel to Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Detroit, Omaha, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. With their years of experience as acclaimed artists, it’s up to them to narrow down the competitors to a select group of semifinalists who will sing in front of a live studio and TV audience. Then, from this stage forward, the viewing public determines who will advance to become a finalist and who will go home.

Locally, ETC lets you have your say via their Twitter (@etc_channel) and Facebook ( page where you could win great prizes from the channel or see your comments on-air. Just type in your thoughts with the hashtag: #aionetc

With the introduction of ETC streaming online, now you have no reason to miss the latest episodes of American Idol XIII. Simply log onto http://www.blink-now.comand register for free to watch ETC’s live streaming on a computer or laptop.

American Idol XIII premieres January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM

Also check out ETC online at:

ETC is seen on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable and Destiny Digital Ch. 16, Global Destiny Ch. 28, Cignal Ch. 9, Cable Link Ch. 34 and various cable operators nationwide.


With the launch of American Idol XIII on ETC this January 16 and 17, Filipino audiences are introduced to a new batch of aspiring singers. As the audition process plays out, viewers slowly get a feel for who is their favorite, as well as learn more about the contestants’ back-story and why they joined the show.

Just like the contestants on American Idol, ETC wants to know “Who do you sing for?” as they give viewers their shot at fame with ETC’s Road To Fame Campaign. 

If you’re a passionate singer or just want to share your voice with the world, simply upload a 15-second video of yourself singing a cover of your favorite music artist on Instagram and tell us “Who do you Sing For” with the hashtag: #aionetc. 

ETC will then choose ten of the best performers from the hashtagged and uploaded videos to be aired during all-new episodes of American Idol XIII.

It’s time to show off your confidence and let your talent shine!  This is your chance to appear on ETC with your 15 seconds of fame.

With ETC’s Road to Fame Campaign, be just like the American Idol XIII contestants; get out there and let everyone know... who do you sing for?

American Idol XIII premieres January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM

Also check out ETC online at:

ETC is seen on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable and Destiny Digital Ch. 16, Global Destiny Ch. 28, Cignal Ch. 9, Cable Link Ch. 34 and various cable operators nationwide.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fly for less, buymore at Asia’s shopping hubs via Cebu Pacific

From the most luxurious brands in Dubai to the exhilarating markets of Bangkok, Filipinos will surely enjoy spending less on their airfare and splurging more on great deals as Cebu Pacific continues to offer its trademark lowest fares to some of the world’s best shopping hubs.

From designer brands to unique finds. Hong Kong, Asia’s cultural melting pot, scores perfectly in every tourist’s checklist with its world-famous cuisine, wide array of sightseeing spots, and most of all, a wide selection of shopping options. From designer brands in The Landmark, Harbour City and Time Square to quirky finds in the night markets of Mongkok, Hong Kong is the mecca for all kinds of shoppers. Those who want to do good, supporting local art while buying unique, quality pieces, should make a beeline to Artisans d’Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia. This social enterprise is dedicated to preserving and advancing traditional Khmer skills in silk-making, stone and wood carving, lacquering and painting, while providing job and educational opportunities to young people living in the rural areas. From exquisite silk scarves and bags, lacquer and wooden decoration, silk and pearl jewelry pieces, the shop has a lot of intricate items that will leave any guest spoiled for choice.

Shopping Oriental-style in Bangkok’s street markets. For many travelers, Bangkok is a smorgasbord of offerings, from century-old temples, exotic food, a pulsating nightlife, and most of all, countless shopping options. Bargain shopping is at its best in the city’s bustling street markets—from the massive Chatuchak Weekend Market, where virtually everything can be found, to the wholesalers’ paradise Pratunam Market. Options also abound in malls like MBK, Siam Paragon and Platinum, the open air Asiatique, The Riverfront mall and the quirky Terminal 21.

Fashion-forward travelers can also score great bargains on a range of quality fabric in an assortment of colors, designs and textures at the Ninh Hiep Fabric Market in Hanoi, Vietnam. Dong Xuan Market, a large covered market in the center of Hanoi, also sells everything from bags, clothes to Vietnamese souvenirs.

Best buys in Asia’s world-class cities. With all its superlative attractions, Dubai definitelysets the bar high, especially when it comes to the shopping experience. The Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest malls and the most-visited shopping and leisure destination, with over 600 brands and the Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre. It is also near the breathtaking Dubai Fountain show, fronting the Burj Al Arab. Meanwhile, the world’s first shopping resort, the Mall of the Emirates, features 520 international brands as well as the Ski Dubai, 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area covered with real snow all year round.  For those looking for bargains and authentic finds, Dubai’s bustling and atmospheric souks in Deira and Bur Dubai are reminiscent of the street markets of Marrakesh and Istanbul, and are some of the most colorfulbazaars in the Middle East. These souks offer a wide array of spices, textiles, jewelry and perfume, perfect for any occasion or self-indulgent shopping spree.

In another part of the world, no trip to Japan is complete without a stopover at Akihabara in Tokyo, which is also known as a gamer’s paradise. The Yodabashi Akiba alone has nine floors housing an incredible collection of cameras, computers, gaming consoles and home electronics, as well as specialty hobbyist stores that sell toys, figures and model kits.

Shop ‘til you drop and let  Cebu Pacific fly you to Asia’s best shopping capitals at incredibly low fares. Sign up to be a CEB Club member for the latest seat sales, and book now through


The French are quite creative when it comes to unique pastry treats.  So it’s no surprise that Mister Donut entices their loyal customers with some “ooh-la-la” through their latest offering: the delectable French Cruller.  This crown-shaped donut creation will have everyone exclaim, “C’est magnifique!” through its light and airy texture.  You’ll definitely fall in love at first bite as your mind wanders to quaint sidewalk cafes sharing these fashionable romantic moments with people who mean so much to you.  

But, you don’t need to travel all the way to Paris in order to sample this premium donut delight.  Just head on down to Mister Donut Greenhills and choose from the classic line of Glazed, Sugar-Raised, and Cinnamon French Crullers for only P29 each.  If you want to indulge some more because of l’amour, the premium line, with a suggested retail price of P39 each, has Milk Choco with Almonds or Dark Choco with Cashew.  One passionate bite will guarantee that you will find yourself just loving these exciting new variants again and again and again.

This showcase branch also offers the Pon de Ring, the original chewy donut from Japan, and the Do-ssant, a Bavarian cream-filled exquisite experience.  Other must-try items on the menu are their rice meals, pasta dishes, the donut burger, croissant sandwiches, sweet desserts, and of course, their world famous brewed coffee.

There’s no time like the present to visit Greenhills and try out one of Mister Donut Asia’s signature creations now available in the Philippines.  Love at first bite with the French Cruller is such a beautiful thing that should be enjoyed by everyone.  Be sure to bring home a box today for your family and friends.  All of them will surely smile as you exclaim, “Bon appétit!” 



From the PAGCOR Casinos to the TV screen?

Making quite an impression with their performance in front of entertainment media last week, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) homegrown talents are definitely headed for bigger things this 2014.

Whether it’s joining The Voice of the Philippines or any other reality TV talent shows, these four groups could easily give even veteran performers a run for their money—especially with the continued support and training by PAGCOR’s Assistant Vice President for Entertainment, Bong Quintana.

“The PAGCOR management is a staunch supporter and believer in Pinoy talents. Our own homegrown artists are PAGCOR’s biggest contributions to the Philippine entertainment and music industry. Nais namin na mabigyan sila ng pagkakataon na maipakita ang kanilang talento kaya sila ay binigyan ng
PAGCOR ng chance na maging featured performers sa Casino Filipino,” And now, we are launching them
to the mainstream entertainment arena.”Quintana cited.

According to Quintana, the successful shows of PAGCOR’s in-house singing group – the PAGCOR 5 – inspired them to form new musical groups that will suit the varied preferences of casino patrons and the general public.

“We intend to capitalize on the buzz generated by the PAGCOR 5 as we launch our new set of talents for 2014. I am highly positive that this level of exposure can help our homegrown artists make a breakthrough in the mainstream music industry. At the same time, we know these fresh talents can give our Casino Filipino guests and patrons something new to look forward to,” Quintana added.

The musical groups formed by PAGCOR’s Entertainment Department include “Dash as One Rhythm” featuring PAGCOR 5 member Dash Camporaso; the “Krazy Chikz”, the “Viktors” which consists of the champions of the OPM@PAGCOR Talent Search Season 1 Joyce Tanana, Season 2 Froilan Canlas and Season 3 Karl Tanhueco; and the “K Menn”, a singing trio formed in 2013 whose all-male members, Steev Fernandez, Mykle Benedicto and Eeboy Quizol, were also finalists  in the last three seasons of the OPM@PAGCOR nationwide singing search.

According to Quintana, the singing groups will focus on different genres which will give casino patrons more choices of entertainment. “Dash as One Rhythm will be playing almost all genres. The K Menn will be focusing on novelty songs, ballads and classics. On the other hand, the Krazy Chikz will be dancing and singing pop and modern songs. The Viktors meantime will be rendering OPM, ballad and contemporary pieces,” Quintana explained.

At the press conference The K Menn did a very surprising mashup of the Masculados “Hotdog” and Boyz to Men’s “On Bended Knees” before they were joined on stage by the Krazy Chicks as they sang Blurred Lines.

The Krazy Chicks were perhaps the most entertaining surprise of the day— Raine de Guzman, Reyna Yamanouchi, Carin Ramos and Kim Parajes - all Miss Casino Filipino 2012 pageant winners whom Quintana describes as “beauty queen-turned-models-turned-dancers-and-trying to be singers.”

And whatever these Krazy Chicks lack in voice quality, they more than make up with their beauty, sexy grooves and very bold ambitions.

True enough, the four ladies were “crazy” enough to take on the songs of Whitney Houston and said they also want to include Katy Perry, Spice Girls, Aegis and even Lea Salonga song in their repertoire.

Quintana later answered all the questions from the press, from how they formed each group—saying they believed in “the more the merrier concept” to the preparations and training each of them have to further improve their performances.

PAGCOR’s musical director Elmer Blancaflor serves as their voice coach and helps them arrange their mashups and repertoire of songs; Donald Galang handles dance and choreography, while Quintana is their mentor for hosting and spiel delivery.

“We are very excited about the group’s upcoming performances because they are the best of the best. They have proven their talent after winning either as grand finalists or champions in PAGCOR’s nationwide talent search and pageants,” Quintana cited.

Dash who has been part of the PAGCOR 5 for years, said those who will be watching the One Rhythm Band shows can expect more from her as an artist. She also promised to promote OPM through her own musical style.

“The audience can expect new song arrangements. As we all know, PAGCOR is promoting pinoy talents and giving importance to OPM, so as an advocate of OPM, hindi po mawawalasa list ng band namin ang mga OPM songs pero bibigyan po namin ito ng panibagong tunog or areglo para magkaroon po ng twist and more excitement,” Dash explained.

Joyce Tañaña - a member of the Viktors – lauded PAGCOR for giving budding local artists like her a chance to showcase their musical flair. “Malaking tulong ang break na ibinigay sa amin. Sana ipag-patuloy pa ng PAGCOR ang pag-tulong sa mga Filipino singers na katulad ko na magkaroon ng trabaho at makapag-perform sa lahat ng branches ng Casino Filipino. Maraming nagsasabi na OPM is dead. Dahil sa proyekto ng PAGCOR, naniniwala ako na mas umangat at nabigyan ng buhay ulit ang OPM,” she said.

Tañaña was the grand champion in the first season of OPM@PAGCOR Nationwide Talent Search held in 2011.

Froilan Canlas, also a member of the Viktors and the grand champion of OPM@PAGCOR Season 2, shared how performing at Casino Filipino has changed his life. “Sobrang thankful at happy ako sa kung anong meron ako ngayon. Noong manalo ako sa OPM@PAGCOR 2, maraming nangyari na nagpabago ng buhay ko. I was able to perform with different celebrities like David Pomeranz, Randy Santiago and KZ Tandingan. Maituturing ko itong learning experience. Nakapag-patayo din ako ng business, music school, recording and rehearsal studio,” Canlas narrated.

K Menn member Steev Fernandez also thanked PAGCOR on behalf of his group, “We are very thankful na may PAGCOR na patuloy na naniniwala sa aming talents as Filipino artists. Without their support we won’t be able to showcase our abilities as entertainers and singers,” he enthused.

For more information on Casino Filipino’s entertainment offerings, please call PAGCOR’s Entertainment Department at (02) 854-4688 or 852-7760 or visit and www.facebook/casinofilipino.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chris Pine talks about being Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Chris Pine is the new Jack Ryan in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, based on the popular Tom Clancy novels. Pine's Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst who unwittingly discovers a Russian terrorist plot and is sent into the field to continue the investigation.
Chris Pine, is the fourth actor to take on the titular role of the CIA Operative (following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck), The film co-stars  Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh.

His films include Just My Luck, Blind Dating, Smokin’ Aces, This Means War, People Like Us, Rise of the Guardians and Star Trek Into Darkness.

You’re following in the shoes of Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin. How did you make the role your own?
I think I make the part my own simply by the fact that I’m in it so there are certain things that I bring to it that are different. I watched the films and enjoyed them growing up and I really like the spy genre. What I loved about Harrison is that he has an intrinsic humility to him that I think he brings to everything he does, whether it’s Clear And Present Danger or Patriot Games, where Anne Archer drives a Porsche and he has a Volkswagen Jetta and he has a tweed jacket that he seems to have had forever and I just loved that. I did this movie called This Means War that was all about a man in great suits who wants to be the James Bond type of spy and if you see some of the suits I wear in this you’ll know that Jack Ryan is not a man interested in threads – he would much rather go to a first edition book store. So I always loved that humility of Harrison and with Alec Baldwin I just love that kind of sharp, incisiveness he brought to it. He was like a razor in terms of his ability to cut up information and put it together and process it. And I loved that in The Hunt for Red October, in order to avert nuclear catastrophe, he had to figure out the mind of one man and it all came down to this man missing his wife. So there was a psychology to it I really liked. And I think what sets our film apart is that there is great action in this film and when Ken and I started, we talked about how often in films you see so much death and mayhem and violence and no one ever really pays attention to it – you know that a bad guy dies but he maybe also had a wife and a kid but you don’t know his background. So we thought it would be interesting to see the face of that part of the experience. What happens when an everyman is thrown into an extraordinary situation where he has to do things that you wouldn’t necessarily do on any given day and how does he deal with seeing death? How does he deal with inflicting violence? How does he deal with potentially killing someone? And I thought that was really interesting because I can’t recall where you see that happen in films of this genre; where you see people killed but you never see the effects of it. So I like that human aspect it has.

How did you prepare for your role?
I came to the UK last year before we started shooting and Ken organized some things for me. We went to the American Embassy in London and we had this little spy game to do, which was a lot of fun.

What did you have to do?
It’s known as a ‘drop’ in spy parlance and the whole thing was like being at spy camp. Ken was really proud of himself and he was like, ‘I’ve organized a little something for you Chris...’ and then we ended up at the American Embassy and the security team there were in on the plan. I had to find the people that were watching me and there was a drop at one point where I had to pick up a memory stick and do all kinds of stuff. It was a fun but as fun as it was even in that scenario, when you know that there are people out there watching you, your senses are immediately heightened and your heart starts to race.

Did it give you a taste of what it would be like to work for the CIA?
Yeah, and it certainly did that (laughs). And I obviously wasn’t in any danger so I can only imagine what people, real operatives, have to deal with.

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Did you talk to any real CIA agents?
I talked with a guy there who was the head of security at the Embassy in London, which is the biggest Embassy in Europe, and his stories about being in Beirut were just crazy. And it’s often less about the stories but more about the energy you get from people like that. I talked to Bob Baer and he’s written a couple of books and he was in the CIA and being around someone like that was really helpful and his stories are great, too. It’s all about the energy that people put out in the room.

Jack has been injured at the start the story. Did you do any research into that?
Jack Ryan has suffered a major back injury and he has to recuperate I went to a facility outside of London where veterans are recuperating from major traumatic events from Afghanistan and Iraq and I got to talk to some of them. And again, we were bringing it back to the facts – if you are in a helicopter crash, what does that mean? It’s major and traumatic and if you see violence and death and all sorts of horrible stuff, that has an effect on you. And it’s the idea that this is a man who is wounded, like any of us would be, psychologically as well as physically, but he still wants to serve. And I met many people who were gravely wounded and still wanted to serve. And I wanted to get my head around that because I am certainly not that courageous. I wanted to understand what that was all about and that was a real eye opener.

Does it make a difference that Kenneth Branagh is also acting as well as directing Jack Ryan?

What’s nice about working with an actor/ director that there is an understanding of the experience of the actors. Ken knows intrinsically what you are going through and what you may need at any given moment because he’s been there himself. And there’s a level of communication that’s better and easier often than with someone who hasn’t been an actor. Ken knows the experience and how it needs to be said to get across for me to achieve what he is looking for in a scene. And then he also brought things to it that was purely down to his talent as a director. This is a big action film and we were shooting relatively easy 11, 12-hour days and that just comes from Ken not over shooting it. Ken would have three cameras and he would block it off and we’d finish a three or four page scene in a day or less, which doesn’t happen very often and I like that. So I think with Ken, a lot of it is the way he communicates and a lot of it is has to do with his talent as a director.

Were you a fan of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels growing up?
I was born a fan of the films, that’s what brought me into the fold, and then I read some of his books.

And did you get the chance to meet Tom Clancy before his passing?
Sadly I didn’t know the man at all but I’m playing a character that he created that I love and I’ve loved for many years and I’m thankful that I have this opportunity. I wish I’d had the chance to meet him. My thoughts go out to his family.

How close do you think your character, Jack Ryan, is to reality?
We talked to people like Bob Baer who was an analyst with the agency for a while, and not only are the tricks and gadgets we use in the film very real but that this kind of thing – the financial terrorism that is a big part of our story – is very current. As we all know, we are in a new world where warfare and terror takes on many, many different forms and the financial system is so complicated as it is that you would need a PhD to figure out what is going on. But Jack has one. It’s really scary. It starts with a bank and goes beneath a bank and I think it is based in reality but hopefully this won’t happen.

You could argue that a good spy thriller has to reflect the time in which it is made and the Jack Ryan books have changed according to the time. Was it important for you that the film reflects the geo-political reality of our times?
It was of the utmost importance to me and I can’t tell you how many conversations I had with everyone involved. For me, the question always came down to what it meant to be a patriot because Jack is a patriot of sorts. And my contention was that in a post 9/11, era the world is much grayer than it was 25, 30 years ago. With the Cold War, there was a kind of easy black and white, much in the same way we view World War II, there was good and there was bad and it made life a lot easier. But it was different after 9/11 and I wasn’t interested in making a film that was about espousing the ideals of America or that America was great. For me, it was like watching what Harrison was about when he did the role, that this wasn’t a man that was tied to ideology – this is a man with a great internal moral compass who knew what right and wrong was. It’s a man who would stand up for what was right and I love that. I love the fact that he has an internal flag, that’s what he goes by, and if it meant disobeying, he would do that. And I always think that’s a definition of a hero that we all connect to that more than anything else. Once I found an inroad into the character, it made a lot of sense to me and I thought if we could make a film about an American spy post 9/11, a spy who is a good man but conflicted about what he has to do and he wanted to make sure he was serving on his own terms – I could understand that and I felt comfortable with it.

The spy genre has produced some great films and some enduring characters – James Bond, Jason Bourne for example – what will Jack Ryan bring to the audience?
I would say that James Bond has Q, Jason Bourne has his fists and Jack Ryan has his mind. And it’s about a regular man, albeit a smart man, who is way more comfortable in the world of his mind, in the world of the intellectual puzzles that he likes to figure out, who finds himself inextricably pulled towards the front line. Jack Ryan has a great amount of intellect and he has to find his way out of very dangerous physical and intellectual situations. It’s about a man who has to deal with all of this stuff that we know to be a part of the spy genre like death and intrigue and it’s about how a man like that deals with committing violence and protecting the people that he loves and all of that affects who he is and he doesn’t do it easily.

And how are plans for another Star Trek movie progressing?
I have no idea. Like I’ve said before, we are the last to know. I think they have broken ground on a script and I think JJ (Abrams) was meeting with directors but beyond that, I don’t know. We all have ideas about what we want to do and I think from the last film there is a lot of different ways for it to go so I’m fascinated to see what will happen. But I’m pretty sure it will be made in 2014.

“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” is released and distributed by United International Pictures through Solar Entertainment Corp.SHOWING on JANUARY 15, 2014. NATIONWIDE

Watch out for American Idol, New Season, New Judges.

I have been a fan of American Idol since its first season up until to this day. Imagine my happiness soar when I discovered that Harry Connick Jr added as one of the judges. This would be exciting and cant wait to watch the first episode of this season unfolds. I will be glued to its first airing, that I know for sure.

After twelve seasons, American Idol can lay its claim as the only TV singing competition show to produce numerous hit and award-winning recording artists. Combined, Idol finalists have released more than 200 albums, hit No.1 on the Billboard charts over 400 times, and have garnered more than 250 million iTunes downloads. This January 2014, the Road to Fame starts on ETC as they bring you American Idol XIII. Catch the two day premiere on ETC this January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM.
Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, and featuring judges Harry Connick, Jr., Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, along with in-house mentor Randy Jackson, the series continues its search across America to find the next singing superstar.

This year the show’s judges travel to Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Detroit, Omaha, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. With their years of experience as acclaimed artists, it’s up to them to narrow down the competitors to a select group of semifinalists who will sing in front of a live studio and TV audience. Then, from this stage forward, the viewing public determines who will advance to become a finalist and who will go home.

Locally, ETC lets you have your say via their Twitter (@etc_channel) and Facebook ( page where you could win great prizes from the channel or see your comments on-air. Just type in your thoughts with the hashtag: #aionetc
Watch American Idol XIII on ETC online, log onto to watch ETC’s free live streaming on a computer.
American Idol XIII premieres January 16, Thursday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 8PM and January 17, Friday LIVE via satellite at 6PM with a primetime telecast at 9PM on ETC

Also check out ETC online at:
ETC is seen on UHF channel 21, Sky Cable and Destiny Digital Ch. 16, Global Destiny Ch. 28, Cignal Ch. 9, Cable Link Ch. 34 and various cable operators nationwide.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mumbai Love

Capestone Pictures Inc. has joined forces with Solar Entertainment Corporation in the romantic comedy team-up of sexy and beauteous Solenn Heusaff and talented new actor Kiko Matos.  

Mumbai Love is a cross-cultural romantic comedy shot on location in India and the Philippines. The story is centered on the love between Solenn and Kiko from two different worlds who will risk everything even racial differences of age-old traditions because of their love for each other.

Solenn has enjoyed doing the movie Mumbai Love. She has improved her craft, the reason why she has lots of projects both on TV and the movies.Her film titled Status: It’s Complicated is doing well in the box office and her TV series Sa Akin Pa Rinang Bukas is gaining more followers who love drama and suspense.

How does it feel to be the lead actress of Mumbai Love?

“We really became like a family and there’s rapport of the actors on the screen.The film features breathtaking scenic spots in Mumbai and I learned about their culture and traditions. I admire the kindness of my love interest in the movie, Kiko. He’s a real gentleman. I’m happy to work with such a fabulous director, cast and crew. I’m really proud of this movie”, says Solenn.

Upcoming actor Kiko Matos who first caught our attention in the movie Babagwa said he couldn’t believe that he was to become lead actor when he first auditioned for Mumbai Love. This movie is one big break for Kiko’s acting career where he really learned a lot on acting from multi-awarded director Benito Bautista.

He also auditioned for Sonder which took Honorable Mention award in the Short Films Category during the 25th Gawad CCP para sa Alternatibo at Video. The Mumbai Love auditions were announced online and Kiko tried his luck for the lead character of Nandi. Even with his manager’s (Mell Navarro) wish for him to land even a supporting role, Kiko took the bold move and got the lead role of Nandi, an Indian tourist guide.

“When I first saw Solenn in the auditions, I was star-struck because of her stunning beauty and oozing sex appeal. Later on, I found her to be a really wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. I love her as a person,” Kiko muses.

Kiko also fell in love with the beautiful traditions and culture of India while shooting there, not to mention the scenic and historic places they visited. Kiko Matos was one of the winners of TV Idol, male teen talent search of MTB ang Saya-Saya. He also did fashion modeling and was seen on several TV commercials. 

Mumbai Love is directed by multi-awarded director Benito Bautista and is distributed by Solar Entertainment Corporation. Showing soon at your favorite theaters.

For more details visit >> Twitter@mumbailovemovie and Facebook@mumbailovemovie,

The Redmi Note 13 will be getting a special price drop this May

The Redmi Note 13, one of Xiaomi’s popular midrange smartphones, will be getting a special price drop this May. Starting May 21, 2024, the R...