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Friday, March 31, 2023

SHEIN’s brand ambassador Belle Mariano, attended the launch of SHEIN’s second pop-up in the Philippines

Summer is a great time to experiment with bright and bold colors in your wardrobe. Here are some colorful pieces that could be perfect for your summer wardrobe:


1.  A vibrant sundress: A bold sundress in a bright hue like yellow, pink, or orange can add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe.

2.  Colorful accessories: Adding colorful accessories like a bright scarf, statement earrings, or a colorful belt can transform an outfit and make it more vibrant.

3.  Floral prints: A dress or blouse with a bold floral print can be a great way to add color and pattern to your summer wardrobe.

4.  Colorful sandals: Switch out your basic black or brown sandals for a pair in a bright color like red, blue, or green.

5.  Bright swimwear: If you're heading to the beach, a brightly colored swimsuit can make you feel confident and summery.

You can shop the SHEIN Summer Collection at Bloom Pop-Up Showroom at Glorietta Makati!

Global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer SHEIN is bringing bright and beautiful colours to your wardrobe with its latest summer collection. The new styles from the capsule collection will be on display in the upcoming SHEIN  pop-up. This is also the first time that SHEIN will feature men's outfits.

SHEIN’s first Filipina brand ambassador, Belle Mariano attended the launch of SHEIN’s second pop-up in the Philippines together with popular online personalities Small Laude, Viy Cortez, Toni Sia, Dani Baretto, and Miss Nate, where they were treated to a first look of the collection. Incorporating a mix of classic cuts and trendy pieces, the collection includes inclusive sizing that can be mixed and matched to express different styles. The collection also includes a variety of bags, shoes, and accessories to complement and personalize each look. 

@lola_lamon @bellemariano_ at @shein_ph Bloom Pop Up Showroom #sheinph #sheinbloomph #bellemariano ♬ Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - UNDRESSD & Ellie May

“I am excited to check out SHEIN’s latest summer collection to update my wardrobe for the season. With a wide selection to choose from, I can easily find new pieces that can match my existing wardrobe,” says Mariano. 

With SHEIN’s wide selection of new products, there is sure to be something that will fit your lifestyle. Shop the SHEIN Summer Collection with ease on the app, and don't miss SHEIN's second Pop up at Palm Drive Activity Center, Glorietta 2 from now until April 2.   

Here are some peak travel reminders to keep in mind for the Lenten Season

The Holy Week is a time for reflection and reunion with families, with many Filipinos taking the opportunity to be with their loved ones, either to participate in religious activities, or go on a much-deserved vacation.

While airports are expected to get busy at this time of the year, air travel should not be a chaotic experience for every Juan. Here are a few reminders from Cebu Pacific:

1. Be on time at the airport and beat traffic

Cebu Pacific and Cebgo passengers must allot time for traffic going to the airport. Passengers must be at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 and 4 at least three (3) hours before departure for domestic flights, and four (4) hours for international flights. Passengers traveling to Dubai are allowed to check in as early as seven (7) hours before departure.

2. Check in online

Long lines may be avoided at the airport by checking in via the official CEB mobile app or via the Manage Booking section of the CEB website. Both options are available from seven (7) days up to one (1) hour before scheduled time of departure for domestic flights, and up to four (4) hours before scheduled departure for international fliers.

3. Check flight information, closing times

All check-in counters close one (1) hour before the scheduled time of departure to ensure there is ample time for all necessary pre-flight procedures. After checking in, we encourage passengers to immediately go through immigration and final security to avoid delays. Boarding commences 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Updated flight information may be viewed at

4. Self-tag luggage for select domestic destinations

Guests flying out of select domestic destinations (Manila, Davao, Clark, Cagayan de Oro, General Santos, Bohol, Iloilo, and Zamboanga) are reminded to self-tag their check-in luggage at the designated kiosks at the airport, prior to proceeding to counters for bag drops.

5. Pack your bags accordingly

Passengers must bring only one carry-on bag for a more convenient flight experience. The carry-on bag must not exceed 7kg in weight and can fit in the overhead bins or under the seat.

CEB has exempted items that are allowed to be carried aside from the single hand carried bag:

·       Gadgets or food items that cannot be checked-in;

·       Items purchased inside the airport (requires proof of receipt);

·       Assistive or medical items such as walking canes, foldable walkers;

·       Baby food and necessities for passengers traveling with infants;

·       Or a small bag that can fit under the seat.

6. Checked baggage policy

Passengers are encouraged to purchase prepaid baggage online via the CEB website or mobile app to save on fees. CEB has implemented a per piece baggage policy which applies to all passengers with checked baggage. A passenger can bring one (1) piece for each purchase of 20kg or 32kg, and may get up to any two (2) of these weight options, for a maximum of two (2) pieces of baggage and a combined weight of 64kg.

Any excess in size, weight and pieces are subject to oversized baggage fee, excess baggage fee and/or extra Bag Fee.

7. Check the airport terminal assignment of your flight

Passengers must check their itineraries and boarding passes before proceeding to their designated airport terminal. Cebu Pacific’s 5J flights arrive at and depart from the NAIA Terminal 3, while Cebgo (DG) flights to and from Manila operate from the NAIA Terminal 4 at Domestic Road, Pasay City. There will not be any terminal change for Cebu Pacific and Cebgo flights from NAIA.

We are grateful to every Juan for choosing to fly with us. We look forward to more travels with you, and your families and friends in 2023. CEB now flies to a total of 34 domestic and 25 international destinations. Visit for more information.


#PinaysWhoBreakBarriersOnYouTube: Women content creators from several walks of life shared their inspiring stories


In , women content creators from several walks of life shared their inspiring stories on rising above challenges and how YouTube has helped them make a difference. 


Hosted by Miss Trans Global 2020, actress, writer, and content creator Mela Habijan, the intimate gathering delved into the different stories of YouTube creators Lyqa Maravilla, Candy Pangilinan, Chezka Carandang, Jozelle Tech, as well as Habijan and Google Philippines Country Director Bernadette Nacario themselves.


Helping an entire society break barriers and achieve their full potential

Lyqa Maravilla was inspired to start creating educational content in 2015 by her own grandmother, who only managed to attain a Grade 3 education, as well as a group of women who could not pass the Civil Service Exam because they were also juggling their responsibilities as homemakers and mothers. 

L-R: Jozelle TechLyqa MaravillaCandy PangilinanGoogle Philippines Country Director Bernadette NacarioChezka CarandangMela Habijan

Eventually, more people found her content and were able to apply her lessons to other similar exams, and the momentum she gained from this support gave her the confidence to create more content on study hacks, workplace tips, and many more videos that simply were able to help Filipinos, especially those who were disadvantaged.


Not only were the barriers in many Filipinos’ ways broken, but more importantly, heavily disadvantaged women were now gaining an edge.“We’re able to help so many people get jobs—actually, our current average is three to five people, mostly women, reporting per day that they land jobs and get promoted,” said Maravilla.


In the same vein as Maravilla’s highly helpful educational content, commercial pilot Chezka Carandang’s YouTube content goes a long way in opening an entirely new horizon of possibilities for women.


Starting her own YouTube channel during the pandemic, Carandang—who had always wanted to be a pilot but had to figure out how to do it herself—simply wanted to share the process and her own story of how she managed to soar to the skies.


“That’s why I started my YouTube channel. Before, I was the one who had a hard time learning and becoming a pilot, now, I want to be the one aspiring pilots turn to to learn how to become a pilot,” said Carandang.


“It all started with one video on how to become a pilot, and after that, I was able to build a community. I get so many comments saying ‘Chezka, I became a pilot because of you. I didn’t know it was possible to become a pilot.’”


YouTube as a way to inspire

Beyond education, because of the multitude of diverse voices on the platform, for many people YouTube is also a source of inspiration. 


Take for example Jozelle Techa CEO, entrepreneur, consultant, and content creator who also has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, leaving her to rely on a wheelchair—a natural barrier.


Being differently abled has certainly not stopped Tech from doing what she does best, which is helping businesses reach their full potential. Her YouTube content generally focuses on business,  branding, and marketing tips and advice.


“These physical challenges are a huge barrier in living a full life. What’s harder is that I’m part of two marginalized groups–I’m a woman bound to a wheelchair. As a child, I had so many dreams, but people would always tell me no, don’t be ambitious. But I am ambitious, and I couldn’t accept that this was going to be my life. I couldn’t walk, so that’s why I decided to run a business,” said Tech defiantly.

Meanwhile, comedienne and actress Candy Pangilinan, whose YouTube channel features her daily life raising her son Quentin, who has special needs, found herself becoming an inspiration to fellow mothers in similar situations.


“I never imagined people would come to me wherever I am, telling me, ‘Ms. Candy, thank you so much for what you do. I learn from your vlog and follow what you do on your content,’” said Pangilinan. 


“The support is overwhelming. People asked me what I do with Quentin, so I asked him if we can show the internet our regular lives. Eventually, it grew. Now people are asking, people are coming to me. Honestly, my burden 19 years ago has become my blessing today. YouTube really helped me a lot in developing my son.”

As for Habijan herself, who educates people on all things transgender on her YouTube channel, credits the platform for the full realization of her hosting dreams, as she announced she will be hosting shows on YouTube including Rainbow Bench, a YouTube-first talk show focused on LGBTQIA+ stories and allyship. 


“It’s my dream to be like Oprah,” said Habijan. “There are so many possibilities being realized by YouTube. I cannot fathom the fact that we’ve really neared this age where everyone can. And we all can, right now.”


Sharing her very own breaking barriers story, Google Philippines Country Director Bernadette Nacario said, “I’ve been in tech for over 30 years now and my journey in the industry is not easy! Back in the early days of tech, there was a time when I was the only woman in the boardroom full of men. It was daunting at first but I didn't let this hold me back! I stood my ground and believed in myself. I showed them that women can and women will! Women’s ability to lead not just with data but with empathy makes us effective leaders.”


Be inspired by the #PinaysWhoBreakBarriersOnYouTube. Listen to their stories on the replay of Breaking Barriers Online and Beyond on the Google Philippines YouTube channel and Facebook page.


People will have better chances of maintaining a natural youthful look and glow with Sculptra

Slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of age-related changes with Sculptra. 

Galderma, a leader in medical aesthetics, is excited to announce the launch of Sculptra®, the original collagen biostimulator and a revolutionary treatment that offers patients a non-invasive and long-lasting solution for skin rejuvenation.

Sculptra® is made from a biocompatible material called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). This unique material has been used in medical devices for decades and is well-known for its safety and effectiveness. With this, Sculptra® can restore skin laxity, volumize aged skin and help revive fullness. 

(L-R) Galderma Aesthetics Marketing and CET Manager Christine Legaspi, Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Yu Ming Huang, Prof. Contesa Alapag, MD, General and Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Alvin Jorge, Galderma’s General Manager Louie Roxas, and Galderma Aesthetics Business Unit Head Michelle de Jesus.

The treatment involves a series of injections that are typically spaced out over several months, and the results can last up to two years or more, restoring volume and improving contours and folds.

Sculptra® works deep within the skin to stimulate the skin’s own collagen production; achieving naturally looking results that lasts for more than 2 years.

While traditional fillers tend to provide merely temporary results, Sculptra® provides a long-lasting solution for skin rejuvenation. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require any downtime, making it the top choice for patients who are looking for a convenient and effective way to improve their appearance.

“Sculptra® has proven aesthetic results since 1999, so this product has been improving the lives of countless people for more than three decades now,” says Christine Legaspi, Marketing & CET Manager of Galderma Aesthetics, “Sculptra® is the only collagen biostimulator with over 50 publications to date on efficacy and safety in more than 10,000 patients.”

Sculptra® is now available at Galderma partner clinics and is expected to be a game-changer in the field of medical aesthetics in the Philippines. 

To learn more about this revolutionary treatment or to schedule a consultation, please visit and follow

Getting ready for summer with Vine Aesthetics!

 Looking to improve your physical fitness or appearance this summer? 

Its time once again to flaunt those ripped abs, sexy curves, and a perfect, summer skin!

And yes, VINE AESTHETICS has got you covered; with the introduction of their new and specialized treatments that can help you achieve that beach-ready body. From toned abs to smoother, wrinkle-free skin to even a lighter shade to your nether regions, VINE AESTHETICS has got it all for you!


VINE SCULPT & MESO LIPO THERAPY for Toned, Sculpted look.

This evolutionary fat loss treatment specifically targets preferred areas to help reveal that rock-hard abs and the perfect treatment to lose stubborn fat such as midsection or your arms. Vine Sculpt gives you awesome results with minimal downtime. Achieve a tightened and firmer look in your target areas while reducing cellulite, with Meso Lipo Therapy and get a more toned and youthful look.

EXILIS: Anti-aging, Loose-skin reducing.

This non-invasive treatment promises fast results for reducing wrinkles and saggy bags, all while reducing fat in your target areas. Exilis is perfect for those who want to rejuvenate their skin and reduce the signs of aging, without going under the knife or other invasive procedures.

TRISHAPER, the All-In-One Treatment. 

Tone and slim your preferred areas down and discover how to get a summer body, with Trishaper. This revolutionary three-in-one LipoCavitation treatment is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their desired body shape without surgery or downtime. 

 INTIMATE SKIN - Whitening for some Discreet Enhancement. 

Give your private region an oomph! With this safe and effective lightening treatment, you can lessen dark areas and achieve a lighter shade in your intimate area. VINE AESTHETICS Intimate Skin is safe without the use of traditional, harsh chemicals. 

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Brittany Corporation partners with Vista Mall Sta. Rosa to host a big bike breakfast ride for the members of Ducati Club South


Brittany Corporation, the luxury leisure and residential arm of the country's largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., recently partnered with Vista Mall Sta. Rosa to host a big bike breakfast ride for the members of Ducati Club South, a regional chapter of the Ducati Owners Club.


The event saw Ducati big bike enthusiasts conquer a 25-kilometer journey within Brittany Sta. Rosa atop their two-wheeled steeds. The trip started at Petron South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) - South Bound and ended at Dear Joe Coffee & Juice. Members went on a delightful ride around the premier residential developments of Brittany in Sta. Rosa, which includes Georgia Club and Augusta.

According to the Ducati Monster Club PH members, they conduct this kind of activity to promote camaraderie among their members and try new experiences together. They are grateful for the opportunity to tour around Sta. Rosa and bond over sumptuous meals.

Exclusive Themed Communities


Georgia Club and Augusta are some of the most exclusive communities in Brittany Sta. Rosa is named after some of the world's most charming destinations. 


Lot cuts range from 300 to 500 square meters, allowing residents to come home to English gardens and Georgian colonial houses while enjoying the highly sought proximity to nature. 

Georgia Club is a 15-hectare enclave inspired by the Old American South, where glamour meets eccentric English accents. It mixes the old and new with grand sash windows that combine tradition with modernity and simple yet elegant facades with gracious classical proportions and symmetry. Not to mention The Peachtree Clubhouse and Daisy Park, which serve up a slice of the countryside in high style.


Meanwhile, the 15-hectare Augusta brings a beautiful mix of the Colonial American neighborhood, a private and secure setting, and the traditional English countryside. It also offers modern recreational options for residents, such as a well-equipped gymnasium, jogging trails with magnificent landscape views, a swimming pool, and a multi-purpose court.

Emily in Paris: Say Ciao to New Faces

Emily in Paris Season 4 Adds New Cast & Releases New Photos from the Upcoming Season  Eugenio Franceschini as Marcello: Originally from...