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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Dr. Romantic 3 will begin streaming from late April on Disney+

Following a remarkable first two seasons, the third season of the hit Korean medical drama Dr. Romantic 3 will begin streaming from late April on Disney+.

Continuing the story of Boo Yongjoo, a highly accomplished surgeon who gives up his prestigious position at Seoul’s top medical center and relocates to Doldam Hospital, a remote hospital in a rural province, Dr. Romantic 3 is set to come back strong with new doctors, a captivating new antagonist, and an unmissable romance.

Starring Han Sukkyu (Deep Rooted Tree) as Boo Yongjoo, the only surgeon in South Korea to become triple board certified in general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and emergency medicine; Ahn Hyoseop (Business Proposal) as Seo Woojin, a slandered doctor who is trying to rebuild his life under Yongjoo’s tutelage; Lee Sungkyung (Call It Love) as Cha Eunjae, a second-year surgery fellow who frequently competes with Woojin but who has issues when she performs surgery, Dr. Romantic is written by Kang Eunkyung (Bread, Love and Dreams) and Lim Hyemin and is directed by Yoo Inshik (Dr. Romantic 1&2, Extraordinary Attorney Woo) and Kang Boseung (Why Her).

Slated to debut in late April with new episodes being released every Friday and Saturday, fans of Dr. Romantic can also enjoy Call It Love about a girl driven to revenge but who falls in love with her intended victim; Soundtrack #1 about two friends who are secretly in love with each other; and Big Bet about a serial entrepreneur whose life is turned on its head when he is arrested for murder – all streaming now on Disney+.

Enjoy Dr. Romantic 3 from late April on Disney+.

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