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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Crosswinds offers a serene environment for rest and reflection this lenten season

Tagaytay offers a unique experience that is perfect for bonding with family and friends. With its beautiful landscapes, cool climate, and numerous attractions, Tagaytay truly is a home away from home.


For its relaxing weather, lush greens, pine trees, beautiful landscapes, and pineapple fields, Tagaytay is more than a place for vacation. Tagaytay is your home away from home, a place for bonding with family and friends.


Due to its closeness to nature which also rejuvenates the soul, Tagaytay has also been a place for retreats and recollections among young students, working professionals, and religious groups.


The yearlong cold breeze that revitalizes energy propels us to take not just one but another look at Crosswinds Resorts Suites and its ever-evolving massive commercial development that continues to awe local and foreign tourists.

Locals will surely troop to Tagaytay in the run-up to the five-day Lenten holiday—either to have that much-needed vacation, complete the traditional Visita Iglesia, attend the Holy Week retreat, or probably, observe the traditional customs.


Crosswinds, a Villar-owned property development, has prepared for the influx of families and groups who will book for the long Lenten holidays.    


When all you do is hole up in your room or trek around Crosswinds, as you immerse yourself in the scent of 35,000 trees and the lovely surroundings in this exclusive enclave, make sure to also satisfy your stomach – even during the Holy Week.


Apart from meatless food options that can be ordered from its sleek cafes and restaurants, Crosswinds also offers the young and the young-at-heart egg-citing surprises on Easter Sunday (April 9).


Andersen’s Bakery 


Wake up to the aroma of freshly-baked bread, and enjoy your favorite Walnut Cranberry or Double Chocolate Croissant with that coffee brew—just a stone’s throw away from your hotel room.


Named after famous literary fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, Andersen’s Bakery has a story to tell for its bread.   You’ll love a comfy ambiance while you spend some time in this bread cafe—probably, reading a book, with fewer gadgets and all.


Many remain fascinated as they find quaint stores inside the Crosswinds’ exclusive enclaves.


Ruined Project


Surrounded by towering pine trees,  Ruined Project is another picturesque coffee brand under the Villar Group.  It’s the 50th branch of Coffee Project—the only difference is that it has fresh plants amid a rustic interior, situated in the Swiss-inspired Crosswinds.


Apart from its regular menu, it offers shrimp and crabstick salad this Lenten season for those who observe a no-meat policy or for those who prefer healthier food options.


Ruined Project got its name because the construction was halted when Taal Volcano erupted in 2020, further prolonged by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Built at a time of disaster and the pandemic,  the interiors were done to also provide us with a wonderful view of nature inside Crosswinds.    Feel free to roam around, take pictures and enjoy the good food and sip the expresso-based concoctions at Ruined Project—to soothe not just your senses but your weary soul.

Windmill Lausanne


Inspired by Swiss architecture,  this cafe rose in the midst of a busy pandemic that affected the entire world.  It bears similarity to the Windmill in Solvang, California, which is, in turn, inspired by Switzerland.  Thus, one is built at Crosswinds—but situated in the resort’s rolling terrain and lush greens.


Constructed amid a backdrop of blue skies and a beautiful sunset, Windmill Laussane provides another breathtaking experience to its customers.  


The windmill and its balcony evoke scenes from a Shakespeare novel—making it very good for taking snaps of memories.


For the observance of the Holy Week, Windmill Lausanne offers seared salmon with pesto. 


There is also absolutely mouthwatering food such as chicken cordon blu, French toast with bacon, mushroom soup, spaghetti meatballs, and drinks such as Blue Citrus Creamy Frappe and Brown Sugar Choco Frappe.   Take a bite also of Blueberry Danish and Raspberry Danish.


Start your day with a hearty meal by ordering Napa’s Sausage Duo for the ultimate breakfast.  But for those who opt for healthier meals, Napa has Founder Provencale added to its menu.


Another must-visit cafe in Tagaytay, Napa’s cabin-themed interiors, is inspired by Napa Valley in California.   Its rustic interiors and relaxing ambiance add to the feeling of happiness once you dine at Napa—also situated within Crosswinds.


The mountain air in this part of the city makes the visit more worthwhile both for dine-in and alfresco dining.   Kids can also enjoy running around the open area with teepee huts and wooden tables.  


Go for a hearty breakfast at Napa, which also concocts hot and cold drinks according to your tastes.  Napa’s specials include Black Smoked Pasta, Chicken Alfredo, Margherita pizza, and beef onion pizza.


Cafe Yama


Experience a guilt-free food trip this Lenten season by ordering meatless choices from its menu of Cafe Yama, which is seated at an uphill portion of Crosswinds overlooking a vast land of green fields and trees.


For this Lenten season, indulge yourself in the authentic flavor of Chicken Fried Rice and Shrimp Teppanyaki, along with tempura, sashimi, sushi, stir-fried food, rice bowls, and noodles.   Quench your thirst with Matcha Cheese Latte, Shinzu Grape Juice, other fruit juices, and coffee brews from this place.


The traditional Japanese ornaments such as lanterns, parasols, and murals complement the menu of Cafe Yama, which name means “mountain.”   

For more information on Crosswinds and other Brittany properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


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