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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

after the v day..

kids are not here..i suddenly kind of miss them..have nothing to do, will read The Best Advice I got from Katie Couric, a gift from yesterday. This is random, promise to be back again with a vengeance next time. The trouble with me is that i dont have the time and if ever i got one i kind of stumble from one thing to another..Im lookin forward to more time..that would come i know=))..will post pics again from yesterday’s.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Do you know who that picture is of? That’s Marilyn Monroe. They’ve considered her the most beautiful women in the world. She’s gorgeous, and beautiful, right? But look at her stomach. Is it completely flat? Does she not have love handles or, perfect long skinny legs? No. She doesn’t. And wanna know something? Her pants size, was a size 9. She wasn’t some fucking 00 or 1. She had CURVES. You all worry about your pants size, and your weight when, in reality, who cares? Why not live your life and be happy instead of counting calories in your head? Trying to “Be skinny”? You think losing weight is going to automatically make you feel better? It won’t. No magical fairy is gonna come flying outta fucking wood work, declaring, “You’re now officially hot! Boys love you now! You can be accepted by society!” No. Utter, bullshit. You’re fucking beautiful; it’s society that’s fucked. Love yourself, because if you cant love yourself, you can’t love anybody, or anything else. Be free, and be happy. Fuck what the media says, you want that double cheese-burger with bacon? GO FOR IT. Until your weight starts to affect your health, you’re perfectly fine to eat what you please. ♥

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