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Monday, August 31, 2020

Check out UNIQLO's Fall /Winter 2020 Collection

UNIQLO LifeWear clothing is designed to improve the everyday life of everyone. Conceived thoughtfully with people's changing needs in mind, LifeWear adheres to a promise of continual progress towards something better. LifeWear clothing features the highest-quality materials, modern elegant lines, and superior comfort: all aimed to provide ease when staying at home or doing daily tasks, to help stay stress-free when working, and to give support in keeping active and healthy.

UNIQLO AIRism has comfort conditioning technology, which wicks away moisture, releases heat and absorbs sweat that provides maximum comfort. This season,UNIQLO showcases its complete range of AIRism, with pieces for men, women, kids and babies. The collection is made perfectly for one mile wear, for working at home, and for staying healthy and active at home or outdoors.

Clothes with functionality and design that can be used seamlessly from everyday life to staying active. The Sport Utility Wear lineup is made to be worn as one mile wear, comfort work wear worn at home, and for staying healthy and active.

Ultra quick drying functionality that provides comfort for those who want to stay healthy and active whether at home or outdoors.

It has soft material that disperses moisture, releases heat and and moves sweat away from skin to keep you cool and comfortable. A full lineup of AIRism products are available for the whole family, for everyday.

Includes 360-degree stretch fabric that expands and contracts as you move for a comfy fit. It allows you to move and stretch, without feeling restricted.


These pieces are comfortable and stylish, perfect for any lifestyle. The fabric stretches vertically and horizontally with the 2-way stretch function, while resisting wrinkles for easy care.

*Not all men’s Smart Pants use 2-way stretch and easy care materials.

These items have remained loyal to their roots while evolving, by taking advantage of innovative technologies. UNIQLO has worked closely with the Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles to explore sustainable fabrics and create advanced jeans that deliver even greater quality and comfort.

Using the latest technology, UNIQLO has enhanced women’s Jeans to make them snug and flattering to the wearer by focusing particularly on the fit, silhouette, and color variations. Men’s Jeans meanwhile are made of authentic denim yet they are so comfortable to wear. They are available in a range of patterns to accommodate diverse tastes.

Men’s and women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans have been updated to make them incrediblycomfortable without compromising their authenticity. The fabric is more elastic to ensure ultimate stress-free wear.

New this season, Straight Jeans for both men and women are designed to make the legs look longer. The silhouette is straight from the waist down, for modern and refined styling. Men’s dark jeans feature 100% selvage denim from its partner Kaihara Corporation, for a contemporary look.

Shorts pants are made for everyone and for any occasion - as comfort one mile wear, comfort work wear and when running errands. Available in a variety of length, design and materials such as denim, linen, cotton, satin, dry stretch, chino, jersey and kando.

UNIQLO offers an extensive line-up of T-shirts with different silhouettes, textures and colors. These include shirts of varying sleeve lengths, fit for any style as comfort one mile wear, comfort work wear at home and everyday wear.

Dresses by UNIQLO are also available in different silhouettes, lengths, and colors, perfect for casual or smart wear. Like the Mercerized Cotton Dress, it is made with 100% cotton giving that high quality and stylish look, perfect for all day wear, from working from home or running errands.


UNIQLO offers everything from on-trend casual items to functional activewear, to cater to diverse lifestyles and choices, and to meet the new needs

Women Must-have casual pieces are everyday parkas such as Pocketable and Blocktech, as well as textured suede jackets and tailored tweed jackets with a masculine touch for stylish pieces.

Jackets for both casual and business occasions include parkas, classic tailored and corduroy items. The washed jersey work jackets are perfect for this season.

Blocktech is designed for versatility and reliability. It offers breathable performance and it is made with seamless bonding technology. These coats and parkas feature a stitch- free construction that keeps errant water from seeping between seams and they are also fitted with a protective laminate film designed to shield wearer from the winds.

Compact and easy to carry around, the pocketable parka allows you to keep covered and protected at any given moment. It has water-repellent coating that repels light rain and UV ray protection (UPF40).

In 2003, UNIQLO introduced HEATTECH based on innovative technology developed with its partner, Toray Industries. Since then, numerous features have  been added to this warm innerwear. 

For 20FW, plastic packaging has been replaced, with some exceptions, by more sustainable paper alternatives.

For this season, colors, patterns, and designs have been updated to give more outfit coordination choices. For example, the neckline on crew neck items has been tightened, or our popular HEATTECH Ballet Neck T-Shirts and HEATTECH Bra Tops now have a lace version. In response to popular demand the HEATTECH Waist
Warmers and HEATTECH Body Shaper Bra Tops and Shorts would be made available again this season.

This season’s clothing offers a myriad of vibrant colors. The Extra Warm collection meanwhile now offers items with a deep gray color. Other highlights in this collection include long sleeved Ultra Warm pieces (in replacement of the half sleeved Ultra Warm versions) and Turtleneck and crew neck shirts made available in five hues.

Down jackets are warm, functional, and stylish, and are continually evolving. UNIQLO introduces its line of Ultra Light Down jackets with witty prints and seasonal designs.

New hues for women’s jackets include plum, green, and lemon-yellow.
Hybrid down jackets are a step beyond regular down outerwear and feature enhanced designs and functionality. UNIQLO has added detachable hoods to women’s coats and pinched the waists on down jackets to create a more elegant look. For the men, the new line of parkas enables the wearer to move around easily, and the coats have become lighter, following a detailed design review. 

Men’s seamless down jackets incorporate a new three-dimensional design that does not restrict arm movements.

UNIQLO’s down recycle program, which started from September 2019, to last until March 2020, has so far collected 620,000 pieces of down outerwear. The collected down will be reused as part of new recycled down products from this season.

Sending money to your loved ones is now made easier with PayMaya

If your family, relative or friends need money and you want to help, but cant get out of the house because of pandemic. You can send money right at the comfort of your own room via PayMaya. 

During these critical times, being able to send funds to our loved ones in need is of utmost importance. It's a good thing PayMaya users can send money to other PayMaya accounts, bank accounts via Instapay, and to Smart Padala agents nationwide, to ensure that they can help friends and family across the country. 

For those who don't have a PayMaya account yet, sending money to their loved ones is now made easier, as they can head to over 2,700 PeraHub branches nationwide to send remittances to a Smart Padala agent in their recipient's neighborhood. 

With this tie up, Smart Padala is able to further give Filipinos a #PadalapitLang experience - ensuring that wherever they may be in the country, they can safely and conveniently send and receive remittances without having to travel far. 

To send money via PeraHub, all one has to do is follow these simple steps:  

  1. Go to the nearest Pera Hub branch and fill out the transaction slip. 
  2. Hand over the filled-out transaction slip, a valid ID, the funds for sending, along with the service fee.  
  3. Once the transaction is successful, they will receive an SMS with the reference number which has to be forwarded to the recipient. 

Its as easy as 1-2-3 just download your PayMaya app now. 

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Why 5G is the Game-Changing Tech You’ve Been Waiting For

Of all the big up-and-coming technologies to hit the consumer market, 5G wireless networks are arguably poised to make the most impact. Current 4G connectivity is perfectly serviceable for modern internet-based needs, but the ever-innovating tech sphere inevitably ushers every smart device-wielding individual towards faster, near-instantaneous access to online utilities.

Huawei is at the forefront of this 5G revolution, being an end-to-end provider of consumer-ready 5G solutions from network infrastructure right down to devices like 5G-capable smartphones. While it’s easy to oversimplify the benefits of 5G to being “just faster than 4G”, there are many significant aspects that incentivize and justify the integration of 5G networks in modern telecommunications well into its future.

As such, Huawei has initiated this transition with its 5G-capable smartphone line, all of which will be available in the Philippine market. The Huawei Nova 7SE, P40 Series 5G and Mate 30 Pro 5G all come with next-generation connectivity out of the box, giving Filipino consumers a massive advantage in the age of 5G networks.

Below are a few examples of what simply owning a 5G-enabled smartphone can mean for the end user.

Speed and low latency in media consumption

Being 10X faster than 4G, 5G connectivity is almost exponentially superior in terms of download/upload speed, which offers tremendous potential just for media consumption alone. The ability to download full HD content (movies, TV show episodes, etc.) in a matter of seconds is a game-changer, while the extremely low latency further enhances high-definition livestreaming experiences even across incredibly long distances. Not to mention the joy of HD video calls without the frustrating lag, making conversations all the more lively and enjoyable.

VR/AR/3D mixed reality

Higher bandwidth speed and lower latency works wonders for virtual/augmented/mixed reality applications. With high-end smartphones serving as compact VR platforms, 5G capability is a massive boost in that aspect.

Integrating 5G with further development of VR software and hardware results in more immersive experiences as the platforms (VR headsets, goggles, and other peripherals) can render increasingly realistic elements for their respective mediums. Gaming is the obvious beneficiary, but other promising 5G-powered VR/AR applications include real-time troubleshooting in heavy industries or medicine, for example, where a more interactive approach makes a world of difference.

Cloud computing and smarter homes

Cloud gaming can also fulfill its promise of evolving the landscape by not requiring storage space; the sheer speed offered by 5G acts as the platform to run even the most graphics-intensive titles with negligible lag or latency.

The Internet of Things (IoT), paired with 5G connectivity can finally realize home automation’s full potential by seamlessly synchronizing all smart appliances - with the 5G-capable smartphone as the control hub. Again, the incredible speed on tap means viewing 8K TV, receiving recipe suggestions based on fridge content, controlling temperature, and monitoring home security (among numerous others) all at the same time is an effortless affair.

Adoption of 5G means so much more than a speed upgrade - the sheer overlap between the technological benefits and applications to consumers’ lives fulfills Huawei’s vision of an all-scenario, intelligent world anchored by an exceptional smartphone experience. 

A cup of postivi-TEA to brighten up your day

Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s usual go-to drink to start the day and having several more cups to stay awake especially at home where everyone needs that extra push to get work done. But for non-coffee drinkers, whether it's to avoid too much caffeine or they’re not into the bitter taste, tea is a good alternative so we’ve rounded up some tea favorites from TWG Tea and Marks & Spencer to help you pick the perfect variant.

We all need a sip of something to wake us up in the morning, right? Marks & Spencer recommends their organic Pure Green Tea, which is just as effective as coffee in giving you that early boost but has a crisp, light and fragrant aroma. 

TWG Tea’s classic English Breakfast Tea is also perfect for early mornings. It was originally blended as an accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast. Very strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones, this TWG Tea broken-leaf black tea is perfect with morning toast and marmalade to start your day.

Lunch is usually the heaviest meal of the day for some and tea is a drink that can help you with your digestion. Elegant and highly refined, the Geisha Blossom Tea is a TWG Tea blend of green tea with refreshing, ripe southern fruits that infuses into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day's disruptions.

TWG Tea Geisha Blossom Haute Couture Tea, P1,895

Marks & Spencer’s Pure Peppermint Infusion is the perfect after meal time. With pure dried peppermint leaves, it gives a light, clean, and refreshing flavor.

Marks & Spencer Pure Peppermint Infusion, P135

Taking breaks in the afternoon can help alleviate the stress from the day’s ongoing work. Fix yourself a cup of tea to relax even just for a bit. TWG Tea's best-selling Silver Moon Tea is a blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet. Suave, with just a hint of spice, it’s a great green tea to enjoy in the afternoon.

Marks & Spencer’s full-flavored Earl Grey Tea blends mellow Ceylon with bright, refreshing Kenyan teas and natural bergamot oil. The natural zestiness of the bergamot compliments the vibrant tea base to create a delicious tea.

Chamomile Tea is all you need to help you slow down and finally relax after a long day. Sip a cup to help you get into a sleepy mood for that much needed rest. 

Soft and soothing, the Chamomile Tea features rare TWG Tea chamomile flowers that boast a rich honey aroma and yield a golden, theine-free cup to help unwind after a long day.

TWG Tea Chamomile Packaged Teabags, P1,355

Marks & Spencer’s Pure Camomile Infusion contains Golden camomile flowers for a sweet and fragrant relaxing taste.

Marks & Spencer Pure Camomile Infusion, P135

Make tea time extra fancy with these pretty cup and saucer sets from TWG Tea:

For more information or to shop Marks & Spencer, visit

Committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive handcrafted tea blends. TWG Tea's collection of teas and accessories have been made available for advanced ordering. Kindly click on this link ( to view the catalogue, and call your preferred TWG Tea Boutique directly at the contact numbers listed below to place your order.
 TWG Tea Afternoon Teacup & Saucer, P2,495

0917 804 6931
02 7720 8667

TWG Tea Boutique Central Square
0917 803 7775

TWG Tea accepts payments made via mobile bank transfer or GCash. You can arrange for pick-up at our TWG Tea Boutiques through third party delivery service after payment confirmation. 

You may also shop via The Specialist, SSI’s At Home Concierge Service:

Telephone Number: 8-830-5000
Mobile Number: (0917) 552 9359
Instagram: @ssilifeph

Quarantine creativity: 19-year-old Cebu student uses soy sauce to make art

As the quarantine keeps everyone at home for their safety, many young Filipinos spend their time honing their skills and creativity, finding ways to express themselves. With all this free time on their hands, there are those who even go the extra mile when it comes to being creative.
This was certainly the case for 19-year-old communication student Thea Sophia Disabelle, from Bantayan Island, Cebu, who stirred buzz on the internet after creating art not just through traditional mediums, but also using a medium no one thinks could be used for art: soy sauce. Yes, the very same soy sauce you ordinarily see in kitchens at home.
“It all started when I poured a little amount of soy sauce into a saucer, since I needed it for my fried fish,” said Thea, who made her first soy sauce artwork back in March using Silver Swan Soy Sauce, a staple in their pantry. “After that, I paused for three seconds while staring at it—something was beautifully formed. After I had my breakfast that day, I asked myself, ‘Why not make art using soy sauce?’”

Working with soy sauce
While Thea always had access to Silver Swan Soy Sauce as it was the family’s preferred brand since her childhood, it would take her a few more months before trying to make another soy sauce artwork after her first one. This time, however, people took notice.
“I posted it on Facebook and didn't expect to get many likes, comments and shares,” she said.
“Fortunately, it really went viral and I was so overwhelmed.”
Although Thea also creates art using more traditional mediums such as paint, pastels, and pencils, she likes the convenience that soy sauce allows, recommending it to artists who may have challenges getting art materials during the quarantine. Silver Swan Soy Sauce, made of high-quality soybeans, also provides artists a unique texture to work with, distinguishing it from the usual materials and providing a tamang-tamang timpla even to art.
“The texture looks so cool after a while,” she says. “Artists just need soy sauce, a large plate, and imagination. It's tricky to do this kind of artwork because one wrong move, you'll have to start all over again. It might be an ephemeral artwork but it's worth the effort.”
Inspiring young Filipino creatives
As some artists find new ways to make breathtaking art during the quarantine using everyday items, Thea believes that there’s really no limit to what anyone can create as long as they keep trying. She herself wants to pursue a fine arts course and eventually turn her hobby into her life’s work.
“I encourage them to be creative and make use of their time through art,” she says. “You don't need expensive art materials—you just have to go to your kitchen, get some stuff and make it your masterpiece. It's just a matter of creativity, dedication and willingness to learn something new. You just have to be creative in making nothing into something. That's how art works.”
As a token of recognition for Thea’s astounding creativity and resourcefulness, NutriAsia, makers of Silver Swan will be sending her and her family more of their products for their use—whether it’s for their food or for more of Thea’s art.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Power Mac Center celebrates 26th anniversary with bicycle donation drive

As part of its 26th-anniversary celebration, Power Mac Center is launching its “Pay it Forward” campaign to help provide bicycles to those who commute even in the middle of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Partnering with TV personality Gretchen Ho’s Woman In Action advocacy project, the campaign will acquire bikes and other protective equipment using the proceeds taken from purchases of participating products.

“We at Power Mac Center are one with those affected with the current health crisis. We applaud and support those who still find the courage to go to work to support their families despite the dangers of outside travel and the limited commuting options under quarantine. As a way to show them our appreciation and support, we would like to do the little we can to make their daily commutes a lot easier and healthier. Through Gretchen Ho’s Woman In Action project, we are able to create a venue for our partner brands and customers to help in the donation of bicycles so they can use it as their main mode of transportation,” said Joey Alvarez, Power Mac Center Director of Product Management, Marketing and Space Planning.

Founded as a way to mark Gretchen’s 30th birthday last April, Woman In Action advocates for positive change in the community by sharing stories gathered from Filipinas across the country, including advocacy projects spearheaded by Gretchen and others. The phrase itself is Gretchen’s motto and vision, as it encapsulates everything about her, ranging from her active lifestyle to her commitment to engaging with the world to learn and make a difference.

Last August 13, Gretchen posted on her official Instagram page (@gretchenho) that she was looking for 50 deserving beneficiaries to apply for 50 bicycles. She later stated in an update that she had to stop the search as the number of applicants reached over 10,000. This was a far cry from the originally intended number and only signifies the need to get more bikes. Fortunately, with the aid of PMC, Gretchen believes that more Filipino commuters will get their hands on bicycles.

“I’m very happy that I get to work with a company like Power Mac Center in this critical project. Their nationwide reach, plus bolstered with the recent increase in consumer demand for technological devices to meet work-from-home and online school demands, are sure to help me and Woman In Action purchase more bicycles for the commuting public who still can’t ride the main modes of transportation because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Gretchen.

The Pay it Forward campaign will run until August 31, 2020. Included in the list of participating PMC products are select Apple devices and Beats models. Products from PMC partners 59S, Adam Elements, Before Anything Else, Belkin, Bondir, Laut, Microsoft, Panzer Glass, Rivacase, SanDisk, Sonix, Sudio, Tech21, and UV Care are also eligible. For the full list of participating products and more information about the partnership, visit

To know where and how you can purchase the products, visit or message them at

Much-awaited vivo X50 Pro and X50 is finally available in the Philippines

Since its debut a few months ago, the excitement over vivo’s upmarket X50 Series have not died down. And now it’s expecting to maintain its upbeat tempo now that it’s finally found its way in the Philippine and will officially be available on Aug. 29.
The premium X50 Pro with the most impressive camera features retails at Php 39,999, while the regular X50 is priced at Php 25,999. Nonetheless, the X50 Series both live up to the camera quality reputation that the global smartphone brand is known for.

These two models have a 32-megapixel hole-punch selfie camera, but each also has distinct offerings when it comes to its cameras. On one hand, X50 Pro boasts of the Gimbal Stabilization feature, as well as the capabilities to capture clear images in extreme settings through its Astro Mode, Super wide-angle and macro, Extreme Night Mode, and the 60x Hyper Zoom ability. Add to that, the thin and sleek glass body design of the model.
On the other hand, the X50 doesn’t fall short, having the Extreme Night Mode as well, a 20x Zoom ability, and the Pro Sports Mode and Motion AF Tracking features.
Get your hand on the X50 Pro, available in Alpha Grey, and the X50, that comes in Glaze Black and Frost Blue, online via Lazada at, Shopee at or in any selected official vivo outlets nationwide. 

You can also avail the X50 Series through Home Credit To learn more about the vivo X50 Series, visit its official website at or

Biggest Philippine Esports movers and makers unite, await POC accreditation

The largest and most credible esports companies and personalities in the Philippines have come together under the revamped banner of the Philippine Esports Organization (PeSO). Backed by telecommunications giant, Smart Communications, PEsO is comprised of the most recognizable names in Philippine esports – Bren Esports, Gariath Concepts, Mineski Philippines, The Nationals, PlayBook Esports, Tier One Entertainment, TV5, and TNC Holdings.

PeSO has the distinction of being the sole organization accredited by the International Esports Federation (IESF) since 2012. PeSO’s member organizations had previously worked together under the banner of the Esports National Association of the Philippines (ESNAP) and the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Esports Union (PSEU) for the successful staging of the first ever esports event in the SEA Games held in the Philippines in 2019. The AESF had sanctioned the PSEU to execute the SEA Games esports tournament. The AESF had also signed in March 2020 a landmark agreement with the IESF, wherein the IESF recognizes and acknowledges AESF as the sole federation for esports in Asia, while the AESF recognizes and acknowledges the IESF as the sole international federation for esports.

The Philippine E-Sports Organization (PeSO) has been accredited by the International e-Sports since 2012.

In the 2019 SEA Games Esports Tournament, Bren Esports, Gariath Concepts, and TNC worked under the leadership of The Nationals Commissioner Ren Vitug to be the National Technical Officials (NTOs) of the tournament, while Mineski Philippines and TV5 co-produced and streamed the event for all the participating countries. Distinguished individuals from Bren Esports, Mineski Global, PlayBook Esports, and Tier One Entertainment provided the coaching and management staff for Team Sibol, the Philippine National Esports Team. Gariath Concepts managing partner Joebert Yu was also overall competition manager for the tournament.

Member organizations of the Esports National Association of the Philippines (ESNAP) have merged with PeSO for a powerhouse group to elevate Philippine esports.

To kick off this significant milestone, PeSO will be mounting the Philippine Qualifiers for the 12th IESF World Championship to be held in Eliat, Israel in December. This year’s Philippine Qualifiers will be an online format, featuring DOTA2 and Tekken 7. Team Sibol’s Andreij “PBE.Doujin” Albar took him the bronze medal in last year’s IESF World Championships, and PeSO is confident that this time, Team Sibol can match, if not exceed, last year’s contingent’s performance and standing.

"With the support of Smart Communications, there is no doubt that we are in a stronger position to place in this year’s IESF World Championships,” said Brian Lim, president of PeSO. “Smart’s commitment to support and grow esports and the national team, Sibol, is crucial and is definitely appreciated.”

Jane Jimenez Basas, SVP and Head of Consumer Wireless Business at Smart, had this to say about Smart’s support for the esports national team: “Our goal is to continue leading the way to bring glory to Philippine esports. After supporting Team Sibol in the 2019 SEA Games, Smart reaffirms its commitment to the esports industry by looking for the next members of Team Sibol who will represent the Philippines in the IESF World Championships. “

PeSO has also applied for accreditation from the Philippine Olympic Committee to be the official National Sports Association (NSA) for the Philippines, giving it the main responsibility to govern and develop esports nationwide. PeSO’s application for NSA accreditation is bolstered by the unified presence of the biggest and most credible collection of esports stakeholders in the Philippines, who have tirelessly worked towards the industry’s growth and betterment since the early 2000s.

The search for the newest members of Team Sibol starts this September 2020. Details on the Philippine Qualifiers for the 12th IESF World Championship will be announced through the PeSO Facebook Page. TV5 and Cignal, who have been strong advocates of esports on Philippine airwaves, will air the Philippines Qualifiers on One Sports and One Sports Plus.

For more info on the Philippine Esports Organization (PEsO), visit the following links:

1.         Facebook Page:
2.         Website (under construction):

Friday, August 28, 2020

Month-long realme Fan Fest ends strong with new realme C12, Buds Classic and Music Fan Fest

The Ber months are almost here. For most Filipinos, this means taking out the old Christmas tree, putting up the lights and playing Christmas songs. But this year’s holiday season is expected to be a bit different, what with the health protocols and new social dynamics. realme Philippines hopes to bring added holiday cheer with new products and surprises.   

Celebrate the Ber months with a smartphone that lets you make the most of your digital experiences. The realme C12 is yet another battery beast designed to complement the lifestyle of the digital-savvy. realme Philippines also introduces its newest audio accessory, the realme Buds Classic, which harnesses supreme bass power for even more memorable entertainment and bonding this holiday season. Both products were launched during the realme Music Fan Fest joined by Filipino artists Moira dela Torre, Krissha Viaje and December Avenue.

Be Ber-month ready with the realme C12 and realme Buds Classic
To keep the “merry” in this year’s Christmas season, the lifestyle partner of the youth offers its squad and fans more holiday treats, starting with the launch of the realme C12, the latest addition to the brand’s local C-series lineup, and the realme Buds Classic.

A powerful yet attainable all-around smartphone, the realme C12 is highly capable of handling multiple tasks to let you finish all projects during the busy Ber months. It packs a 6,000mAh mega battery to keep up with heavy digital activities.

The realme C12 also features a Helio G35 Processor for heavy functions such as gaming and entertainment. It is equipped with a 13MP AI triple-camera setup for quality snaps, a 5MP selfie camera for crystal-clear selfies and an immersive 6.5in extra-large screen for an excellent gaming and visual experience.

The realme Buds Classic delivers enhanced audio experience for Filipino music enthusiasts, movie buffs and mobile gamers. With its large 14.2mm bass boost driver, it delivers uncompromised audio fidelity, perfect for watching movies or listening to music. The accessory is made from premium nanoparticle composite PET material that makes the bass deeper and vocals clearer. 

The realme C12 and realme Buds Classic will be available nationwide starting September 3. Purchasers of the realme C12 may choose between two colors: Marine Blue and Coral Red. 

Available in a 3GB RAM+32GB storage configuration, the realme C12 is priced at Php5,990 while the realme Buds Classic will be available for Php590.

Surprises before leaving August
Before we completely bid farewell to August, realme Philippines invites customers to check out its ongoing offers and promos on both online and offline realme stores and official partners nationwide.

For the online promos, fans and supporters can score as much as 25 percent off on select realme devices at the Lazada Super Brand Day Sale. During the Crazy Flash Sale offers on Lazada happening successively throughout August 28, realme Philippines will also be offering more discounts.  Purchasers can get realme accessories at 25 percent less during the Crazy Flash Sale. 

realme squad and fans also have the chance to win an HP Desktop PC package and 10 realme C3 smartphones for every Php3,500 worth of realme purchase at Silicon Valley’s Back2School promo. Consumers are entitled to one (1) raffle entry only. The promo period runs from August 14 to 30, with the much-awaited raffle draw happening on August 31, 6pm.

realme Philippines will also be giving away free “Dare To Be” T-shirts to purchasers of both a realme smartphone and AIoT product at select realme stores. This promo applies to the first 10 customers per branch. The promo period runs from August 21 to 22 and August 28 to 29 in select NCR stores and from August 28 to 29 and September 4 to 5 in select regional stores.

Hello, August, Goodbye
The month of August flew by as it was jampacked with lots of realme activities. Capping off the month-long festivities was the realme Music Fan Fest, a night of music and Filipino artistry. 

realme squad and fans gathered together on the official Facebook and YouTube accounts of realme Philippines for the livestream and sang along with Moira dela Torre, Krissha Viaje and December Avenue. 

“It was a month full of surprises and exciting activities for the realme squad. It was our way of expressing our appreciation for the continuous support we have been receiving from our ever-supportive fans since our launch in the country. With the Ber months coming, realme Philippines is excited to offer our fans more activities and exciting surprises,” shared realme Philippines VP for Marketing Austine Huang. 

For exclusive updates and announcements, visit the realme Philippines official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with the handle @realmePhilippines. 

Brittany’s Leisure Collection Shines, Expands Presence in Premier Philippine Tourist Destinations

Brittany’s collection of leisure developments  posted another remarkable feat, as it posted a record P1.4 billion in reservation sales in Ma...