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Thursday, August 13, 2020

TikTok Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy and Strong

Throughout this pandemic, people have been making an extra effort to stay healthy, as an added protective measure against COVID-19. While it is important to maintain the overall wellbeing of both body and mind, you must not forget to focus on oral health, too.
During these past few months of community quarantine, access to dental clinics has been limited. While visiting a dentist for regular checkups is a challenge, there are things that you can do from home to give your teeth and gums some much-needed TLC. Believe it or not, you can actually discover more about this on TikTok.

Anyone who wants to learn how to properly care for your teeth should check out Teeth-Tok dentists, Dr. Hanz Joshua Kiel Sandoval and Dr. Leya Ramos. Both share informative and helpful content that are sure to make you smile. Here are a couple of their videos that feature quick and easy dental health tips that you can do everyday.
 Dr. Hanz shares a helpful guide for beating bad breath through proper mouth cleaning, and tweaking what you eat. In this video, you’ll see that he isn’t just a great dentist. He’s a good dancer, too!
Keeping teeth clean is an essential step in maintaining oral health. Here, Dr. Leya shares tips on  how to brush your teeth more efficiently. Watch until the end for expert tips for choosing a toothbrush, and how often to clean your teeth.
Be sure to follow these amazing dentists on TikTok, and give extra care to your teeth and gums today. You can really learn a lot when you follow educational creators like them on the app. Plus, if you have your own informative videos to share, you can also do so using the hashtag #TikTokU.
Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices to get started.

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