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Sunday, August 30, 2020

A cup of postivi-TEA to brighten up your day

Having a cup of coffee is everyone’s usual go-to drink to start the day and having several more cups to stay awake especially at home where everyone needs that extra push to get work done. But for non-coffee drinkers, whether it's to avoid too much caffeine or they’re not into the bitter taste, tea is a good alternative so we’ve rounded up some tea favorites from TWG Tea and Marks & Spencer to help you pick the perfect variant.

We all need a sip of something to wake us up in the morning, right? Marks & Spencer recommends their organic Pure Green Tea, which is just as effective as coffee in giving you that early boost but has a crisp, light and fragrant aroma. 

TWG Tea’s classic English Breakfast Tea is also perfect for early mornings. It was originally blended as an accompaniment to the traditional English breakfast. Very strong and full-bodied with light floral undertones, this TWG Tea broken-leaf black tea is perfect with morning toast and marmalade to start your day.

Lunch is usually the heaviest meal of the day for some and tea is a drink that can help you with your digestion. Elegant and highly refined, the Geisha Blossom Tea is a TWG Tea blend of green tea with refreshing, ripe southern fruits that infuses into a fragrant cup that will calm and appease after a day's disruptions.

TWG Tea Geisha Blossom Haute Couture Tea, P1,895

Marks & Spencer’s Pure Peppermint Infusion is the perfect after meal time. With pure dried peppermint leaves, it gives a light, clean, and refreshing flavor.

Marks & Spencer Pure Peppermint Infusion, P135

Taking breaks in the afternoon can help alleviate the stress from the day’s ongoing work. Fix yourself a cup of tea to relax even just for a bit. TWG Tea's best-selling Silver Moon Tea is a blend of green teas accented with a grand berry and vanilla bouquet. Suave, with just a hint of spice, it’s a great green tea to enjoy in the afternoon.

Marks & Spencer’s full-flavored Earl Grey Tea blends mellow Ceylon with bright, refreshing Kenyan teas and natural bergamot oil. The natural zestiness of the bergamot compliments the vibrant tea base to create a delicious tea.

Chamomile Tea is all you need to help you slow down and finally relax after a long day. Sip a cup to help you get into a sleepy mood for that much needed rest. 

Soft and soothing, the Chamomile Tea features rare TWG Tea chamomile flowers that boast a rich honey aroma and yield a golden, theine-free cup to help unwind after a long day.

TWG Tea Chamomile Packaged Teabags, P1,355

Marks & Spencer’s Pure Camomile Infusion contains Golden camomile flowers for a sweet and fragrant relaxing taste.

Marks & Spencer Pure Camomile Infusion, P135

Make tea time extra fancy with these pretty cup and saucer sets from TWG Tea:

For more information or to shop Marks & Spencer, visit

Committed to offering teas directly from source gardens, TWG Tea’s collection is the largest in the world, with fine harvests from every tea producing country and exclusive handcrafted tea blends. TWG Tea's collection of teas and accessories have been made available for advanced ordering. Kindly click on this link ( to view the catalogue, and call your preferred TWG Tea Boutique directly at the contact numbers listed below to place your order.
 TWG Tea Afternoon Teacup & Saucer, P2,495

0917 804 6931
02 7720 8667

TWG Tea Boutique Central Square
0917 803 7775

TWG Tea accepts payments made via mobile bank transfer or GCash. You can arrange for pick-up at our TWG Tea Boutiques through third party delivery service after payment confirmation. 

You may also shop via The Specialist, SSI’s At Home Concierge Service:

Telephone Number: 8-830-5000
Mobile Number: (0917) 552 9359
Instagram: @ssilifeph


  1. Parang ang sasarap po ng mga tea ng Marks and Spencers.. 🖒 lalo na po yung Chamomile tea.. ❤ parang kapag ininom mo siya siguradong ang ganda ng gising kinabukasan at ang mga cups ang clorful po.. Lyka (mitra) Baqueros

  2. Ang kucute nman ng tea cup na yan . Mgiging positiviTEA tlga nakkgoodmood ang cup cute kasi

  3. Ang gaganda ng mga tea cup parang ang sarap tuloy mmag collect nito para more positivitea talaga ang life mo

  4. Ang cute and ang Ganda po lahat ng tea cups and saucers Ms. Lou. Sobrang colorful na kelangan po tlaga natin ngayon na may pandemic. Kelangan maging makulay ang buhay at always positive din po tayo. Masarap po din mag Tsaa, nakakarelax at dami good benefits ng ating body.

  5. Gaganda ng design at color ng tea cup..sarap mga tsaa po jan kht umaga tanghali at gabi...

  6. Ang gaganda naman nito ms lou love the colors sarap mag tea pag ganito


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