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Friday, August 28, 2020

Bayani is Mekeni’s line of frozen street food products catering primarily to micro-entrepreneurs

As the effects of the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) crisis continue to intensify, micro-entrepreneurs in the country remain the most vulnerable. In times like these, when small businesses are on the brink of closing, their incomes are suffering, and providing for their families has become even harder, bigger companies are stepping up and devising new ways to help them survive.

Just in time for National Heroes’ Day, Mekeni launched its new Bayani product, the all-time party favorite, Lumpiang Shanghai, in order to provide even more profitable business to the new breed of modern-day heroes, the micro-entrepreneurs.
This new addition to our Bayani product line is our way to extend help to our micro-entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning of creating new products that are specifically geared toward them and help their businesses grow while ensuring the quality of products they sell to their customers,” said Mekeni President Prudencio Garcia.

Bayani is Mekeni’s line of frozen street food products catering primarily to micro-entrepreneurs. This product line includes Filipino snack favorites such as siomai, siopao, squid balls, fish balls, kikiam, and orlians, which aims to provide them with a source of income. 
“Through our Bayani products, our micro-entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get high-quality and profitable products from a source that they can trust. Our range of Bayani products will help them generate more income even with small capital as they can buy supplies in bulk while getting assured of the quality and taste that Mekeni has for all of its products,” Garcia added.
Mekeni has always been dedicated to helping micro-entrepreneurs. By developing a line of products that are meant to help them, Mekeni is able to show their commitment to uplift the quality of lives of people within and beyond their community. The Bayani product line is Mekeni’s way of empowering others, giving them hope that they can get through these difficult times.

“When going through dark days such as the COVID-19 pandemic, hope is what keeps us going. Our hope nowadays rests in our micro-entrepreneurs and their passion, perseverance, and belief that something greater awaits them, a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. We owe to them our success, that is why we are doing our best to help them cope with the situation and earn a decent living for their families,” Garcia concluded.

For those who are interested to set up a Bayani cart or be a Mekeni product reseller, send a message through Mekeni’s official Facebook page at

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