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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wafu celebrates 4th Year Anniversary with Chef Nobu

I learned to love Japanese food eversince I got a taste of maki rolls. From then my palate upgrades to sushi, ramen, unagi, soba, tonkatsu and so on. Aside from delicious and healthy, (if youre the one who doesnt put so much soy sauce, and is eating in portion like me). Its become one of my comfort food. Whenever I get the chance and money to spend, I always check out the best eat-all-you-can japanese restaurant with the unique interior design, it plays a major role to me, same with food, because I love taking pictures and sharing them through social media.

Until I got an invite to WAFU which features a new executive chef, a new menu, and better ingredients airflown straight from Japan in their 4th year anniversary at WAFU Greenhills.

Wafu is a two storey building located at Greenhills. It was built last 2012 and managed by Bryan Tiu. The interior alone is unique, with its Lotus Pod dining tables which was designed by no less than Amy Pamintuan. Teppanyaki area is located at the second floor, where skilled chefs prepare the food right before their eyes.

Bryan Tiu prides himself in being an International Trend Spotter and Local Trend Setter. Through his vision, Wafu was created in a two storey building in the heart of Greenhills, He is the man behind Teriyaki Boy, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken, and Ichiba: Japanese Market. 

Bryan Tiu presented Master Sushi Chef Nobu to the media and served the best authentic Japanese platters with the freshest seafood ingredients.

Cold Platter

The first dish served was the Cold Platter, it is consists of Toro, Hamachi, Salmon, Uni, Gruper, Aji and Tiger Prawn. Ive tasted all in the platter but in moderation because I dont want to trigger my seafood allergy. I did indulge though in salmon, which is my favorite.

Sushi Platter
Sushi Platter is seafood made of Maguro, Tai, Salmon, Aji, Ika, Ikura, Unagi, Tamago and Ebi. I love that this one satisfied my hunger for the night, I had two of these, one is Ebi and Ika.

Hot Platter
Hot platter is Gindara, Chuck roll and scallops on Shell Balsamic Sauce, Daikon Oroshi and Fuagura Sakke. Everyone went gaga with the scallop. While I feasted on Gndara. One cup of rice please!

Tempura Platter
Tempura platter is Shira Uo, Ebi Shinju and Uni Isobeage. I dont know about you, but Shira Uo whatever that means, tasted the best among the rest.

Makimono Platter
Makimono Platter is my favorite California Roll, Spicy Salmon and Futo Imaki. Who would have said no to Makimono, the yummiest among the served platters. I loved it.

Fresh Fruit Salad

In line with its 4th Anniversary, Wafu introduces its new Executive Chef, Onishi Nobuyoshi, or Chef Nobu. Chef Nobu hails from Osaka and moved to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a Master Sushi Chef. He achieved more than 30 years of experience working in prestigious sushi restaurants in the Ginza Tokyo area. Prior to coming to Wafu to head the kitchen team, Chef Nobu was a Master Sushi Chef of the highly prestigious Midori Sushi. Now, Chef Nobu, lends his years of experience to ensure that every dish served in Wafu follow the highest standards of quality and authenticity.
New, Authentic and Affordable Menu

With a new executive chef comes a new Wafu menu. Featuring improved Wafu favorites as well as all new items, the new Wafu menu gives you an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. And better still, the new Wafu menu phases out the old Wafu Elite Card, and the discount normally associated with the card has been applied directly to the menu, making great Japanese food now more affordable.

Wafu offers the perfect venue for celebrating milestones, hosting of an important business meeting, or even everyday meals during the work week. Under the helm of a new chef, a wide selection of authentic Japanese cuisine made more affordable, and ingredients flown in fresh from Japan, Wafu makes these moments extra special. Guests even have a choice celebrate in the restaurant surrounded by the luxe ambiance, or by having cater their celebration in a venue of their choosing.

Wafu 999 Teppanyaki-All-You-Can
Enjoy a unique experience with Wafu’s Teppan-All-You-Can offering. Sit down with family or friends in one of the teppan tables in the second floor and have your fill as our skilled chefs prepare your meats, seafood, vegetables, and Japanese fried rice, right before your eyes.

Wafu 888 Ala Carte Buffet
Get your fill of Japanese favorites with the All New Wafu Buffet at the ground floor. At only P888++ per person, choose 1 main and enjoy all-you-can-eat on crispy Tempura, as well as salad, miso soup, and a selection of delicious rolls.

Wafu Happy Hour
Traffic wearing you down? Or simply looking for a place to wind the day down? Look no further. At Wafu, 5pm – 8pm is happy hour. Enjoy unlimited servings of your favorite Japanese street food such as Yakitori, Sashimi and Rolls. Then wash them all down with unlimited draft beer or Japanese sake. All for only P550++ per head. Kampai!

Rica Peralejo on being a good mom at Avida's Homepossible: Familyscape

Avida's Homepossible: Familyscape was launched at Fairmont Ballroom last May 28. Avida celebrity ambassadors WholeMomPH trio Chesca Kramer, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio and Marilen Montenegro gave inspirational talks while ANC's On the Money Edric Mendoza hosted the launch.

The former actress turned online celebrity was among the guest speakers at the Avida’s Homepossible: Familyscape conference held Saturday, May 28, 2016 at the Fairmont Ballroom.

Ms. Rica Peralejo Bonifacio talks about being positive in all aspects of life. She is full of wisdom and also gives advice to all moms when one is about to give up and tired of everyday routine. The following are her tips:

*Get Out! – Sometimes its really just a change in scenery. Call up someone to take care of your kid and enjoy some “Me” time, pamper yourself get a massage. 2
*Find someone to talk to– If a change in scenery isnt enough, look for someone who you can talk to     and is willing to listen. Time to reach out to your friends, and and express what you really feel.          Sometimes you just need to rant and let it out.
*Have a strong spiritual side- Find your security in something that is unchanging and for me that is God!

Mendoza talked about how lifestarters can effectively plan their financials while the expert moms covered topics ranging from creating a place that affects family dynamics to nurturing one’s inner self amidst all the demands and responsibilities of a homemaker.

Starting a family and building a home, while a joyful life milestone, can be daunting. But there are a lot of ways to nourish the homemaker in you so that you can start out strong. Avida’s Homepossible: Familyscape conference, aims to encourage family-oriented individuals to pursue a multi-faceted lifestyle in an enabling community, offering a 360-degree approach on gearing up with the essential skills and knowledge that can guide them on the journey to being a homemaker.

Familyscape is the second installment of Avida’s Homepossible conference series this year. Homepossible is part of Avida’s campaign that is all about encouraging people to pursue the life that they dream of.

Visit for details.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Dads Month at Hotel Jen

This coming Father’s Day, let the superhero of your family experience a one of a kind delight at Hotel Jen Manila.

Let dad stay in our Deluxe Room and make him feel like a king. Inclusive of this overnight stay is a breakfast buffet for two at Latitude, one complimentary buffet lunch at Kitsho or Latitude, a complimentary cocktail or mocktail together with a Father’s Day Platter at our Windows By The Bay and a surprise gift from Hotel Jen Manila. Get all of these perks for only P4,230 ++ per night. Promo is valid every Friday – Sunday of June 2016.

If your dad’s favorite are some grilled seafood and meat then make sure to book him a seat at our Latitude Restaurant on June 19, 2016 as we feature fresh prawns, mussels, marinated pork belly, chicken barbeque, beef ribs and baby back ribs.

Don’t let this special occasion pass without showing your appreciation to that special man in your life and celebrate it here at Hotel Jen Manila.

For inquiries and advance reservations, please call (632) 795 8888 or email food& Terms and conditions apply. Visit Hotel Jen Manila’s website at and facebook at for updates and promotions.

Luks Lofts: The Ultimate Staycation Destination for Millenials

With millennials now outnumbering baby boomers for the first time, new brands are emerging specifically to cater to the preferences of this new generation while older brands are faced with the challenge of reinventing themselves or risk becoming irrelevant.

It is the same situation in the hospitality and travel industry, where big name brands are being challenged by boutique hotels which offer a more personalized experience and even Airbnb which offers not only cheaper rooms but also a way to further immerse themselves with the local culture.

No frills technology is also important for the Hashtag generation, and the availability and ease to book a room online, keyless room entry and perhaps the most important—wifi speed so they could constantly update their social media feeds with whatever activities they are doing.

Some things however, remain constant, such as the appreciation for luxury rooms, value for privacy and a unique hotel experience.

Last month, I got invited to check out one (if not the only five star hotel) in Batangas City. But unlike most hotels located in Batangas which also offer resort amenities, Luks Lofts was located just behind SM City Batangas.

At first I thought it was just going to be one of those “themed” boutique hotels which boasts of the usual interiors and warm hotel staff, every hotel in the country has been bragging about. I made the mistake of not checking their website first, which turned out to be a good decision, as it proved to be a day full of unexpected surprises.

The first surprise was our hotel “shuttle” service. We were used to riding the usual Toyota or Nissan Vans to take us to our destination so we were looking for a big van as our driver told us his location. Turns out we were not taking a van—but a BMW to Batangas!  Now how often do you get the chance to be chauffeured in a BMW?

The trip to Batangas via that new expressway was quick and smooth and in just an hour and a half we were looking at the black and red cube façade of Luks Loft.  It reminded me of something that came out of a video game with its red and black square tiles, It looked kind of strange I admit, resembling more of a themed restaurant or bar than hotel. But as soon as we stepped between those sliding doors, it felt like we were transported to a futuristic lobby with large screen TVs and large wall mirrors.

According to Badette Baco and Shami Khokar, Luks Lofts is a replica and extension of their house in Batangas. “Whenever we would have friends over, they would always complement the design of our house, so when we put up Luks Loft we decided to make it a bigger version of our home so that our friends and guests would also get to experience what we have.”

 Shami who is of Turkish descent and lived in the US said Luks is Turkish for luxury and it looks like they  definitely spared no expense in making sure that every piece of furniture, and amenity are either customized, imported and truly one of a kind.

We were then ushered to one of the 11 LoftStyle hotels rooms. Badette said each of the room has an identical theme and look except for the Honeymoon Loft.

Unlike other hotels, keys are unheard of at Luks Loft, since they just often get misplaced anyway. Instead the door uses a high-tech facial recognition system, all you need to do is look at the camera and Voila! The door will automatically open! Its like something straight out of a James Bond movie.
If that wasn’t  enough to make your jaw drop, wait till you get to see the room interiors! Instead of a sofa and living room area you get a full size wave pool crowned with a digital fireplace! The pool uses fresh clean water and absolutely no chlorine so, its perfectly safe for you and your partner .

There is also a private sauna room just adjacent to the dinner table.  So you can either choose to warm up in the sauna or cool down and take a dip right after finishing your meal!

There is also a big LED TV that shows more than just 1000 international TV channels and doubles as your videoke machine.

The 49’ inch screen also puts other SMART TVs to shame as it serves as your digital butler which you can access via a specially designed menu where you can call for room service, order food, check your running bill and even open your door!

If you are planning to cook something special, each room has a complete kitchen appliances and utensils with a refrigerator that’s packed with imported snacks and drinks and even Ben & Jerrys ice cream pints.

To make your meal even more luxurious you will be using exclusive Versace Luxury Medusa fine dining wares. The plate alone is peg at $655 apiece so be extra careful not to crack or god forbid! Drop it!

Each room has 2 bedrooms located at the loft, with amenities that you’d never want to leave the bed! The exquisitely designed queen size bed is adorned with memory foam mattresses, premium linens, vanity and a wireless tablet for communications—yes none of that old school phones! Make calls or skype via the tablets located at your bedside tables.  Complete with bathroom and toilet and automatic close and open glass doors.

To say every single corner of the room is “instagrammable” would be an understatement as you can take a picture of even the wall and still get lots of likes for its unique design and texture.

The rooms are not the only instagram worthy things at LuksLofts. Head over to the 3rd floor and check out the Luks Café which is exclusive to hotel guests only. The Asian fusion-inspired cuisine and the molecular gastronomy desserts tastes as good as it looks.  And if you don’t see a lot of waiters that is because you order via the tablet that will be provided to you.

The dining room is a state of the art itself with modern interior and a make believe fireplace . I love the blue and yellow combination of the dining room. The food was satisfying and again worth posting on all your social media accounts.

The interior looks like an extension of your own room with the same amount of detail and elegance in each piece of furniture and personalized dining wares. Luks Café serves Wide Range of Menu Selection Premium Meats, Fish & Produce, Selection of Fine Wine & Spirits. Among the dishes that I couldn’t forget were the steak,  the Dynamite Chicken, and the Molecular Egg Milk and mango dessert plated in a form of sunny side up egg, with bacon coated half with chocolate and strawberry sauce. All their dishes are prepared by their award winning chefs who only use Olive Oil.

I should say the whole place is worth to be blogged and featured. It is a class of its own. It is something you should definitely check out if you are looking for a truly unique and modern hotel.

The only downside is that you would never want to leave your room!

After a day of swimming, eating, singing and relaxation. We had a hard time leaving the lofts, we left at 9:00pm and prayed along the way that we could get the chance to visit and re-experience the luxury only LuksLofts can offer.

Lukslofts is located at LuksLofts Building Joseling Road, Batangas, 4200 Batangas, Philippines.

Joe Fresh, a fresh take on fashion in Manila

Its good to know that PH is not Third World Country anymore when it comes to imported fashion brands coming to Manila one after another. The retail fashion cult favorite Canadian brand Joe Fresh recently opens at Edsa Shangri-la Plaza on May 28, 2016, brought to you by the SSI Stores Specialists, Inc., a division of SSI Group, Inc..

Celebrities, Joe Fresh execs, and fashion bloggers attended the opening of Joe Fresh flagship store in Manila. with DJ David Callum provided music on the background.

I took pictures of DJ David Callum and some cute celebrities. After taking snapshots of the womens apparel, childrens wear and mens wear, I decided to shop, given that we had our budget for the day. The jogger pants at the 2nd floor are cute and comfy,  too bad though that they dont have my (small) size.

I went up and down to shop for anything that would caught my fancy, until I saw a mens jacket at the second floor. I asked for an xs size, but they only have "small" at the rack. So I looked for some dressy shirt, after what it seemed like an eternity, I got myself 2 tops and one casual dress. I got 3 for the price of that one jacket. Ill be back next week wishing that mens jacket has my size na.

Loblaw Companies Limited and its affiliates, the owners of the Joe Fresh brand, in partnership with SSI, are pleased to announce the launch of Joe Fresh in the Philippines.

The first Joe Fresh store opens May 28th in the Shangri-La Plaza mall in Manila. The new store encompasses 674 square meters (7,255 square feet) and offers a complete lifestyle range of Joe Fresh women’s, men’s and children’s collections. A second store, located in the Trinoma Mall, also in Manila, will open in August 2016.

(From Left to right) SSI Group President Anton Huang, Joe Fresh Creative Director for Global Visual and Merchandising Jack Ribbas, Joe Fresh Senior Director for Global Communictaions Kari Talley, Joe Fresh VP of National Retail Operations Tom Cario, Joe Fresh Marketing Manager Crickette Tantoco, and Special Assistant to Chairman and CEO at SSI Michael Huang.

Founded in 2006, Joe Fresh offers accessible, modern design in lifestyle collections for women, men and children. Today one of Canada's leading fashion retailers, Joe Fresh brings a value-driven point of view to everyday wardrobe favorites full of color, polish and thoughtful details. In categories spanning apparel, accessories, footwear and beauty, Joe Fresh provides quality and style for the entire family.

We are pleased to introduce Joe Fresh to the Philippines, a dynamic new market for the brand. I believe our spirited, modern designs and exceptional value for the entire family will resonate with fashion consumers here. Leveraging SSI Group’s unparalleled expertise in the region, we look forward to providing an exciting and accessible new style choice in the Philippines,” said Mario Grauso, President of Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh launches at Shangri-La Plaza with a spring collection alive with pretty prints, from fanciful butterfly and bird motifs to ornamental floral and mosaic patterns. With signature Joe Fresh details, shoppers will find a fresh take on essentials designs like the city trench, classic oxford shirt and the perfect pencil skirt. Faded denim and utility styles ground the collection in time-tested favorites while the shirtdress adds a key silhouette to spring wardrobes. Completing the season is an expanded active range in lightweight fabrics perfect for exercising in the warmer months ahead.

“We are very excited for the addition of Joe Fresh to our portfolio of brands. Joe Fresh further strengthens our lineup of value brands, allowing us to tap and delight an even broader base of Philippine consumers,” said Anthony Huang, President of SSI Group, Inc.

The new Philippines stores are designed to mirror existing Joe Fresh locations around the world. The stores are clean, modern and uncluttered, creating an easy-to-shop environment that showcases the colorful and contemporary Joe Fresh collections.

Acer's Swift 14 AI Laptop Brings AI Power to Your Fingertips

  A cer today launched its first Copilot+ PC with the Swift 14 AI laptop, in collaboration with Microsoft and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., ...