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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach helps spread joy with kids

While the universe lay at her feet, coming home to the Philippines is never complete for reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach without a trip to the country’s number one fast food chain.

On her second trip home since winning the much-coveted crown, the Miss Universe did not only drop by Jollibee, she also  helped spread joy to 20 kids from an orphanage who were invited to a special Jollibee lunch party.

The Jollibee Buendia-Bautista branch, on the border of the cities of Makati and Pasay, quickly turned into a playground for four- to eight-year-old kids who – like Pia and her entourage - were served with a filling meal of two-piece Chickenjoy, chocolate sundae, and Peach Mango Pie. They were also treated to a special dance number by the Jollibee and Friends mascots.

Pia earlier revealed in a Buzzfeed Philippines interview that she’s a Jollibee fan, with the Chickenjoy as her favorite.

During the short program, Pia also imparted some life-lessons to the kids during the simple program. “Importante na lagi tayong maging magalang sa mga nakakatanda sa atin, mag-aaral ng mabuti, at parating magdasal, lalo na bago kumain (It is important that we are respectful to our elders, study well, and always pray, especially before meals),” said Pia, addressing the children.

A symbol of hope and perseverance for Filipinos, Pia joined the local Binibining Pilipinas three times before winning the crown to represent the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant. Her victory ended a 63-year drought since the country last won the Miss Universe crown and brought jubilation among Filipinos here and abroad.

As a special gift to the kids, Pia distributed Jollibee toys and gamely posed for photos with them.

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Power of Women

The past 30 years have seen two female Philippine Presidents and one female Vice President. Now, we are on the verge of seeing two women possibly occupying the two highest elective positions in the lands at the same time, as Senator Serge Osmeña III has pointed out.

This is not a far-fetched possibility, especially with the recent survey numbers of Senator Grace Poe Llamanzares and Rep. Leni Robredo. Llamanzares has had consistently strong numbers for some time. But it’s a different case for Robredo. Her numbers started at something like 1% to 4% when her vice presidential candidacy was announced but are now in the 20s.

The front runners in the Vice Presidential race – Senators Chiz Escudero and Bongbong Marcos – are now within striking distance of Robredo. Buoyed by the dramatic leap in her numbers, she now exhibits great confidence that she can, indeed, beat her two male rivals. There is still a lot of work to be done but Robredo and her volunteers – both women and men – now have good reason to be more than hopeful.

A vote of women

Election after election, and for most of its history, the leadership of the country have been occupied predominantly by men. Unknown to many, however, female voters have consistently outnumbered male voters, although by slim margins.

For what it may imply however, this development becomes important not only for the Bicolana lawmaker herself but for the country as a whole. Because over and above this demographic fact is the stark reality that the Philippines, regrettably, has not been able to maximize the positive potentials of having more female leaders.

It must be made clear though, that this is not a battle of the sexes. This is simply pushing forward and recognizing the need to harness the energy, the boundless patience and the innate creativity of women in the national quest for genuine societal change. And for deeper commitment by the government to engage more women in positions of leadership.

Relevant to this, what do the strong numbers of Llamanzares and Robredo's rise in the surveys suggest? At the very least, they indicate that a greater number of women now recognize that it's time for them to be even more actively involved in both politics and in the search for meaningful and lasting changes in their communities.

It may also be asked: didn't this already exist with the two past female Presidents? No. At least not in the context that people may have wanted, or expected. The fact is that our two female former Chief Executives both came from very influential and affluent families. Both of them also came from very political backgrounds.
On the other hand, Llamanzares, and especially Robredo are different. Robredo not only carries degrees in law and economics, she has also championed the rights of women in her province and worked towards community development – even before she entered public office!

This aspect of her past may be the reason for her recent strong standing. She has been able to show that political pedigree or one's money does not determine one's strength in the polls. This can also mean that the Filipina voter now puts more importance in what a person has already done and continues to do. Politicians usually like to talk about what they want, or plan to do. In Robredo's case, she talks about what she's already done.

It is reassuring therefore, that Robredo has actually been making her own contributions in this regard especially in her capacity as a lawyer. It also seems that people are looking for a new face in public service, for somebody with no background involved in a past marked with violence or corruption and thievery; or one with no record of jumping to the other side of the political fence for political expediency. They want an authentic, honest to goodness public servant who will do exactly that – serve. Less of the politicking; just concrete and genuine action.

Who do we see?

There was this photo of her waiting, alone, for a bus to her home province. It earned positive notice among a lot of people. This contrasted sharply from the image of the typical Philippine politician – riding in an expensive car, clad in expensive clothes, laden with jewelry and accompanied by a retinue of bodyguards

This is something that the current electorate seems to be looking for in a candidate – simple, humble, unassuming. Possibly also capturing a positive public perception for her is her statement that she has no intention of pursuing the Presidency unlike her two main rivals – Marcos and Escudero. She just wants to focus on the job of a Vice President and put all her energy into it.

Robredo actually tried to stay out of the limelight, opting instead to defend the rights of women and the marginalized in the courtroom even as her husband gained national prominence for his style of responsive governance. She adopted a low profile while pushing for greater women's empowerment, through such means as having their own means of livelihood to achieve financial independence.

She is one credible, indisputable argument for having more women in positions of power in the government.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

#StandUpToStylingDamage for that salon- gorgeous look everyday with TRESemme

Everyone wants locks that is strong and healthy-looking.   But if you are keeping up with the hair trends, your crowning glory will suffer from the harsh chemicals brought by too much coloring and hairstyling.  Last year, I went from brown to candy red. It was amazing and I wanted to "own the color" for the rest of the year, which is next to impossible. I have been looking for a purple shampoo and conditioner online, but shipping in means paying twice the amount of shampoo and conditioner, so I ended up with some local shampoo and conditioner available. I wasnt happy with the protection it gives , my hair becomes brittle and turned into brown orange, which was expected but not too soon. I bought two branded argan oil to condition the hair strands, it did wonder for a while, but still looking for that one hair wonder that would treat the damage done by my constant hairstyling and coloring. That is when I discovered TRESemme Platinum Strength variants at an event I attended last March 17 at SM Makati. The TRESemme Platinum Strength launch was hosted by Ms. Georgina Wilson and graced by Renowned Hair Stylist TRESemme Hair Care Expert Lourd Ramos of Creations. 

TRESemme Hair Care Expert Lourd Ramos demonstrated how to take care of one's hair using the TRESemme Platinum Strength variants to the three models who sported Spring/Summer 2016’s most covetable ‘dos: Uptown Sleek, Copper Waves and the Diane Curls. 

Now, you can stand up to styling damage with the TRESemme Platinum Strength Range. From the salon-grade brand used and trusted by professionals, TRESemme Platinum Strength fortifies and strengthens hair like no other, repairing up to two years of damage caused by everyday hairstyling such as heat styling and coloring. Dry, dull, and desperate tresses will find their match with the TRESemme Platinum Strength Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask, and Stay Soft Leave In Treatment, all featuring the line’s Platinum Strength Renewing Complex. This technology’s intensive moisturizers strengthen every hair strand to prevent breakage and further signs of aggression—from coloring that dries the strands and makes them brittle to blow-drying, ironing, and curling that use heat and damage the locks. It reinforces every strand’s natural protective layer, so you can get strong, salon-gorgeous hair every day.

This season, with TRESemme Platinum Strength in your back pocket, you can recreate the hottest hair trends straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week, without worrying about the damage caused by styling. Spotted on the catwalk were three of the Spring/Summer 2016’s most covetable ‘dos: Uptown Sleek, Copper Waves and the Diane Curls. Take on the heat with the Uptown Sleek, sported by Hollywood A-listers and models at the Carolina Herrera show. A chic long bob, this style features smooth and straight locks, giving off a sophisticated edge. Keep on coloring with Copper Waves, just like those presented at BCBG Max Azria. This ‘do adds a hint of volume with the right attitude, and is fabulously worn with a touch of color. And finally, bounce back from curling, with the Diane Curls, aptly inspired by fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg herself. This look uses tight curls usually swept to the side and pinned with an accessory.

With salon strong hair made possible by TRESemme Platinum Strength, you can take on the heat, bounce back from curling, and keep on coloring, without worrying about damage or breakage. #StandUpToStylingDamage, so you can look salon-gorgeous every day.

Watch out for the TRESemme Style Studio pop-ups, where you can try out the latest hair trends and #StandUpToStylingDamage with TRESemme Platinum Strength. Like TRESemme on Facebook at and follow @TRESemmePH on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.


THE FORMULATION: The salon-quality system repairs up to two years’ worth of damage in just five uses by helping to reinforce hair’s natural protective barrier, restoring hair and protecting against future damage for hair with all its beautiful strength
THE EFFECT: When used regularly with the Platinum Strength Strengthening Conditioner, the salon-quality formulas repair and protect hair against styling damage. With continued use, it keeps working to protect hair against future  styling harm.

THE FORMULATION: The salon-quality system, repairs up to two years’ damage in just five uses by helping to reinforce hair’s natural protective barrier, restoring hair and protecting against future damage.

THE EFFECT: When used with Platinum Strength Strengthening Shampoo, your hair will feel strong, manageable and ready for styling—for resilient hair with beautiful strength.

THE FORMULATION: Formulated with a Renewing Complex, this deep  conditioning treatment gives you the strength and moisture your hair craves.

THE EFFECT: Salon-quality formulas revitalize your strands, leaving hair smooth, healthy-looking and strong.

THE FORMULATION: The salon-quality system repairs up to two years’ worth of damage in just five uses by helping to reinforce hair’s natural protective barrier, restoring hair and protecting against future damage for hair with all its beautiful strength.

THE EFFECT: When used regularly with the Platinum Strength Strengthening Conditioner, the salon-quality formulas repair and protect hair against styling damage. With continued use, it keeps working to protect hair against future styling harm.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Would you risk your life for "60 Days In" ?

Watch out how they deal with the "real" prisoners inside and how they have handled it.
Seven innocent civilians pose as prisoners in an unprecedented  and highly dangerous program as one of the country's toughest correctional facilities.

Crime + Investigation Network (CI) presents “60 Days In,” an unprecedented new, original docu-series following seven innocent participants who enter the dangerous world of incarceration at the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in an effort to expose internal issues and what really happens behind bars. As a result of the facility’s recent corrupt history, Sheriff Jamey Noel has devised a program where seven participants will live among the facility’s general population for 60 days without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret. Around-the-clock cameras captured this unparalleled access in an effort to bring problems to light and give viewers a first-hand look as the participants adapt to unfamiliar and terrifying surroundings. “60 Days In” is a warts-and-all view of what life is like behind bars, through the eyes of people who have never been charged with a crime or done time.

This twelve-episode series premieres Saturday, April 9 at 9pm (PH) on CI.  CI is available on Skycable Ch 98 , Dream Satellite Ch 35,  Cablelink Ch 41 and Destiny Cable Ch 98.

“We are grateful to Sheriff Jamey Noel and the Clark County Jail for allowing our cameras to capture this unprecedented and trailblazing program. This provocative series will be an incredible addition the to rich non-fiction portfolio as the network continues to bring audiences cutting-edge immersive content,”says Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and Head of Programming for A&E Network.   

“After recently taking office, it was no secret that the Clark County Jail had problems and we needed to take quick control. The only way to truly understand what was going on in the jail was to implement innocent participants into the system to provide first-hand unbiased intelligence. These brave volunteers helped us identify critical issues within our system that undercover officers would not have been able to find. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of this inaugural program,”saysSheriff JameyNoel.

Clark County Correctional Jailhouses approximately 500 prisoners, from inmates charged with drug dealing to first time offenders to capital murder. Over 12 episodes, the participants, who were hand selected by Sheriff Jamey Noel, are followed by hundreds of cameras planted throughout the jail exposing their journey.  Each participant’s reason for volunteering for this program varies, but they share the ultimate goal of leaving with a better understanding of the system –how it operates,its psychological effects,and wanting a part in exposing its larger impact on society. The sheriff is joined by Captain and Public Information Officer, Scottie Maples who helped provide training to all seven participants prior to being placed into the jail to help prepare them for their experience.

Would you be willing to give up your freedom and risk your life to better understand America’s polarizing jail system? The participants in this project have “60 Days In”is produced by Lucky 8 TV for A&E Network. Executive producers for Lucky 8 TV are Gregory Henry, Kimberly Woodard and Jeff Grogan. Executive producers for A&E Networks are Elaine Frontain  Bryant, Shelly Tatro, Drew Tappon and Brad Holcman.

* image/keyart c/o  A&E Networks

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday HOOQ!

HOOQ Ambassadors Jessy Mendiola and Xian Lim

HOOQ, Asia’s largest video-on-demand service, celebrates its first year anniversary with a grand gathering of superstars and superheroes at the REVEL at The Palace, Uptown Bonifacio Global City.  Asia’s first and largest premium video streaming service, HOOQ proudly revealed that its the number one paid video OTT service in the Philippines with over 100,000 paying subscribers.

In addition, HOOQ was also recently named Best Mobile App in the Media, Film, TV or Video category at the GSMA’s Global Mobile (GLOMO) Awards 2016 in Barcelona. The start-up venture of Singtel, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television launched first in the Philippines, before its expansion to Thailand and India.

With over 35,000 hours of Hollywood, regional and Filipino movies and TV shows made available to every Filipino through any smart device, HOOQ has become an integral part of the Pinoy tech and entertainment driven lifestyle.

Jane Cruz Walker

“It’s been a year of milestones for HOOQ and we have been running at overdrive to always keep our customers entertained. From exclusive superhero content and merchandise to same day as US telecast TV series, we never stop to ensure that there is always something to put a smile on our customers’ faces” said Jane Cruz-Walker, Country Manager of HOOQ. “Our paid subscriber numbers are a testament to HOOQ’s acceptance in the Philippines.

Thank you Philippines for the encouraging support! We will continue to work hard to deliver more surprises!” she added.

HOOQ customers can now binge on Spartacus, White Queen and The Player, another HOOQ exclusive series, which debuted on the service a couple of weeks ago. In addition, the cult hit Community, will also be available only on HOOQ from April. This critically acclaimed Hollywood TV series follows a cast of characters played by Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs and Danny Pudi, at a fictional community college in Colorado.

Offering the best of Hollywood and the best of local remains at the heart of HOOQ’s selection of content. Local celebrities Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola signed up as the brand ambassadors to get more Filipinos HOOQ’d on this convenient and accessible way to watch their favorite shows over and over again.

Xian’s My Cactus Heart, The Reunion and Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo are soon launching on the service, along with other ABS-CBN hits like Sisterakas, The Mistress, One More Try, Suddenly, Its Magic and My Binondo Girl. Regal Films will debut The Prenup, No Boyfriend Since Birth and Haunted Mansion this April, while Viva will be adding Wang Fam, Girlfriend for Hire and Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin.

To round off the new Pinoy content additions, GMA will be bringing in Regine Velasquez starrer Poor Señorita to its growing number of catch-up TV shows on HOOQ. PMPC’s winner for Best Television Drama, The Rich Man’s Daughter will also premiere on HOOQ, alongside all episodes of Destiny Rose, top billed by Ken Chan, Katrina Hallili and Fabio Ide.

It’s easy to get HOOQ’d. Simply download the HOOQ app from the Apple Store or Google Play, sign up or log in, and your device is ready to access HOOQ’s library of Hollywood and local hits. Viewing movies and TV series on HOOQ is made even better with Chromecast support, now available on the iOS and Android apps.

Sign up today for a 30-day free trial on Globe customers can get up to 45 days of free trial with Globe GoSURF 99 and below for prepaid customers, and up to 90 days of free trial for prepaid and postpaid customers availing of GoSURF 299 and up. Broadband customers also get HOOQ for free on Globe Home Broadband Plan 1299 and up. Currently, HOOQ is raffling off a trip for 2 to Warner Bros. Movieworld in Australia to HOOQ users who have signed up through Globe. Check out for more details.

Jollibee Tuna Pie is back this Lenten Season

A classic choice this Lenten season, the delicious and savory Jollibee Tuna Pie is available for dine-in, take out or delivery for P40 apiece.

Count on your favorite Jollibee Tuna Pie to satisfy your appetite for a tasty, filling snack this Lenten season.

Truly a classic choice this time of the year, Jollibee Tuna Pie is a savory pie with a generous portion of chunky tuna flakes, peppery sauce, cheese, and vegetables, enveloped in a crunchy, golden pie crust.

Available for dine-in, take out or delivery for P40 apiece, the Jollibee Tuna Pie is a snack item that you can enjoy any day! This craveable pie is also available in a Trio Pack for P115 – best shared with friends on your get-togethers or road trips. What’s more, the newly introduced Jollibee Tuna Pie Value Meal with Fries and Drink for P80 pairs this delectable pie with the equally loved Jolly Crispy Fries and a refreshing drink.

Truly, Jollibee’s Tuna Pie allows you to enjoy a delicious snack, making it much easier to go meat-less this season.

Monday, March 21, 2016

StrengthsCoach.PH offers training for better productivity and profitability

In today’s highly stressful and fast-paced workplace, increasing employee turnover and decreased productivity are just a few of the challenges companies face.

For leaders looking for solutions to these problems, StrengthsCoach.Ph offers a strengths-based development program proven to have increased profitability by 22% and productivity by 21%.
StrengthsCoach.Ph is the only team of Gallup Certified Coaches in the Philippines.  In 2001, Gallup introduced the world to the original Clifton Strengths Finder assessment in the book “Now, Discover Your Strengths”. The book became a New York Times bestseller and sold nearly 2 million copies. Its author and creator of the Clifton Strengths Finder, former Gallup chairman Dr. Donald O. Clifton (1924-2003), was named the Father of Strengths-Based Psychology by the American Psychological Association.

In photo are the StrengthsCoach.PH coaches (from left): Alex Araneta, Andrea Goseco, Ryan Salvanera and Alexander Wollboldt.

Since its introduction, more than 13 million people have realized the benefit of leading with their strengths including employees and executives of Facebook, Google, Standard Chartered Bank and Ritz-Carlton, to name a few.

“The conventional approach to training is to work on fixing weaknesses – to identify improvement areas and develop an improvement plan. While this prevents failure, we believe that strengths building leads to success,” explained StrengthsCoach.Ph Coach Alexander Wollboldt.

The training is focused on maximizing strengths to drive employee engagement.

“A highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles. When employees are engaged, they are passionate, creative and entrepreneurial, and their enthusiasm fuels growth. These employees are emotionally connected to the mission and purpose of their work,” said StrengthsCoach.Ph Coach Alex Araneta.

People who focus on using their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity while teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability. People who focus on using their strengths are also three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

To help companies develop a strength-based culture, StrengthsCoach.Ph offers a variety of programs. These include the High Performance Culture or HPC Program, a 4-6 month program targeted towards Executives, Management and Work Teams. This program focuses on building high engagement and performance through leadership coaching, team orientation and guidance and the engagement measurement survey to check on progress.

For executives, managers and employees with high potential, StrengthsCoach.Ph provides the Disciplines of High Performance Leaders (DHPL) program, a 4-6 month training which objective is to drive High Performance Leadership through workshops and one-on-one Leadership Coaching. Companies seeking to improve performance of company leaders can also select the Executive / High Potentials Coaching program.

Workplaces looking for in-house coaches can also have their employees undergo the Internal Coaches Certification (ICC) Program, a 4-day workshop that will create StrengthsCoach.Ph – Certified Strengths Coaches.

For more information on STRENGTHSCOACH.PH’s programs, visit or call
+63 918 945 3778

Eisenberg character "Lex Luthor infuses sinister humor in Batman v Superman

Academy Award-nominee for his portrayal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network,” Jesse Eisenberg plays one of the most fascinating anti-heroes in cinema – Lex Luthor, in Warner Bros. Pictures' new action-adventure “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Eisenberg infuses the character with a very sinister humor, one that arises from an illogical obsession with Superman.

“Lex Luthor has always been one of the great DC villains. And one of the most epic stories in the canon was when Batman and Superman squared off against each other,” offers producer Charles Roven. “As we sought an expansion of the universe with this film, we felt that bringing these characters together was natural.”
To carry Lex Luthor into 2016, Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio (“Argo”) recalls asking himself, “What would a capitalist gone mad look like today?” Looking for real-world inspiration from many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations, he found an environment that “often cultivates eccentricity as a virtue and rewards outside-the-box innovation.”

Adding those qualities to a damaged psyche, he re-imagined Lex as “a younger, brilliant, post-modern villain aware of his own villainy who has chosen to use his wealth and power to bring down one whose own power appears limitless.”

“If you look at Lex in the comics, there’s a brilliant absurdity to his scenes,” Eisenberg offers. “He’s always trying to concoct these very complicated schemes to kill Superman; it’s funny in the way that he is so focused on this one thing. And even though he might appear pretty serious, to me he’s this clever person who uses word play and puns to talk circles around people, to condescend to them. Lex uses his cleverness to his advantage in a dark way.”

The filmmakers were really pleased with this new interpretation. “We wanted a character who conveyed exactly what a young, compelling, constantly innovating, genius entrepreneurial businessman is like,” says Roven. “Somewhat mercurial, always magnetic; someone you can’t take your eyes off. Jesse was perfect for this. His performance is truly mesmerizing. He surpassed all our expectations.”

Eisenberg enjoyed playing with Luthor’s fanatical nature. “Lex thinks of Superman as almost an existential paradox—he cannot be all good because he’s so powerful or all powerful if he’s all good,” he hypothesizes. “On the flip side, Lex wants to be the most powerful person, but for him that’s okay because he is a person, he’s earned it, whereas Superman is this horrible alien interloper who doesn’t even deserve to exist. Lex is so myopic that he views his own morality as the only correct belief system in the world, and anybody opposing him is immoral and needs to be kind of destroyed.”
A good deal of Lex’s bad traits may stem from his dad, which he alludes to in the film.

From director Zack Snyder comes “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” starring Oscar winner Ben Affleck (“Argo”) as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent in the characters’ first big-screen pairing.

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.

Opening across the Philippines in IMAX, Dolby Cinema, 3D and 2D theaters on Black Saturday, March 26, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Get the limited edition Converse DC Comics Sneaker Collection: Batman or Superman

In time for the release of the movie, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", no matter which side are you, Converse re-releases the 2014 All Star DC Comics sneaker collection, Batman and Superman, for the superheroes in you. Fighting crime never looked this good with these sneakers!

The limited-edition collection features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League characters illustrated by renowned DC Comics artists Jim Lee, Jock (Mark Simpson), Andy Kubertand Kenneth Rocafort. This DC Comics collection marks Converse’s eighth collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment, which first launched Fall 2010.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Batman sneaker  showcases the intriguing artwork designed by British comic artist Jock. Featuring two bold illustrations of Batman on either side, the iconic Batman logo is printed on the tongue of the sneaker, along the inner lining and on the laces.

Suggested Retail Price: Php 3,510.00 Sizing : 7-11 Mens

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Superman

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Superman sneaker features artwork by Kenneth Rockfort  that highlights two different  images of Superman  on both sides of the sneakers . The iconic red and yellow S-Shield is printed on the tongue of the sneaker and includes a red lining with an allover printed logo. Suggested Retail Price: Php 3,510 Sizing : 7-11 Mens

Available in Converse brand stores and leading department stores nationwide! Visit for other sneaker designs!

The Powerpuff Girls return to Cartoon Network on April 9!

Reimagined and ready for action, The Powerpuff Girls will return to Cartoon Network in an all-new series on Saturday, April 9, just days after its global premiere in the U.S.

On that day, six brand-new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls will be showcased starting at 10am, and 15 all-new episodes of Cartoon Network’s best loved shows – Regular Show, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears – will be shown on the same day from 8am.

In addition, every Turner channel in the Philippines (including Warner TV, Boomerang, Toonami, truTV and TCM) as well as partner channel TV5 will be broadcasting Powerpuff Girlscontent on the same morning. The series will also be supported via video and games on the Cartoon Network Watch and Play andCartoon Network Anything apps, and

“The Powerpuff Girls will be simply everywhere! Whatever channel you turn to on April 9, and whatever screen you’re using, there will be Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles saving the day before bedtime! We’ve waited a long time to see these super-cute and super-fierce girls return to action, and the all-new series marks the homecoming for one of Cartoon Network’s best loved shows,” said Mark Eyers, Content Head of Cartoon Network in Asia Pacific.

All-new 'The Powerpuff Girls' To Debut in Asia Pacific on Cartoon Network from TurnerPRAsiaPac on Vimeo.

Superhero-sisters Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are widely known as The Powerpuff Girls. Together,they protect the beautiful, bustling metropolis of Townsville and its citizens’sinister evildoers, intent on taking over. Juggling school, homework and a regular parade of villains is no easy task, but the girlsare more than up for the challenge. Armed with supercool superpowers and topnotch teamwork, The Powerpuff Girls, with the occasional assistance from Professor Utonium and the Mayor of Townsville, will soon prove to their hometown and the world that it is possible to save the world before bedtime.

One of Cartoon Network’s most enduring original series, the initial run of The Powerpuff Girls, created by Craig McCracken, premiered in 1996 and earned two Emmy® Awards along with five nominations and countless animation honors throughout its 78episodes. The series also spawned a feature film with Warner Bros. Pictures in 2002.

Don’t miss the return of the trio back-to-back with new episodes of Regular Show, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Clarence and many more, non-stop all day from 8am only on the number one kids’ channel Cartoon Network.Once the hysteria calms down, the full series of The Powerpuff Girls will kick in from Monday,May 2 at 5:45pm, as part of Laughternoons every weekday.

Cartoon Network is available on SKYCable Channel 43, SKYCable HD Channel 178, Cignal Channel 35, Cignal HD Channel 110, Destiny Cable (Digital) Channel 43, Destiny Cable (Analog) Channel 51 and Cable Link Channel 26, Dream Satellite Channel 15.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pinay transgender Bemz Benedito receives award by True Colors Fund

Filipina transgender Bemz Benedito was honored by True Colors Fund, an LGBT organization based in New York,  as one of four Global Transgender Heroes in celebration of International Women’s Day this March.

The award was given by the True Colors Fund, an LGBT organization based in New York. True Colors, is co-founded by international pop star Cyndi Lauper, “is working to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth by creating systemic change”

Benedito learned about the award when an article appeared on the True Colors website ( announcing conferment of it on her and three other global transgender heroes: Lohana Berkins of Argentina (who passed away last February 5), Cecilia Chung of the US and Hong Kong, and Liesl Theron of South Africa.

The award’s primary criteria was how a certain individual challenged the status quo and as well as the ways and means of stereotypical boxes for the LGBT. Next to that, says Benedito, is how the awardee struggled to uplift the condition of her community to be recognized and respected.

The award made this year’s International Women’s Day more significant for her, says Benedito, “because I was affirmed as a woman and my small contribution for equality in my country was recognized”.
“Just like what I always say in my interviews, I am not the  best and there are others who are doing better than I do, but please be it remembered that there was a transgender woman who worked hard fearlessly in her little ways to represent the Filipino LGBT community as one sector fighting for equal rights."

The recognition, says Benedito, is a reminder to her that despite being elected into public office in 2010 and 2013, “the ray of light comes shining like it never was before, to continue with fight and to keep up with the challenges that cripples our dignity as human beings and citizens of our country.”

The award does not come with any monetary recognition, but according to the LGBT activist, it is more than enough for her and others working to advance the cause of LGBTs and keep them in the thick of the fight despite sometimes feeling that they are doing a thankless job and in the long run allowing even personal relationships and personal ambitions suffer.

“We owe it to the next generation that being LGBT must be kinder and dignified.”

In her own case, the award is encouragement to keep pursuing equal rights and recognition not just for other transgendered women, but for all members of the LGBT community.

“We (LGBTs) are only tolerated and our dream and our goal is to be accepted,” says Benedito. Because if we are indeed accepted, policies and laws must be present to protect and uplift us. Hindi na sana second-class citizens ang tingin sa amin at sana may kinatawan na rin sa Kongreso ang sektor ng mga Pilipinong LGBT. At higit sa lahat wala na sanang mambabatas at boxing superstar na hahamakin kami at tatawaging mas masahol pa sa hayop. We are not exaggerating our struggles, we are here giving a face and voice to the oppression that dehumanizes us every day of our lives while living the truth in our being.”

Their biggest goal is the basic right to self-determination. “Then there is our common fight with our lesbian, gay and bisexual brothers and sisters for the passage of the anti-discrimination bill that has languished in Congress for 18 years. Imagine a human rights bill, the only one for that matter, that will protect LGBT Filipinos ay nabubulok sa Kongreso habang naghihirap ang maraming LGBTs sa diskriminasyon at opresyon. In an egalitarian society that has passed the Magna Carta for Women, Indigenous Peoples Rights Act, Violence Against Women and Children, the LGBT community is ignored and discriminated.”

Benedito recalls what the struggle was like for her as a transgendered woman.

“It was difficult especially for me growing up in my province in Abra, which is laid-back, backward-thinking and conservative. While growing up, I would cry whenever I would see my naked body as a young child in the mirror because my anatomy was incongruent to what I thought and felt about myself. It took me a long time to realize that I am not a simple case of a girl trapped in a man's body. I found out about transgender people when I did my research during my college days. It was then that I found out that I am not an effeminate gay or thepa-girl nabakla but I am a transgendered woman. That is why, as in all journeys, the wrong has to be righted, the flaw corrected. In my mind, in my heart and in my soul, I am a woman, a Transpinay, the other Filipina.”

Finally, says Benedito, if there is a message that she, as a transgendered woman, would like to put out there, it would be this:  “Stereotypes are like cardboard cut-outs; they do not form the complete picture. Not even a fragment of who we are. Our genitalia should not be the basis of one's right to self-determination and gender identity. We should not be defined by our bodies nor our sexual orientation and gender identity defined our capabilities, skills and strengths.”

Experience Windows By The Bay at Hotel Jen

The ship's wheel was turned by the captain and an amazing view was discovered.

Windows By The Bay, your newest go-to lounge along the bay area, now open from 7:30 PM daily. Located at the 19th floor of Hotel Jen Manila.

Hotel Jen is a 5-minute walk from both the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Manila Bay, this cosmopolitan hotel in a tower block is 3 km from Rizal Park.

Contemporary rooms and suites offer free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs and minifridges, as well as desks, tea and coffeemakers, and safes. Upgraded rooms have bay views. Some rooms and suites offer executive lounge access; suites add sitting areas. Room service is available 24/7

There's a modern 24-hour restaurant, as well as a sushi eatery, an Internet cafe and a stylish lobby lounge. Other amenities include an outdoor pool, an exercise room and an executive lounge. Massage treatments are available.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

RRHI urges the public to shop only from authorized Daiso Japan PH

         To avoid falling victim to false marketing, consumers are encouraged to shop only at any of the 47 authorized Daiso Japan stores in the Philippines, which carries authentic Daiso merchandise.

      There is only one Daiso Japan and this should not be confused with other establishments selling products labeled as “Daiso” even as Daiso Industries Co. signed an agreement with Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc  (RHHI) appointing the latter as its only authorized and exclusive retailer in the Philippines.

       It will be recalled that last year, the Supreme Court had already issued a final ruling preventing local firm Japan Home Center (JHC) from using the trademark Daiso after Daiso Industries Co., Ltd, which owns the trademark since 1977, filed a complaint with the Intellectual Property Office against JHC in 2009.

       On the last quarter of 2015, Daiso Industries Ltd. Japan Founder and President Hirotake Yano visited the Philippines and reaffirmed their strong partnership with RHHI that  was sealed as early as 2008.

        RRHI is  targeting to open a total of 60 Daiso Japan stores by the end of the year and have started with their aggressive expansion with the recent opening of Daiso Japan stores in Riverbanks, Marikina  and  in Subic, Zambales.   There are over 2,400 Daiso Japan stores  in 30 countries around the world.

       RRHI is urging the public not to be misled and to purchase only authentic items from Daiso Japan. This promotes a solid value-for money proposition for consumers, as there is a guarantee on the authenticity of the products.        

Friday, March 18, 2016

Edward Benosa celebrates birthday with "Most Requested" concert

On April 16, Romantic Pop Balladeer Edward Benosa marks an important milestone when he stages a birthday concert at the Teatrino in Greenhills.

The concert will be directed by Frank Lloyd Mamaril, with Marvin Querido as Musical Director. Edward’s special guests will be Morisette Amon and DJ Chacha of MOR 101.9.

Edward will perform a repertoire of mostly love songs, but will also showcase the other side of him when he takes on rock songs and musical genres he doesn’t usually perform. His director promises “a very intimate show” that will be a culmination and celebration of all the good things that have happened to Edward’s career in the past year.

Edward is nervous, but he’s ready to step into the spotlight. He knows it’s a big challenge, but he’s taking it on because he knows that if he succeeds in pulling it off, it will be another major step forward in his career and his bid to be known as a legitimate, full-fledged pop artist.

“Grabe ang pressure. Siyempre may pressure at kabado kasi first. First year ko in showbiz, tapos first concert. Pero pag natawid ko ito, ibang self-confidence ang makukuha ko dito.”

Edward’s manager, stage, TV and indie film actor Arnold Cruz Reyes, says they had been planning the show for some time, and that it was really part of their wish list for the Star Awards for Music 2015 Best New Artist. They spent several months planning and conceptualizing the show and fine-tuning the repertoire so they would have a show that they were sure the audience will enjoy.

Mamaril, who also directed the recent concerts of Matteo Guidicelli and Lani Misalucha, talks about their concept for the show.

“When we talked about the show, we wanted a follow through on Edward’s career. A lot of things have been happening to him for the last year and in that year, it has to have a culmination, which is this show. It’s all about what he can bring to the table in the industry. Teatrino is a venue where some of the best artists started and built their careers. So we want to place him in a venue kung saan siya symbolically pwede mag-start in the concert scene. We know he can pull it off.”

Mamaril believes that Edward is the complete package and thus, the time is ripe for him to have a solo concert.

“He is the artist na complete package. He has looks, can sing, can act. That’s rare. ‘Yun ang nakikita ko, that’s why we need this concert to happen. The success of Edward is the success of everyone.”

While preparing for the concert, they met people—both old and new supporters of Edward who were very excited about the show and couldn’t wait for it to happen.

Everyone behind the concert is confident all their hard work and preparation will come together on the show date—and they know Edward has what it takes to make it work.

And there are a lot of people who’ve been asking for Edward to have a show. Now is the right time, which explains why the concert is titled “Most Requested”.

“When we thought of the title, o sige, si Edward honestly di pa kilalang-kilala, but when you check social media, and listen to radio stations, ‘Ay siya pala ‘yon’. May gano’ng reaction.  Every time I introduce Edward, “Ah siya pala yung nasa parang pelikula na video’ or ‘Siya pala ‘yung kumanta ng ‘Di Man Lang Nagpaalam’. Kaya nasabi namin, ‘Sige na, gawin na natin ito.’”

Edward is also getting a lot of support from his recording company, Star Music, his sponsors (like Dannon Clothing), his supporters and his management.

The concert is brought to you by Dannon Clothing. In participation with Projects Unlimited Phil Inc., Spring Oil, Villa Victoria Inc.,JBC Food Corporation, and Multymedia Printers Inc. Special thanks to Fragrancia De Italia, Novu Hair, Cerchio Grill And Lounge, and Lancer's Hardware. Media partners are Mor 101.9 and Starstudio Magazine.

For inquiries, please call  Ranjo Isip at 0917-882-2773. You call also reach Edward thru:
Twitter: @realbenosa
Instagram: realbenosa

Look chic in the heat with this season's newest looks from UNIQLO 2016 Summer Collection

Nothing feels better than basking on the beach this summer and flaunt your cool summer outfit.  Stay cool and look hot with UNIQLO 2016 Spring/Summer Collection. Its time to upgrade your wardrobe once again as summer take its toll, from swingy shift styles to ethereal pastel numbers, from office to casual to beach wear.  UNIQLO brings you the best pastels, more patterns to choose from high quality materials and functionality,  making it a perfect pick for this season.

UNIQLO PH launches the 2016 Summer Collection  together with UNIQLO celebrity ambassadors Ms. Lea Salonga and BJ Pascual last March 17 at SM Mega Fashion Hall,  joined by UNIQLO PH Marketing Director, Georgette Barrera-Jalasco and UNIQLO PH General Manager, Geraldine Sia. 

UNIQLO apparels are wonderful, everything is comfortable to wear and they stay true to their sizes, like if you look for medium you'll get the correct size, adds UNIQLO ambassador Ms. Lea Salonga.

From Left: UNIQLO PH Marketing Director, Georgette Barrera-Jalasco, BJ Pascual, Lea Salonga, and UNIQLO PH General Manager, Geraldine Sia

UNIQLO mixes aesthetic quality and functionality by giving its consumers the best options for their summer wardrobe suitable for various scenes and occasions –from beach, work, sports, to shopping. UNIQLO takes its 2016 Summer Collection to a whole new level as it continuously innovate products which are perfect for the warm season.

“UNIQLO constantly develops products of high-quality by incorporating state-of-the-art functionality without compromising style,” says Geraldine Sia, UNIQLO Philippines General Manager. “We are thrilled to showcase the 2016 summer pieces which are fit for everyone’s summer daily needs.”

UNIQLO’s new summer pieces have also added more patterns and colors to fit the daily lifestyle of Filipinos. Truly, UNIQLO is the brand of choice this summer with distinct innovation and basic style sensibilities.

The scorching heat during summer makes almost everyone want to hit the beach. UNIQLO’s offerings are created to match the needs of anyone who wants to cool down while under the sun. Whether it is a Linen shirt made of 100% French linen, or a Polo shirt made with lightweight materials, UNIQLO collections can make your summer cool and breathable. To achieve that effortless laid-back look, roll up the sleeves and pair it with UNIQLO Short Pants.

The office shouldn’t restrain one from being in style this summer. Beat the heat and veer away from unsightly sweat marks with UNIQLO’s Polo shirt line that has a distinctive DRY technology that dries sweat quickly and suppresses odor. It is made with stretch material that gives the wearer extra comfort and more room to move, enabling them to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles.

Keep that summer body fit and healthy despite the rising temperature. Stay active by wearing comfortable sportswear pieces such as UNIQLO’s AIRism products. AIRism fibers incorporate an anti-odor function to keep the wearer fresh even in the most humid conditions. Its design
provides greater stretch and ease of movement for particularly active people.

Avoid summer stress with uncomfortable clothes. UNIQLO allows one to be cool and relax on a weekend day out with its sleeveless Linen tops and 100% cotton shirts. Matched with equally comfortable jogger pants, one can freely run from one shopping mall to another.

For more updates, consumers may visit UNIQLO Philippines’ website at and social media accounts, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram (

. Style suggestion for weekend shopping

Style suggestion for active wear

Style suggestion for beach wear

HUAWEI introduces the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro and the MateBook 14

HUAWEI will be releasing its newest flagship laptop models, the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro and the MateBook 14, in the Philippines beginning  Jul...