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Friday, October 31, 2014


Canon holds the annual Canon Photo Marathon this November with talented participants from all walks of life.  It is always a delight to see photo enthusiasts gather around for the culmination of art and talent. I am just amazed at how the filipinos have the keen eye to capture that perfect shot and moment. When you capture the exceptional and the unusual, then you are ready to go and let that talent put into good use.

In celebrating the discerning eye for art of different Filipinos, Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. holds the much-anticipated photo marathon in the country – the Canon PhotoMarathon! The competition is coming this 8th of November, 2014 at the High Street of Bonifacio Global City.

The Canon PhotoMarathon is an on-the-spot photography competition designed to raise the participants’ creative caliber by letting them capture photos that follow a theme under time pressure. Now on its ninth year, they are expecting to fill up the streets of Bonifacio Global City (once again) with photography enthusiasts from different walks of life, all contending to take that winning photograph.

Luis Alexander (Grand Prize)

“We are looking forward to unleashing the potential of our participants. Whether hobbyists or professionals, we are highly encouraging more people to join and challenge themselves and realize how far their creativity can take them,” said Bong Serevo, Vice President of Canon Marketing Philippines.

Agatha Meg Albano's winning entry for the Point and Shoot Category

Last October 18, the Canon Photomarathon University leg was held in De La Salle University. Winners are inviting beginners and professionals alike to join the National leg on November 8. Agatha Meg Albano, the grand prize winner for the Point-and-Shoot category, has this one important advice, “Participants have to be flexible. I think you have to understand the theme for you to be able to capture all the elements required by a winning shot.” Raymond Paredes, grand prize winner from the Digital Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses Category, invites people with immense potential to join. “I would invite those who have the potential to win, or have the hard work and skills, I guarantee it will pay off!”

Raymond Paredes, grand prize winner from the Digital Cameras with Interchangeable Lenses Category

The National leg of Canon Photomarathon on November 8 will start as early as 8 am. Over three thousand participants are expected to join and entries will be judged by the Canon Crusaders of Light. Grand prize for the Point & Shoot Category include a Canon EOS 700D, a dual arm foto crane from Steady Tracker, a Black Rapid camera strap, a Transcend 32GB wifi SD Card and 1 International Roundtrip ticket from Cebu Pacific.

Grand prize for the Cameras with Interchangeable lens Category include a dual arm foto crane from Steady Tracker, a BlackRapid camera strap, a Transcend 1TB wifi SD Card and 1 International Roundtrip ticket from Cebu Pacific. On top of that, the winner will also be the first proud owner of a Canon EOS 7D Mark II in the Philippines.

Canon will also be holding a special sale in High Street of Bonifacio Global City from November 7 to 9. Customers can avail of special deals from Canon wherein they can get Sodexo GCs worth Php3,000, a free photo book, and other exciting prizes on select Canon products.

For more information and updates about the Canon PhotoMarathon, visit the link or follow Canon on Facebook

Grand Prize Maricris Carlos

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Human Nature partners with GET for public transportation COMET

Human Nature together with Global Electric Transportation (GET), launches COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport) ,  the  zero emission and zero belching public transportation with 20 seats capacity is powered by lithium ion batteries. The launch was attended by Human Nature Vice President Dylan Wilk,  Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, GET Philippines President, Freddie Tinga and Gawad Kalinga founder Tony Meloto last October 29, 2014 at the  Human Nature Head office, Commonwealth, QC.

QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte

In the past 6 years, Human Nature has tried to base every business decision on its Pro-Philippines, Pro-poor and Pro-environment promise. The company goes to great lengths to uphold these guiding principles – from its meticulous product development process, its development of farming communities in its supply chain, to fostering a corporate mindset that puts the needs of the poor at the top of its agenda.

The COMET is light years ahead of other mass transport vehicles. The COMET’s designated stops and terminals also make it safer for riders – gone are the days of running after jeepneys and getting rides in the middle of lanes. COMET riders will enjoy an added layer of security and ease – each unit comes equipped with a CCTV Camera, GPS and uses a cashless “Tap In, Tap Out” system.

The GET card

The partnership signifies another first for Human Nature: the roll out of “Goodness Riding”, its first transport ad campaign.

Human Nature has successfully avoided using ingredients which are harmful to humans or to the environment in its products. Most beauty brands feel it is too difficult to keep such a pledge and so do not even try. For Human Nature, it has certainly made life much more difficult, but their talented team of Filipino scientists have succeeded, winning awards from venerable institutions such as the World Economic Forum and recently being invited to share their social enterprise model at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon and World Forum in Lille, France. For a Filipino brand to be honored in France, a country more known for beauty products than any other country around the world; is truly a great distinction. Human Nature has proven that “Made in the Philippines” can mean world-class.

Dylan Wilk, Vice President of Human Nature says, “Human Nature was born because we believe that the Philippines can not only catch up, but can lead the world in many fields one day, even in science and technology. The COMET has the potential to transform Manila’s roads from noisy, polluted thoroughfares into peaceful, sleek 21st century streets of the future. They are a natural match for us. The COMET brings our pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment vision closer in every way, since even the drivers have guaranteed income and can earn far more than in a regular jeepney with COMET.”

Dylan Wilk and son

GandangKalikasan Inc. (GKI), the social enterprise behind the Human Nature brand, believes that technology should serve society’s most vulnerable and it teamed up with GET Philippines because it is a green company that puts the needs of the poor at the heart of their business.“We are very excited with this partnership with Human Nature because we share the same business approach: the triple bottom line -- People and Planet while maintaining enough Profit to ensure that the business continues to deliver good value to the community,” adds Freddie Tinga, President of GET Philippines.  

Tony Meloto, founder of GawadKalinga (GK) added, “If we want inclusive growth, we need to build the walangiwananeconomy where we leave no one behind,” he shares. Fresh from his stint at the World Forum Lille where he joined Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus, Meloto believes companies like GET Philippines and Human Nature are transforming the Philippines, making it a hub for social entrepreneurship.“Solidarity in creating inclusive wealth is key to sustainable peace and prosperity.”

Gawad Kalinga's Tony Meloto

While GET Philippines is set on replacing 35,000 public utility jeepneys with the COMET within 5 to 7 years; it makes clear that it is not out to displace jeepney drivers and operators. GET has joined hands with jeepney associations and a transport group to meet their goal. Comet drivers will receive a monthly salary, health care, and social security. If medium is indeed message, then there is no better vehicle for Human Nature’s messages than the COMET.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for only P1,899 a month from Globe

Offering the most complete postpaid plan bundle with access to lifestyle suites

Globe Telecom has unveiled its offers for the newest Samsung Galaxy Note 4, allowing customers to maximize the features of the device with a complete postpaid plan bundled with access to lifestyle suites.

For only P1,899 a month at Plan 999 with P900 monthly cash out, customers get the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with the Photo and Chat Bundles, giving them access to a set of lifestyle apps that connect them to mobile internet anytime, anywhere. The postpaid plan bundle also comes with additional 1.5 worth of GoSURF data monthly, free 3-month subscription to Spotify Premium, and free 1-month subscription to Gadget Care.

With the Photo Bundle, customers can access Instagram, InstaSize, PhotoGrid, and Photo Repost, allowing them to take and edit photos, make collages, as well as add captions and filters using the 16 megapixel rear camera, 3.7 megapixel front-facing camera, and wide selfie mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Chat Bundle, on the other hand, gives customers access to the world’s top messaging apps FB Messenger, KakaoTalk, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat, connecting them to their contacts not just from other networks but also from around the world. Using the S Pen’s Elaborate Brush Effect with calligraphy feature, Note 4 users can share their notes, scribbles, and photos to their contacts all over the globe with the Chat Bundle.

“Discover your creativity with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 best experienced with Globe mySUPERPLAN and our suite of lifestyle bundles which give you access to your favorite apps, allowing you to make the most out of the device’s amazing features. With Globe, we guarantee you the best smartphone experience all the time as we continue to bring innovation in our wonderful offers and customer service,” said Raul Macatangay, Vice President for Postpaid Business and Devices at Globe.

Strengthening its foray into offering customers data plans that give them a differentiated browsing experience and value for money, Globe launched Lifestyle Bundles, its latest suite of mobile internet plans that give postpaid customers access to a specific set of applications or apps depending on theirneeds and interests.

The Navigation Bundle, available for only P99 a month, gives customers month-long access to apps such as Waze, GrabTaxi, Google Maps, MMDA, and Accuweather for a hassle-free transport experience around the city.

The Chat Bundle, which gives customers access to messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, KakaoTalk, Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat is available for only P299 a month.

Those who use their devices for work and productivity can avail of the Work Bundle, available for P299 a month, which provides access to Evernote, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail, plus free 10 GB Globe Cloud storage that will let them back up and access their messages, contacts, presentations, and other files from any device.

Customers into shopping and e-commerce can subscribe to Shopping Bundle, which extends access to sites such as,, eBay, and Zalora, also for P299 a month. These subscribers also get an extra 5% off with their purchases from Zalora. Finally, customers into taking photos and images can avail of the Photo Bundle, which offers access to Instagram, Photo Repost, Photo Grid, and Instasize for only P299 a month.

The navigation, chat, work, shopping, and photo bundles can be availed as a combo service charged to consumables, or as an add-on booster service charged on top of the monthly service fee (MSF).

Postpaid customers can also avail of month-long access to Facebook for P199 a month, Twitter for P199 a month, and Spotify Premium for P299 a month, all charged as add-on booster services on top of the plan MSF.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Big Hero 6,” a plus-sized inflatable robot named Baymax makes a difference in the life of teen prodigy Hiro Hamada.

Baymax cares. That’s what he was designed to do. The vinyl robot’s job title is technically Personal Healthcare Companion: With a simple scan, Baymax can detect vital stats, and, given a patient’s level of pain, can treat nearly any ailment. Conceived and built by Tadashi Hamada – Hiro’s older brother -- Baymax just might revolutionize the healthcare industry.

“We pick up the story right after Hiro’s loss, and that’s a really hard place to find your main character,” says co-director Chris Williams, who worked on the scene in which Hiro discovers Baymax. “I love characters like Baymax who are newborns—seeing the world in a fresh new way. Then we can all see the world again through their eyes. A character like Baymax is so na├»ve, so pure, so simple and good. And I loved the comedic potential of having that very quality be exasperating for Hiro.”

Baymax is not equipped with a mouth, so animators had to get creative with the huggable robot. “It’s called ‘un-imating,’” says Mark Henn, lead 2D animator. “It’s a term coined because animators tend to put too much in. Less is best for Baymax. It really did become an exercise in capturing a very quick and easily-read pose. And if he had dialogue, it was all about timing—how much to move his head or when he should blink.”

“We might posture him up a little to show pride,” says head of animation, Zach Parrish. “A head tilt or double eye-blink can mean he’s confused. What’s cool about going that minimal is that it allows the audience to project onto him what they’re feeling, which makes them active participants.”
The look of Baymax informs his character. “Baymax views the world from one perspective—he just wants to help people,” says co-director Don Hall. “He sees Hiro as his patient. At first, Baymax thinks Hiro is going through puberty, and he wants to help him with that. But then he realizes that Hiro’s dealing with the loss of his brother and his mission is to heal his broken heart.”
Not only did Hall like the idea of a soft non-threatening robot, he liked what it could become. “A big part of this movie is that Hiro turns this compassionate nurse robot into a meched-out warrior with some dangerous consequences at stake.”

To Hiro, the nurturing, guileless bot turns out to be more than what he was built for—he’s a hero, and quite possibly Hiro’s closest friend. And after some deft reprogramming that includes a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters that allow him to fly, Baymax becomes one of the “Big Hero 6.”
Scott Adsit was called on to provide the voice of Baymax. “The fact that the character is a robot limits how you can emote,” says producer Roy Conli. “But Scott was hilarious. He took those boundaries and was able to shape the language in a way that makes you feel Baymax’s emotion and sense of humor. Scott was able to relay just how much Baymax cares.”

“Everything Baymax says is essentially programmed because he’s a robot,” says Adsit. “But over time, as he builds a relationship with Hiro, he adapts and deep inside his inflatable self is a soul, I think. He starts out almost like a child—with a waddle and an innocent look—and grows, embodying different aspects of the relationships in our lives: he’s a son, a brother, and eventually a father. So Baymax is family.”

Opening across the Philippines on Nov. 06, “Big Hero 6” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

Monday, October 27, 2014


United Laboratories (UNILAB) is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. It was founded by Mr. J.Y. Campos and Mr. M.K. Tan in 1945 as a small corner drug store in Binondo, Manila. Since then, the company has grown to have a significant market share in the Philippines and in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, Unilab has remained constant and consistent with two things: expertise and compassion in what they do.

The spirit of genuine concern to make the lives of people better by providing quality products and services drives the Unilab vision to be the best healthcare provider in Asia.

This day and age, the country has braved various calamities that, if anything, have only strengthened our solidarity as Filipinos. But to fully rise again as a nation, we must be able to have both excellence and compassion (husay at malasakit) in everything we do, especially when in service to others who are in need.

Unilab, being the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, believes in the power of husay at malasakit and has geared their company’s belief in this.

In every product they produce, they make sure that their facilities and procedures are safe, so that they will be able to take care of the Filipino people better.

They may have changed their processes in line with the rise of technological advancement, but their heart will always be present in the manufacturing of their healthcare products.

Rest assured that in all the innovations they create, the health and safety of the Filipino people are always at the core.

The distribution of their products are scattered across the country—from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao, to reach out to everyone in need of superior and affordable healthcare products.

If anything, Unilab believes in the spirit of genuine concern to make the lives of other people better.

With their new TVC, Unilab shows their husay at malasakit thrust and hopes to influence as much as they can to the nation. After all, what matters the most is the number of lives we touch when we reach our triumphs.

"Insidious: Chapter 3,” lets you peak at its teaser trailer

The Insidious movie frightened me to no end, this is the second movie after The Conjuring,  that let me sleep with lights on for straight one week. I cant wait to watch "Insidious: Chapter 3," The teaser trailer will let you know why.

Columbia Pictures has just unveiled the teaser trailer of its upcoming supernatural thriller, "Insidious: Chapter 3,” the newest instalment in the terrifying horror series is written and directed by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell.

Produced by Oren Peli (“Paranormal Activity”), James Wan (“The Conjuring”) and Whannell,
“Insidious: Chapter 3” stars Dermot Mulroney, Stefanie Scott, Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell.

This chilling prequel, set before the haunting of the Lambert family, reveals how gifted psychic Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl (Stefanie Scott) who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity.

Opening soon across the Philippines on May 2015, “Insidious: Chapter 3” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Join the watch style revolution with WSI.

(Watch Style Insider) is a new retail destination where WATCH STYLE is everything. A place where you'll find the latest fashion watch styles and the world's most loved brands - including Fossil, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Diesel, DKNY, Skagen, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Armani Exchange, and Karl Lagerfeld.

WSI is an emerging international leader in fashion and designer luxury timepieces. With a well-balanced and diverse portfolio of men’s and women’s timepieces, WSI is the latest multi-brand retail concept from Fossil Group influenced by the worlds of fashion and culture.

WSI provides a compelling and inspiring shopping experience for guests by curating the world’s best watch brands. Our new WSI store features a clean, modern aesthetic with boutique-style displays that make shopping for a watch a personal and engaging experience. It is not just the environment that makes WSI unique: each store is staffed with experts, to ensure guests have access to both the latest fashion trends and technical product information. Through our commitment to customer service, WSI brings sophistication, style advice and knowledge to watch enthusiasts around the globe. WSI stores are located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

If you love watches then you've come to the right place. At WSI, we believe in wearing at least one watch every day. We believe that every watch deserves an outfit. We believe that time is what you make it.

WSI is pleased to announce the opening of its newest retail stores at SM MEGAMALL, AYALA CENTER CEBU, and TRINOMA MALL (soon to open).


Fossil is a global retailer specializing in the design, innovation, and marketing of fashion lifestyle and accessory products. The Fossil brand is rooted in authenticity and a distinctive vintage-inspired design aesthetic. Founded in 1984, Fossil prides itself on its commitment to American vintage inspiration.

Fossil continues their 30-year journey through past, present and future. Fossil’s vintage inspiration is reinvented and refined to make the season’s eternally classic must-haves. The traditional-with-a-twist watches take what we love about the past and update it for the modern man or woman. Designed to only get better with age, these are the accessories they’ll reach for again and again as the years go by.


Skagen is a contemporary lifestyle brand, rooted in simplicity, purpose, and accessibility. The seaside village of Skagen, Denmark, has attracted many with the simple way of life, which inspires all Skagen timepieces.
Skagen’s distinct collections honor Danish design by achieving elegance through simplicity. Combining the inspiration of timeless Danish craftsmanship with thoughtful innovation, the brand has created high-quality products that are minimalist, functional and elegant.


Armani Exchange or A|X, the more youthful and energetic pillar of the Armani brand family was launched in 1991, aimed at a new generation of fast-fashion consumers - an accessible collection offering urban, individual style.

The A|X timepiece collection celebrates the allure and beauty of the city, the industrial urban landscapes, the fast-paced lifestyle, and the seductive mood that comes to life after-dark. A|X is all about being young, trendy, fashionable, fresh, colorful, and sporty.

A|X explores unique combinations of plating in a variety of styles offering new materials and techniques that bring greater versatility to the assortment. A|Xdelivers an innovative watch collection designed to complement the lifestyle of the fashion-forward crowd.


Bold, rebellious and never shy, Diesel is a brand that doesn’t follow trends, it creates them. With a distinctive look and unique voice, Diesel is constantly moving style forward. Diesel watches reflect the confident, assertive nature of the brand. Large, loud and never afraid of color, they don’t follow the “RULES” of casual watch design, preferring to blaze new ground whenever possible.

This Fall, Diesel Timeframes boldly elevates its most revered collection to a new level of signature style by introducing Mr. Daddy 2.0, an advanced version to the iconic Daddy series.

Featuring an intricacy-redefining multi-layer dial, four time zones and a fresh case update, Mr. Daddy 2.0 delivers cutting-edge design elements so far ahead of the curve, there’s no point in trying to catch up. Inspired by tactical gear and gauge read-outs, this groundbreaking style is fully equipped with aggressive lug shapes, unique hardware and a highly complex dial with more dimensions and graphics than ever before.

Mr. Daddy 2.0 is available in sleek leather straps and sculpted stainless steel bracelets and delivers the most innovative, most rebellious fashion statement of the season.


DKNY, founded by Donna Karan, is the energy and spirit of New York. DKNY addresses real-life needs of people everywhere. From work to weekend, jeans to evening, DKNY offers an all-encompassing collection so that you can be confident with any personality you exhibit. Both fashionable and friendly, DKNY consistently delivers its unique mix of style around the world.

The iconic New York brand draws inspiration from the luminous lights and geometric silhouettes of the city that never sleeps. The DKNY assortment is a mix of glam and edge with the use of multidimensional facets, jewelry-inspired watches with an easy transition from day to night perfect for the urban woman.


Emporio Armani, founded by Giorgio Armani, the father of Italian fashion, is a mid-level fashion brand primarily targeted at youthful, modern-minded and fashion-oriented men and women who appreciate new, exciting, sophisticated fashion. Classy and timeless are the best words to describe the Emporio Armani brand.

Emporio Armani’s timepieces are inspired by the heritage of vintage, timeless, sophisticated and contemporary design. Emporio Armani is moving towards a trend-focused and fashion driven collection with a twist of avant-garde design.

“A line for men and women who lead a modern lifestyle and want to dress with a sense of casual sophistication. Emporio Armani watches reflect this approach with modern shapes and materials balanced with a classic style.” - Giorgio Armani


The DNA of the Karl Lagerfeld portfolio is rooted in Kreative, iconiK, Kool and accessible-luxe apparel and accessories. The Karl Lagerfeld look is modern, iconic, young in spirit and attitude with a mix of high street and luxury.

This season, rock-inspired styles are introduced in a collection that features new interpretations of python-embossed leathers and worn-gold and worn-gunmetal hardware. Fall 2014 marks the inauguration of men’s styles to the collection with Kurator. Kurator combines the brand’s signature edge with sophisticated definitive design.

Also joining the roster of timepieces this season are Marais and a new, slimmed-down version of KARL Chain. Marais features interlocked bracelets offered in gold, with a dynamic rectangular case and jewelry-inspired butterfly clasp. The slimmed-down KARL Chain has an elegant bracelet profile with chain detail and features a thinner, more streamlined case.

Born from the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the Fall 2014 collection perfectly embodies the sleek style with an edgy twist that has become synonymous with the KARL LAGERFELD brand.


Marc By Marc Jacobs watch collection was launched in 2006 offering a more casual, affordable luxury interpretation of the Marc Jacobs line. The look of Marc By Marc Jacobs is youthful, understated, layered, vintage military inspired with a twist of something unexpected. The brand is designed for the young, urban, fashion forward individual with eclectic taste.

The watch line has the same elements that Marc By Marc Jacobs is known for. The timepieces embody the brand’s unique aesthetic and offer the customer a piece of affordable luxury. The Marc By Marc Jacobs customer has the self confidence not to wear what everyone else is wearing.


Michael Kors is a world-renowned, award-winning designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear. His namesake company, established in 1981, currently produces a range of products through his Michael Kors and MICHAEL Michael Kors labels.

Michael Kors is pleased to introduce the Fall 2014 women’s watch collection, featuring an assortment of jewel-bright colors, glamorous materials and inspired reinventions of classic styles.

The brand’s jet-set sensibility shines through in bold updates to the Runway featuring a world map on the dials, and a new GMT movement that enables the wearer to stay effortlessly up-to-the-minute across multiple time zones, each marked by a major city.

The Channing watch evolves this season with new styles featuring a rose gold-tone watch with a ruby red face and croc-embossed leather strap.

MYNP Holds First Nanay Awards

A Filipino civic organization built to honor mothers is in the best position to formally recognize deserving mothers through an annual awards event highlighting the best  in terms of making positive impact to loved ones and community.

Make Your Nanay Proud (MYNP) Foundation acknowledges that potential, and more importantly, makes it happen for the first time this year.

Best Nanay Awards 2014 is paying tribute to ten exemplary Filipino mothers possessing integrity and character, an inspiring story to share, and a strong positive influence on people around her.

These magic ten are not the typical who’s who of moms, but were carefully chosen from all walks of life – the result of painstakingly trimming down a staggering number of entries or nominations from all over the country.

“Hindi po ito listahan ng mga nanay na pinili dahil sa kanilang celebrity power or educational background, but primarily those who were able to inspire and empower positivity through hard work, dedication to motherhood, and great character,” shared Bemz Benedicto, MYNP’s managing director.

The list of awardees is as follows, and in no particular order: Gloria C. Baltar from Bucay, Abra, 57; Rosa G. Balana from Abucay, Bataan, 90; Leonarda N. Camacho from Pasig City, 90; Carmen R. Ragonjan from Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte, 68; Josefina G. Olorocisimo from Taytay, Rizal, 53; Angelita S. Guiteng, 61; Ma. Lorna L. Garnace from Palo, Leyte, 43; Zoraida Motil from Tumana, Marikina, 63; Cecille Sibunga from Tumana, Marikina, 62; and Magdalena E. Aquino from Batangas, 78.

All entries, numbering to 285, were reviewed and verified by the MYNP Awards Committee. Criteria for judging touched on the inspiring stories that make particular mothers outstanding, the personas that influence the moral rectitude of children, and the charm that turn them into pillars of families.

“We’re all excited and looking forward to doing this annually,” Bemz added.

The pronounced winners each get Php 10,000 cash and a handcrafted mother-and-child trophy carved by Ifugao sculptors, along with GCs from SM and Beduya Dental.

Nominators of winners receive separate plaques of appreciation.

A look into the process of choosing awardees traced back that candidates were endorsed through e-mails and snail mails by various organizations and barangay units.  After the nomination period (August 11 and September 30), almost two thirds were taken off by the designated committee.

A second group headed by MYNP Secretary General Carlos Munda ( who was joined by Gasper Gozo also of MYNP and Almed Garcia of Backroom) further cut the list down to 55.

Last October 9 was the day the final ten were chosen, with the panel of judges comprising of directors GB Sampedro, Rahyan Carlos, and Nick Olanka, along with Backroom’s Rowena Salido and ABS-CBN Creative Programs executive Ian Reyno.

Mark Anthony Ramirez (executive director of Resources, Environment & Economics Center for Studies, Inc.), Prof. Lito Casaje (of La Consolacion College, Manila), and Liza Maza (former congresswoman-now co-chairperson of Koalisyong Makabayan that represents Gabriela in Congress) rounded up the shortlist.

The awarding ceremony is scheduled this October 29, 6 pm, at Windmills and Rainforest located in Scout Borromeo St. Q.C.

ROCK OF AGES returns for a one-week rerun


Mig Ayesa returns as the legendary rocker  "Stacee Jaxx" in the special one- week rerun of the Broadway's Biggest Party ROCK OF AGES,  the sold out smash hit musical is back one last time from Oct 31 - Nov 9, 2014 at the Meralco Theatre.

Featuring classic rock songs from the 80s like We Built This City, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, I Wanna Rock, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and Don't Stop Believin',  ROCK OF AGES  tells the story of Drew and Sherrie, two young dreamers who meet on the Sunset Strip and find that sometimes, when your dreams get dashed, you end up with a gift far more precious than that which you set out to find.  All that in a face-melting, laugh-a-minute, rocking show! It continues to run on Broadway to sold out crowds.

MiG Ayesa who took Manila by storm two years ago  returns to the stage as Stacee Jaxx, the rockstar, nay rock god, whose performance may or may not save a small club on the Sunset Strip that is being  threatened  with closure.  Stacee ends up crashing on budding lovers and Sunset Strip dreamers -- Drew and Sherrie.

MiG Ayesa has performed in West End musicals such as BUDDY, RENT and WE WILL ROCK YOU. On Broadway he has performed inROCK OF AGES and BURN THE FLOOR.  He was a top 3 finalist on Rockstar:INXS.

"Even from my first rehearsal with the cast two years ago, I knew that we had something special.  It's a great gift to be able to do the show again in Manila for the third time!" says MiG.

Nyoy Volante, who earned rave reviews for his performance as Donkey in the hit run of SHREK, returns to the role of Drew.

Rounding off this powerhouse cast are Jett Pangan as Lonny, Jamie Wilson as Dennis,  Calvin Millado as Hertz, Bibo Reyes as Franz and Jinky Llamanzares as Justice Charlier. Joining the cast are Kayla Rivera as Sherrie and Thea Tadiar Everley as Regina.  ROCK OF AGES is directed by Chari Arespacochaga, Lighting Design by Driscoll Otto, Assistant Direction by Jamie Wilson, Choreography by Cecile Martinez, Set Design by Lex Marcos and Denis Lagdameo, Costume Design by Pepsi Herrera and Twinkle Zamora, Sound Design by Deniz Akyurek, Musical Direction by Ceejay Javier and Vocal Coaching by ManMan Angsico.

Kayla, who has made her mark as a high wattage musical theatre actress in shows such as IN THE HEIGHTS, ALADDIN and THE ADDAMS FAMILY says of joining the ROCK OF AGES cast, “I am so excited to be taking on the role of Sherrie, unleashing the more spunky and sexy side of me.  To be working alongside MiG Ayesa and this amazing cast is such an honor.  MiG lights up the room with his very warm personality and rockstar presence!”

ROCK OF AGES continues to run on Broadway at the Helen Hayes Theatre and is also currently touring the US. It is produced in the Philippines by Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group.

It's the final countdown for ROCK OF AGES! Don’t miss Broadway’s Biggest Party! Get your tickets now at Ticketworld 891-9999.

Rock of Ages is made possible by Metrobank, Solar Entertainment Channels: Jack TV, Jack CIty and 2nd Avenue, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, BusinessWorld, Delta Airlines, CATS Motors Inc., Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila, Make Up Forever, Portfolio Photography Studio, Monster Radio RX 93.1, Manila Broadcasting Company, Mellow 94.7 Sounds Good, Hit Productions, Imatech, Confetti Effects, Mandaue Foam Furniture Center, A.Shop, Digipost, Studio M, Yoshinoya, Gerry's Grill, Shakey's, Victoria Court, Meralco Theater and The City of Pasig.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

GoldLife awarded top performer at “Rush to 40” Hawaiian party

Everyone deserves a chance to have a healthy and rewarding life. This is all about GoldLife—a fast growing Filipino-owned company that distributes healthy and supplement products in the country.

During their recent “Rush to 40” Hawaiian party, the 28 GoldLife members that arrives from Bali Indonesia receives a plaque of recognition for their excellent work allowing them to qualify at GoldLife’s first 40-pairs incentive trip promo.

According to Dick Balajadia, president of GoldLife Inc, “I am happy and satisfied on what we have accomplished from the very beginning. We are just starting and we are proud to say that the company is built to make a big difference.”

Balajadia shared “We are expanding our business from Nutraceuticals to personal care line of products. In few months time, we will bring different unique beauty care products to everyone who seeks skin personal needs.”

Meanwhile, one of its well-known chlorella-based products, Chlorevita offers a unique detoxification and immune stimulation properties to the body that boost energy levels. Chlorevita is a super food that contains 20 different vitamins and minerals and six times more Beta-carotene than spinach. Aside from boosting immune system, Chlorevita also protects the heart and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as supports proper digestion.

GoldLife Distribution Phils Inc is in partnership with Lloyd Laboratories, an ISO 9001/2000 toll manufacturer (ISO Certified for the past 10 years) and has been a BFAD complaint for its current good marketing practice for the past 20 years now. The high quality raw materials used for GoldLife products are being imported from Germany, France, Scotland, and Switzerland.

To know more about GoldLife products, you may visit their office at 831-A Eugenio Lopez Street, South Triangle, Quezon City or log on at

Friday, October 24, 2014


Urbanears is a Swedish headphone brand which refreshes color collection twice a year. This year, forest vibes take stage in the Fall/ Winter colors - Rowan, Moss, and Mulberry. Urbanears releases two collections of headphones each year according to season – spring/summer, fall/winter. In each collection, Urbanears produce a handful of new colors that, once have been sold-out, may not return.




Forest vibes take stage in the Urbanears Fall/ Winter2014 color collection, inspired by the foliage of the Scandinavian woodlands. With three ultra-wearable autumn shades to choose from – Rowan, Mulberry, and Moss will help you make it through hibernation this year.

When the leaves on the Rowan tree start changing colors, you can no longer ignore it – hot chocolate and sweater season is upon us! But by the time the leaves hit the ground, you’ll have the warm, burnt orange of our Rowan headphones with you to keep you company. Cuddle up, get  comfy and enjoy a smooth seasonal transition.

Get closer to nature with this hazy, earthy shade. Putting on this pair of deep green headphones is just like stepping onto a soft patch of moss with your bare feet for the first time – a liberating experience. With your favorite tunes on heavy rotation, drift away imagining the cool feeling of fresh greenery and sundrenched forest glades.

One of nature’s delights, Mulberry is a honey sweet shade of purple that’s bound to please. Mush it up and make a jam, or wear it as a staple of your accessory collection this season. Mulberry fits any occasion and it’s exactly this versatility that makes it a necessity. Mulberry on headphones is a match made in sound heaven.

Urbanears headphones will be available soon at Astrovision, Astroplus, Automatic Center,  Beyond the Box, Bratpack, BZB Gadget Hive, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets@Xtreme, Heima, Hobbes and Landes,  iBook, iCenter, iGig, iLiberty Tech Gadgets and Acessories, Islands and More (NAIA T3), iStore, iStudio, Lazada Online, Le Kitsch Specialty Shop, Listening Room, Mobile 1, Music Colony, Odyssey, R.O.X., Red Dot Specialty Shop, Secret Fresh, Senco Link, SM Music & Video, Sole Patrol Special Shop, Switch, Sync, Technopop, Techshop, The A-Shop, The Inbox Store, Trilogy, Urban Athletics, Vertex.  For more information about the product, visit or follow us at

Nutrilite celebrates 80th year with the release of 2014 Global Phytonutrient report

Nutrilite celebrates 80th anniversary

Nowadays, everyone else has been taking their multivitamins religiously to ward off sickness and to stay healthy. Some vitamins and minerals have plenty of health-protecting benefits especially if you're nearing the 40's and 50's.  I have been buying my vitamins like manganese chelated soft capsule for almost a year now, its an antioxidant, it helps to protect my skin from too much stress and its my defense from the cough and colds around. I just learned recently that Amway partners with Nutrilite to bring filipinos the dietary supplement with phytonutrients, or also referred to as phytochemicals from fruits and vegetables, or the colorful food with deep hues.

Carl Rehnborg

Amway partners with Nutrilite and marks its 80th year in the vitamin industry by launching its dietary supplement to the media last October 22, 2014 at Makati Shangri-la with Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg.  Nutrilite celebrate with global phytonutrient report with expanded research and development, nutrition manufacturing and visitor experience

 The vitamin and dietary supplement leader continues to pursue pioneering phytonutrient research and make significant investments for the future.

In the early 20th century, before people knew what “phytonutrients” were and even before the word “vitamin” was widely used, future Nutrilite founder Carl Rehnborg was in China, already observing the connection between health and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. He was even experimenting with his own crude supplements.

Now, 80 years after the Nutrilite brand was founded, it is the number one selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements in the world.  Nutrilite continues to grow in sales, infrastructure and expertise, remaining at the forefront of researching plant-based nutrients, now commonly known as phytonutrients.

“Carl was truly way ahead of his time. His vision and passion led to such an innovative solution — preserving these phytonutrients so that each one of us can easily fill the nutrition gaps in our diets when we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables,” said Kanan Banerjee,  Amway vice president for global branding in nutrition and wellness. “Life has changed a lot since 1934. Most of us are busier with less time to eat right, making Nutrilite more relevant today than ever before.”

To mark the 80th anniversary of Nutrilite, Amway and the Nutrilite Health Institute are releasing the 2014 Nutrilite Global Phytonutrient Report, one of the few reports that examines global fruit and vegetable intake and availability, and the potential implications on health.

The Nutrilite Global Phytonutrient Report reveals a gap between the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization and what people actually eat. That gap can be caused by busy schedules, limited access to any or a variety of fresh produce, as well as personal taste preferences.

“These results are a big part of helping people understand how they can and should eat in order to fill their nutritional gaps and make an investment each and every day to live healthier lives for the benefit of their families and for themselves. Nutrilite's philosophy of optimal health embodies healthy balanced nutrition that includes an abundance of plant foods and regular physical activity or exercise as two key foundational components for everyone,” said Dr. Keith Randolph,technology strategist at the Nutrilite Health Institute.

Color Your Story World Tour

Report highlights are being shared throughout 2014 during the Color Your Story World Tour. The tour features Nutrilite scientists, other experts and Dr. Sam Rehnborg, Carl’s son and the president of the Nutrilite Health Institute.

“Throughout our history, Nutrilite has taken the lead in nutritional sciences and the use of phytonutrients. By staying true to our commitment of combining the best of science with the best of nature, we have become a global health and wellness leader,” said Rehnborg.

New research and development, manufacturing facilities and visitor experience

Amway and Nutrilite leaders also are unveiling a fully redesigned Center for Optimal Health in Buena Park, California (U.S.), with new facilities for manufacturing, and research and development.

The $42 million renovation and expansion includes an elaborate rooftop display where visitors can learn about Nutrilite farming operations, product offerings and Carl Rehnborg’s journey to starting Nutrilite.

Check out the new and improved Gerry's at Ali Mall

Filipino restaurant Gerry’s has reopened its renovated branch at the ground level of Ali Mall at the Araneta Center in Quezon City.

The rebranded Gerry’s has dropped the name ‘Grill’ and was changed to Gerry’s Restaurant and Bar.

The branch is the third reopened outlet after Batangas (renovation), and Tacloban which resumed operations in June, seven months after typhoon Yolanda struck Eastern Visayas.

Gerry’s new outlets include SM Malolos in Bulacan, Ayala Terraces Fairview, Naga, Iligan, Cauayan in Isabela, Tugegarao, and Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.

Gerry’s Group of Companies also operates two food brands – Kusina ng Gerry’s and the newly launched Sweet Chili, located at the upper ground level of Fisher Mall.  Within two months Gerry’s is scheduled to open three more branches: SM Sta. Mesa, Antipolo, and Las Pinas.

It hopes to close the year with 70 branches, with two in the US and Singapore and one in Qatar.

Gerry's is home to Pinoy favorites Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Inihaw na Pusit, and Sisig.

Cooke from Bates Motel shines in "Quija"


She’s currently starring alongside Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga on A&E’s acclaimed television series “Bates Motel.”  Now, young British actress Olivia Cooke will be seen in the big screen as she plays lead character, Laine, in Universal Pictures’ supernatural thriller “Ouija.”

The film revolves around a group of friends who must confront their most terrifying fears when they unwittingly make contact with a dark power from the other side.  What started as a game will unleash an evil only they can stop.

The principal cast is composed of five friends, led by the fearless Laine, a high school student looking for answers.  Filmmakers searched for a great deal of time for the best actress to fill the role.  Little did they know, she was right in front of them…as a placeholder in White’s “Ouija” tone book.
Director Stiles White explains: “The first role that we needed to get right was Laine.  I had watched some episodes of `Bates Motel,’ so Olivia was already on my radar when we were putting `Ouija’ together.  As well, I had this tone book filled with photos of how I wanted everything to look.  There she was in the photo of who I thought the lead should be.  It turns out Olivia was exactly who we all had in mind.  It felt like, for the first time, I was seeing the living, breathing version of the character that Juliet and I had imagined.”

Producer Brad Fuller concurs with his director’s decision: “Horror movies are a great way to meet young talent, and we knew Olivia as this great British actress and had seen her in `Bates Motel.’  Still, at the end of the day, at her audition, she just blew us away.”

            As it so happens, Cooke was able to identify with Laine, who fills the maternal role of watching over her rebellious younger sister, Sarah.  She shares: “I am from a single-parent family and I have a little sister who is 14, so I connected to that with Laine.  I also connected to my character’s loyalty, as I, too, am fiercely loyal to my friends and family.”

To get into character, Cooke had to put all of her trust in the man at the helm.  Of White, she enthuses: “Stiles is the calmest director I’ve ever worked with.  He’s very soothing and reassuring.”
Though Laine’s insatiable curiosity leads her into dire situations in “Ouija,” Cooke admits she’s never used a Ouija board.  She laughs: “I was always told not to mess with a Ouija board because I’d heard of people who had these horror stories about contacting a spirit.  Though I do remember saying to my friends, ‘Let’s take a Ouija board into an abandoned barn and play!’ and they were definitely not into it.”

Cooke was born in Manchester, England.  Upon graduating from Oldham Theatre Workshop, she landed a key role in “Blackout,” a BBC series directed by Tom Green, for which she starred alongside Christopher Eccleston.  She then took the lead role in a BBC miniseries set in the 1940s “The Secret of Crickley Hall,” directed by Joe Ahearne.
Cooke was most recently seen in the Lionsgate thriller “The Quiet Ones.”

            Opening across the Philippines on October 29, “Ouija is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

Dragon Edge Group gets Best Place to Work winning streak

Dragon Edge Group (DEG ), the company behind the popular Beach Hut Sunscreen and Cycles Laundry Detergent , once again received the Best Pla...