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Monday, October 13, 2014

At Banzai, the more the merrier!

I had a thing with buffet, I know my way up from salmon maki tuna to dessert. Most of the buffet restaurants I know offer the same dishes, but when an invitation came up for Banzai, I now have second thoughts.  I just said yes and trooped to SM Moa. The oriental interiors at Banzai feels like you are eating in Japan with all Japanese food and themes that surround you.  Its homey feel makes you want to stay more and taste all the dishes that is within your reach.

As the holidays draw near, Banzai: the Great Authentic Japanese Buffet offers more reasons to celebrate at the country’s biggest Japanese buffet, where diners can enjoy a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and rolls, teppanyaki, tempura and tonkatsu, yakitori, noodles and ramen, cold soba, takoyaki, and more.

Get more value for money with Banzai’s lineup of promo offerings valid until December 31, and enjoy a sumptuous spread of authentic Japanese food.

Groups of 6 can enjoy Banzai’s 5+1 promo, available during weekdays, weekends and holidays, where one enjoys a complimentrary buffet.

The Birthday promo allows birthday celebrants to enjoy a free buffet when dining with 3 full paying guests.  The celebrant must present two valid photographed IDs to avail the promo, available 3 days before, during, and 3 days after the celebrants birthday.
On weekdays, The More The Merrier Promo entitles guests in groups of 20 of more to a 20% discount.
Senior Circle is for guests aged 75 years and above, who will enjoy a 30% discount on weekday lunch or dinner upon presenting their Senior Citizen ID.

For the Wedding Anniversary promo, married couples enjoy 15% discount 3 days before, during, and 3 days after their wedding anniversary, upon presenting a copy of their marriage certificate and valid photo IDs.

Banzai vouchers are also available on group selling website Metro Deal ( until October 30 (redemption period until November 15) for only P559 instead of the usual P699 for weekday lunch or dinner and Saturday lunch, public holidays not included.

All promos are not available in conjunction with any other promos or discounts.
Banzai is located at Bldg J, SM MOA by the Bay, Pasay City. For more information on Banzai and their promos, visit https://, follow @Banzai_PH on Twitter and Instagram, or call 0916-3775357; 0999-4713597; (02)552-7368 for inquiries and reservations.

Japanese street food goes to Banzai

Banzai: The Great Authentic Japanese Buffet rings in October with the Japanese Street Festival, a daily dinner offering that brings the Japanese street experience to the local buffet scene.
Located at the SM by the Bay Leisure Park, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Banzai is the country’s largest Japanese buffet, with a seating capacity of 500 and an extensive array of Japanese favorites made from imported ingredients, prepared and cooked the real Japanese way and served in the ambience of authentic Japanese settings.

Banzai’s Japanese Street Festival adds yatai delicacies to the buffet spread: Japanese snacks and finger food traditionally sold at mobile food stalls (yatai) set up along pedestrian walkways during Japan’s matsuris or festivals.

Banzai’s Japanese Street Festival introduces Japanese street food offerings at its new station that resembles an actual yatai, a wooden food cart festooned with graphic signage and loaded with an array of delicacies, much like the street food that is popular in Fukuoka, Japan.
Banzai’s yatai showcases Niku Buns, steamed buns with ground pork meat, sprinkled with sesame seeds; Bacon Kani, grilled kani stick wrapped in bacon; and Bacon Aspa, grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon.

Other yatai offerings include Squid Balls with Nori, deep fried Nori with squid balls; Kani Aunori Tempura, kani sticks with aunori leaves, deep-fried with tempura batter; Pork “Mimi” Yakiniku, grilled pig ears; and Mutso, grilled pork intestines.

Completing Banzai’s yatai spread are Tomorokoshi, grilled corn with miso, butter, and soy sauce; Dango Balls, sweet Japanese dumplings made with mochiko (rice flour); and Hokkaido ice cream, a mixture of Hokkaido milk with double cream. Weekend diners also get to savor Watame, Japanese cotton candy.

The new yatai station builds on Banzai’s existing street food offerings, including Takoyaki, little balls containing pieces of octopus (tako), a popular street food originating in Osaka; and Okonomiyaki, the Japanese savory pancake.

Banzai’s new yatai station is only one of the many stations showcasing the myriad of tastes of Japan, including a wide selection of sushi, sashimi and rolls; teppanyaki; tempura and tonkatsu; yakitori and grill; noodles and ramen; cold soba; takoyaki, kaniyaki and gohan; Japanese pizza; bread, salad, roast, hot selections, and desserts. The restaurant also has an all-unlimited menu of beverages, including soda, beer, iced tea, juices, coffee, and iced Milo.

The restaurant also gives a true taste of Japan through its unique décor, divided into different areas showcasing significant periods in Japan’s rich history and unique districts of Japan: Dotonbori, Old Japan, the castle area, the Sumo arena, Modern Japan, and Osaka.

Capping the Banzai experience is the Trick Art Gallery featuring seemingly-3D Japanese scenes such as sumo wrestling, a ninja dojo, and a day at the market, where diners can take photos in full Japanese regalia.

The Banzai Street Festival runs through the weekends of the month of October. Banzai is located at Bldg J, SM MOA by the Bay, Pasay City. For more information on Banzai and their promos, visit https://, follow @Banzai_PH on Twitter and Instagram, or call 0916-3775357; 0999-4713597; (02)552-7368 for inquiries and reservations.

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