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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pinkberry partners with Sugarpova by Sharapova

When people around me became health conscious 5 years ago, I joined the craze, for my well being,  like them I have been counting calories, and is always on the look out for non fat desserts. That was when I discovered frozen yogurt which tastes like ice cream but without the guilt. I ditched my rocky road ice cream and mocha caramel frappucino to froyo  (frozen yogurt) since then, anything that is sweet I replaced with something that tastes like real fun but would not interfere with my diet. Who would not love a frozen yogurt? The tart flavor goes well with all the toppings that you could pile into your cup.  I have been to 3 froyo shops in the country but nothing beats the original tart flavor that Pinkberry offers.

I had a pleasure of tasting the best frozen yogurt at Pinkberry, at 5th level Mega Fashion Hall last October 1. We were served  3 separate  glossy paper placemats with  little cups of their original tart, strawberry, cherry, caramel yogurt and delicious toppings.  Added to their set of toppings are Sharapova gummies from the famed healthy, pretty and fit tennis player Maria Sharapova.

The sugarpova gummies 
Sugarpova is a candy line by international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova and candy veteran and founder of international retailer |T'SUGAR, Jeff Rubin. The premium gummy candy collection is a fun, fashionable, and sweet match with Pinkberry’s iconic, light and refreshing frozen yogurt. A portion of all proceeds from the sale of Sugarpova go towards the Maria Sharapova Foundation, Sharapova's charity. The gummV Candi! was first marketed in the U.S. in August, reaching 250,000 bags in the first three months.

The best partner to my original tart is the sugarpova smitten, the tart and the chewy sour flavor plays right in my tongue. The cherry yogurt with flirty gummies, would surely love by the kids. The gummies goes right with any of the three yogurts.

I piled my cherry yogurt with chocolate syrup, almond and strawberry. The chocolate compliments the cherry yogurt, it wakes up the taste. I now know what to order next time. I had a grand time playing with all the toppings in my table. I experimented with strawberry and grated coconut, weird but I loved how it tastes.

Who discovered that a sprinkle of sea salt would bring joy to my caramel froyo with all the toppings that I loved most?  I actually love these set of toppings and caramel yogurt. I would substitute these with my original tart anytime.

My salted caramel froyo with almonds, shaved chocolate, banana and crepes. The best combination in the house!

What our table looked like during the mix-matching, piling of toppings, how these goodness went right with each other taste after taste, pile after pile.  How I discovered my own signature "flavor". Now I know what to order next, and would include the sharapova gummies to my caramel yogurt on my next visit.

The last part of the event was the "make your own twirl and pile 2 toppings". Our team made our own madness twirl from the counter. My original twirl of a cup overflowed to its side.

I went for healthy, I chose strawberry, mochi balls and kiwi for toppings with my original tart yogurt.

Pinkberry’s selected premium toppings number to thirty, categorized into four — dry, fruit, luxe and liquid. Each topping is chosen to provide a taste and texture combination to complement their signature frozen yogurt. Their fruits are always fresh, never from a can, frozen or
sitting in water.

My healthy frozen original yogurt with strawberry, kiwi and mochi balls for toppings. 

Pinkberry offers some great flavor combinations that will keep you coming back time and time again. Any toppings with your favorite yogurt could become your signature product. you can keep it very easy and simple or you can make your own signature creation.

Post your order of pinkberry yogurt (any product) topped with at least one Sugarpova topping on lnstagram and tag @pinkberryph fisharapinkberry and get a chance to win P500 worth of Pinkberry
gift certificates. One winner will be chosen each week, winners will be announced every Friday, until October 24.

With fellow bloggers Ruth dela Cruz and Ryan San Juan

 Pinkberry yogurt bar offers the original tart and tangy frozen yogurt that is the perfect balance of tart and sweet, resulting in a light, refreshing and clean taste that is truly craveable. Each serving uses only real non-fat yogurt and real non-fat milk for the best tasting yogurt experience.

Pinkberry is one of the fastest growing retail brands globally with over 240 stores across 17 countries. The Philippines is its first market in Asia. Greenbelt 5, their flagship store in the country opened last December 7, 2011.

New Cherry flavor

Aside from its special tie up with Sugarpova, Pinkberry is also excited to announce its new flavor - the tart and light Cherry Pinkberry. Cherry Pinkberry is crafted from real bits of juicy cherries, so it perfectly captures the delicate, delicious flavor of fruit fresh from the market. The new flavor is excellent as Chocolate Covered Cherry with shaved milk chocolate and chocolate sauce. It is also recommended with fresh strawberries, honey almond granola and agave nectar, Pinkberry likes to call that combination Cherry Crumble. You can also try Cherry Pie, with a waffle cookie and strawberry puree. You can go for Cherry Macaron with coconut and toasted almonds. Or you can experiment and create your own concoction!

In addition to frozen yogurt, Pinkberry also offers fruit parfaits, fruit bowls, smoothies and waffle cookie sandwiches. Visit Pinkberry in Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center, SM Aura, Power Plant Mall, and SM Megamall Fashion Hall.

Get a taste of Swirly Goodness by logging on to or their Facebook page

Buy-One-Get-One on Salted Caramel

For the next couple of weeks, Pinkberry will be running a special promotion on its salted caramel
flavor, It's BOGO (Buy One Get One) on all salted caramel products every Friday until October 17, 2014, from 5:00 PM until the store closes. Customers can get any two salted caramel items, pay for the higher priced item and get the other one for free.

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