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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Marites Allen teaches you how to live a charmed life this 2015

Feng Shui expert Ms. Marites Allen recently held her birthday presscon at Luxent Hotel last October 9, 2014.  She was radiant in her green gown Rajo Laurel creation, she told the media that the gown was 10 yrs old and it still fits her like new. She wore it for luck, green is the lucky color of the year, she stated.  She discussed about her upcoming Feng Shui Convention schedules and her First Frigga Charmed Life boutique that will open in November 8 at SM Moa.

She gamely gave advice and readings to the media who were present at the event. She is open for consultation this coming December 27, 2014.  Marites Allen was so generous, we ladies, went home with a charmed bracelet which coincides with my animal birth sign Year of the Horse. Luck was on my side that day for I took home a pair of my favorite flats from an event that I attended after her birthday presscon. One good thing that she reminds me of is to stay away with negative people and wear anything green to drive away bad luck.

Here is what in store for the Year of the Wood Sheep

February 19, 2015 until February 7, 2016 is marked in the Chinese lunar calendar as the Year of the Wood Sheep. For feng shui believers, the Sheep represents the eighth year in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. In Chinese culture, number eight is a symbol of auspicious fortune. To some, this could be an indication that after a challenging 2014, the Year of the Wood Sheep will be a period of good fortune, peace, and abundance.

lnternational feng shui master Marites Allen has both good and bad news. “Yes, great prospects are indicated for next year,” she says because “the Sheep is one of the better signs of the Chinese zodiac. It is known for its mild and peaceful ways.” The destiny chart for 2015 has indications of all the five elements, and all the four pillars of the charts, so generally it is a better chart than 2014, which has too much Fire and missing Earth and Water Elements.” In addition, the two (2) sets of astrological “secret friends” of Tiger & Boar, Horse & Sheep are all present in the four pillars of the chart, which means a very rare opportunity and could very well indicate great luck, auspicious energies for the year and a peaceful resolution of any issues at hand.

Other positive indications in the destiny chart for next year that should serve as guidance to those individuals who have the presence of Wood, Water, and Earth elements on their destiny charts. This would mean that they are on for a great year! “What matters is that people should be well-informed, be ready to make full use of the positive energies, and stay protected from the negative ones that will emerge next year.”

To help feng shui followers keep abreast of these destiny indications, Marites conducts an Annual Feng Shui Convention a couple of months before the onset of the lunar new year. This time, which is different from the previous conventions, Ms. Allen will request all participants to attend the event with their destiny charts printed (or else, they have to come early to the venue and print it from there), so participants can follow Ms. Allen's presentation and check whether or not the individual destiny charts have the three major elements mentioned above. This year the convention will be held on December 27, 2014 at the Luxent Hotel in Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

This is also a meaningful year for Marites as it marks the 10th year since she brought in the World of Feng Shui (WOFS) brand from Malaysia in 2004 that has, no doubt, educated and inspired many feng shui practitioners around. “A bigger and better event awaits the participants in celebration of this milestone in my feng shui practice in the country” Marites states. Marites has been advocating the application of the Chinese art of geomancy in various aspects of daily living for over a decade.

For the December event, Marites says that participants can look forward to learn valuable tips on how to unlock the good potentials of the year and how to create great opportunities out of them. Participants will also learn how to protect themselves from the negative energies that may hinder them from achieving their personal goals. Because travel is a key aspect for 2015, there will also be lots of suggestions on how to stay safe during travel. Other feng shui applications in daily living will be another highlight as Marites unveils the latest designs from Frigga Charmed Life, her unique brand of auspicious fashion, for the Chinese New Year.

For further details and to reserve your seats in this event, please call 09209509390 / 44201 13 / 5765331 / 4 786378 or email wofsQhiliQgines@gmai/.com.

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