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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Huawei's Ryan Ding: Ongoing Innovation Is Lighting up the Future of Every Industry

During MWC Barcelona 2021, Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier BG Ryan Ding delivered a keynote speech Innovation: Lighting up the Future. In his keynote, Ding said that innovation in ICT is becoming a key driver of the global economy and its value is moving beyond the telecoms industry. Ongoing innovation in 5G, in particular, will bring more value to operators, the ICT industry, and the global economy, and will light up the future of every industry.


More than telecoms: Innovation in the ICT industry is becoming a key economic driver

            Huawei Executive Director and President of Carrier BG Ryan Ding

The pandemic, Ding said, has created a new normal in which the digital economy is the driving force for the global economy. ICT infrastructure, as the cornerstone of the digital economy, is playing an increasingly important role. Ding mentioned that the value of ICT now transcends the telecoms industry and has transformative implications for the global economy as a whole.


In countries where 5G is developing faster, operators have seen faster revenue growth, and these countries also tend to have better digital infrastructure overall. Taking China as an example, in less than 18 months, more than 820,000 5G base stations have been deployed, and Chinese operators achieved a 6.5% increase in revenue and a 5.6% increase in net profits in the first quarter this year. The rapid development of digital infrastructure driven by 5G will add EUR1.9 trillion to the Chinese economy in the next five years. The same stories are also unfolding in South Korea and Europe.

More than connectivity: 5G innovation is enabling operators' business success


As ICT infrastructure is the cornerstone of the digital economy in the 5G era, operators are playing a more important role than they used to.


Ding said, "Currently, the major goal of operators in 5G is to achieve business success in three key markets – consumers, homes, and industries – through innovation in network deployment, market development, and operation optimization."


"In the consumer market, 5G means not just faster speeds; it also brings new experiences and new value. Some operators have already achieved initial business success."


According to Ding, there are three steps an operator can take to succeed in the 5GtoC market. The first is to speed up 5G deployment, with targeted network planning and investment based on precise insights into high-value areas, key scenarios, and potential users. The second is to accelerate 5G user migration, and the third step is to create value-driven, flexible pricing models.


Today, 5G has been applied in over 1,000 projects in more than 20 industries including steel and mining, enabling safer and more efficient production. Chinese operators have made great progress and are entering the phase of taking early successes and replicating them at scale.


"We've learned from Chinese operators' experience that the success of 5GtoB depends on three factors," said Ding. "First, selecting the right industries. Operators should choose target industries by looking at four factors: demand, affordability, replicability, and technical feasibility. Second, defining the scope of your offerings. Operators can serve as network providers that offer connectivity services. They can also serve as cloud service providers, or even system integrators that provide end-to-end integration services. Different roles require different skillsets and yield different business value. Third, designing innovative business models. This is key to replicating 5GtoB success at scale."


During the pandemic, there is a growing demand for home broadband, and this has highlighted the advantages of 5G FWA that enables rapid deployment and contactless O&M. Middle East operators have achieved remarkable commercial success by taking FWA as a key use case of 5G.


More than business: Huawei keeps innovating to drive industry-wide sustainability

"5G success first requires a 5G network that provides the best user experience, and this guides how we innovate at Huawei," said Ding. Huawei has launched the industry's lightest and most powerful Massive MIMO that consumes less energy. It can be carried and installed by just one person, which speeds up network deployment. With Huawei's Optical Cross-Connect (OXC), one sub-rack can replace nine cabinets normally needed. It has four times larger capacity, but uses 95% less power. Huawei's 5G Super Uplink solution combines the advantages of 2.1 GHz and 3.5 GHz to enhance uplink capacity and indoor coverage. This solution provides a peak uplink rate of over 450 Mbit/s, enabling hundreds of users to live stream the Xiamen Marathon in 4K in April using their 5G smartphones.

To support green development models and carbon neutrality, according to Ding, Huawei keeps innovating at three levels: equipment, sites, and networks. At the equipment level, Huawei uses components with higher power efficiency to make hardware platforms more energy efficient. At the site level, Huawei's simplified site solutions help operators lower energy consumption, as well as save on electricity and rent. At the network level, Huawei has launched a multi-band and multi-RAT power saving solution. This solution can cut energy consumption in wireless networks without compromising network performance. With Huawei's innovative solution, 5G equipment working in low and high bands can share a cabinet, and as a result, less energy is used. When it comes to multi-band equipment power saving, Huawei's goal is to make one plus one less than one.


Collaborating to create an ecosystem and evolving 5G for a better future

Concluding his keynote, Ding emphasized that 5G development requires ongoing innovation. In 5GtoB, for example, 5G standards need to be coordinated with industry standards at a faster rate, and 5G should be integrated into enterprises' core production processes to help them go digital and intelligent. At the same time, the synergy between 5G, cloud, and computing will further expand the boundaries of operators' business, creating space for new growth. 5G innovation is an ongoing process. Huawei believes that innovation will light up the future.

LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation partners with Angkas to beat Metro Manila traffic

In line with its mission to provide a seamless and convenient journey for Filipino commuters, LRT-1 private operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) has announced a new partnership with the country’s leading app-based motorcycle taxi ride-sharing service Angkas to beat Metro Manila traffic.


In an exclusive promotion, LRMC has designated select LRT-1 stations with visible, easy-to-find signages as official pick-up and drop-off points for commuters taking Angkas. Angkas passengers riding to or from participating LRT-1 stations can avail of a Php 15 discount (valid for 3 rides) when they use the following codes to book either as pick-up or drop-off areas:



LRT-1 Baclaran:      LRT1BCLN

LRT-1 EDSA:          LRT1EDSA

LRT-1 Gil Puyat:      LRT1GPYT

LRT-1 Pedro Gil:     LRT1PGIL

LRT-1 Monumento:  LRT1MNMTO

The Angkas discount will be automatically deducted from the final fare. Promotion period for this will be from 1 July – 31 October 2021.

“Through this partnership, we are promoting the use of public transport as an efficient way of going around Metro Manila. As we continue to upgrade the transportation system in Metro Manila, we have the opportunity to work together and integrate different modes of public transport for a seamless and convenient experience. We are glad to be partnering with Angkas for this initiative toward making public transit systems work to benefit the lives of our countrymen,” said LRMC President and CEO Juan F. Alfonso.

"This latest partnership that we have with the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) underscores our stern commitment to provide solutions to the mobility problems of daily commuters. We are grateful to the LRT1 management for recognizing the motorcycle taxi industry as a strong ally of commuters amid traffic and road congestion. 

Angkas will continue to be here to serve the Filipino by providing safe, affordable, and agile transportation. We always look forward to working hand in hand with the government and private sectors so we can give commuters the support they need especially in important transit points like the LRT1. This is another big step towards inclusive mobility and economic recovery," said George Royeca, Angkas Co-Founder and Chief Transport Advocate.

Commuters can download the Angkas mobile app to book their rides, as well as the LRT-1 ikotMNL app which provides information that they need for LRT-1 trips, such as fare tables, train status, important announcements. Both mobile apps are available for download for free on Google Play and Apple App Store.


Be sure to catch diverse Filipino talent and creativity at the first-ever TikTok Awards PH

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video, will soon be hosting the first-ever TikTok Awards in the Philippines! Countless local TikTok creators have used their talents and creative abilities to provide entertainment and joy on the platform especially throughout these uncertain times, and now we get to celebrate and give recognition to the best of the best of them. 


TikTok Awards PH will be streaming on July 4, 7:00 - 9:00 PM local time on TikTok Philippines' Official TikTokFacebook, and YouTube, accounts. Aptly entitled "Ipakita Mo!", a Filipino phrase which means 'show it', the event will award users on the platform who have showcased their amazing  talent, and contributed to the slew of creative and exciting content on TikTok. Presented in partnership with Globe and TM, this event will feature stellar entertainment from your favorite local celebrities and the biggest TikTok stars.


TikTok Awards PH will be hosted by singer and dancer Billy Crawford, voice talent Inka Magnaye, and model Vladimir Grand. Viewers can look forward to performances by actresses Ella Cruz, Sofia Pablo, Sanya Lopez, and Maris Racal; actors EA Guzman, and Mark Herras; vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome, dancers DJ Loonyo, Mannex Manhattan, Yumi, Dasuri Choi, and YanYan; sibling dance duo Ranz & Niana; singers Rico Blanco, Zendee, and Moira dela Torre; Pinoy boy band SB19, and rappers Gloc 9, and Shanti Dope.


Creators from various categories will be recognized for their ingenious use of TikTok's creative tools along with their innate talents, to engage, amaze, impress and inspire their followers on the platform. Nominees were selected based on user votes, cast by the TikTok community on the TikTok Awards Campaign Page between June 8 to June 19, 2021. 


Here are the nominees for the various award categories included in the 2021 TikTok Awards PH:


Top Talent Award

• Yanyan de Jesus

• Zendee

• Lite

• Vladimir Grand

• Zeinab Harake

• Dasuri Choi

• Marc Daniel Bernardo

• Naruto Uzumaki

• Marvin Fojas

• Sai Datinguinoo


Top Celebrity Award

• Andrea Brillantes

• Sanya Lopez

• Ella Cruz

• Sofia Pablo

• Maymay Entrata

• Donnalyn Bartolome

• Awra Briguela

• Miguel Tanfelix

• Maja Salvador

• SB19        


Rising Star Award

• Vanessa Alvarez

• J M K O

• Angela Ken

• Matthaios

• Krizzle Luna

• Show Suzuki

• Father Fiel Pareja

• Kuya Bam

• Jap

• Shane Santos


Top Creative Award

• Stephen Benihagan

• Dr. Kilimanguru

• Haide

• Angelo Casimiro

• Boss Edlyn

• forkspoonmanila

• Lam Mo Na Ha

• Archer Perezz

• ZeDelicious

• Brent Seniedo


Another category is the Popular Creator Award, which is open to all creators who have not been nominated for other awards. TikTok users get the chance to vote for their favorite creators in this category by liking their videos, and the 3 most played videos will be declared the winners. TikTok will also be giving out a Top Creator Award, selected by a panel of judges.

Be sure to catch diverse Filipino talent and creativity at the first-ever TikTok Awards PH, and show your support for all the creators that you love! Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

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