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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken: The Next Exciting Chicken Experience

Whether you identify as a millennial or as part of Gen Z, chances are your approach to food is the same: you like mouthwatering, exciting, and adventurous new experiences when it’s time to eat.


It’s in our culture, too—as Filipinos and as Asians, we absolutely love spices on our food. Dishes being spicy is a guaranteed way to inject a solid and thrilling kick to the taste buds. And what more when they’re paired up with sweet flavors? That’s a winning combination right there for a lot of Pinoys.


This is why Jollibee is spicing up Filipinos’ lives with the launch of the new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken, the next exciting chicken experience that’s a flavorful blend of sweet and spicy. It takes your favorite fried chicken and coats it with a delicious sweet chili glaze that delivers sweet, savory, and spicy flavors with mild hotness.

“We know that Filipinos are always on the lookout for exciting new food experiences, and our new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken is sure to hit the right spot for their sweet and spicy chicken cravings,” said Cathleen Capati, AVP for Jollibee’s Bestsellers category.


The new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken is available for a limited time only, starting June 12 in Metro Manila stores, and July 2 in Provincial Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao stores. Get the 1 pc. Sweet Chili Chicken for only Php 89.00 solo, or share it with your family and friends by getting the 4 pc. box for Php 320.00 or the 6 pc. box for Php 475.00! Have these safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood, and foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru and Take Out.


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  1. Masarap talaga Ang chicken sa jollibee and it's nice to have a new flavor who will surely love especially to those people who really love spicy.Jollibee will be always the best for us.

  2. Yay ❤️😍 Excited nakong matikman ang Bagong flavor ng Chicken nila.. Hindi ko talaga pag papalit ang Chicken ng Jollibee. Favorite pa naman namin ang Chicken nila 😍❤️

  3. I really love spicy foods and that's why I think that I will definitely love this new Jollibee sweet chili chicken. This is a new chicken experience of flavor that's a flavorful blend of sweet and spicy. This indeed hit the right spot for customers sweet and spicy chicken cravings.

  4. Great news for us and all Jollibee lovers out there. A new flavor to our favorite Chicken Joy will surely be a hit. The new sweet chili chicken, a flavor that we will surely love. I can't wait to have a taste with this new treat.


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