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Friday, June 25, 2021

Why Charlene Muhlach is always grateful for the gift of family

With the pandemic and the uncertainties happening in the world around us, it’s challenging to always stay calm and be positive. Sometimes it can feel hopeless even when you’re trying hard. But one thing stays unchanged: that our families will always be here to guide us, keep us sane and make us feel loved.


That’s why Jollibee ambassador Charlene Muhlach expresses a lot of gratitude for her family. Everyone does their part and share to spread good vibes and happiness at home, and she’s especially thankful whenever her family manages to spend time together and bond despite their busy schedules.

“I’m really just a family-oriented person,” Charlene says. “I’m grateful for their love and support for one another, spending time with them and being there for everyone is something I really value,” Charlene says. 


One simple way to thank our families for everything that they’ve done is through a hearty family meal. Bonding over delicious food together is always a great idea, as it’s a quick but reliable way to have a feel-good moment with everyone, as tried and tested by the Muhlachs. 


The favorite go-to meal their family constantly enjoys is Jollibee’s crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy. “When we want something that will surely be delicious and comforting for a mealtime, of course, the best pa rin ang Jollibee Chickenjoy!” Charlene shares. “Everyone looks for that crispylicious and juicylicious fried chicken talaga! We order a bucket and everyone gets excited, because we’re always thankful to bond over Chickenjoy!”


Like the Muhlachs, you too can thank your family at home with a bucket of everyone’s favorite Jollibee Chickenjoy. Have it safely delivered to you via the Jollibee Delivery App,, #87000, GrabFood and foodpanda! Also available in Drive-Thru and Take Out.


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  1. family is where our heart is. family is not only sharing joy and laughter but also even sorrows and sadness. and the support and care from the family that makes it special. like Charlene, we are grateful for the gift of family. and to enjoy more of this gift is sharing the best langhap sarap meals by Jolibee

  2. true dapat talaga were always grateful to our family because they are the one who always there for us and always give us love. Through ups and downs andyan sila. Talagang ang sarap sa jollibee ng mga foods and perfect pagsalusaluhan ng familyđŸ„°

  3. Walang katumbas talaga ang pag mamahal ng Pamilya.. Lagi silang nasa tabi natin sa tuwing may problema Tayo.. Nandiyan sila sa oras na kailangan natin sila . At Napakagandang pag saluhan ng boong pamilya ang Jollibee. Bukod sa masarap na mag kakaroon pa kayo ng oras sa isat isa.

  4. Sometimes when we feel hopeless even when we are doing everything we have, all we need is our families to be their to guide us, make us sane and make us feel loved. That's why it's really important for us to thank them for everything they have done for us. One of the best way to thank them is to treat them with Jollibee's crispylicious, juicylicious Chickenjoy.

  5. Be Grateful Po talaga dapat always In Our family, Because having a Own Family is a Big Blessing, Lungkot man or Saya Ang mararanasan ok lang bsta patuloy makikita ang pagmamahalan sa isa't isa, kaisa ng Jollibee patuloy magiging Masata ang Pamilya dahil sa sarap ng salo salo ng Chicken joy sobrang hindi nakakasawa ang sarap at mula noon hanggang nqayon sobrang hindi nakakasawa ..


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