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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Clean and Disinfect your home with SC Johnson Home Care Supplies available in Shopee

The COVID-19 pandemic is still here and its advisable to always have a clean and germ-free house. Anything that you touched frequently should be disinfected regularly such as door knobs, refrigerator, chairs, tables, remote controls, keyboards and phones. 

Its a good thing that SC Johnson Home Care Supplies is now in Shopee to ensure protection for the whole family.

Here are my recommended SC Johnson Products:

               FamilyGuard Disinfectant Aerosol Add to cart in Shopee for only P275

FamilyGuard Disinfectant Aerosol is a versatile product that kills 99.9% of virus, bacteria, and fungi and combat odors of several different surfaces, through a fresh scent.

FamilyGuard is used as a room and surface disinfectant aerosol. 

✅Kills the virus that can cause Covid-19. Kills 99.9% of household germs. 

 Kills H1N1 virus

✅Eliminate odors at the source, killing many of the germs that cause them, leaving a pleasant   fragrance. 

✅Regular air fresheners do not have this antimicrobial action. 

✅FamilyGuard is ideal for controlling odors caused by mold and mildew. 

✅Can be used on multi surfaces such as toilet bowls, washbasins, doorknobs, kitchen and  garbage cans, room with sick people, closets and many more. 

                            OFF Repellent Overtime Lotion 100ml  Add to cart in Shopee for P167

With the rainy season approaching, its about time to buy and  stock on insect repellent lotion to avoid dengue fever. Even though COVID is going on, there are dengue cases in Philippines and it is important to protect the whole family and the kids from mosquito borne viruses. Prevention is better than cure. That's why OFF! is vital to protect every family moment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

        Mr Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 3.7L -Lavender  Add to cart in Shopee

Your well-loved multi-purpose cleaner now comes in 3.7L or Gallon size. Save as much as 36% vs buying by the liter. Buy big, save big! Kills 99.9% of germs! Ideal for daily and deep cleaning because we know for a fact that it's critical to keep our environment clean to keep our loved ones safe and healthy.

With pleasant and enjoyable fragrance great for cleaning tiles, floors, kitchen and other surfaces of the house. Its very effective so you have more time for other activities with your family. "Clean Less, Live More"!

                    Baygon Liquid Mosquito Electric -Starter  Add to cart in Shopee for only P260

✅Aside from protecting our skin from mosquitoes with OFF, we can double up the protection in our home with Baygon.

✅Turn on Baygon Electric and it acts instantly, and continuously for up to 8 hours protection against mosquitoes.

✅Unique vaporizing system ensures same level of protection from the moment you turn it on until it is turned off.

✅One refill gives you up to 30 nights of continuous protection.

✅Consumes only 5 watts of electricity - same wattage as what you use for common cellphone

For your total home protection you can shop in  SC Johnson Official Store at Shopee .

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.


  1. It is really important to keep your family safe especially during this time of pandemic. It is amazing that SC Johnson Home Care Supplies are available in Shopee. This is a great offer since we can only order it online and just wait it at home to arrive. This is much better and safer as well.

  2. talagang we need this lako na ngayon para mapanatili ang safetly ng place natin ngayong pandemic and very recommended din ito ❤️

  3. Highly recommended talaga lalo na ngayong pandemic na kailangan malinis tayo sa bahay. Laking tulong nito para laging fresh at safe sa place natin.🤗❤️

  4. disinfectants and cleaning products have become part of our essential needs because of the pandemic. SC Johnson's cleaning products became our trusted partners at home. also, now that it is rainy season they also have products to protect us against dengue. and we can have them in the comforts of our home through Shopee. make our homes virus and dengue free with SC Johnson Home Care Supplies

  5. Yess to clean ❤️❤️ Must have po.. Dahil need talaga nating panatilihing malinis ang ating bahay. Lalo na sa panahon ngayon mas maganda narin talaga ang nag dodoble ingat. Kaya ugaliin nating maging malinis ang ating bahay gamit ang mga Product nato. Highly recommended narin po talaga ang mga to..


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