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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

#ChickenJOYitForward challenge: People shared their favorite stories with Jollibee that reminded them of someone they love

The pandemic has tested the strength and patience of many. And on the other side, people had a deeper appreciation for the things that mean most to them. This is what brought Jollibee, the country's no. 1 fast-food chain, to spark hope and gratitude among Filipinos through its social media movement, #ChickenJOYitForward. This effort inspired Filipino families all over the world to express gratitude to one another and spread Joy online, one post at a time. 


In the #ChickenJOYitForward challenge, people shared their favorite stories with Jollibee that reminded them of someone they love. Some posted about a time when a friend cheered them up on a bleak day, brought them their favorite Chickenjoy just because, while others shared a happy memory with family they will always cherish. They passed on the joy by nominating other people while using the hashtag #ChickenJOYitForward. 


Of course, it was not only the netizens who were participating in this movement. As it is a part of Jollibee’s Family Thanksgiving Month celebration, celebrities and influencers also joined the fun and posted their own stories.


Jollibee’s Family Ambassador Anne Curtis said in her Instagram story that one of the things she and her family in Australia like to talk about was how they miss Jollibee. Now that she’s enjoying their favorite Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti, it made her miss her mom and brother even more.

Anne reveals that Jollibee is a family-favorite of the Curtis-Smiths in Australia.


The Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, also shared her #ChickenJOYitForward entry. In her Instagram post, Regine said that one way she keeps Nate happy despite them not being able to kiss or hug for safety reasons, is by bonding over Jollibee meals.


“Para na ring may hug and kiss from mommy every time may Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti”, said Regine Velasquez to her son Nate.

Content creators and influencers joined in the fun, too. Some of the people who posted were Isabel Oli Prats, Pauleen Luna-Sotto, and Rambo Nuñez Ortega, among others.

“In the midst of these challenging times, it’s important that people look at things that inspire them to move forward. Through joyful activities like this, Jollibee as a brand can help families gather emotional support by creating a ripple effect that puts forward love and gratefulness,” Cathleen D. Capati – Jollibee Philippines, Asst. Vice President for Bestsellers Category.

Brighten up the days of your family and friends with none other than their favorite Jollibee meals.


  1. Talagang Ang daming magagandang stories and memories sa jollibee Lalo na sa kanilang chicken joy na talagang hindi nakakasawa at napakasarap 🥰

  2. I think this #ChickenJOYitForward challenge is really interesting. We can read a lot of interesting story from other people and we can also share our own story too. I sure this will gonna be fun since a lot of people si doing it.

  3. a great way to share the love as we remember those people whom we have shared the joy and even the hurts while having Jolibee with us. For sure we will encounter inspiring stories from netizens and celebrities as well that will give inspiration and warmth our hearts.

  4. The best talaga itong JOLLIBEE. Kaya sobrang mahal na mahal namin ito.. Ang dami narin namin magagandang memories dito. At madami narin talagang magagandang memories na nangyari dito. Interesting story din para sa ibang tao. 🤗


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