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Monday, June 28, 2021

Manulife Philippines recently partnered with healthcare experts and health advocates in their latest webinar

As more Filipinos become more conscious about their health and wellness because of COVID-19, global life insurer Manulife Philippines recently partnered with healthcare experts and health advocates in their latest webinar titled, “Health Matters: Caring for your mental and physical well-being.” 


Dr. Vicki Belo, founder and medical director of Belo Medical Group; Dr. Ed Tolentino, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, Quirino Memorial Medical Center; Rose Montenegro, former President and CEO of Makati Medical Center, and celebrity fitness advocate Julia Barretto shared how taking care of your overall health and well-being can help you adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic, reduce stress during challenging times, and live every day better. 


Actor and host Luis Manzano hosted the event. 


Filipinos love to help other people, making sure that their loved ones are protected no matter what happens to them. But if you give too much of yourself to others and have nothing left, you won’t be able to support them anymore,” shared Dr. Vicki Belo. “So, investing in yourself is a good way to show how you love and support the people you care about the most.”

Dr. Ed Tolentino discussed the importance of seeking and giving support when needed and how taking care of your mental health helps you envision a better future. “In as much as we need to cultivate relationships, it is important to be able to accept help and support when we do need it,” he said. “Part of that is supporting others when we have the means to do so. In the new normal, resilience is not the ability to bounce back, but rather bounce forward. We will not go back to the way things were. Everything is going to be different moving forward. In this marathon race, we will all cross that finish line with new thoughts, feelings, and approaches to the way we live our lives.”


As the extensive pressures and stressors of the limelight may impact the mental health of celebrities, actress and fitness advocate Julia Barretto shared the importance of mental wellness when coping with and managing malicious rumors, public scrutiny and social media bashing that may come with a career in showbiz. “Surround yourself with people who motivate you to become better. In my case, it’s my family. No matter the challenges I face in life - may it be my career, personal goals, or financial goals - I always compartmentalize things so I won’t get overwhelmed. Learn to focus on things that matter to you.”


Lastly, Rose Montenegro talked about the value of healthy living and how prevention is always better than cure. “Health matters, and health costs. If you want to have the best medical treatment, you have to understand how much it entails to achieve it. So, don’t be afraid to know upfront costs on things that will help your health and well-being, so you are better prepared mentally, physically, and financially.”


Health Matters is the latest in Manulife’s series of wellness webinars, which are all available for viewing on Manulife’s Facebook page ( and website (



  1. Mental health matters, lagi ko yan nababasa at totoo naman talaga. Lalo na ngayon na quarantine nasa bahay lang at wala tayong ibang paraan para maexpress ang emotions natin. Kaya nakakatuwa na may mga ganitong event na tumutulong para malaman natin kung ano ang mga dapat nating gawin sa oras na marami tayong problema. Remember, hindi masamang humingi ng tulong. 🤗❤️

  2. I already read this blog, Ang nice naman po nito at napakalaking tulong din po talaga ang pakikipag sosyo nila.. Lalo na kung usapang Pangkalusugan, Pangangalaga ng kalusugang pangkaisipan at pisikal. Dahil dito madami tayong malalaman , madami tayong matututunan lalo na ngayong pandemic need din talaga natin ito.. Anyway Thankyou for sharing this ms lou.

  3. That kind of Webinar was really Amazing and Super Duper BIG HELP For all the People, Who Thingking To Give Up, Sometimes Akala natin Tapos na Ang Lahat akala Natin wala ng kabuluhan ang mga Nangyayari sa Buhay natin, wala kang mahingian ng Tulong, wala kang makausap Pero Hindi Pala kasi AKALA lang Natin Yun, Kasi May Mga tao parin talaga na laging Nanjan handang makinig sa Mga Problema na gsto Mong Sabihin, and God giving Us to Put You Up para wag sumuko kundi patuloy na Lumaban sa Buhay, at patuloy mahalin at alagaan ang sarili kaya maraming salamat sa pagShare ng npakagandang Blog na to LemonGreentea truly worth to Share 💯❤❤

  4. This partnership of Manulife Philippines with healthcare is really awesome where in it help people to stay conscious about their health and wellness because of Covid-19. It is really important especially this time that people know about the things the they should and shouldn't do this time. I hope and pray for everyone to have a safe and healthy life.

  5. I like this partnership. This latest webinar is very timely and relevant. I agree that we need to take care of our overall health and well-being. We are facing a very challenging times and it can really help us adapt to the changes brought by this pandemic. Investing in ourselves is really a good way to show how much we love someone we cherish the most.

  6. ang ganda nitong webinar and very nice ang partnership nito ng manulife philippines with healthcare sure na this is very helpful lalo na when it comes to health para mas maging aware tayo 🥰

  7. Cool stuff you have got and you keep update all of us. Sam Lee

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