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Friday, June 11, 2021

NutriAsia launches a new kind of sustainability hub with multiple features that help Filipinos embrace a greener way of living

Meet the newest eco-friendly spot in the Philippines! NutriAsia, the country’s leading producer of well-loved condiments and sauces, has launched a new kind of sustainability hub with multiple features that help Filipinos embrace a greener way of living. Strategically located at the bus stop along 30th street beside Track 30th in Bonifacio Global city (BGC), the NutriAsia EcoStation is a convenient neighborhood haven that people can enjoy.

The NutriAsia EcoStation is an eco-friendly oasis nestled among the skyscrapers of Bonifacio Global City

Nestled among the skyscrapers that dot the Bonifacio Global City landscape, the EcoStation houses NutriAsia’s latest green innovation, Select & Collect, a convenient and more sustainable way of shopping and restocking your well-loved NutriAsia kitchen staples.  A simple online process through the website allows customers to select and pay for their pantry favorites. Then, they can choose a preferred time to pick up their purchases at either the curbside of the JY Campos Center, the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bote) booth in the Mind Museum, or the Select and Collect lockers at the NutriAsia EcoStation. This system enables people to collect their purchases at their own time and use their own reusable shopping bags. It is a concept that keeps purchasing pantry essentials safe by minimizing contact and it also allows people to lessen their carbon footprint through reducing unnecessary packaging.

Scan the QR Code to access your free water refill in the NutriAsia EcoStation!

The NutriAsia EcoStation also features a dispenser that gives free water refills for those with their own bottles and containers. It is NutriAsia’s way of encouraging people to embrace a refilling mind set through reusing containers they already have. Perfect for BGC joggers to grab a refreshing water break along their route! To access it, people merely have to scan the QR Code in the NutriAsia EcoStation which will bring them to the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bote) website. Here, they can generate a unique QR code that needs to be scanned using the dispenser’s camera to get their free water refills.

The dispenser gives free water refills for your reusable containers when you visit the NutriAsia Ecostation!

The Nutriasia Ecostation harnesses solar-energy to provide people convenient and accessible options to a more sustainable lifestyle and to power up an integrated watering system that irrigates the plants found in the EcoStation.

This automated locker serves as a convenient pickup point for your Select & Collect purchases.

“Through the NutriAsia Ecostation, we want to provide people more sustainable options that they can easily inject into their everyday routines. Giving people simple alternatives to reduce their impact on the environment helps push the sustainability conversation forward. We hope that our EcoStation is the first of many; we need to see more sustainable concepts in the future,” said James Lim, NutriAsia’s Head of Corporate Marketing and Communications.

By making more sustainable choices in our lives, we are already doing our part to impact our world in a kinder way! Visit the NutriAsia EcoStation for easy ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. 


  1. Done reading this blog talagang so nice ng nutriasia sure na this is very helpful Lalo na sa ating nature talagang nutriasia ecostation is an easy ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle đŸ„°

  2. Innovating and creating new ways to help our environment is a must in our time. NutriAsia is on hand in helping Filipinos to embrace a greener way of living by their eco stations. We can be a part of this initiative by taking advantage of their Eco stations that are scattered around Bonifacio global City

  3. I really like this NutriAsia for launching a new kind of sustainability hub with multiple features that help Filipinos embrace a greener way of living. I'm a fan of those eco-friendly things because the people behind that are the people who think for the better of our future. Those people are concern to our environment that's why they think of it f and come up with such solution and I really admire that.


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