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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Start buying Langit Points now and reap your rewards in heaven with Walang Iwanan Alliance

If youve been bad these past few days, there's still a way for you to redeem yourself: by buying Langit Points online!


Sales from this line of nonexistent products recently launched by the Walang Iwanan Alliance (WIA) will be used to purchase food for those hungry in vulnerable communities. Every time you buy Langit Points in various online shopping platforms, youre assured it will result in good deeds.

WIA is a hunger-mitigating initiative of the ADMU616569 Foundation, a foundation established by the Ateneo Class 61 (Grade School), Ateneo Class 65 (High School), and Ateneo Class 69 (College) to undertake projects that uphold their commitment to be a Class for Others.” 


Launched in September 2020, in response to the rising levels of hunger brought about by the pandemic, WIA brings together like-minded organizations who share the same goal – to end hunger.




When we were children, we were always taught that the good we do here, is how heaven would be for us. Meaning, doing good on earth meant having a good place in heaven. 


We hope that the Langit Points brand will result in more allies helping us feed the hungry.” said Jose Ma. Montelibano, Spokesman of Walang Iwanan Alliance.


Kung hindi gutom, kayang tumulong!  Start buying Langit Points now and reap your rewards in heaven with Walang Iwanan Alliance.


Here are just some of the nonexistent products available at LazForGood, GrabPay, and Shopee Mall: 



Langit Points Bottled Water (PHP 25.00)

Water you waiting for? Gain + 25 Langit Points with this product!



Langit Points Bread Loaf (PHP 65.00)

Loaf thy neighbors. Gain + 65 Langit Points with this product!


Langit Points Corned Beef (PHP 50.00)

Go past Argentina and straight to heaven with this one! 

Gain + 50 Langit Points with this product!



If you want to start collecting Langit Points, heres how you can order! For example, if via Shopee: 



1. Search for Langit Points’ on the mobile app, or click this link while on your mobile:


2. Click on a voucher listing, then click Buy Now.


3. Choose the quantity, then click Buy Now.


4. Choose your payment method from the options available, then click Confirm’ and/or Pay Now.


5. Complete the payment process, and thats it! Just wait for the purchase to be processed by the app. 



And if you want to get Langit Points via GrabPay, heres how. (Must have GrabPay credits to proceed!)



Step 1: Open the Grab app on your mobile.


Step 2: Click on Payment’ tab.


Step 3: Click on Scan to Pay.


Step 4: Align the cameras scanner to this QR code.



Step 5: Input the amount you want to donate.


Step 6: Click Done’ to complete the transaction.



Once done, the proceeds will automatically be sent directly to the Walang Iwanan Alliance!


Theres no limit to collecting Langit Points products! The more, the merrier--for it will all go towards feeding the hungry. 


So dont be shy and shop till you drop online for this good cause! Be sure to follow the WIAs Facebook page for updates on the number of Langit Points collected. 


Satisfaction is guaranteed, because 100% of the payments will be used to feed the hungry! So dont miss out, and rack up Langit Points now! 


Buy now at these platforms:


Shopee Mall (mobile):

And via GrabPay on the Grab app.


Walang Iwanan AllianceLangit Points’ was made possible by its supporting partners: GIGIL, Lazada, Shopee, Grab, and DOOH.


To view more about WIAs efforts, you may check:




  1. I really love this Kind of Campaign with WALANG IWANAN ALLIANCE, Super Generous, at talagang laking tulong nito sa Mga Kapus Palad, really worth to Share and Support This, Nagkapoints ka na Nakatulong ka pa .. super dami nilang matutulungan, sa bawat mabebenta nila...

  2. Wow this would really help to those who are unfortunates ones.
    This is great generosity!

  3. So nice naman po neto ms lou❤️ I really want to try this langit points po Lalo na ung bread loaf mukang masarap po😍 and true I agree sa kung hindi gutom, kayang tumulong😍

  4. ang nice naman po nito. Talaga namang very helpful po ito.. Gusto ko itong Campaign nila ng Walang iwanan Alliance 🥰🥰 Makakatulong po talaga ito sa mga tao, sa bawat pag bili nito.. 🥰

  5. What an awesome cause to begin with ,hoping all can avail of these for the benefit of other people

  6. I really like the whole idea of this. This is a great idea to help other people who are having a hard time in their life. I'm sure that many people will be happy with this and will help other people who are in need. God bless to all of the member of this.

  7. I like the initiative of Walang Iwanan Alliance (WIA) to end hunger. I love that through this Langit Points we can extend a hand to the needy.


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